The last Rakoor

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  1. Rakoors where a powerful race of humans, bread for the heat of battle and the blood of war. Due to their intense physic they could easily out do any normal man in both hand to hand and weapon skills. They were feared by many as the 'ultimate fighting breed'. But that was many years ago, they are now just a memory in the heads of kings and peasants.

    The last Rakoor lives on his knees like everyone else around him. The dirtied clothes lie, tattered, on his body. The skin on his neck, wrists and ankles is blistered by the cold rubbing of the shackles. His unwashed dark hair droops over his eyes. His only distinctive feature is his crimson eyes, that have been bandaged up so he can't see, and so his eyes can not be seen (he looks like this but more worn out and in prison clothes since he is a slave)

    like usual the cart holding all the slaves, including the boy, is being driven to the next nobles estate. the cart stops abruptly and some of the slaves are ushered out, standing on the gravely dirt the boy cannot see who the possible buyers are. He just stands awaiting a voice...

    (if u are willing to join please give a short description or picture of your character)

    (due to resent events i have decided that the cap on the amount of characters one person can have will be 3, this does not include them playing the role of an NPC for a short time)
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  2. "I'll bite." A voice sounded loud a clear and a hand rose up from the crowd. The voice placed a bet far above the others and the chains were passed to someone. "Got a lotta work to do buddy, come on."
  3. the boy felt his chains being yanked as he trudged along behind the buyer. The blind fold restricting his vision so he couldn't see them, but he could hear and smell his surroundings
  4. A sudden pull sent the boy into a wall where the blade of a knife was pressed against his neck. "Calm down. I'm going to free you. But first you must promise me that you'll help me do something, and remain loyal to its end."
  5. "what do u want" the boy spits, pulling at his chains. the blind fold falls down slightly revealing a glimpse of his crimson eyes
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    "Does stealing from the rich basterds that wronged you sound good?" A tall woman with a accordion clipped to her belt asked.
  7. he thinks about what she said for a second fiddling with his chains "fine" he replies gripping his fists "what is it u need from me" he asks still not able to see anything
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  8. "Nice to see you have half a brain. Let's get those chains off shall we?" The woman unchained the boy and removed his blind fold. "Names Abbay, you?"
  9. "Hagen i think" he whispers scratching the marks of his shackles. his crimson eyes glow in the shadow of the wall
  10. [​IMG]

    Rivrin stretched her arms up wide as she balanced on the top of the towns chapel ruins, she twirled her bone tail around the cracked stone as she watched the slave auction with interest, pulling up her black robe to cover her small demon horns and wings she made her way down the winding broken stairs, leaping lightly and elegantly over the gaps she emerged into the clouded light of day, letting her blood red eyes drift over the crowd and selection of slaves assembled her gaze settled on the slave just bought, she moved and followed them in the shroud of the crowds attention
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  11. Abbay took note of the 'I think' and began to climb the wall. "Come on lazy bones! Get your rear in gear!" He yelled over her shoulder at the former slave.
  12. the boy followed reluctantly, but imidetly turned his head to the chapel building. His vivid red eyes scanning for any sign of someone, he could tell something was there, but was to slow to see Lakans movements.

    "where are we going?" Hagen asked as he easily jumped up onto the wall
  13. Rivrin watched the pair scale the wall, she stood deep in the crowd with her winds folded neatly against her back and her tail wrapped loosely around her leg in the confines of her long black robe, no one payed attention to her, not unless she wanted them too.
  14. on the other side of the wall Hagen could not shake the feeling that they were being followed. As he landed he looked around then asked Abbay "where exactly are you taking me?"
  15. "We're going to that building over there." Abbay pointed to a large inn with a roof that curved over the mayor's house. She began to jump from rooftop to rooftop towards the inn.
  16. Hagen said nothing he just looked at the building. He was slightly happy that he was now free once more, but still couscous of his new acquaintance
  17. One they reached the inn's roof Abbay led Hagen to the end of the building and gestured down to the mayors house. "That's our target." She pointed to a large window mounted on the building's ceiling over the mayor and his pears having a big fancy dinner party. "Lean at the edge, you see that?"
  18. Hagen admired the painting for a minute, he noticed the people attended the part and also looked for the exits to the building. Afrer this he then turned back to Abbay "i'm sorry but i'm not very good at stealing things" he apologises
  19. Rivrin was being watched. Maybe not on this plane of existence, but she was being watched. The last of the Rakoor... such a... fascinating opportunity. Perhaps this was the time to make itself know. To unleash itself onto this version of existence... no. Not yet. But soon. Soon it would enter this reality. But until then... it would watch.
  20. "Don't you worry, that's not your job." Abbay then forcefully shoved Hagen's torso. "Your the decoy."
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