The Last Patient.


Cosmic Orion

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Deep beneath an Asylum, three floors of basement existed to augment the four stories above ground. If not an institution, it might have served as a mansion to the insane instead of their prison. Boasting updated treatment methods in the brochure allowed for increased rates charged for treatment which in turn created the availability of advanced equipment. Justification for exploration of new procedures to pacify unruly patients were authorized with multiple successes.

All but one. . . and now the more unorthodox approaches were failing.

The steel door was busted off it's hinges as an orderly was slammed against it with great force. Screams of men filled the air. Words were incomprehensible through the distortion of echoes mixed with the sound power lines made in the movies. But these electrical sounds went beyond just being heard. . . they could be felt with the same sensation felt static electricity taunted human flesh with brief but acute sensation.

Inside the room, images were blurred.

Men with needles, with stun rods which were just Disney-fied cattle-prods rushed toward the figure. A white tendril grabbed one Orderly, flinging him into those who could not dodge fast enough. One of those who were hit staggered into a canister, after dropping their syringe, which then knocked the canister over and broke the valve off. . . leaking an invisible gas into the room. Fluid with the ability to sedate adults of 150lbs flowed into the 145lbs of the flung Orderly's body. Colleagues around him scrambled to remove it despite the damage already being done after the plunger had been pushed down on impact.

ID Tag.

Name: Ryan Dryscoll
Age: 37
Clearance Level: 4

Voices filled the air while those still alive attempted to get closer. Bare feet on the floor were pointed in their direction but remained unmoving. . . as cold and indifferent to them as the tile they all stood on. Lunging with bravado, an Orderly with a Stun-Rod tried to take down the human figure before him. Fright filled him at the last moment as two white tendrils shot past him into the group behind him. Bodies thudding into walls and screams followed. Could it just be some hallucination from the unknown gas? But he ran on anyway with the hope he could end this and thrust it toward the figure. Sparks of energy meant to subdue flickered in the intended target's eyes.

It sparked memories. . .

"How much longer do we stay on this voltage?"

"Until pacification."

" Sir! Something's wrong with the machine. . . this is impossible! It's some kind of feedb-"

Explosive force strong enough to send a man through a steel door jarred the memories with a head-on collision back into reality. Voltage surged through a body which responded reflexively faster than human synopses should have fired. One hand grabbed the stun-rod while another shoved against the Orderly's body. Convulsions followed just before the thud of a body onto uncaring tile.

ID Tag.

Name:Harvey Westlake
Clearance Level: 4

Sheer terror gripped those left standing, not allowing them to escape a fate which could have been karma or unfortunate circumstance. Did these people deserve to die just for being in the room? Was this even about justice? After all the Patient might deserve to be pacified through such means. Or it could have been a wrongly committed civilian who would destroy the Asylum's reputation if the secret got out. Just about anything seemed possible in that one room.

Unsteady steps by bare feet moved a human figure onward while what a sane person could only hope were hallucinations took place. Arms hung loosely on both sides of the bare foot figure, fingers slowly wriggling with a rhythmically repeating pattern which made it appear as though an invisible current were running through the digits. Two white tendrils were wavering in the air in a serpentine motion, the hiss of electrical sparks from broken machinery accentuated the effect in a distorted fashion. Each one shot out toward a different target and sought out their throat, wrapping around tightly to strangle them. Meanwhile bare hands touched the shoulders of the two remaining Orderlies, sending raw voltage into their bodies. . . pacifying them with high voltage.

4 ID Tags this time. . .

Name: Randall Ferris
Age: 34
Clearance Level: 4

Name: Daniel MacCabe
Age: 39
Clearance Level: 4

Name: William Erikson
Age: 65
Clearance Level: 1

Name: Francis Wane
Age: 49
Clearance Level: 2

Just what had been created?

Security footage outside the room watched silently as the bare foot figure entered the hallway. No invisible gas could lie to those unblinking sentries. Footage streamed live to the security office with high quality. . . to whoever was still watching if they had not fled. Cameras across the Asylum were going out until just the lone security camera in that hallway remained. The only perspective left to watch from other than that of the patient.

It became clear that the two white 'tendrils' were actually the sleeves of a straight jacket. Empty sleeves at that. . . stretched out obnoxiously longer than normal. Unsecured belts were in front rather than behind, which meant the straight jacket itself was actually on backwards. It was why those loosely hanging arms could move with such ease against the Orderlies. Yet there still remained no explanation for the unnatural electrical current the patient's body displayed.

The figure's gaze rose until it looked directly at the camera, before a blur of white streaked upward and violently ended the transmission.