The Last Parallel: Sign-ups and OOC Plotting

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  1. This is a world of nightmares. To the humans whom are able to reach this place, it seems backwards, terrifying in an entirely new sense of the word. Oftentimes, they will be fooled by the beauty of it, they will be fooled into believing in safety. In truth, the only safety is in those whom you have shunned, but the truth is a valuable commodity.

    There has been a war going on for so long, that no one really knows when in started anymore. The side of evil, and the side of good. Thing is, the good ones are the ones whom have been classically taught as being evil, and the side of evil are the ones who seem inherently good. The Angels have boosted their numbers with the incitement of Christianity in the Parallel, while the Demons have been just slowly chugging along, hoping for a miracle. Their numbers dwindling in the face of all the new forces that the opposing side has been gaining, unwilling to send mere children into battle like the other side had once done. This time has been known as the age of Darkness. Scruples are quickly gained and lost, but values never change in this place, or so it seems.


    Other: The main setting of the roleplay, which is only accessible to humans which have died, and so become Deaths. Not all humans come here, but all monsters and magical beings reside here, and are only able to reach the Parallel through flukes and luck. Angels are the only beings which are able to go to Parallel, but it is a highly dangerous and potentially fatal experience for all.

    The Parallel: Where "living" humans reside. Is practically closed off from Other, with only stories to hint at the other world's existence. Humans that die here are sent to Other in the form of Deaths, which may take either side in the war. Was created by the Angels in Other, and is roughly two thousand years younger than the other world.


    Light Affliliation

    Angels- Pretty straightforward.
    Fairies- Their wings are able to come in and out of their back. Each Fey has an elemental affiliation to one of the five elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air, or Void.
    Elves- Have some sort of nature ability that allows them to control and command flora and, to some extent, classically good fauna.
    Wizards and Wiccans- Are usually specialized in one area of magic, unless the combination goes together.
    Unicorns- Have sharp teeth and hooves like cleavers. They will literally rip your face off.
    Other assorted creatures which you may suggest or create.


    Dark Affiliation

    Demons- Again, pretty straightforward, but I would love it if people got nerdy on the demon classes.
    Vampires- Are solely hereditary, and they do age, it is simply at the behest of the individual. Yes, they do need blood, but it does not matter where it comes from.
    Werewolves- Are forced to shift when in the direct light of a full moon, and find it hard to control their shifting when in a highly emotional state. Form close bonds, but usually do not show outward signs of emotion. They age as vampires do.
    Night Elves- Pretty much the opposite of regular elves. They control flora, as well, and classically evil fauna.
    Pixies- The same as the Fey, but on the opposing side. Are often unpredictable.
    Witches and Warlocks- Are pretty much the same as Wizards and Wiccans
    Lions- I hope that I don't have to explain what a lion is to you.
    Again, other assorted creatures which you may suggest.


    No Historical Affiliation

    Deaths- Humans whom have died in the Parallel, and have now come to Other. Those who die in the war are sent back to the Parallel, until they die again. Until they die in Other, they do not age. They do not have any special abilities whatsoever. When they come into Other, they are dropped in the middle of the Great Forest and need to discover their own affiliation. Are the only beings in Other which are able to change their affiliation.


    I would personally prefer that this is a slightly smaller roleplay with people whom do not mind twisting the plot around and playing many different characters from both sides. I have some plots in mind for this, but I would not at all mind to hear your ideas, as well. It would be nice to know first who is interested, and then go on to talk about roles and plots and the like.
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