The Last Padawan

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  1. IC Thread

    A Star Wars Tale

    Twilight falls on the Old Republic. The Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, as the droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems brings dissent to peace and order throughout the once mighty Republic. Only the grand army of the Republic, led by the Jedi, stands in their path. Clone soldiers, led by Jedi Knights, together with their padawan apprentices, fight to restore the Republic.

    But the war does not go well. On board the cruiser Wyvern, Jedi padawan Aedan Avicii speeds to Coruscant in a race to get the Jedi Council information that could turn the whole war on its head...


    @Bounce - BB-4001A / "Colyn Pendago"
    @Captain Jordan - Aedan Avicii

    This is a 1x1 roleplay set to take place concurrent with the events of Star Wars Episode III (Revenge of the Sith).

    This thread will be used to facilitate communication between myself and Captain Jordan. If you're reading our posts, feel free to give us a shout!
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  2. So, guess what I learned?

    Apparently, there was a Battle of Bespin:

    This apparently ended in CIS control of Bespin, but the only source material for it is in the background info of a video game.

    Even juicier, there's a dispute on whether this is true or not. The article's talk page mentions that the WotC Sourcebook for the Clone Wars Campaign says that the battle happened, but it was a loss for the CIS and Republic maintained control.

    I'm inclined to lean towards WotC and assume that Cloud City is under Republic control. Or, at the very least, isn't under CIS control. It's possible the Republic presence isn't very strong while the focus is concentrated in other Outer Rim Territories. And I have a feeling that Bespin likes controlling itself.

    Otherwise, I expect Aedan is going to learn about Order 66 a lot sooner than he wants to.
  3. A "No Spoilers" version.

    BB-4001A (open)
    Name: BB-4001A

    Aliases: “Colyn Pendago”, “BB”

    : Modified LeisureMech BB series Human Replica Droid (HRD), masculine persona

    Date of Activation: 121 BrS / 156 BBY (age 137 standard years)

    Planet of Origin: Corporate Sector (constructed), Alderaan (claimed)

    A pre-teenaged human male who stands precisely 4'6" and possesses the sturdy build of a physically active child, with a body weight of 70 pounds. Its current synthskin covering is a dark flesh tone, beneath which is an artificial padding designed to mimic muscle or fat on an actual human body. His actual skeleton and interior plating is a lightweight metal alloy that is somewhat blue in color. Lubrication fluid between the skin and padding layers gives the appearance of bleeding whenever the synthskin layer is compromised, but a close inspection would reveal that the viscous liquid is more of a burgundy or red-plum color than the deep red associated with human blood. The synthetic fibers of his hair are mahogany brown and coarse in texture, typically flared out from his head in a style known as an 'afro'. His eyes are made from cloned organic matter intended for use in human organ replacement surgery, cybernetically augmented so to be able to connect and interface with his droid brain. The irises are brown in color.

    It is important to distinguish "BB" from "Colyn" when considering BB-4001A's personality. Colyn was a child android HRD designed to be nothing more, and nothing less, than a beloved addition to the Pendago family. As such, BB-4001A's personality was neigh indistinguishable from that of a child in a stable family environment; that is, happy, outgoing, and well-adjusted. Without the personality profile data of his life as "Colyn", the droid that BB-4001A became later was none of those things. "BB" was cold, jaded, and disillusioned toward galactic society. As such, he now struggles to try and reconcile both parts of himself in the hopes of one day becoming the droid he was meant to be. Perhaps not surprisingly, he can often be found on the Holo-Nets discussing the controversial Droid Equality Movement.


    * Slicer: Cryptographic data handling, encryption/decryption, memory recovery, and data manipulation.
    * Maintenance/Tech Knowledge: Computer architecture, droid repair, general mechanical knowledge.
    * Piloting: Corellian Engineering Corporation light craft.
    * Droid Brain: Fluent in 3 million forms of communication, high reaction time, total recall.
    * Droid Body: Sturdier and stronger than a human.

    * Remote slicer (internal anatomy, includes commlink functionality)
    * Custom slicer chips, datacards, and various tech tools.
    * Modified Versafunction88 datapad.
    * Ion pistol.
    * DC-15S blaster carbine.
    * Salvaged G2-M9 maintenance droid ("Gee").
    * The Wyvern (CEC YV-666 light freighter).

    Having been built as a custom order, it is first necessary to understand why someone would ask to construct a child android. Folken and Liadrin Pendago were a wealthy and affluent couple on Alderaan, with Folken having come from a fairly well-to-do merchant family and Liadrin being an heiress to a fortune amassed by her family's work in founding a medical corporation. The couple were looking forward to conceiving their first child when a sky swoop accident in 125 BrS (160 BBY) left Liadrin paralyzed and unable to bear children. Retreating away from society in depression, Liadrin became a recluse and Folken felt as though his marriage may be irreparably damaged by the series of unfortunate events. Not surrendering his appeals to maintain Liadrin's spirits, Folken commissioned LeisureMech Enterprises to build a custom order class 3 android based on their BB-4000 series human replica droid. His specification was for a child android that could serve as a companion to his estranged wife.

    Construction of the custom model, which was designated as BB-4001A, began in 123 BrS at the LeisureMech foundries in the Corporate Sector, with the finished HRD being brought on-line for the first time in the Pendago family home on Alderaan to the belief that it's name was Colyn Pendago. Colyn made an awkward entrance into the lives of the stuggling Pendago family, but came to be viewed as a valued and beloved family member. He stayed by Liadrin Pendago's side without complaint, saw to her every need, and provided her with an emotional support that filled a gap in the Pendago household. Sadly, that changed just 12 years later, in 109 BrS. The Pendago's were returning from a vacation on Coruscant when their starcruiser ran afoul of pirates. As a parting gift after the raid, the pirates blew open the airlocks, causing all aboard the Pendago’s ship to be sucked out into vacuum.

    And so he drifted. Days, weeks, perhaps longer, his droid systems on the verge of failure, when he was salvaged by a Tynnan junker who was startled at the discovery of such a human-like droid. Fitted with a restraining bolt and his memory wiped, BB-4001A eventually made his way out to Nar Shadda, where he was sold to the Hutts as a curiosity for his child-like appearance. He was lost in a bet shortly after, at which time he became the property of a Kushiban bounty hunter named Max, who saw potential in the HRD and had him modified into a slicer droid. For the next seven years, BB-4001A worked as a slave for Max, slicing networks across the rim in pursuit of bounties. Max had grown arrogant however, and on job had crossed one of the Hutts in a deal. That private little war came back to haunt the Kushiban, and BB-4001A was able to escape when mercenaries arrived to collect Max's head.

    It wasn't until that first bit of freedom that BB-4001A even realized it had a life that it knew nothing about, as the removal of his own restraining bolt triggered a fragmentary recall of what seemed like the memories of a different BB-4001A entirely. Slicing his own memory, BB has been able to reconstruct most of the data from his life as Colyn Pendago, but still finds the experience akin to recalling a dream. Going into work for himself in the slums of Nar Shadda, BB began work completing droid repair, at which time he was able to salvage an abused G2 repair droid as an assistant. Life on Nar Shadda is hard and BB eventually learned to be hard as well, acquiring and repairing a broken DC-15S carbine for what was often dubbed a 'Nar Shadda home security program.' Eventually, his past work with Max and possession by the Hutts came back to haunt him as well. Pressed into work as a slicer, BB began to build a name for himself on the Holo-Nets.

    While the work was far riskier than droid maintenance, it also paid more lucratively. BB purchased a Corellian light freighter, which he dubbed the Wyvern, and left Nar Shadda. With only droids aboard the Wyvern, the ship has come to have a reputation among spacers as something of a ghost. BB avoided the inhabited systems, arriving intermittently at way stations only to refuel and depart, never in any one place for more time than it takes to link into the Nets and download or transmit data.

    The time alone helped the droid to recover his memories and better integrate them back into the person he had become, or the persona that had developed in the absence of the earlier personality files. Eventually, BB underwent a complete reboot and, afterward, resumed using the name Colyn Pendago once again. The droid once again attempted to live a life within the law, but past sins and old contacts created a web of treachery and deception which ensnared the droid to a fate of repeating all the choices he’d come to regret.
  4. Works for me.

    Aedan Avicii (open)

    Character information

    Name: Aedan Avicii
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Race: Corellian
    Place of Origin: Corellia
    Profession: Jedi Sentinel
    Affiliation: Jedi Order
    Rank: Padawan Learner
    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Physical Characteristics
    Play-By: Charlie Rowe
    Appearance: Aedan is a young human boy just emerging from childhood. He stands just over one and a half meters, but his small build makes him seem shorter than he really is. His hair is dark brown, almost black, and makes his pale face stand out starkly against his short, messy mop. His eyes are a nut brown color, and they peer out from beneath bushy, black eyebrows. A smattering of dark spots, lentigines, are scattered across his face. From behind his right ear hangs a single, lone braid, signifying his status as a Padawan Learner.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Nut Brown
    Height: 5' 3" (1.57m)
    Weight: 100 lbs (45.4kg)
    Handiness: Ambidextrous

    General Overview
    Aedan can be generally described as a trickster. Manipulation isn't exactly his game, but mischievous, troublesome and 'a headache' are three ways to easily describe him. Aedan is prone to (mis)adventure when he is bored, and even sometimes when he is not. Despite these faults, he is a good-natured person, kind and even thoughtful; he will do whatever is necessary to put something right, even to an extreme. Aedan is a quick learner, some of his masters even remarked on what seemed like natural talent, but it is difficult to get him to focus long enough to study.

    Deliver the information to the Jedi Council and then reunite with his master, Vorick Roth.

    Aedan loves to explore, discover and try new things. Sometimes he attempts something just to see if it can be done, leading to trouble.

    Aedan enjoys hologames when he plays against someone else, and tends to be very competitive when doing so. He will aim to win even if it is not in his best interests.

    Aedan is also a casual bug collector, he finds them fascinating and will attempt to capture a new or unique bug if he sees it.

    Personal Details
    As a member of the Avicii family, Aedan's relatives include members of the Avicii Crime Family, including Mad Ann Avicii, the family's matriarch, such lieutenants as Charming Chairo Avicii, and association with (but no relation to) the Family's business consultant, Skinny Bonzo the Hutt.

    Jedi Master Vorick Roth - Aedan's Jedi Master

    Galactic Empire (and its agents)

    For most Jedi children, the process of discovery and adoption by the Jedi Order occurs quickly after birth, or at least shortly after skills begin to manifest during the first couple years of life. Yet for the Avicii family, a powerful force in the Corellian Sector Underground, the discovery of Aedan's skills was kept quiet for as long as possible. The Family owed no allegiance to the Republic, nor to the Jedi Order, some of whom were responsible for the incarceration of several Family members. After several years, only a desperate plea from Aedan's concerned aunt brought the Jedi to Corellia to test the troublesome five-year-old.

    While the Jedi Order rarely accepted someone so old, the order was not so stubborn as to ignore the political ramifications of Aedan's training. A member of the Avicii family inside the Jedi Order, it was argued in various Council meetings, could be a welcome measure of leverage against the growing criminal aspirations of the Family. When the Chancellor received word of the Jedi Council's deliberations regarding the Avicii child, he ordered them to receive the boy, despite their objections that the decision was an internal matter. Thus it was that Aedan Avicii came to live and be trained at the Jedi Temple in Coruscant.

    Aedan learned quickly in spite of his late start, even surpassing several of his peers after only a few short years of training. He quickly grew to be a favorite amongst several teaching masters for his sharp mind and easy grasp of the concepts. Yet Aedan was not satisfied with the pacing of his lessons, and soon found a way to discover new things outside of classes. He earned a bit of a reputation as an escape artist, even making his way outside the Temple ocassionally, for which he was harshly rebuked. The masters' consequences didn't seem to bother the boy, however, and he continued to explore and learn on his own. At one point, the masters even threatened to send Aedan to the Service Corps if he could not learn patience and temper his mischief.

    The concerns of the masters was needless, as Aedan soon discovered his own path, as was typical with the boy. After believing he had impressed visiting Jedi Master Vorick Roth, he was disappointed to learn that the master was departing Coruscant without taking a student. Aedan found a way onboard Master Roth's transport, and by the time he was discovered, Roth was already more than halfway to the destination of his mission in the middle of a warzone. Unable to simply turn around and with no support troops to escort Aedan back to the Temple, Roth was forced to allow Aedan to tag along on the mission. By the end of the mission, Roth realized that Aedan could use a steady hand guiding him, and offered to take the boy as his apprentice.

    After a couple years under Master Roth's tutelage, Aedan progressed to the point of constructing his own lightsaber. Believing the boy to be capable of handling himself alone for a while, Roth sent Aedan with a small group of clones to retrieve a data disk of information that had fallen into enemy hands. While there, Aedan and the clones were confronted with a Separatist agent and his droid battalion, explaining that Aedan had been lulled into a trap while the deal went down on Tatooine. Leaving the clones to battle out the droids, Aedan stole a ship and fled to Tatooine, arriving too late to prevent the deal. He spent several days discovering information which lead him to Cloud City and the buyer of the data disk.

    Lightsaber Form:
    Form II, Makashi (preferred style, skilled)
    Form V, Shien (trained)
    Form I, Shii-Cho (trained)

    Force Powers:
    Force Push/Pull[||||||||||]
    Force Sense[||||||||||]
    Force Persuasion[||||||||||]
    Force Slow[||||||||||]

    Jedi Padawan tunic and garb
    Utility Belt
    Padawan Braid

    Datadisk with Top Secret information

    1x Small, slightly-curved, orange-bladed padawan lightsaber

    LG - - - NG - - - CG
    | + + + | + + + |
    | + + + | + +[+] |
    | + + + | + + + |
    LN + + + TN + + + CN
    | + + + | + + + |
    | + + + | + + + |
    | + + + | + + + |
    LE - - - NE - - - CE
  5. I haven't been able to locate any deckplans of the YV-666 class. You're usually better at finding (or making) those than I am. Maybe you have something we could use?
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  7. There's a couch in that lounge, damn it. Even if BB doesn't need a bed or an autochef, he does need a place to sit his ass.
  8. Saw the reply in the IC thread.

    My next post will move us along to... whatever planet I said in the post... thing.

    You know what I mean.
  9. Heh, long day?

    Message received and understood.
  10. How would it work into your plans if Aedan were to get thrown in jail for a bit, then slip out and by doing so alert the Imperial authorities that a Jedi was on Carratos? If that works for you, I'm going to make that the end for this post and the contents of the next.
  11. Did you want him to break himself out?

    BB can't fulfill his debt if Aedan's stuck in jail. And he's not exactly a law abidin droid to begin with, so jail breaking a Jedi isn't a stretch for a slicer.
  12. I kind of want to demonstrate Aedan's own resourcefulness and trickery. I'll bet it won't be the first time he's tossed behind bars, it's only this time when Aedan can catch his captors off guard.

    Thanks for the offer, though. I'm sure there will be time to have BB bust out the slicer skills.
  13. Still with me, Red 5?
  14. Roger, Bravo Leader.
  15. The post is written, it's just not proofed. Trying to do that in-between classes and work.
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