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    We try to survive but what's the point? We have to keep running for our life, but why? Why do we keep trying to survive if we have no where to go? We keep a gun next to us when we sleep, we can't have a normal life if we are getting chased all the time. We need somewhere to go, but we now have a reason to live, to reach Safe Haven.

    A group of survivors work together to reach a city known as Safe Haven. This will take place in the world of The Last of Us, But three years after Joel and Ellie reach the town, in this three year time period, most towns and cities are gone, the only safe one left is where Toronto Ontario use to be now called Safe Haven. They announced it all over the world, and now we need to find a way to get to Safe Haven. This will first take place in New York City, we must find a way to get to Safe Haven. (The exact time from New York City to Toronto Ontario is 8 hours and 21 minutes so it will take a while since were mostly on foot and taking brakes.)


    -No godmodding
    -All kinds of romance is allowed
    -Keep it realistic
    -all npcs including gangs, infected and police are played by me.
    -there will be time shifts, and times where we relax or sleep for the night.
    -We will all discuss when we want to kill a character off
    -we will occasionly find animals
    -Have fun!
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  2. It was another day in this hell of a life. A group of us have banded together for better survival. We all have gone through hell and back trying to survive this world, but this time we have the advantage. An announcement came from one of the radio stations today, saying that there is a safe place called Safe Haven. This may just be a fake but this is our only chance. If we make it there and it's a safe place, then we will finally live our real life, i think that's a good enough reason, so i am going with it. My name is Honor Williams signing out from New York City.

    Honor stood up from the dining room table setting the radio inside his black back pack. He then went to the kitchen window lifting the curtains. The streets were covered with vines and abandon cars with occasional clickers and Stalkers on the road. he then went into the living room seeing the group eating some canned goods. "I'm going for another supply run, does anyone wanna come?"

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  3. Rising from the dusty floor setting his small can of vegetables down Mark replies "Yeah i could go for some fresh air."After this he checks his clip and than the other two. Loading his first clip into the gun. Smiling the young man questioned Honer "Do you wanna bring anyone else?" Checking the rest of his equipment he yawned as he was sitting for way to long.
  4. "Alright as three will go, you guys stay here" Honor grabbed his tomahawks off the counter and went to the door. Once he opened the door he waited for the two to come through and closed it behind him. "So never asked, how old are you guys? Does anyone remember what happened before the apocalypse?"
  5. Quickly replying to the question almost choking at the speed of his response "I don't remember my age... I was born just as the shit hit the fan. So no I do not even know what it was like." As Mark finished his sentence he frowned slightly as he unseathed his knife. Still beautiful as when he got, minus the stains of blood of course.
  6. Pup, Stayed behind. He spoke. "Yea....staying here would be great sounds good, great, spectacular...!" Pup insisted as he waiting on the ground, He stayed in the aread (House,Shed,ect) and sat there with a hand gun. (Sorry short post brb)
  7. Looking at the sun then my watch I mentally cursing 'shit, I was supposed to be back an hour ago!'. Dropping down from the branches of the tree almost tripping in an attempt to grab my messenger bag, now full snare and rifle, having some difficulty attempting to dislodge said rifle from it's resting place. Looking around and using my watch to find my bearing and started to jog south.

    After awhile of jogging I flipped my radio & headset on.
    "Hey Honor, it's Suou I'm headed back with a couple of birds do you need anything done before I head back? I can meet up with you if needed."
  8. Honor grabbed his radio out after hearing a voice coming from his bag, he listened to Suou on the other line, then answered back. "No were okay, but come back to the apartment, we grabbing supplies and were leaving tomorrow morning, so get some rest" As the three reached outside the apartment he felt the sun hit his eyes. He gave a smile then took his tomahawks out.
  9. "Roger, heading back the meat should be cooked and ready to eat by the time your back… if you can find some batteries and BMG rounds, I'm running low."

    "Be carful and come back safe… I don't want to lose anyone else, you hear me. Don't die out there."
  10. Merick made sure his radio was off, for the circumstance he was in called for complete silence. He was about four blocks away from the group on top of the old fire station, looking over the ledge watching clickers trying to echo out food. Their gnarled faces and eeri clicking brought back a sudden flash of his family. He could see them laying dead and half eaten in the living room floor, could still smell the blood and fungus stentch.

    Coming back to his senses, Merick picked up a rock and threw it as far as he could away from his general area, and from the home base. The group didn't need anymore problems to handle. They also needed to preserve ammunition, medical supplies, energy, and their weapons conditions. As soon as he heard the sound of the infected leve the area, Merick turned on his radio. He tuned it just loud enough for him to hear just in case there was still danger near.
  11. Shyly peeking out the door Mark asked "Hey Honer who was that on the radio?" Looking back into the doors as he stepped out he heard a clicker in the distance in his thoughts he said I hope that's alot further than it sounds.

    Sighing as he looked back at Honer for a reply while Mark checking his gun for the thousandth time.
  12. After turning off my radio I took off at a jog, moving silently as she went to avoid alerting the clickers. It was surprisingly easy but it slowed give their behavior and patterns. Looking back at my watch letting out a quiet sigh.
    "This is going to take longer than I thought." And with this in mind she continued on. It would take the better part of an hour to get back.
  13. Merick jumped down to a lower building, then peeked over the edge to check his surroundings. He spotted an over-encumbered Suou, carrying much more than her physical condition would allow. Picking up his rifle, and aiming down the scope, he could see her overbearing bags, carrying a set of birds, and still dragging her heavy rifle around. It was always a mystery how the girl got a hold of a WWII Anti-tank rifle. Suou was always carrying way more than she can bench, and for her to wandering the streets so randomly, it made her a sitting duck.

    Merick turned to his radio, "Suou, come in. You need to slow down, kid," he transmitted, taking up a position on the edge of the building.
  14. Looking up at the other marksmen I held his gaze for a moment. "Roger." ending my transmission. Scrambling up some debris in my way it took a while to unpack and skin prepare the birds to roast over a fresh fire (they'll take a while). Taking the containers of water out of my pack finally being satisfied. Grabbing the rifle and mess anger bag once again after peeling the backpack, I made my way up the fire escape and to the roof plopping down next to drinking a canteen.

    Getting comfortable dangling my feet over the ledge, I started transmitting to Merick. "What was that look at my rifle for?... And I thought I told you not to call me kid I'm almost 18!". It would take a while for the birds to cook and I was bored.
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  15. It had gotten a bit darker out while he kept watch over Suou making way up to him. It soon occurred to him that Honor was out grabbing supplies as well. Just to make sure they were in good condition, Merick paged him through his radio. "Honor, I've got Suou with me. What's your condition?" he asked, soon hearing the screech of a fire escape towards his rear. There she was, the same young and somewhat misguided Suou as always. He took her canteen upon her offer

    "That look," he said before trailing off to take a drink from her canteen. "... Was for your choice of inventory. An anti-tank rifle that's probably twice your weight, added on by a bunch of bags stuffed with a few assentials. It's helpful, for a group, but not if you're alone." Merick handed her back her canteen, then returned to scoping out the area.
  16. Giggling a bit I stood and picked up said rifle twirling it remembering some information about it. "It's not that bad if I remember right the original Ptrd was exactly 38.1 pounds in total." Twirling the rifle once again continuing, "It also boasted a accurate effective range of 2,000m and a muzzle velocity of 3,655ft/s. Being able to strike infantry targets behind almost any concrete or other urban cover, it was also easy to maintain and able to function better than the ak-47 in harsh conditions."

    Standing the rifle up once again I took a breath lecturing on. "This however isn't the production model. This is a modern variation my father picked up in Arizona on a business trip. It weighs 12.7lbs after changing the low grade steel parts with modern low-iron reenforced carbon steel. The gun is also balanced allowing accurate modern optics and modern attachments to be compatible, and a boosted effective range of 3,000m. Though I dout I'll ever be able to use it at that range anytime soon… this rifle is my pride and joy, it fits my fighting style as well. But I carry everything I do to support the group, and I'd rather have it and not needed than need it and not have it."

    Sighing I settled back down. "Sorry… I'm more than a bit of a weapons nut."
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