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  1. I'm new here, about 20 minutes old, in fact, but I'm fairly old-hat at roleplaying. I also tend to avoid canon, and know nothing of how things work here, so if any of this piques your interest even in the slightest, lemme know, and we'll make it work. Go team!

    NOTE: This request is adapted from an older request of mine from a different PbPRPG site. If something doesn't add up, or is confusing, or lame (or if I'm swearing too much?), just lemme know. I also love constructive criticism. And friends!


    We All Fall Down​

    I'll keep this as short as possible in the interest of garnering more replies. I hope.

    The Basics:
    • This is a survival/action thriller based on the upcoming Naughty Dog PS3 game, The Last of Us.
    • Unfortunately, I'm going to be pretty picky about my partner.Ohgodhelpme
    • I'd love an example of your writing. I can offer one of my own in return. =)
    • There are two MCs. "Joel" (named can be changed), a ruthless former black-market drug pusher (aged late 20s-mid 30s); and Ellie, a precocious 14-year-old with a connection to Joel that will be revealed in-game.
    • I'm looking for a Joel. HOWEVER, if you blow my fucking mind, I may be willing to let you play Ellie, if interested. But I've been wanting to play her for a while, so...
    • That said, if you're here for romance, you'll probably be disappointed. There is an intentional 20+ year gap between the two characters. This is more about survival and trust/friendship than anything else. (Romance may be discussed, but will probably not be a central theme, and certainly not between the central characters.)
    • I can play thread, PM (conversation?), or e-mail; thread would be ideal.
    • The world has devolved in more ways than one. Be prepared for some dark shit.
    • I'm a post-a-day at least kind of gal, but I *am* in the middle of a move, and starting a new job. Just FYI.

    • Please be at least 18. I'm not going to card you, or anything, but...I don't wanna feel like a creeper.
    • Duck out on me if you must. I will be very sad, but I understand real life comes first.
    • If you DO duck out, for the love of God tell me first. I swear, I won't be mad.
    • If you start to lose interest, let me know, and we'll work together to fix it.
    • Please don't let me be the only one coming up with plot points. I have some in mind, but thinking is hard for my brain. =(
    • No Mary-Sues. I can't do it. I just...don't. Do. Not.
    • Please do not control my character without asking. Your character? Obviously. The environment? Sure! The plot? If we've discussed it! My character? Please don't.
    • In terms of requirements: I don't need a novel. I'm fine with a novel, but I don't need one. What I *do* need is dynamic character growth, near-impeccable (not perfect. I'm FAR from perfect) grammar/spelling, and posts that MOVE THE STORY FORWARD. Do these things, and I will be yours forever.

    Want more information? Check out the spoiler!
    Fun times! (open)
    So, here are some trailers, screen shots, and a little more info on Joel and Ellie to give you a better taste of the RP.

    On plot: It's still pretty loosely structured. For now, they're just looking to survive--get food and water, find guns and ammo, avoid infected humans and ruthless survivors. There will be trouble. There will be pain. Please don't let me be the only one coming up with it. I want strife! Angst! THIS IS SPARTA!

    On setting: The near future--no out of this world tech, just some black market weaponry, crudely enhanced armor, and the occasional car, if you can find any gas. There are some buildings, though most are uninhabitable. Outside of (former) large cities, hunting is decent, though dangerous, as infected humans are always lurking, and some animals have turned to humans as prey. There are small human camps which still try to cling to the law, tents built up and communities depending on devolved capitalism. Most people roam the land in small groups, killing and pillaging as necessary. Torture, abuse, starvation, and rape are common.

    On Joel and Ellie: As previously stated, I'd prefer to play Ellie, and I'd prefer their relationship to be platonic. My plan so far (and this can be discussed) is to have Joel on the move (up to you; perhaps he lived in a commune of sorts and was kicked out for some shady shit), and finds Ellie, an orphan who lived with a few other kids in a dilapidated former foster home. He decides to take her with him for reasons known only to himself (these will be discovered as time goes on). Ellie is not your typical kid--she's far from helpless, and is a decent fighter with her switchblade. She's smart, strong, and not prone to panic or fear. She has a dry sense of humor that is a little too old for her.

    Joel is a ruthless dude with a chip on his shoulder. Since this will probably be your character, I won't dictate too much. I imagine he's not very much a people person, and Ellie can push his buttons, but he eventually realizes (as does she) that they need to learn to trust each other to survive. She finds protection and pseudo-stability in him; he finds his humanity in her.

    Trailers (open)

    Trailer One:

    Trailer Two:

    City Image:

    Joel in the City:

    Infected Humans:

    Joel and Ellie:
    *NOTE: Appearances and names are not set in stone.

    Want to ask questions? Do it! Right here! I am very niceish!

    Want to play? Shoot me a PM (conversation?)! Or reply here.
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