The Last of Us themed RP with personal twists?

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  1. Ever played or watched The Last of Us?
    Do you enjoy detail and consistecy in your roleplays?

    (I'm hoping) 'Cause that's exactly what I'm looking for~!

    Someone who can keep it interesting, can put detail, can understand the basics of roleplay (i.e No GodModing, etc.)
    If you don't know but are interested anyway,
    The Last of Us is a zombie video game that is based off of a fungus growing within the human body and mind that takes over and spreads via bite, saliva, spores etc.
    (If you want to know more about it, Youtube it, people love to play those games. Cryoatic And PewDiePie both did it, I haven't looked for otherwise.)
    But, the personal twists can consist of many things and are not limited to:

    -Demon character. (Main or side charcters)
    - Immunity to the fungus
    -Special Powers (But still try and keep it interesting. q.q!!)
    . . . .
    That's all I can think of for now... But....
    Yeah! Let me know if you want to. :}
  2. @HanyouYuki
    Sounds interesting :3 I like the immunity to the fungus idea for the plot twist.
  3. -Squeals-
    What/Whom do you play?
  4. Yay!
    Mm, I don't mind either way :3
  5. Haha.
    Personal characters?
    I can be a male if you want to be a female or vice versa.
  6. I usually play male ^_^ Do you want this to be M/M?
  7. We can do that as well.

    How would you like the main mood of it?
    Romantic, hardcore action etc.?

    :3 I wanna know how you'd like it. (Ignore the sexual innuendo in there.)
  8. Hardcore action with subtext of romance~
    Oh my gosh.
  9. Lol. Alright.
    Do you want characters to be a surprise or not?

    (Also, how would I go about it on here? -Noob on this site.- Or we can go to like an IM to make it faster. Up to you.)
  10. What do you mean? o:
    And I prefer IM, since the alert system works better. But we can totally make a new thread; it's up to you c:
  11. Like, do you want information on some characters that I have and you can choose from those?
    Or... just keep it a surprise?

    I've got Skype,
    You got Skype?
  12. Is it okay if I know? c:

    I don't use skype for RPing, sorry :x
  13. Sure,
    Beau Espionage Destruction.
    Dual Being. (Two souls trapped in a body that can shift between souls.)
    393, looks about 20-21

    Beau's life has always been difficult and none too easy to deal with. Mother being tortured with the same thing he dealt with till her dying day in his arms. It wasn't until the male was three did he know he was sharing a body with another, which was when his mother finally explained that they were cursed with something that had been passed down from generation to generation in their family. One life form shared with two people, having the ability to completely change into their other half. Beauie-boo, as Beau likes to call her, is Beau's "Other Half" but is in truth, someone completely different. From the day he was born, people had always come after the dual being, wanting to find out what made them tick, what made them them. This is merely one reason Beau is Beau.

    The female half had started out as a normal female, loving life and loving love until her so called 'love' back-stabbed her and tried to kill her. There's a single, unknown element that not even the human race knows about, Armageddon, as Beau calls it, and that single element is the one and only thing that can bring the dual being true pain. And, as Beauie-boo lay covered in her own blood and sexual juices, from her so called lover raping her to the point where she truly felt nothing, she knew then she would never be able to love and trust anyone as easily as she once did. As light broke, Beau's time came and he truly did let the other male pay for his actions against the other male.

    Beau, having an affinity for blood and the obscure, always seemed to get himself mixed up in the things he should have stayed out of. And well, after a certain painting getting out in the press, his painting of a more recent killing that was found, the male was thrown into something called "Demon Rehab." Where he stood shackled in a special kind of chains, for one hundred years. Getting whipped, raped and for certain a lack of nourishment was involved. Yet, he endured this pain for one reason and one reason only. To get revenge upon the demon that killed his mother, and to live out his life to the fullest, of course.

    After the horrible rehabilitation portion of his life went by, he found himself stumbling into a wasteland of war, poverty and for what it seemed, a lack of his 'nutrition.' Of course, he felt the need to protect his other half from the horrible part of this world, waiting for it all to pass-- yet she still seems to break out and carry out what she needs to until she decides to pass the baton over to Beau.

    Dante Obsidian
    Dante was born in the 1950's, and died at the age of twenty. His body and soul has laid dormant for a few years so that he could be reborn as a Reaper-- one of the many. Yet, when he was reborn he couldn't remember a single thing from his past life. He was given a new name "Dante Obsidian," so he would be able to sly along in within the humans. His day to day activities usually have something to do with killing, sleeping, maybe eating but other than that soldier life is quite boring. How did he become a soldier? Shit, he doesn't even know. He woke up one day in a bed with some clothes on it and a gun close by. So, hey! Get what you can take, right?


    I forgot to ask,
    what kind of IM do you have?
    I might have it as well.
  14. Dante sounds cool c:
    I don't have an IM besides skype; but we can PM here through iwaku ^_^
  15. Alrighty~
    Do you want me to start or would you like to?
  16. Is it okay if you start? :x
  17. Sure, gimmie some time.
    --and until this episode of Fairy Tail is over. x.x
  18. Okay c:
    And oh, I know that anime! NatsuxLucy ftw.