The Last of Us: Last Hope

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    We've lost a chance at a cure...
    We've been pushed back from every city...
    But the light is still out there.
    It has to be.

    Half a year has passed since the events of the Last of Us, and the Fireflies have been pushed down south into Corpus Christi, where they have established a domicile protected by scrapped cars and haphazardly erected walls. Hanging on to a bitter grudge, the rebel movement's fierce hatred has been cast aside with a new revelation: contact. Contact with the other side, and with it, a chance for new hope. Sent on a 'wild goose chase' of sorts by their newly-made leader, committed to tracking down parts to complete the voyage, a group of Fireflies prepares to leave their safe haven for the harsh reality that exists beyond the walls.


    Everyone's favorite part: some rules and expectations
    This roleplay is taking in some new players again! Nearly on the cusp of two potential opportunities to ease-in new characters, now is the perfect time to join in. Here are the details:
    • This is a long-term, casual roleplay: posting isn't at rapid-fire speeds, and the group's kept small enough to keep everyone thoroughly involved.
    • Quality over quantity with posting!
    • This roleplay is character focused - players are expected to field characters with room for growth, and to contribute to the story as it goes along.
    • The story will go on! Characters that aren't accounted for will perish! It's a harsh world, and it's very easy to write up a death.

    So where do you, the player fit in?
    Right now, there's enough room for two players to join in - but this isn't exactly open sign-ups. Message the GM @Rainjay with a character concept and a way your character could be introduced if you're interested.

    "Can I be a...."
    Short answer: Probably.

    Long answer: It all depends on how you work it out and incorporate it into the story. You can range from an ex-FEDRA operative to a lone, road-wandering survivor. Having a tough time with that? Brovo's got a great guide right here.

    Endure and Survive.
  2. I am interested in this Last of Us roleplay. I have to look at the current characters before I make my own.
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  3. Alright! Just PM @Rainjay with your idea once it hits you!

    (obligatory "Welcome to the Fireflies" tag line)
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