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  1. We are not currently accepting new members (unless you have an absolutely burning need to join, in which case, PM me).

    It's only been a few months since Marlene was killed while trying to find a cure to the infection. The immune child, Ellie, escaped with her protector, leaving a massacre in their wake. Most personnel, including the some of the top scientists left in the country, were killed or left in dire conditions. Our facilities in Salt Lake City are unguarded and at risk, with much of the equipment damaged. Most importantly though is the loss of this potential vaccine, and the setback of all of our work. We lost of all of this, simply due to the actions of one man.

    This cannot be allowed to happen again.

    While we're given up hopes of retrieving the girl, we do have a glimmering ray of hope on our horizon. We've made contact with the other side, and this offers us a great deal of promise, if we can only manage to get there. As a group and family we have to work towards this goal most fervently. We are the last light for humanity.


    In Character
    Old OOC

    We are not currently accepting new members (unless you have an absolutely burning need to join, in which case, PM me).
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  2. [​IMG]

    This is a closed group roleplay, invitation/PM request only. This means, either we'll invite you, or you can PM me; but please come prepared with a fleshed-out character idea, and a means to get involved in the story. We do currently have an opening for one more player, so if you are interested, shoot me a message.

    Some quick notes on what to expect:

    * This is a long term, casual roleplay. Posting won't be rapidfire and the group is kept small so that nobody will be left behind.
    * As a result, this roleplay will have an ending! Even if players drop out or leave, we will accept new characters to fill those spaces and continue along. Abandoned characters will simply die--if happens in this setting.
    * I expect at least two well written paragraphs per post. I'd prefer more, but don't push yourself. Quality over quantity.
    * I also expect dynamic characters. You might need to play side characters. I am only the GM in organizational purposes; I won't play all the characters and make all the story.
    * I'm providing freedom over combat posts, but please be reasonable about it.

    Other than that, there are no particular rules. Just work as a group and have fun :)


    These will be pretty basic but feel free to add whatever information you'd like. You can also withhold information that isn't astericked. Your most basic skeleton has 5 fields in it.

    Your character can be pretty much whoever you'd like, although the main group here are Fireflies. You can play a FEDRA member, but be warned that you will have a lot of enemies. Children characters, elderly characters, disabled characters are definitely welcome so long as they can prove their worth.

    Name: *
    Age: *
    Gender: *

    Appearance: * (image if you'd like)
    Personality: (only really required if you plan on having pre-existing relationships, or you can say a few words so we don't all have badass loner figures)

    Strengths/Weaknesses: (if you want to name a couple thats cool)
    Inventory: * (see below)


    This is actually pretty straightforward. Just list some things your character has on them (a knife, a water bottle, dogtags, anything you think is notable). This is a survival roleplay, so keeping track of who has what is important (but not vital. Don't worry about it). I don't think many of us will start with a ton of guns and armor without reason, though, so try to keep things reasonable. Once we get out of the Firefly fort, we'll have all the loot to ourselves.

    Inventory will be updated on a regular basis. I will be posting more information on this soon.​


    Some super simple background information for those new to the series. You can find all of this on the Wiki.


    The infected are those infected by the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, a fungus that will consume the hosts brain and take control (only previously seen in ants). The host will then go through four different stages of infection: Runner, Stalker, Clicker, and Bloater before death; each stage is more dangerous than the last. The infection is spread through the contact of Cordyceps spores into the blood or lungs through inhalation, bites, wounds, or rarely ingestion. Aerial spore development is the last stage in the life cycle of the Infected, though all Infected can transmit spores through bites. When an Infected dies, their body becomes a breeding ground for these spores, releasing them into the air. When an Infected feels it is close to death, it will find dark, moist corners to die in. While this may be the end of the line for the host, the fungus will live on.

    In order for the fungus to infect a host body, the host must first be alive. Dead victims who come into contact with the infection do not undergo transformation.

    The infected are vulnerable to fire.
    A few days after infection.

    Runners are the first and weakest stage of the Infected who have just recently entered their transformation. Since the eyes are first targeted by the fungus, Runners have poor eyesight, but maintain many human instincts. For example, their moans are still human, just like their overall appearance. A way to tell them apart from normal survivors is their somewhat glowing red eyes. Their body language is sluggish while they are passive, suggesting they are resisting the fungus's influence. Sometimes they do not attack at all, even when non-infected individuals are right in front of them. These non-aggressive runners will only attack if attacked first or when an object is thrown at or near them, instigating them. Much like sneezing, the urge to attack after such interactions happens involuntarily and unwillingly by the host. Runners are confirmed to be able to attack in packs, flailing their arms and trying to trample the survivor.

    A week or two after infection.

    Stalkers have the vision and speed of Runners, with the ferocity of Clickers. The most notable physical traits that define the Stalkers are the distinct croaking noises they make, the beginning of fungal growths on the head and face with typically only one eye able to see, the development of pseudo echolocation, and their discretion upon spotting a victim at distance. They will strafe and take cover, eventually closing in on the victim, hence the name "Stalker". Up close, Stalkers are very aggressive and will charge directly at the victim. They have the strength of a fit human.


    Clickers are the third and most distinctly recognized stage of the Infected. They have had prolonged exposure to the fungus, and now possess strength that significantly surpasses the average human. This makes them deadlier, but at the price of being completely blind due to fungal infection overtaking their face. However, Clickers are able to maneuver through areas by utilizing echolocation, which produces noticeable clicking/screeching noises to locate sources of sound.

    Clickers appear less human than Runners and Stalkers, with faces that are completely skewed and scarred by fungus developed from their infected brains. The fungal plates have apparently adapted to keep the host/pathogen alive and able to spread, as a direct shot to the face with a powerful weapon such as a revolver will more often than not just break off a chunk of the mold, leaving the Clicker's brain unharmed but exposing the victim's face and rendering them able to see once again.

    They are stronger and more intelligent than the others, and will actually examine their surroundings quite thoroughly for survivors after they are provoked.

    When provoked, a Clicker will immediately enter into a "berserk mode," aggressively flailing its arms and 'roaring'. At this point, if a survivor has been "spotted" by a Clicker, the Clicker will attack head-on and will not flinch when shot, unless the survivor is using high-powered rounds.
    Bloaters are the fourth, final, and most dangerous stage of infection. Bloaters take the longest to develop, making them the rarest of the infected. They are covered in thick fungus that effectively doubles as armor plate. Due to this protective covering, they can withstand multiple hits from weapons like shotguns, hunting rifles, and even fire. Bloaters are extremely aggressive, but are rather slow-moving causing them to be more predictable than other infected. Like Clickers, Bloaters 'see' using echolocation to locate and trap a survivor. Because the fungus has completely deformed their face and blinded them, their echolocation is a lot less refined than the Clickers.

    They are extremely strong and can kill with a single hit, so it is best to simply avoid them or stay very far away. Be careful, though, because they also throw sacks of Mycotoxin, a poisonous fungus. Often times they will recklessly throw the sacks around as though in the hope that at least one attempt will hit a survivor.


    Even after an infected individual has died, the fungus will continue to grow. By this point, the corpse becomes skeletal and brittle, and the fungus sticks the body to whatever surface it is on. The fungus will begin to emit spores from the body which will infect anyone that breathes them. To combat this, most survivors carry gas masks, although if the person is immune to the infection they have no need for one.

    They are commonly found in places that are underground or wet such as sewers and basements. The Infected are able to sufficiently determine when they are injured and dying, and will seek out damp, dark places for the fungus to grow.

    The Fireflies are a revolutionary militia group. Their goal is the return of all branches of US government in the wake of military oppression, and are the only known group actively working towards a cure. After the death of Marlene, their leader, the group is suffering heavy losses in their battles against FEDRA, though are hanging on by the barest of slivers.

    The group was founded after the infection broke out and the country went into martial law and set up various quarantine zones. They have stages attacks in several of those zones and have 'liberated' some, although the aftermath never usually went well; civilians are often just as scared of the Fireflies as they are of FEDRA.

    The group is well trained and armed, though they often in attempts to keep a low profile dress light.
    The Federal Disaster Response Agency (FE.D.R.A.) is one of the last remnants of the pre-outbreak United States government, alongside the Department of Defense and possibly the Center for Disease Control. They took control of the armed forces and declared martial law after the outbreak.
    The Hunters are hostile survivors, sometimes the remnants of quarantine zones (Pittsburgh is one such zone), sometimes groups who have either left zones or have never been in a zone. They tend to shoot and kill any 'trespassers' or visitors to their self proclaimed territory in order to steal gear and food. In some cases, these hunter groups can be cannibals. The groups can be very large or quite small, and can contain women and children.

    I have grouped hunters, bandits, and cannibals from the game into one category to make thigns easier.


    Zones: There is a zone is just about every major city, though some have been disbanded/destroyed (some by the influence of the Fireflies). Many are militaristic, requiring the youth to enter into training and giving out strict rations. Here you can find a list of known zones (but feel free to make some up). Some fictional zones established in the roleplay include Houston, and Corpus Christi.

    Tech: The tech hasn't gotten any better since 2013, although a detector has been made to determine if a person, with a simple scan, has been infected or not. Those who are immune and have been bitten/infected will be detected as being infected.

    Time: It's been 21.5 years since the outbreak.
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  3. Looking for two new players to fill in some gaps! PM me for details!


    Supporting Cast:
    Zoë Summers - Current Firefly leader - 30-40 y/o


    Patrick Davis - Deceased Firefly


    Barry Tumberman - Head Firefly Engineer - Old

    Lauren Wright - Little sister to Erik and Caitlyn - 15


    Abby - Traveling companion to Scott and Jane - ???

    Addison Summers - ??? - ???


    Tracy - ??? - ???


    None of these images are owned by me or the other roleplayers in this group.
    A hunting rifle, 17 bullets, modified scope
    A 10 inch hunting knife & sheath around her belt
    Leather jacket
    Self-assembled first aid kit (bandages, disinfectant, suture kit)
    Extra socks

    Compound Bow and Quiver (x27 arrows)
    Trench Knife
    Worn Green Rucksack
    Hip Holster w/10mm Handgun (x3 extra mags in rucksack pocket)
    Canteen (either hooked to his waist or in his pack)
    Homemade Sewing Kit (various size needles, patches, and thread, for fixing up clothing or people)
    Insulated Hooded Jacket (he likes to keep the rare pack of smokes and matches or lighter in the pockets)
    Lockpick Set
    Wears hiking boots, cargo pants, t-shirt, and finger-less gloves
    Extra long-sleeved shirts, socks, thermal pants (for layering during cold weather)
    Firefly Dog Tags of Patrick Davis

    Hiker's backpack
    Pistol, 23 bullets
    Gloves, hat, scarf
    Large plastic water bottle
    Iodine solution
    Thin blanket
    Small switchblade

    A backpack not too unlike her father's
    A metal canteen, 1 quart
    Sleeping bag, strapped to the pack
    Carpenter's hammer with grip tape wrapped around the handle
    Medical gauze, two rolls
    Pack of band-aids, half-used

    Portable ceramic water filter
    1 Roll of heavy duty duct tape
    125 yard spool of moss green 80lb strength trip wire
    1 blade sharpening kit
    1 magnesium, flint, and iron firestarter
    1 bedroll (above backpack)
    2 sets of spare socks
    Pocket bible
    14 loose shells of 20 gauge #3 buck
    2 cans of Spam
    2 well-worn toothbrushes
    1 navigational compass
    3 extra hunting rifle magazines (12 rounds)
    2 spare rounds
    Loose sand
    2-Quart Insulated Canteen
    Spring-loaded shotgun shell holder (holds 8 shells)
    Surplus gas mask on quick-detach clasp attached to belt

    A ragged, torn backpack; not a survivalist's backpack, just a sturdy one meant for students and textbooks
    A metal canteen, 1 quart
    Survival knife, serrated blade, about 5" in length
    .357 revolver, 13 bullets
    Nail board
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  4. Updates

    New OOC is up! Feel free to switch over character sheets to this thread.

    We're looking for two new players to join the group.


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  5. [​IMG]
    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ❰ Scott Baker ❱ ▬▬

    Age: 44
    Gender: M
    Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

    • Cautiously Optimistic
    "I'm not 'gonna lie to her - but I'm not 'gonna go off and pretend the world's over."

    Scott has seen enough of the world as it is to want it to change. Months of wandering around the disheveled, abandoned country have not yet cut into his social skills or faith in humanity. This faith has gotten him into hot water more than it has spared him the trouble, but he's had enough "exceptions to the rule" to keep his faith solid.
    • Perceptive and Approachable
    Years of experience, and a background in having to read people for a living, have led Scott to be quite in tune with others. Given enough time with someone, he can pick up on subtle cues and learn to respond to them. As a result, he's often very understanding, and attempts to remain as sociable as possible.
    • Blunt
    A side effect of Scott's perception, the man (even before the outbreak) was renowned for calling a spade a spade. Though he'll usually pick up the wrong or right time to state wholesale truth, his blunt statements have led to trouble easily avoided. Of course, there is a certain pragmatism to it now that the truth can be a matter of life and death.

    When the world began to turn, Scott was a newly made used car salesman working the family business right outside of Atlanta, Georgia after his grandfather passed away. Once the panic of the initial outbreak began, Scott found himself separated from most of his family, miles away from Tennessee. For a while he made due with a friend, holed up in his apartment in Atlanta before the military rolled in and established a safe zone.

    For a while, life under FEDRA rule proved to be satisfying to Scott: he was relatively safe, he was given priority ration status, and his job kept him in touch with people. As part of a FEDRA-established civilian patrol unit, he was able to slowly adjust to post-apocalyptic life. For a while, he lived contentedly with his undeclared "wife", attempting to find some familiarity in the new world. They had a daughter together, Jane, but the mother died in childbirth.

    Now, years later, with his daughter barely past sixteen years old, Scott has found himself on the road, looking for what he called a "better life", whatever that might mean.


    • "Old" Family: Dead/Missing

    • Jane Baker - His daughter, well and alive

    • Abby Wilson - His prior partner in the FEDRA civilian patrol

    • Walter Thompson - Old friend in the automobile industry

    • A student's backpack falling apart at the seams, with fraying straps and two missing zippers.
    • A metal canteen, 1 quart volume
    • Metal thermos
    • "Survival" knife, 5" blade length with one serrated edge
    • .357 revolver, 18 bullets
    • Fireman's ax with grip-tape wrapped around the handle
    • Insulated hiking boots held together by duct-tape
    • .22 lever-action rifle, 20 bullets, jerryrigged with a scope
    • Bedroll with spare blankets, strapped to pack
    • Gas mask with spare filter

    ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ❰ Jane Baker ❱ ▬▬

    Age: 16
    Gender: F
    Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

    • Reserved
    Jane is a reserved girl, always has been. Though she's been given a 'normal' life, as close as 'normal' can be, she never took to really opening up around other people. Life on the road, having clearly taken a toll on the girl, has begun to chip away at her remaining sociability and joy. All she hears is her father's promises of a "better life", but all she can see is the one they left behind.

    • Selectively Social
    Though Jane, for the most part, is antisocial and shy, there are several people she has a habit of latching on to people for various reasons. With people she's latched to, she's often inquisitive and upbeat, a drastic change from her usual self.
    • Innocent
    Above all, Jane remains a child of a different world to her father's. Though she's inclined to avoid asking about what life could have been like, certain things will pique her interest, often viewed as mundane by anyone who lived in the old world.

    Jane was raised in a quarantine zone, in relative safety with little exposure to the outside world. She was never told much about the old world by her father, only from her friends' parents and from idle chatter, not that she ever expressed true interest: hearing others talk about how great life used to be was not something she wanted to listen to.

    So rather than learn about the old world, Jane found herself stuck in the brutal reality of the new one as a FEDRA agent in training. Like most children, from an early age, she was taken into schooling and taught various survival skills and whatever knowledge and talent that had survived. She spent more time in the barracks than with her father, but that didn't stop her from sneaking out at night to visit him (and others).

    Going forward, part of her hopes to find what her father seems so intent on discovering, hopes to find that they will find something better than Georgia...


    • Scott Baker - Father, well and alive

    • Gabriel Nelson - Old friend in the Atlanta Q-Zone

    • Lydia Owen - Old friend in the Atlanta Q-Zone

    • A student's backpack in similar condition to her father's
    • A metal canteen, 1 quart volume
    • Thermos
    • Bedroll with spare blankets, strapped to pack
    • Knife with 6" blade length
    • Medical gauze, 2 rolls
    • Pack of band-aids, half used
    • Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    • Map of Corpus Christi, map of United States
    • Roman candle
    • 3 matches
    • Gas mask with spare filter

    Working Inventory (Kept Up-To-Date):

    -A student's backpack falling apart at the seams, with fraying straps and two missing zippers.
    -A metal canteen, 1 quart volume
    -Metal thermos
    -"Survival" knife, 5" blade length with one serrated edge
    -.357 revolver, 18 bullets
    -Fireman's ax with grip-tape wrapped around the handle
    -Insulated hiking boots held together by duct-tape
    -.22 lever-action rifle, 20 bullets, jerryrigged with a scope
    -Bedroll with spare blankets, strapped to pack
    -Gas mask with spare filter

    -A student's backpack in similar condition to her father's
    -A metal canteen, 1 quart volume
    -Bedroll with spare blankets, strapped to pack
    -Knife with 6" blade length
    -Medical gauze, 2 rolls
    -Pack of band-aids, half used
    -Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    -Map of Corpus Christi, map of United States
    -Roman candle
    -3 matches
    -Gas mask with spare filter

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  6. Name: Caitlyn Wright
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Dallas

    Personality: An outspoken, active character, Cait has a presence and demands to be heard, getting involved and taking incentive wherever she can. She is quite the proud individual and has few regrets. Her heart is her leader (second only to her head); while she is quite compassionate and passionate both, she is still rooted in logic like her brother, levelheaded (usually) and controlled.

    Family: Lauren Wright (15 y/o sister), Erik Grayson Wright (32 y/o brother)
    Strengths/Weaknesses: She's damn good with a rifle.

    • A hunting rifle, 17 bullets, modified scope
    • A 10 inch hunting knife & sheath around her belt
    • Gloves
    • Leather jacket, woolen interior
    • Canteen
    • Self-assembled first aid kit (bandages, disinfectant, suture kit)
    • An extra pair of socks
    Background: Caitlyn and her brother grew up in Dallas, Texas before the outbreak. There, they lived with their mother, father, and grandmother in a two story family home. Their reaction to the outbreak was delayed; by the time they noticed something was wrong, it was already at their doorstep. Infected swarmed the home, which caught fire--80 year old grandma died in the flames on the second floor. The rest of the family managed to escape, making their way to the Houston Quarantine Zone in one piece. There they lived in the quiet with other survivors, and her little sister was conceived and born despite the odds.

    Caitlyn and her brother grew up being trained to be soldiers, though the former was restless and despised the world around her. It was she who convinced her brother to flee with her to the Fireflies after a staged attack on their Zone. The pair brought their youngest sister (their parents had died from illness some time ago) and fled to Corpus Christi where they joined the rebel group. Cait is quite close to the current replacement 'leader' of the Fireflies, even though the two have a love-hate relationship.

    Name: Erik Grayson Wright
    Age: 32
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Dallas

    Personality: Erik has a fairly straightforward view on life: it's a dog eat dog world. He's sometimes brash and quick to act and assume, though he does it in defense of his siblings and company. Naturally he is a rather untrusting individual. He feels comfortable in a fight and in the wilderness, planning his next course of action. Deep down, though, he's a friendly dude, good for a couple of beers and a laugh--if you can catch him in the right place at the right time, anyway.

    Family: Lauren Wright (15 y/o, sister), Caitlyn Wright (28 y/o, sister)
    Strengths/Weaknesses: He tends to put himself in harms way (with good intentions).
    • A hikers backpack
    • A pistol, 23 bullets
    • Gloves, hat & scarf
    • Jacket
    • Large plastic water bottle
    • Iodine solution
    • Thin blanket
    • String
    • A small switchblade
    Background: Erik remembers the most of his youth and childhood of the brother-sister pair, but he doesn't speak much of it. He lives in the now, and since his parent's deaths, has been focused on protecting his siblings. Even without hope on the horizon he feels it is his one and only job in life. When Caitlyn asked him to join the Fireflies with her--and threatened to go on her own if he refused to come--he succumbed and followed her out of the Zone through his favorite smuggling route at night one day with both his sisters.
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  7. Name: Colton Foster

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’ 10”
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Hometown: Red Rock, Oklahoma

    Family: Marietta & Greg Foster (guardians, deceased), Tracy Foster (non-biological sister, missing and presumed dead)

    Background: Colton was born just inside Red Rock, Oklahoma, in the basement of an abandoned home. His biological parents were not the best people in the world. After a few months, they decided that if they were going to survive, they certainly didn’t need a baby to feed and whose cries would alert the infected at all hours of the day. So they left him in that basement and went back to living on their own. At least they were kind enough to leave whatever baby food they had scavenged, barricade the door, and write a note just in case someone passed through with more common decency than them. Thankfully, someone did. A man named Greg Foster, who lived in a large encampment to the east, was out with a scavenging team when he found the message: “May God Forgive Us, the Child is in the Basement,” scrawled in black smudges that looked like charcoal on the door of the house. The first half of the message wasn’t uncommon. The second half made Greg’s stomach turn. He expected to go into the basement and find a small corpse. But he heard the cries when he went into the house. The man gathered the food that had been left behind, shoved it in his pack, and took the baby, traveling back with his group by truck. Marietta was stunned, and Tracy, then three, was delighted. They named him Colton, and from then on he was a Foster.

    He was fourteen when they told him that he was ‘unofficially adopted.’ Colton wasn’t surprised. After all, he didn’t look anything like them. But he didn’t really care. They had taken him in, raised him, fed him, protected him, and cared about him, and that was really all that mattered. The Fosters may not have been blood, but they were his family: simple as that. He did his best to stay out of trouble, though when he was with his older sister Tracy that was easier said than done. Still, he turned out pretty well despite how he came into the world. Four-and-a-half years later, Red Rock went up in flames. Molotov cocktails sailed over the walls of the encampment like missiles. Explosions rocked the ground under Colton’s feet. It was the first time such a large assault had hit them, and they were entirely unprepared. It was chaos. The smell of charred bodies almost made him puke. Blood was everywhere. Gunfire filled the air with sharp, rapid cracks. Tracy managed to find him in the chaos. Their parents had been killed. Mowed down near the south wall. Colton could barely function through the shock. All he could hear was screaming, Tracy crying and telling him they had to go, and a man’s voice, clear as day, shouting: “Fireflies!” The word didn’t make sense to him then, but it did later. Much later. When Colton finally snapped to, he and Tracy made a run for it, heading for the path they always took when they were up to no good. They never made it. A few of the raiders caught them, and two of them dragged Tracy away screaming while Colton could do nothing but yell and struggle against the ones who remained to hold him back. A man came forward. Colton suspected he was the leader and spat every curse he could think of at him. Then everything went black.

    When Colton came to, his head was throbbing and the world felt like it was on a seesaw, making him want to puke all over again. Why was he still alive? He groaned and pushed himself to his hands and feet, his vision finally clearing up. On the ground in front of him—the smell of spray paint still fresh—was the stylized silhouette of a firefly. An arrow was pointing to the southwest. Under the symbol were the words: “Follow the Light.” Almost like a challenge. It was a challenge Colton accepted wholeheartedly in his blind hate and rage, and though it ultimately led to finding the Corpus Christi contingent, HOW he got there is something that he’ll regret for the rest of his life. He’s determined to make up for these monumental and deadly mistakes by doing everything he can to help his fellow fireflies succeed.


    *Keeps calm and carries on. Mostly.
    *Willingness to follow directions as long as those directions make sense to him. Otherwise, he won’t be afraid to call B.S.
    *Dependable: When entrusted with a task, you can be sure it’ll get done and get done right. If it isn’t, it’s because something more important demanded his attention, or something went very wrong.
    *Loyal: His trust in not easy to earn, but once given, he is usually a friend for life.
    *Fast and agile
    *Skilled shot with a bow and arrows
    *Near expert lock-picking skills
    *Good at detecting traps such as tripwires, pressure switches, etc.


    *Outbursts: They don’t happen often, but when they do it’s usually because someone pushed him too hard or prodded too deep into his personal life. He despises busybodies.

    *Disregard for personal safety: Out in the field, he can be a bit of a “try hard,” as the ‘cool’ kids would say. Though he always tries to find the easiest route (work smarter, not harder), extraordinary circumstances might find him pulling off some hair-brained scheme to save someone else, especially if that person is a valued companion. He’s also been known to try and rescue complete strangers out of a bizarre desperation that is rarely—if ever—seen inside the safety of camp.

    *Deflection: Colton has a habit of deflecting any and all personal questions, especially around strangers. Oddly, the closer you are to him though, the less likely you are to know anything about him. This behavior has a habit of carrying over into physical problems, such as him not letting anyone know he has a horrible backache or migraine when they ask him to take care of something because he doesn’t want to disappoint. May end up coming back to bite him in the arse.

    *Secretive: When not on guard duty, out on a scavenging mission, or otherwise occupied, he appears to vanish. He never goes off to the same place twice in a row, and can sometimes be hard to track down, which may lead to suspicion since he deflects anytime someone works up the nerve to ask him where he was or what he was doing.


    * Compound Bow and Quiver (x27 arrows)
    * Trench Knife
    * Worn Green Rucksack
    * Hip Holster w/10mm Handgun (x3 extra mags in rucksack pocket)
    * Canteen (either hooked to his waist or in his pack)
    * Homemade Sewing Kit (various size needles, patches, and thread, for fixing up clothing or people)
    * Insulated Hooded Jacket (he likes to keep the rare pack of smokes and matches or lighter in the pockets)
    * Lockpick Set
    *Wears hiking boots, cargo pants, t-shirt, and finger-less gloves
    *Extra long-sleeved shirts, socks, thermal pants (for layering during cold weather)
    *Firefly Dog Tags of Patrick Davis
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  8. Hello hello. I will be attempting to post this weekend (crazy busy this week).

    We're still looking for a new member or two so keep your eyes peeled.
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    This is just a little experiment in how this works. Basically, some questions'll be posed, which you can answer in-character (if you want to answer them at all, that is).

    1. What do you miss about the old world the most? If you weren't around then, what do you miss most about life in the QZ?

    2. Are you truly in line with what the Fireflies want? Or was this the next-best thing to being part of FEDRA or a renegade bandit?

    3. What do you think of Zoë? Is this "mission" anything more than a wild goose chase to you?

    4. Do you think the world is still "savable"; are there others out there that have readjusted and reformed society?

    5. What do you fear most about leaving the zone?

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  10. +COLTON+

    (Q&A Round One)

    #1: The thing I miss most about the zone I was in is . . . well . . . obviously my family. They were good people. I wouldn’t even be alive if it weren’t for them. And for them to go out the way they did . . . . Anyway, yeah. I miss them. I miss getting into trouble with my sister, and her always laughing and blaming it on me even though mom and dad never believed her. I miss Rudy’s stories about how things were before. It’s kind of screwed up, but I even miss Mark, even though he was a giant prick who almost got me killed. . . . That’s it. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

    #2: I . . . I guess I never really thought about it. I owe them. That much I’m certain of. I’ll never make up for what I did, but whether I truly believe in their ‘cause?’ Couldn’t tell you. As for whether it’s better than being with FEDRA or bandits, or even hunters? Hell yes, it’s better. Hunters are the reason my family’s dead. Why everyone I grew up with is dead. They can all burn in hell.

    #3: Christ, a Zoë topic. There’s a reason I avoid her like the plague. The woman just radiates hatred. It’s painful, but . . . can’t really say she’s in the wrong for it. I don’t know what to think about her, because I don’t know her. Never got the chance. Our relationship was screwed before it ever started, and I highly doubt it’ll ever get any better. The most I can expect is a certain level of tolerance without that initial knee-jerk reaction of disgust she always seems to get when I say something to her. This mission . . . . Honestly, sort of rings hollow. It’s a long shot, and that’s putting it mildly. But as long as there’s any shot, well . . . . Sort of have to take it, right?

    #4: God, I hope so.

    #5: My biggest fear about leaving is losing people. Relationships are hard. Before, it was easier. Running on anger and just trying to get revenge for what happened in Red Rock. You sort of close yourself off and it’s simpler that way. Or maybe I just thought it was. Now, it’s just . . . . Trying to mend fences and get people to trust you is nearly impossible when you pop out of nowhere and tell them their friends are all dead. But somehow I did manage to make a friend or two. Even the older Wrights, and the two newcomers that I don’t even know beyond their names, I know they’re good people. I try to keep a grin on my face and crack jokes to keep people from realizing that I’m fucking terrified. Terrified of screwing up again. Of seeing the others killed by hunters or torn apart by infected. I can’t be the last one left again. I’d rather eat a bullet.

    . . . Promise or no promise.
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  11. Hey, I've been talking to Rainjay, I'll be joining you in the IC shortly. For now, here's my character. Apologies for it's briefness, I'm hoping to have plenty of expansion IC. :)



    Name: Jack Graham
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 164lb
    Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
    Personality: These days Jack is just a survivor. He bases his entire identity on that at the moment. He has no real objective, no real motivation, he just passes the days one job at a time. Beyond that, his personality is for him to not really care about and other people to deal with.

    Family: Emily Graham – Sister – Estranged

    Strengths: Objective, rational, skilled with firearms and knives, perceptive, observant, disciplined and agile.
    Weaknesses: Callous, immoral, detached, foolhardy, harsh, possessive, ruthless, pessimistic, sarcastic, vengeful and unpredictable.

    Remington 870 (On Sling)
    3 Buckshot Slugs
    Glock 17 (Holster – Right Hip)
    12 9mm Rounds
    Spear (Carried)
    Small Knife
    Courier Bag
    2 Bottles of Water (1 Empty, 1 Full)
    Needle and Thread
    1 Bottle of Vodka

    Background: Jack remembers very little from before the outbreak. His dad was killed almost immediately after in the chaos it caused. His mom died about four years later from septicaemia. From there on out it was Jack and Emily trying to survive together. Life in the quarantine zone(s) wasn't easy, but it was a hell of a lot better than life outside. They got by doing small jobs such as being lookouts, pickpocketing, running things around for people and other such crap. The years passed and they did whatever they could to survive, leaning on each other for comfort in the seemingly ever changing world. Later on they did more serious things. Robberies, drug dealing and everything else that comes with such a life. So on and so fourth until one day Jack did some crap that made it impossible for him to stay with his sister. The years have lead to him being apathetic about long term goals. He's been given things, he's lost them, he's taken things, he's lost them, he's loved things, he's lost them, he's hated things, he's... You get the picture. Right now he just does things. He doesn't know what he wants from them, what he wants from himself or anything. He just doesn't know.
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  12. Happy to have you aboard!
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  13. I'll be doing a movement post tonight, guys, to get us to the first big event so Freamon can slip into IC. For character interactions in the current scene, throw it into a collab. Kraken and I are doing one with Lauren and Jane; ACT, if you wanna do a collab with either of us let us know.

    That said, I'll try to get the movement post up tonight but it'll be up more realistically on Monday. I'll be out most of today and tomorrow I have a lot of work for a big project and a test on Monday, and since Iwaku will be down on Sunday anyway Monday is the best bet.
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  14. Thanks Kraken.

    I'm looking forward to jumping in. For now, here's Jack answering those questions. He's depressing as hell. I'm glad ya'll have some relatively upbeat characters, haha.

    1. I don't know. Life was relatively easy there, but easy doesn't always mean better. Some of the people I knew back in the zones would have been better off out here. In there they were already dead. They just went through the days like zombies looking for anything that would briefly help shake off the shit that plagued them. A pill, a person, whatever, but what do I miss? I miss my sister. She's a good person. She survived my hair-brained schemes with a smile on her face. She survived my ruthless schemes still being able to smile afterwards. The shit she had to do because of me... The shit she saw me do. I should have left her a long time ago, but if there's one thing I'm thankful for, it's her. She's good, despite being so close to badness all her life. Oh, and also the food. I had a lot of food back in the zone. It's crazy sad how many needs people will put above hunger.

    2. I don't really give a fuck about FEDRA, the Fireflies or bandits, so long as they're not trying to kill me presently anyway. I will say though the occasional bandit or two failing to kill me has been a life saver in regards to supplies in the past. Funny, really. Try killing me to save their own lives but end up making my life a bit easier in the process.

    3. I don't know the woman. Whether or not what you're doing out here is pointless... Almost certainly, but don't beat yourselves up too much, pretty much everyone's chasing one bullshit thing or another. You chase and chase and chase and then you get the shit you want and come to realize it's really not that great, or whatever pit you were trying to fill inside yourself is still there... So, most do the perfectly logical thing and find some other shit to chase... Crazy bastards. That includes me too I guess. Although if y'all feel the same as me then you've definitely got issues, this apparently being a volunteer job and all.

    4. The world savable? Sure. People though, people are fucked. Least we're still the ones doing most of the fucking. Always look on the bright side of life, am I right?

    5. Getting pinned down and really, desperately needing a piss again.
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  15. I should get around to answering them today. If not, well, looks like it'll be Monday for sure.

    Assuming the update doesn't take 2-3 days again.

  16. [​IMG]

    Nice to see a new face. Welcome! ;)
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  17. Thanks! I'd stay in that power armor with that Deathclaw around, haha.
  18. And they'll still kill you just as fast... :C
  19. Indeed. Small spaces they can't fit through. That's what'll save ya, if you can get to/through them in time. Maybe our characters can use the same tactic if we ever happen upon a bloater. xD

    1. What do you miss about the old world the most? If you weren't around then, what do you miss most about life in the QZ?

    Well, I wasn't around to know what they were exactly - and Atlanta never had them - but my dad says movies were pretty fun to watch. Wish I could see one. Might want to talk to Lauren about seeing if we can't find a Harry Potter DVD... Dad said they were movies, too. But, uh, can't miss what I never had! I miss the old military school crowd. I know if I say I like FEDRA at all, the Fireflies might hang me, but they weren't all bad people. Not the ones they let teach, anyways.

    2. Are you truly in line with what the Fireflies want? Or was this the next-best thing to being part of FEDRA or a renegade bandit?

    Honestly, I don't care... I just didn't want to be stuck on the road again. I was going to be FEDRA, and I've heard plenty of shit about Fireflies, but they weren't all terrible either. Most of them were just trying to get medicine and food into the city - a few of them were anarchists, but I wouldn't say Fireflies want anarchy, so I won't count them. Calling a...Calling a clicker a 'lil bug doesn't make it true.

    3. What do you think of Zoë? Is this "mission" anything more than a wild goose chase to you?

    I've never met her, but dad said she wasn't all that much. "Classic militant leader" - he's probably talking about something that happened before I was born. I didn't bother asking. Didn't seem too important to, well, anything. Still, Lauren said she and Cait were good friends, and Cait scares me, so I don't even 'wanna know about Zoë.

    4. Do you think the world is still "savable"; are there others out there that have readjusted and reformed society?

    Hell - I'm here, aren't I? I was born after things went south. I mean, yeah, not that long after, but still. That's gotta be worth something. I'd say the world's still savable, people just need to stop trying to get it back to where it was and embrace it was it is. I think there's 'gotta be people who've already done that somewhere. Maybe in one of those old "poor" countries, where life was already bad, maybe? I don't know.

    5. What do you fear most about leaving the zone?

    Call me classic, but the infected are pretty terrifying. They killed Walter...Maybe Abby, too. I don't want to die that way. But dying that way is preferable to becoming one of them...

    ...But I do have a gas mask.


    1. What do you miss about the old world the most? If you weren't around then, what do you miss most about life in the QZ?

    I miss people. Ignoring that there aren't many old timers like me really around anymore, people who were very well aware and alive before everything went to shit, the new generation's missed out on too much. Can't really have a conversation anymore. It's all about survival now, and I'm not sure that's a world I want to leave to anybody. You're lucky if you have an uneventful day, and really, that's not much to talk about.

    2. Are you truly in line with what the Fireflies want? Or was this the next-best thing to being part of FEDRA or a renegade bandit?

    Fireflies want "legitimate" government to come back, but what's that mean to them? Can that really exist anymore? It's been twenty years. No, can't say I'm a 'lil bug, but I don't fault them for lack of trying or vision. FEDRA's flawed, but it's worked so far. Really, though, I don't think either side's the "one" solution - I think it'll be up to the majority of the survivors to sort the world back out. Can't say I'm entirely comfortable with that - I've heard the horror stories of fallen Q-zones - but that's something, isn't it? Can't fix nothing.

    3. What do you think of Zoë? Is this "mission" anything more than a wild goose chase to you?

    Zoë. Now there's a personality, not a person. She's the embodiment of what it means to be a Firefly, which works for her and her worker bees, but I don't care too much for her. If you start spouting shit about anything that fiercely, odds are you're pointing out a splinter, ignoring the plank. I wasn't allowed to see this "Radio", so I can't tell if this is just a load of horse shit, but it's something to live for...

    And isn't that what people need these days?

    4. Do you think the world is still "savable"; are there others out there that have readjusted and reformed society?

    I think the world's still open for some proper society to come about from this. Something FEDRA and the Fireflies can agree on, or kill each other over, doesn't really matter. Maybe others have beaten us to the punch, but if they have, that just proves my point. Humanity's resourceful, and I don't see us snuffing that candle just quite yet.

    5. What do you fear most about leaving the zone?

    I've already left a zone, and lost two people. Shit, I lost more people before there even was such a thing as a Q-zone, right when things first went downhill. Not going to lie, the idea of leaving a safe haven after findin' one so soon is a load of crap, and my daughter goin' along doesn't help, but that isn't what scares me. I don't want her to die the billion and one ways you can die out there. She's already had her world torn apart because of me, the least I can do is make sure I don't rob her of anything more. ​
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