The Last of Us Inspired RP?

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  1. Anyone up for doing a roleplay based on the world of The Last of Us?

    My original idea comes from a deceased 1x1; following game canon, the story takes place in a Firefly base in Corpus Christi where the remnants of the Firefly group decides that after making contact with countries overseas to try and find a ship that is in good enough condition to repair and then use to travel across water.

    The following story would be changed by the characters in the game itself.

    That said I'm willing to come up with a new story, either following canon or simply borrowing elements of the world (the infected, Firefly/rebel group, etc.) to create an entirely new story.

    I'm looking for a small group with five total players max. This would be a casual roleplay, pretty slow but steady and long term (please don't leave a message if you're not 100% interested and can commit!) . This isn't for you if you're looking for multiple posts a week, every week. Life hits hard sometimes so I can't always get replies out all that often.

    Additionally I'd like a group that can keep up with 2 paragraphs a post, well written. Look things over before you submit, write coherently, be able to write an interesting character and progress the plot. I won't be strictly the GM; I'll try to keep things flowing, but I'm not controlling the story.

    Let me know if you'd be interested!


    For those who are interested, here is a link to the information thread. You can post a CS there.

    I'm happy to answer any and all questions. Don't be shy.
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  2. Interested.
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  3. Ooooh, I like this idea, quite a bit! And I was born and raised in Corpus Christi so that's neat. xD

    I love the thought of going on scavenging missions to find the components and materials to repair a ship to the point of being seaworthy again with the intent to sail it to another country (which may or may not have fungi zombies too!). Plus gathering food and supplies for the voyage. Very exciting!
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  4. Ooooh actual Corpus Christi resident? (means I don't have to scrounge around on Google maps and pretend I know the area :P)

    Yeah, the survival based aspect (scavenging, fighting those nasty fungus things) is going to be very present (and hopefully fun <3).
  5. Oh, haha, no I haven't lived there in 16 years now. Just spent the first 10 living there, is all. I'm sure it's changed a bunch since I've been there. xP

    But yeah, that's definitely what interests me most!
  6. That's a great deal more than me :P

    Then you are in the right place, my friend ^^

    We really only need three people, but I'll leave this up for another day to see if we can get a person or two more.
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  7. For the meantime...

    Does anyone have a character sheet preference, or should I just draw one up?
  8. Depends if we want this to be thoroughly planned out or not.
  9. Well, some sort of CS is usually nice in most circumstances. Name, age, gender, character appearance description (to keep intro posts uncluttered), and only a little more, depending on the players choice.
  10. Not saying we shouldn't have one, but how in depth is the question.
  11. Yeah. I ask because you're pretty good at cutting things down to what's needed (whereas I fluff everything up because 'eye color' is an important CS field :P).
  12. I like something with:
    Appearance (in the form of an image) and description (in the form of words, detailing anything that can't be seen in the picture)
    A few (3 to 5) Strengths (personal advantages, skills, abilities, etc.) and an equal amount of Weaknesses (allergies, fears, character flaws, dark secrets, rivals/enemies, etc.)
    Starting gear: guns/ammo, blades/melee weapons, outfit/armor, gadgets/tools
  13. Nothing wrong with fluffing it up sometimes, particularly if the characters are the focus.

    That said, I think a basic skeleton would work best unless these people have known each other a long time, in which case more detail would help make it feel like they actually do know one another.
  14. That's a big question. Of course, if we're going off of the suggested idea above (I suppose we are) then they for the most part do know each other. They'd have been living in a Firefly group for awhile now. That said there's also the chance that someone is a newcomer.

    The idea of starting gear is actually a good idea. I didn't think about it. We probably don't need to go too in depth but for a survival based game it makes sense to have an idea of what they do and don't have.
  15. I could see a couple plots wherein the players could play a newcomer. For instance, if it was a successful infected/bandit assault that forces the Fireflies to start looking for another alternative to walling up, they would turn to the outside to search for alternatives. That could mean coming across other survivors, or making unexpected alliances with bandits in order to escape and wind up working together to salvage the boat they wind up finding. Maybe there's a loner whose survived in the dockyards all this time who could provide useful intel on where needed components are located, or maybe there's a mechanic living in a garage in town tinkering with traps and whatnot, and the Fireflies need to recruit him to repair the ship's systems.

    Just some ideas, of course, nothing against all the player characters knowing each other right off the bat.
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  16. I could get a group thread up today/tomorrow and we can give newcomers the option of being outsiders from the Fireflies?
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  17. im interested!
  18. Awesome!

    I'll be home soon to set up a roleplay thread. Ooc thingy. Its all in one now, yeah?
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