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THE LAST OF US: Dark Days Ahead - A Survival Horror Chat RP Concept

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, May 6, 2015.

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    We are the swansong of our species.

    Two decades have gone by since the fungal parasite known as Cordyceps Brain Infection swept the globe, devastating 60% of the population. Those who died were the lucky ones, for those who became infected by the parasite became something else. Something inhuman.


    We are the final gasp of humanity.

    Those who remain alive and uninfected mostly survive inside the Quarantine Zones, guarded by the remnants of of the US military and controlled by the Federal Disaster Response Agency implemented when martial law was declared. It is a brutal, pitiless existence, the military enforcing heavy-handed laws and ruling by the barrel of a gun, whilst a group of rebels and revolutionaries calling for the return of government, known as the Fireflies, wage a guerilla war against them and attempt to provoke the residents into open revolt.


    One by one, the Quarantine Zones are falling. One by one, the infection spreads.

    We are the death-throes of our race.

    Military authority crumbles in the Quarantine Zone of Hartford, Connecticut, as rioters, insurgents and the infected spread through its streets. No-one is safe, and the only hope for those survivors within is to abandon their homes for the wastelands that were once America.


    You are one of a small group of survivors that has escaped from the wartorn streets of Hartford and made it out into the wilderness. There is no help coming for you, there are no walls to protect you any more. All you have are your wits, what equipment you brought from home and your fellow survivors. Stacked against you are the elements, savage tribes of hunters and bandits ready to kill you just for the clothes on your back, and the ever-present threat of the infected.

    Your only hope is to keep moving, to stay ahead of the infected, to find a new sanctuary.

    For we are the last of us.


    'THE LAST OF US: DARK DAYS AHEAD' is a tabletop RPG based on Naughty Dog's apocalyptic video game The Last Of Us: it will use Eden Studios All Flesh Must Be Eaten RP system. You can find the basic rules from the introductory game to get an idea of how the game is played, if you don't have access to the main rules (those can be found over at Drivethru RPG or elsewhere online).

    I'm planning on running it through the Roll20 Platform, cos I've had good past experiences with it.

    If this is an RP you're interested in, please lemme know below.
  2. oh i'm interested!
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