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  1. Hello and welcome to the Sign Up for The Last of Us. Here will be the set of rules, character sheet skeleton and start up plot idea that will get us started. Shall we begin?

    The dreaded but much needed Rules:

    1. The GM and/or Co-GM are Law here. Arguing with them will just get you ejected from the Rp. (Which will legally allow us to do whatever we wish with your character(s) that remain) If you are asked to revise your post or possibly add more then do so. (There will be a time limit set for members to post so be sure to check to see how long you have until your turn is up, 5 days is the max)

    2. Do not Puppeteer or control other Rpers character(s). If you are interacting socially or physically (such as fighting) then you need to TALK to the one you are interacting with in case you want their character(s) to do or say something in particular. If your idea or suggestion is rejected you’ll just have to respect the Rpers wishes and think of something else. Do not fight over this, I trust you all to act like grown adults.

    3. Read other peoples Biographies and Posts. Do not go around asking whose character is whose, what their backgrounds are, what they look like…ect. It just clearly shows you don’t care about anyone else’s character(s) but your own and proves you plan to interact with only one or two of the Rpers there. If you don’t plan to interact then why are you here? Be considerate, people put a lot of work into their Bio’s and Posts. The least you can do is READ them. Put it simply, no pun intended, don’t be lazy.

    4. You are not invincible in real life, same goes for you and your character(s) here. I do not want to hear or READ someone making a godly all powerful character that no one can touch and/or ever beat. Defeat doesn’t mean it’s the End for your character nor does it mean they are weak. It just means the odds were against them that time. There is always time for Round 2!

    5. Do NOT God Mode! This means you do not (what so ever in any way shape or form) permanently damage another Rpers character(s) or KILL them without their permission. This is an automatic Kick from the Rp and whatever happens to your character(s) will be up for us to decide. You wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you! So, I suggest you play fairly and ASK whom you’re fighting with if permanent damage or a death blow is acceptable before doing so.

    6. This is a Para Rp (Paragraph Rp) so nothing fewer than 4 sentences is acceptable. But just because that’s the minimum does not mean that every single one of your posts should be that short. The more you write the better. Lack of effort in your posts will result in being asked for add-ons and if not changed eventually turn to warnings. Rack up enough warnings and you’re out!

    7. Ask questions. Please, please, please I cannot stress the importants of asking questions if you are confused or have an idea. We are open here and would really like it if ALL our Rpers were on the same page. Less confusion equals better flow in the story. So please ASK if you have any concerns. (Please do so through PM and not on thread, thank you!)

    8. Follow site Rules. (FYI: not just this one rule I am covering in particular but ALL of them) I’m one for making my Rps as real as possible but there are a few lines people like to cross and I feel that I have to make it perfectly clear on where we stand. You are not to type out Sexually graphic things in this Rp. Now if you want to have a relationship with another Rpers character(s) you must do so within the sites Guidelines and Rules. (If you don't know what they are I strongly suggest looking them up: If you are graphically explaining things of this nature then you are in the wrong place. (Go to the Mature [A] or [T] threads if you feel it absolutely necessary to have that element in your story) If you plan on still crossing the line know you will be Kicked and Staff will be notified of your rebelliousness. So now that we are clear, you have been fair warned.

    9. Fandom Photos are permitted but they cannot have the same name, background, place they are from or any signature characteristics that would automatically feel as though you’re Rping a character that already exists. Originality is what we are looking for in this Rp and copying from a game, movie, show, anime ect, is frowned upon. If you are found out to have a copied character you will be asked to re-do the character.

    10. Have fun! =D This is the main reason we are all here in the first place. Let’s keep that in mind and not forget that simple but important fact.

    Now that the tough part is done lets move on shall we?

    Character Sheet Skeleton



    Gender: (tricks welcomed)



    Appearance: (photo mandatory, description optional)



    Skills: (combat skills, personal ones or anything else that may give your character an edge or interesting trait)

    Equipment: (be reasonable with your gear, supplies are limited so be smart about how much you give your character)

    Weapons: (only three, that includes one melee weapon, cannot have 3 firearms from start)

    Other: (this is for anything extra you may want to put in about your character, this doesn't apply to Equipment, Skills or Weapons however, mainly for personality, backstory or appearance)

    Onto the PLOT!
    At least the beginning part of it

    This will start shortly after the story of Joel & Ellie, 21 years after the outbreak. You can start out in a quarantine zone or out in the world but either way all the characters involved will not be safe. Eventually they will all be out in the open where the infected roam free and the uninfected are struggling against the staggering odds piled against them to survive. Aside from having several threats to avoid, infected and non-infected alike, they also will have to deal with the limited supply on resources. Water and food are a givin' but they aren't the only things they will need. Shelter, warmth, enough ammunition, Health kits and other supplies will help up your characters chances in survival. When the intro of this Roleplay is completed (meaning when the characters all finally get together in a group) the next plot idea will be put into play. (Keep this link handy to reflect on character Bio's, Plot info and Rules)

    For now that is all, you are now allowed to post your characters sheets! =D

    (Interest Link here to reflect on our Goals for this RP: )
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  2. Name: Caden Giovanni

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Italian, Native American and German
    (Mother: Italian and Native American, Father: German)

    Birthplace: Venice, Italy (re-located in North America after the age of two)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Caden stands at about 6 foot even and has a well defined build that is about a medium bulk that would set him at a weight of 223 lbs. Because he has been pinned against foes larger than himself (infected or not) he has learned to use his enemies momentum against them, using their size to his advantage. His skin is a tan olive tone that never seems to fade unless he is severely injured or ill, in that type of setting the change is harshly noticeable as his complexion becomes very pale. Another aspect of him that is common with his bloodline is his ebony black hair that is very dark and thick. Though he cuts it in his preferred style the strip of hair on the top of his head still shows the obvious trait that most Native Americans and Italians have. His eye color is both unique and rare due to the hue it stays. At first glance most would assume his eyes are bright green but upon farther inspection his eyes are actually turquoise and only grown deeper or brighter depending on the time of day. Caden has many scars hidden under his clothing but the one most take note of is the deep gouge a cross his skull which reaches his left brow. It was an intentional mark that one of his enemies in the past had inflicted on him, among several others unseen. In spite of this Caden does little to hide them, remembering what had happened to him but not dwelling on the past. Along with all his traits and battle scars Caden has a strong broad jaw line and full lips. As a male he is within the realm of attractiveness but due to his taste and obvious flaws (scars) he may not appear that way to most.

    Personality: Caden was given morals in a world where they are dead and could easily get one killed. Because of his up bringing he tends to surprise those who need help and amuse those who are against him. It would brand him as weak and foolish but he is gazing at the larger picture, the one that everyone will eventually have to be apart of. Civilization. Humanity has no hope in a world that is controlled by the un-guiding hand of chaos, with only death laying in its wake. To stop this chain savageness Caden has left his faith in his hope for humanity and even though it has brought him pain, suffering and anguish he refuses to damn those in need. However this doesn't mean that he is an open book, easily figured out or unguarded. Because of his past torments Caden has learn to be very observant and read people very well. Due to this he has been able to confirm whether those of good nature truly mean well or not. This quality of Caden makes him lethal to deal with and the hopes of a trick being pulled over him is highly unlikely. But as for the true nature of Caden he is thoughtful, helpful and humorous. While his past was a bleak and dark world he barely could survive in he now is a strong willed man with years of experience in the outside world.

    Backstory: Twenty-eight years ago Caden was born in the beautiful city of Venice back before the outbreak occurred. In the quiet town he lived in he was taken care of by his mother only, his father a coward that fled the moment he learned he had a son. Caden could only enjoy life in his homeland for two short years, leaving him with only fragments of memories and dreams. But those fragments remind him of home and even in the mist of danger they bring him calm. When he arrived in North America he was three and quiet a handful. Caden had this obsession with climbing and moving quickly, not really knowing when to slow down. Always the fastest and most effective way to get around and over things seemed to become his personal hobby, that didn't change as he got older. But he had only a few more years of peace and joy a average childhood would bring a young boy...until the day it all went to hell. Caden was seven then and when it hit, it hit him and his town hard.

    The city they lived next to had become infected almost over night and because of this authorities never stood a chance, the warning of the dead walking was never sent out until it was too late. Runners stormed the streets and savagely ravaged any that were in their line of sight. When the screams were heard by him and his mother they had very little time to react. Caden was only a boy but he had seen enough of his fair share of Zombie flicks to get the idea of what was happening. Both he and his mother rushed to gather up what they could and then fled as far and as fast as they could. When the day was over and night had fell over the tiny town it was Caden his mother and his friend Abby. They found her under her father whom was trying his damnest to chew on her small cheeks. If it hadn't been for their intervention Abby would have died that day and reanimated by the virus.

    When Caden was fifteen he, Abby and his mother were able to find a quarantine zone to live in and feel safe. Though it was not ideal and authorities did their best to make it 'safe' there were still those who lived on primal instincts. And when they lived among civilized people they felt like animals caged up, forced to believe they were mere house cats when they were a wild untamed tigers. When push came to shove it normally ended with at least a few causalities but it grew worse the longer they stayed. Eventually Caden's back was against the wall and he was forced to either die like a dog or work for those primals, whom held his mother and dear friend Abby hostage. Caden gave in and complied knowing full well how out numbered he was. Because of how fast Caden was and his natural born acrobatic skill he was picked to be a thief, messager and sometimes even a smuggler. He did the lower level dirty work but that didn't exclude him from the danger and death that followed these occupations. There were plenty of nights he wasn't sure if he'd come home or if those he cared about were safe. The only thing he gained out of doing these deeds were a regular schedule of monthly supplies, experience in combat and practice with his already gifted talent, Parkour.

    After five long years Cadens line of work seemed to calm down, his efforts rewarded. Abby and his mother had little to worry about when it came to eating or keeping up on their health. He was grateful but shamed by the things he was unfortunately involved in and the things he was forced to do during his involvement. It was the dark nature of the human race, the twisted evil that lives within everyone. Caden was able to with stand it's charms but it did little to change the actions he had committed and the blood he had shed. And when it all caught up with him he came home to his mothers throat sliced open wide while Abby was writhing on the floor, crying under a man who was clearly violating her innocence. Caden faded then, he fell from himself and became someone he soon after feared. There was little he could do to calm his rage and because he had blacked out from all of it boiling over he was left with a horrific story that only Abby lived to tell. But it was the blood that was splashed all over the walls, the fragments of bone and skull scattered a cross the floor and the number of bodies that filled the room that struck Caden dead in the chest. Needless to say Caden feared what he was capable of and feared for Abbys sake. If he lost control, if he had gone too far over the edge would he have attacked her too? Abby disagreed with his fears and claimed she knew he'd never hurt her, however Caden wasn't convinced. That night they buried his mother outside near the garden she planted and tried to carry on with their lives, doing the best they could to scrub the blood stains out of their minds as well as their home.

    Three years later Caden was twenty-three and quarantine zone was overrun by the infected. He and Abby were fighting for their very lives and managed to get out alive...but not uninfected. Abby, whom he cared so dearly for, who he had eventually fallen for was bitten in the mist of all the chaos. She was smiling when she told him, admitting she wanted to be with him in the end. Caden missed the chance to be there for his mother, he wasn't going to let Abby die alone as well. Cradling her in his arms they sat together and waited for her time to come. It was her dying wish for him not to let her turn. He waited for her breath to leave her soft pink lips before he uttered his goodbye to her. Sweetly he pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek and placed the barrel of a gun to her head. He pulled the trigger before the virus had a chance to reanimate her, her last request wasn't going to go on unfulfilled. The next two years Caden was been on his own, helping those who were in dire need and falling victim to those who meant ill. Until he learned to read others, when that happened the helpless feel of being a victim was over and being a strong lethal adversary began. Now Caden is twenty-eight. His story continues out in the world where the infected try to drag him down to be one of them in their ranks and the un-infected daring to cross him and steal what he has. Both sides have fail to kill him thus far...

    Skills: Parkour, defensive combat (<--- something similar to Tangsudo --->) offensive combat, exceptional skill in stealth due to partaking in thievery, keen observation, creative in making things both for survival and fun.

    Equipment: 1 Health Kit, 2 bottles of clean water, 1 needle with a half a roll of thread, 2 and a half rolls of duck tape, 15 bullets, 4 arrows, a liter and a flash light.

    Weapons: A Machete, Crossbow and a .357 Magnum .38 S&W Special +P handgun.

    Other: Cadens left hand was broken in an incident where he was held captive and tortured. It will titch sometimes and even let got of things he is holding in that hand. It happens on occasion but normally not when adrenaline is pumping threw his veins. Caden can't feel anything around the scar on his face or his whole left brow. Even though his brows still react normally to facial movement if one were to touch him there he wouldn't be aware of it. Caden isn't a man of secrets but he does often dodge any questions regarding his past. If he happens to reply it is a vague explanation without detail. His regret clear though he does his best to conceal it. Caden knows not all people are the same and he keeps it in mind when he crosses a unfriendly companion. Rather than resent or damn them Caden will do what he can to understand them but within reason. He is no stranger to shedding blood and if threatened he will view the former companion as an enemy. Lastly Caden does have a photograph of Abby on his person. He will glance at it every now and again when he is alone to keep reminding himself why he chooses to stay the way he is.



    Photo of Abby

    (Swapped the martial arts, Muay Thai was not what I meant to choose, actually forgot how aggressive it was. Tangsudo is a lot of counter attacks and defensive fighting, exactly what I wanted originally.)
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  3. :D Awesome! Gonna get a CS up tomorrow!
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  4. [ Finished ]

    "Don't worry about what people think. They don't do it very often"

    . : NAME : .
    Roxanne Eryn Lockett
    "Eryn" - Due to a great loathing of her first name Roxanne has a strong preference to be referred to by either her middle or last names
    "Roxy" - If you call her this you will probably end up with a dislocated jaw or a broken nose. This name is reserved for family and family alone.

    . : AGE : .
    Twenty Six // June 22nd // Cancer

    . : GENDER : .

    . : NATIONALITY : .
    Eyrn is a cocktail of races, a handful of European blood dwells within her veins and instead of going on an listing every ethnic background she hails from she simply takes the lazy, very Eryn-like route and refers to herself as a Canadian, simply because she's lived in Canada for the first years of her life.

    . : BIRTHPLACE : .
    New Port Beach, California

    . : APPEARANCE : .
    > > > . . . Eryn . . . < < <
    Eryn stands at 5'7" tall, making her pretty average height wise, not nearly short enough to be considered a midget nor is she a towering giant. The girl is slender, fit and toned with muscle thanks to the work she was put through during her training time with the Military. The Academy, as it will name be referred, quite literally beat her into shape, manipulating her into one hell of a soldier, well physically at least. She's has and still does have trouble following orders, something makes her superiors cring. In regards to looks, you could say she is of above average, she has an exceptionally pale complexion accompanied by thick, silky blonde locks that frame her face when not tied back in a typical pony tail or bun out of convenience. Her eyes are a captivating light arctic blue hue, a trait that every member of her family seems to have along with pale blonde locks, her eyes are complimented by thick dark lashes. Her style of clothing when not in her uniform is pretty straight forward, black seems to be a trend with her and she doesn't seem to give a damn about being lady-like, nor should anyone in this day and age. T-shirts and tanks tops are common enough and vests often accompany these shirts, sweaters of both black and white are reserved for chiller days and in regards to typical wear jeans are common, so long as they aren't skin tight she's fine with them, being able to run or climb is kind of important to her. Her choice of footwear has the smallest amount of diversity, considering she wears combat boots (steel-toed or otherwise) with about everything , when it's not them it's some kind of runner. Accessories are pretty rare with her, aside from a pair of fingerless gloves and a cruddy locket carrying a family photo she doesn't wear anything overly notable.

    . : PERSONALITY : .
    "I may look calm, but in my head I've killed you three times... scratch that, four"
    Eryn has a will of iron, she will not let anything detour her once her mind it made up unless told to stop by someone whom she cares for or respects and even then it is grudgingly that she comes to a halt. She will continue to fight even if she's the only one left who will do so. That being said, she's not stupid enough to charge into a fight blind and alone, in fact she's not stupid at all, she has common sense and a bit more brains to her. Though she's entitled to mistakes, as are all humans, often these mistakes are unable to be changed before hand due to her ox-like nature however usually she's smart enough to simply not make poor decisions. In regards to temper, Eryn has one on her, however she has adapted herself so as to hide when she's getting irritated or at least keep her head, she doesn't go on angry rampages, that is unless she has nothing left to lose. On a regular basis the girl keeps a cool, tranquil aura about her, even when under great emotional or physical strain and knows how to stay cool under pressure.

    Another important thing to note is that she will not let anything get in the way of her intentions, not even her personal feelings, she knows getting worked up, worried or panicking will never help a situation so she trained herself out of the habit. It is rare that she will ever allow her well-mannered and mature mask break unless she's truly been agitated or annoyed to the point where she can no longer keep her emotions back. She knows very well how to keep her head cool when her anger is growing; she also is good at not reacting in an overly dramatic fashion. As a vent of her frustration she lets out the body's nature defense against stupidity, that is, sarcasm. Sarcasm is a common thing with her, almost second nature, which is really sad if you think about it. On a side note, Eryn is a bit of a daydreamer and she has a tendency to bury her nose in books every now and again, actually being able to read is kind of a bonus, she likes to keep her head in the clouds because reality is just such a cold slap to the face. The girl seems to have a competitive streak and when challenged she has a bad habit of not giving up, getting over excited as well as relied up. On a regular basis she is easily annoyed and irritated but can hide her anger long enough to find a way to vent it, however if pushed past the point of no return her body will move of it's own accord.

    A notable trait of hers would be how vulgar she is, she swears without remorse in whomever's company she wishes and finds racist jokes funny but only to a point and only if they're making fun of herself or someone she loathes with a burning passion. Eryn is brutally honest, she doesn't sugar-coat her opinion and she doesn't lie unless it's her own neck on the line, that's far too much effort, the girl is lazy and proud of it, sleeping in for as long as she can on both weekdays and weekends and if she could survive without ever leaving her room she would. She's a good multi-tasker, her brain in sponge-like with it's information and she can soak up whatever the instructor says so long as she has a decent understanding of the topic. She will also ensure never to do anything that might betray those she trusts intentionally, if she was given a secret to keep she would take it to the grave. Something to take into consideration is that though she is loyal she expects the same kind of loyalty in return and once her trust is broken you may not ever get it back, in exchange you may have an almost vengeful girl on your hands rather than one that would give her life for you.

    . : BACKSTORY : .
    "Don't ever lean on anyone too much, even your shadow leaves you when you're in darkness"
    Eryn, like most survivors in the modern day doesn't have the happiest tale,however her life isn't a continuous series of unfortunate events unfolding one after another. Like most, she's seen people die, she watched people die by the hands of those she loves and even ended lives with her own hands. Though she doesn't remember much about 'Z-Day' due to how young she was at the time, she does remember the fear and panic around her. People were screaming, things were burning all around them, it was completely chaos, discord incarnated. Her father, though scared kept a brave face before his son of ten and wife who carried Eryn in her arms trying to suppress the fear. Though it may only be an echoed memory she can remember her father telling them that it would be alright. She'd grown up admiring him, admiration had changed to mocking soon enough. Eryn hit her teenage 'phase', she grew tired of his overbearing nature and mocked his need to suffocate his children in his aggressive love and military standard of house rules. She pushed away from his iron-clad rules, she loathed how he forced things onto them, as if he would be able to teach them how to defend themselves against the new world in it's entirety.

    Eryn's father would say the stubborn blonde girl hit her teens five years too early because instead of fourteen or fifteen her unbearable nature surfaced at the age of ten, coincidentally this was also the year her grandmother (who was the one she respected most) passed away, leaving her father in charge. Of course her mother was still present however her mind had been lacking since witnessing some of the horrors this world had to offer, her sanity suffered for it. Eryn barely considers her mother a parent because she wast far to gentle mannered and meek, in Eryn's memory the woman fades into the background. She probably wouldn't even remember what she looks like had it not been for the family photo she keeps with her. Her mother passed around seven years into the apocalypse while giving birth. The family had been on the run for three months, she'd been slowing them down and all the while Eryn couldn't help but think what a fool her mother was for going through with a baby in this sort of world, a world where it had no hope and chance of happiness, it was cruel, however the outcome of what she labeled as stupidity made the girl feel such remorse for what she'd thought so viciously. What was left behind by her mother was what Eryn found to be her ray of sunshine and single shred of hope in this screwed up world.

    She told her this everyday growing up.

    They found a Quarantine zone and raised the girl there until she was old enough to know when to be quiet and when there was danger afoot. What happened in her life for this point on was pretty straight forward, they darted around from Zone to zone, either the main government was corrupt or they were overrun. They met people and lost them along the way, either to Clickers, other survivors or just their own silly whims, for awhile, two months in fact, Eryn was on her own. The fight she and her father had was bad and resulted in the fourteen year old leaving their group of four, he just let her go. More struggles, more loss, for she made it on her own before her brother finally hunted her down. She was barely human at that point, her father took one look at her... and that was the first time she'd ever seen him cry. She was back on her feet in a month and it was around that time that her family finally fled to the Quarantine zone they would call home. Why this one? Because her father, who was in fact a military man, ran into an old friend whose life he had saved on more than one account, he set them up with a home and got her father a job. He used his influence over the next few years to get his older kids into the Academy reserved for the 'higher up' families, though her brother entered late he came out on top. She was in that school from the age of sixteen to twenty one (for most it was twenty but she was held back a year), and from that point on she's been working under the military as their guard dogs against the monsters outside the wall and as enforcers of the law within....

    . : SKILLS : .
    [ Marksmanship ]
    "Boom boom pow"
    Eryn became rather adept at marksmanship during her years at the Academy where she was top shot among her class and broke a handful of records. Though with her grades she should have pulled a top of year token like her brother the bad outweighed the good and instead of focusing on all that she'd done right she was reprimanded for her 'cheekiness' and 'obnoxious opinions'. Because she was unwillingly to give up who she was to please these people she was not regarded highly by her superiors and it was only when she feigned submission into their rule system that she scraped by.

    [ Hand to Hand Combat ]
    "I am a ninja! Wazaaaaa--.... no not really, but I can knock you on your ass"
    Though this subject was also covered in the Academy Eryn was exposed at a younger age by her father who was quite skilled at Tae Kwon Do, he taught all three of this children the basics, however Eryn and her brother Steph were forced to continue sparring with him until the point where the man became 'too old' to bother anymore, in which case he had them fight each other. It's not a set of happy memories that Eryn enjoy's looking back on, she got far too many bruises and got the stuffing kicked out of her more than once against those two madman.

    [ Bush Survival Skills ]
    "I'm a survivor. I am strong. In this world I have to be"
    Another aspect of the Academy for if a soldier is ever left behind or stranded in the wilderness with nothing but the undead for company. The entire portion taught her involved hunting, trapping, shelter construction, fire building, minimal knowledge on bush first aid as wel las how to defend your camp (on record the final one is not much of a success and because of this Eryn prefers napping in trees out of arms reach, which bring us to our next point.

    [ Tree Climbing ]
    "That's right, I posses such extreme skill..."
    Something Eryn has been skilled at since childhood was tree climbing, many consider this to be a useless skill due to the fact that she is usually protected behind a large wall, however it has saved her life on exactly three occasions and because of this she wouldn't trade it for anything. One of these experiences was on a search and rescue mission, one of her team mates sent a Clicker in her direction and by climbing a tree she managed to avoid being torn apart. When she put a bullet in what was once it's forehead she fled back to camp and reported the incident, of course it was never proven. Since then her skill has evolved from tree climbing to just climbing in general.

    . : EQUIPMENT : .
    Canteen (Currently 1/2 full)
    - Military issued Gas Mask
    - Medical Kit (1)
    - 20 bullets for her Handgun
    - Flash Light
    - Flint and Steel pieces hanging around neck
    - A full roll of twine

    . : WEAPONS : .
    "I present to you my shields against the world as we know it"
    Handgun - Standard issue firearm that military personnel are permitted to carry around when not on duty. Eryn, though an amazing shot, rarely uses it and will not ever pull the trigger on an actual person unless they are a direct threat to her family, or there is no other option.
    Baton - Issued mainly for keeping angry masses at bay if ever there is a riot in a safe district. Aside from that, for example, against Clickers the dull rod would be of little value unless it was both alone and she possessed the element of surprise to knock it off it's feet and bash it's skull in.
    Combat Knife - A well crafted knife of eight inches given her by her father after actually making it through the Academy, he was surprised that she managed it knowing her disagreeable nature. It is long enough to that if embedded up to the hilt into the skull of a man the blood soaked tip would be protruding from their forehead, however she once again does not use it on people.

    . : OTHERS : .
    [ Double Agent ]
    "I like to play it safe, surprisingly enough in the middle is the safest place to be...."
    As mentioned earlier, prior to joining the military force Eryn was an affiliate of the fireflies and lived in the rotten underbelly of modern society. Her belief in the organization didn't die the moment she put on a uniform, it was simply masked away and now she works on both sides as a mole in the tactics and training being taught to soldiers. As you could figure she tries to keep this hush hush simply because she doesn't fancy the prospect of death just yet.
    [ Family ]
    "When I was younger I regretted not being able to choose my family, but they've kind of grown on me... like a fungus..."
    Eryn's general family remained fairly unscathed after the fall of the world, five members survived the initial outbreak by some miracle. Her parents, her brother and herself, as well as her grandmother all made it through to a government facility. Her grandmother, a kind woman made it a good few years into the supposed apocalypse until she passed naturally. Her younger sister came into the picture on the seventh year into the reign of the dead, at which time her mother passed away. Of his children her brother was always their father's favorite, the obedient boy who excelled in practically all he did. It was humiliating to be put in his shadow. Rosie was the second, because she was both the youngest and the one who resembled mother the best. In short, being the middle child sucked royally.

    . Rosalie .
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  5. Name: Aiden Gallins

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: American

    Birthplace: Born in the UK but was raised in NewYork

    Appearance:[​IMG] Aiden stands six foot two with a strong muscular build and weighs 160lbs. He has a rather light tan complexion and keeps his hair at a decent short length. On both of his arms he had tattoo's, the left with more of tribal designs and his right was of more random things he wanted. Aiden made sure he keep himself in solid shape buy taking mixed martial arts and a few years of hard military training from his father when he was younger and up to his teenage years. His clothing varies from what he feel comfortable wither its just sweats and a shirt to jeans and a hoodie.

    Personality: Aiden can be blunt and standoffish at times but they were all things he had learned from his father growing up. He's always skeptical of new people and wont hesitate to act on any current emotions that follow but that doesn't mean he isn't a loyal person.

    Backstory: Aiden's mother died when was two in a drunk driving accident. When he turned six his father decided to leave the UK and move to New York where he was raised. His father was an ex military man from a long generation of army and military men. From a very young age Aiden was taught basic combat skills from his father of what he could teach him. When the outbreak hit it hit hard and most of New York was wiped out, people were infected everywhere. The quarantine zones didn't want children only adults and teenagers that they saw fit. For eight years his father raised and trained him in secret. He was taught to used his skills when needed to survive even if it meant he had to kill someone to do it. Those eight years hardened him, it trained him, and taught him how to survive. By the time he was seventeen he and his father had moved from one quarantine zone to the other. Stealing supplies at the risk of death and gear before sneaking out to find more things. When he was eighteen his father decided to sneak out one night in search of a hidden supply box nearby. He never came back. Aiden went on search of him and he found him his heart dropped. His father, the man that raised him and taught him everything was hanging up against the wall being supported by to rods in both his shoulders. He knew his father had been attacked and left for dead. There some signs of fight and he could see other bodies nearby so he knew his father didn't go with out a fight. That night he buried his father. It was day that he truly opened his eyes to the world around him. He was living in a battle field and only the strongest survived.

    Skills: Aiden has grew to have more of an eagle's eye. Being able to spot the undead and other people had came natural to him when having to look out for them growing up. His body is well defined and can take more blows than most and he wont hesitate to rush into a situation if knowing what he's up against.

    Equipment: medium backpack(1), An extra shirt and ripped jeans, bandages with gauze(4), 4 bags of chips and 2 bottles of water

    Weapons: Metal baseball bat, pocket knife ( mostly used to lock picking), 42. colt pistol with 17 bullets
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  6. Oh no, no you won't be kicked I just wondered why. You're not going to get kicked for answering a question. :/
    It just didn't make much since to me was all.
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  7. I see we are low on the opposite gender. We need some females in this RP to balance the genders out.
  8. I'm currently making a female. It would have been done by now had my tab (with six hours worth of work) not crashed on me. So I'm working on getting that up.
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  9. Name: Vera Aiken

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Nationality: American, Scottish

    Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Appearance: Red hair and brown eyes. She is 5'6, with a curvy, thin body. She's kept her hair long, but she usually keeps it tied up and out of the way. She rarely pays attention to her looks. She wears the only pair of jeans she has and a faded green tank top covered by a black jacket. She wears her gun strapped across her back and a belt with a sheath.

    Personality: Vera likes to keep things light, even in the darkness of everything, she makes jokes and teases. She uses humor as a distraction from the world surrounding her. She's adventurous, and spontaneous which is a bad thing. She doesn't stop and think, she just acts. This has caused her many problems before, but it doesn't stop her from doing it again. She's energetic, curious, and clever. Vera doesn't have anything to lose, so she takes risks. But she's not a fan of attraction, though she interacts with people, she ends up always pushing them away.

    Backstory: Vera was just a baby when the breakout happened. So of course she doesn't know anything of how the world used to be except for the stories her mother used to tell her as a kid. Her mother and father found a quarantine zone as soon as they were established. They lived there and Vera grew up in safety. She remembers the makeshift park the kids had built and getting in trouble when they got anywhere near the soldiers or the fence. She remembers her mother telling her stories of the world before the dead were animated.

    When Vera turned eleven years old, the quarantine zone was attacked and taken over by the dead. Her family was forced to run and hide in the nearest ruins of a city. They stuck together with another family. A man and a woman, Frank and Vanessa. Vera's father and Frank kept them alive for the next six years. Both men took care of everything. They would go out and bring back food, they would kill any attackers, dead or alive, and they would keep the women safe and hidden. Vera wasn't taught to fight. She was taught to hide and survive, and sneak around. They never showed her how to kill one of them, or how to find food to survive.

    When she was seventeen, they still lived in the same ruins of that city. Vanessa was pregnant, nine months when the attack happened. A horde of the infected took over their building. Vera's father Frank sacrificed themselves for the women to run to safety. Their sacrifice wasn't in vain. Vera, her mother and the other woman managed to escape and find their way into another building. They struggled with Vanessa since she couldn't run, but moving in silence saved their lives. That same afternoon, once they were in safety, Vanessa lost her life giving birth. Vera and her mother were alone with the baby boy. That's when Vera had to take the lead. They couldn't stay where they were, otherwise the baby wouldn't survive. He needed milk, Vera's mother knew how to take care of him. The three of them moved from the city, hiding when any of the infected appeared and running the rest of the time. They found what they needed in an abandoned store to keep the baby alive. They also found a group of friendly survivors.

    The group accepted them with open arms, especially with the baby they carried. Vera named him, Thomas, just like a friend she had as a kid. With this new group, Vera met Gabe. She was a flirty teenager, he was a handsome man. Gabe was 20 at the time, an experienced man. They became close, when Gabe realized she was defenseless in this world, he taught her how to fight. He taught her everything her parents failed to teach her. They spent all their time together, fighting each other, shooting at targets, going out on scavenges and eventually they became a couple. It lasted for three years.

    As the rest of her life, attack after attack, of course it would happen again. It was unexpected. The group lived in safe place, it had never been attacked. But it was just her luck that something like this would happen again. In the attack, Vera lost her mother. She lost Gabe. She lost all the friends she made there and she was left alone with Thomas. She wondered why she always survived. She wanted to die, she wanted to go back and sacrifice herself for everyone else to live on. But she had a reason to live. Thomas kept her fighting for their lives for a whole other year. He was only four years old when he died of bad health.

    And then she had lost everything she ever loved. She lost her only reason to live. She would have killed herself except she knew her parents wouldn't approve of that. She waited for the day an infected took her life, but it just never happened. This is what made her go crazy. She realized fate wanted her to live. So she never spent a day in depression again. Of course she can never speak of her past, it would bring up all the bad in her. She suppressed her memories and started new. Life was now a joke. Everything was a joke and she lived to bring happiness and energy, as long as she never thought back to the previous 21 years of her life.

    Skills: She can move quietly, she's super stealthy and flexible. She has a light step and she's a fast runner. She's got ingenuity, creates things, inventions and modified weapons. She needs improvement in hand-to-hand combat, but from a distance, with a gun, she can be deadly. She rarely ever misses a target.

    Equipment: She owns a small black backpack, extra ammo (four magazines), three bottles of water, five cans of food, a worn down pencil and a notebook.

    Weapons: An AK-47 Assault Rifle, she took from a dead soldier. A crowbar, and a bayonet.

    (Finished. Let me know if I should change anything.)
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  10. No problem. I look forward to reading your CS soon. :)
  11. see the issue at hand here is o.o i want to make a male character so i dont know if i should wait for more female characters to join or a cs up
  12. Feel free to post one up. If you were oringinally going to make a male and had that character in mind already then you will be the last male aloud to enter for now. Until we get more females to balance it out, no more male characters.
  13. thank you
  14. You're welcome. If anyone has friends who will play females please pass it along. I would like to start soon but there has to be more than just one female character in this RP. :x
  15. I didn't plan on much more actually. But we do need more than two females. So far we have Caden, Aiden, Alan, Vera and Eryn. That's 5. Akuma wanted to join so that would make 6. The max would be 8. So as long as people post when it's there turn then we shouldn't have an issue. Besides, they only have 5 days max to post, not a full week.
  16. And as for frequent posts, I was clear in the Interest Check that the posting was going to be slower paced. This isn't supposed to have high activity. Otherwise people get left behind and I don't want that.
  17. I have a banner up for the Interest Check. The Interest Check has the link for this thread.
  18. Who uses Internet Explorer anymore? I mean come on, you have Firefox and Chrome, and they're both great

    But anyway, I'm going to have a look-see through everyone else's CSs to see if I'd like to join or not, but for the moment, count me as a high potential member.
  19. Alrighty, glad to have you almost aboard then. lol xD Hopefully you will like what you see. =)
  20. Another slot has opened for the RP. We now have 2 females and 2 males.
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