The Last Of The Wolfs

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  1. It was getting close to dusk as Noboru stepped into yet another city. The air was cool and the breeze blew against his face. He looked up at the wall in front of him and was about to jump but decided that going threw all the humans 'security' was a better idea. Really it wouldn't take but a couple of minutes and it would draw less attention to himself. With a sigh he started to walk over to the entrance where he would be questioned and checked before entering the city. It was a pain but their were still some who knew wolfs were real and did what ever they had to do to hunt down the last of them.

    As he was standing in line to enter a city he went off to thinking. It was times like these where he questioned why he was following a random sent along the barren lands and small dirty cities run by the all powerful nobles. How much easier would it be to just find a new pack and settle down? But he did have a drive, he had nothing left to head back too, nothing tying him down or holding him back from following this strange sent that seemed to be beckoning him. If only for a little while he wanted to hold on to the hopes that the sent he was smelling was paradise... even though he still didn't think he would make it in he needed to at least know it was real.
  2. Different colored eyes gazed at all the people who came into the city. They had gone through all of the security, the questioning, the examinations...all of it. Just as she had done when she first arrived here. A wolf in human's clothing. The girl huffed, her eyes continuing to analyze the people who entered her temporary home, and vaguely she wondered if there were any other wolves out there. True wolves, and not just oversized, domestic mutts whom the people often had mistaken for her kind. Chihiro felt that there would never be another wolf to come here as their numbers have diminished, decreased to nearly none. The hope that a wolf would show was futile. But she had smelled him. She had scented him the instant he stepped foot through the gate so...where was he hiding in this school of fish? Where did this wolf come from? Was he even real? Maybe Chihiro was finally going crazy.

    Maybe the wolf she smelled also scented the Paradise that all the wolves believed in. She gazed more intently into that group of humans from the alley so, so close to the gate, and that is when that brilliant, silver hair caught her eye. Blue, and yellow eyes locked onto him, and instantly they saw through the human's clothing. She saw the wolf that lie beneath. Her breath caught, and she found herself taking a few steps out of the alley before she retracted her body back into the shadows embrace. Another wolf here in this city. A large, yet dirty city. Human hands clenched anxiously at the long, red coat that covered her body. She had scented him, and she wondered if he would have scented her over the glorious smell of their paradise. She had half a mind to confront him immediately, but her pride wouldnt allow the lone wolf to step from that alley. She wouldnt allow herself to have help from another wolf. Never have, and she wont start now.
  3. Deeper within the city walls, a golden dog was tied up to a post. Her master would be out in any minute...or so everyone would think. Her golden pelt caused a lot of on lookers to double take their gaze of her. she was a very unusual dog; nobody had ever seen such a pelt like that before on a domestic creature. He thick tail gave way that she might have forbidden blood within her, had she not kept it tucked under her feet. She sat there in hopes that somebody might feed her; the rope wasn't actually tied to the post. But no helpful or kind hands came to the poor 'dog's' rescue. She was a very small creature; about half the size of what these 'wolves' would have been. In all honesty she didn''t look that much more like a wolf other than her tail. Getting up and pulling the rope, she ran into the ally.

    soon, a small, very blonde girl with blue eyes strode out of the shadows of the ally. she was thin, and had her long hair tied up in a pony tail. She wore a pink tank top with a purple flower design on the front. Her jeans fit snugly around her waist, curving her body. She never liked shoes all that much, but she couldn't resist the brown cowboy boots that she'd seen ion that thrift store that day. They were stolen; she had acted like some crazy animal and ran into the shop, stealing the boots, made a dash for it. The store keeper had been so shocked, he didn't give chase. Lucky for her. Tucking her hands into her pockets, she started down the street. She was hungry, but there was no place here for those who were broke and starving. Seemed the world became crueler every day. Still, she held out hopes that she may yet find more wolves.
  4. Noboruki stopped feeling like something was looking at him and after only a single sniff did he find out what it was. Turning his head he spotted another of his kind, a female with different colored eyes. She was looking at him and her fist balled around her red coat. He smiled at her but returned to walking, honestly he only figured the reason she was standing their was to keep an eye on him for what ever pack resided here. He wasn't sure if their pack would be friendly to outsiders, she looked curiously at him but at the same time she seemed tense... it wasn't a normal vibe he got from a pack member... He decided to brush it off, he would look for paradise and once he found a clue here he would follow it to the next one. Their was no point in worrying about quarrels now, after all it was day time and multitudes of people walked the street. No wolf with the slightest of common scene would dare attack him here.

    After rounding the corner out of sight from the other wolf he found yet another one walking down the street looking half starved. He could tell she had a glorious golden pelt but yet again he had no reason to talk to her. She might be from the other pack, yes, but he wanted to spend as little time in this place as possible. Already people were giving him looks and the fact that what he assumed to be another pack living here wasn't great either. He wasn't even planning on stay for lunch. Honestly he would just have to steal something on his way out for the long trip to the next town. Just as he walked past the next wolf he slipped into an ally way and came out as a wolf. Most people turned to look at him but no one knew he was a wolf. After all even wolf hunters mistake wolfs for dogs all the time. Most of the 'hunters' never saw a wolf in person. As he dashed threw the streets following the smell he came up upon what he assumed to be a military base... or maybe the keep of the city where the noble lived. Now he was treading on thin ice, though he really wasn't afraid of dying anyways. Honestly he didn't have much to live for, other than he will to hunt down paradise.
  5. His smile caught her off guard. She wasnt used to other wolves being so friendly; wolves had become quite territorial over the years. Little to none believed in paradise anymore. They cared more about surviving, territory, food supply, and the thriving of whatever small pack they could gather up. Their main worry were the hunters of the wolves. Chihiro ducked back into the alley, and turned away from the litter of humans at the main gate to the city; no more than one wolf would come through there...too little remained for such a thing to happen. She walked through the alleys passed stray dogs, and cats. Past playing children, and conversing adults, and then ducked into another alley where she allowed her wolf to overtake her appearance. Nothing more than a large dog...even if Chihiro was quite small for her species. A pure white canine left that alley, its snowy first painted with grey streaks. Most would just think the dogs previous owner had done it for appearance. None would assume the grey marking were natural.

    Blue, and yellow eyes gazed around the city, and at the many places in which she could go. There was still so much to explore, but she couldnt help but let her mind wander back to the wolf at the gate. Was he searching for someone? Probably not. Chihiro was so caught in thought that she hadnt even seen the blonde girl before her as she ran...right into her. Naturally, the force of the wolf running into such a small girl would knock her down, but when she looked upon the "girl" all she saw was wolf. Another one here in the city? How could she not have known? Chihiro's lips curled back over pearly canines as a feral growls shook her throat. Territorial...and she was no different. The white wolf would have treated the male the same way should he have come closer. She always felt threats from others of her kind, but she wasnt willing to stay here long enough to see what the young one had to say.

    Growling more, and circling the other female, Chihiro waited until she was on the other side of her until she turned, and dashed off into the alley once more. She kept running until she was away from the blond wolf, then she slowed her pace as the scent of the male caught her attention once more. Curiosity was more so the dominant personality trait today it seemed...because she followed the scent, and found herself coming upon what seemed to be a military base. And no sooner had she arrived, did she see the male wolf. Chihiro hunkered down by a crate not to far from him, and she knew he'd sense her, but she didnt dare approach him without being sure that he wasnt as aggressive as she had personally become when confront the three other wolves she had met in her lifetime.
  6. Noboruki noticed the female wolf was following him... well not really following him but she found him again and now was, as far as he could tell, trying to spy on him. He looked over to her just to let her know he knew she was behind the crate. It didn't really mater, the military was no friends of the wolfs no mater where the wolf came from. Honestly she might follow him in if she thought he was going for an attack mission though he would prefer she stayed to her own business. It would just be more likely for him to be caught if she came in as well. Quickly he jumped up over the security check point and dropped down behind some crates where he went back to being 'human'. Slowly he strolled threw the military base unquestioned for two reasons. One he was young and most people didn't pay him a second glance. He could easily be another recruit or janitor or what ever else this crummy place was in need of. The other reason was because he had made it threw the check point, as far as they knew. Their was no reason to question anything.

    He found his way to what looked like the main building. That was where the smell was coming from and that is where he would have to go. Just as made it to the doors two guards stopped him, 'Stop! This is a high security zone. I need to see your pass.' The one guard said and immediately Noboruki reached into his pocket to pull out his 'card' but when he did nothing came out. Quickly he looked at his hand confused then up at the guard, "I think I left it at the last check point, I will be right back." Just as he was turning the other guard sighed, 'Lets just let him in, seriously what damage can one kid do? He looks like he is being honest with us and it would just be easier for him to pick up his card later.' The doors opened and he thanked them before rushing in. At least now he couldn't be followed, unless she tried doing the same thing... in which both of them might be in trouble.

    Regardless he made it pretty far before getting to the sent. It was behind some large security door marked, 'lab' and he frowned. Their was no way to trick himself past this door. He needed to find a way to gain access. After looking around quickly and finding no faults in the door or around it he moved to another hallway still searching. That room, he needed to find out what the smell was in that room!
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