The Last of the Test Subjects

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  1. If you're new to Iwaku, check the general rules. I'd like to test the mettle of a member I haven't RPed with before, or a member I haven't RPed with in a good long while

    In layman's terms: We are NOT all powerful, we have strengths and weaknesses that balance out our characters. That's my main thing.

    I'm not picky on the gender of the character, or the looks or appearance.


    In a little-known part of a hospital in Washington D.C., there's a hidden elevator that will take you down to labs that you would never expect to see. There are gurneys with dried blood over them, with well-used restraint straps. There are trays with scalpels and other medical tools. Every room is more horrific than the last- some eerily empty, others filled with animal test subjects- all that are quite horridly disfigured in some way or another.

    Finally at the end of the hallway of horrors, there is a door that requires a retinal scan and a fingerprint scan to open- but what lies beyond that door is the true reason of this lab. Human test subjects, all kept in separate enclosures- walled in by layers of cement, lead, and copper, and another layer of cement to finish it off. The rooms are furnished sparsely, with only the barest of necessities- a bed, a hole in the floor in the corner where you open a sliding metal door which was to be the toilet, some books here and there, maybe even some toys. The test subjects ranged in ages from four to thirty-nine. There used to be forty of them- but the scientists and doctors that worked in those labs had decided that some were rather imperfect for the goals they were trying to achieve.

    So one by one, the test subjects were killed and then dissected, to figure out what had gone wrong with each of them- why hadn't they achieved their goals with them...

    Two were left.

    It was already known that the next lot of subjects were in production already, and soon they wouldn't be needed either.

    The USA had been falling behind other countries in human testing- for the goal of making better soldiers. So, in little known areas, testing was done, and when it was viewed as perfect for that time, they would ship those beings to labs outside of the US, to study them and to possibly improve on them.

    This particular lab was one that was studying the effects of weaponizing the parts of the brain that aren't usually used- messing with that part of the body, hoping to unlock what other countries already had. In the many tests that they had done, it wasn't even certain if they could even consider them human anymore. Horns of any shape and size and number would grow from their heads, as well as a small crystal forming between their eyes- magnetite crystals, usually a dark black, and shiny- though sometimes there would be some differences.

    Both have powers that are telekenetically based, though as for what they affect, the strength, ect. is different for both.

    More will be explained to the potential RP partner.

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    So, is there anything you'd like to figure out? I'm up to working co-op on the story. WE COULD BE CO-GMs AND CO-RPers! WE RULE!