The Last of the Line: A Journey of Epic Proportions.

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    You stand breathless as you approach the castle, it's spire pierce the skies like arrows in battle. This is The Emberstorm Castle, where the king lives all alone without a queen. You don't know why he has called you from your small town of Falcon's Reach. Why would he pick you out of all of the people within the small port town to do his bidding. This idea made you think far beyond what you have ever thought before. The endless possibilities of what Dreygor Emberstorm would want. You haven't ever heard that he is an unjust king, but he tends to be cranky sometimes. The horse you are on was provided by one of the local guardsmen, who was obviously ordered by the king to do so. Slowly the horse trots toward the large gates of Emberstorm Castle, bird chirp softly like a flute playing a song. "Open the gates", a guardsman shouts atop of the gate. Many horns sound as you and your horse stride through the gates. As you pass the nearby castle-folk many of them bow to you, almost as if you were royalty. This is so strange, it's almost like a dream you think to yourself. Each clop toward the castle gets louder, blocking the other sounds from reaching your ears. Is this just your heart beat, or is it the fact that you are scared and maybe aren't right for this job.The horses ninnies and neighs indicate that the horse is tired, just in time in fact. It's final clops leave you at the front gate of the castle. You step down from your horse and enter the castle. The king sits on his throne waiting for you...
  2. You could see dozens of guards at the gate, each and one of them staring at me. As if they knew who I was, two of the guards pulled down the gate, and let me through. The rumbling of the chains grinding against the wood filled my ears, along with the hooves of my horse stepping onto the stone trail.

    I stopped in front of the castle door, and got down from my horse. One of the servants took the animal and they both disappeared. Breathing in, I approached the door and opened it, a guard following behind me.
  3. The king eyes you while twiddling his thumbs. He sniffs the air as you enter muttering something hateful under his breath. Softly he whispered an order to one of his man servant who ran and came back with a silver cup with one red stone in the middle. He drank from it having the green liquid pour down his neck. After wiping himself off he stood up and walked toward you. "I am King Emberstorm, your King, Lord, and God."
  4. (I'm going to make my character a bit of a rebel here. ;3)

    I stood straight and looked in the King Emberstorm's eyes. "You are not my Lord or my God," I told him firmly.
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    (How the king looks)

    "I hope you will act better by the time I am done with you." The king snapped his fingers and two guards touched both of her arms and took her up to the throne as the king sat down. "I need you to do something for your kingdom. So, what you will be doing is bearing my child and preparing yourself for The Festival of The Four Fires. There we will feast and sing of the glory of this kingdom. Afterward we will embrace each other and conceive a child. Yes, or No."
  6. "I shall not bear your child... I do not even have affection for you!" I yelled to the king. "Then, why did you choose me? There's much more beautiful women in the kingdom," I lowered my voice. I had lost my breath my chest lowered and surfaced quickly.

    "Let me go," I told the guards as I felt my arms begin to numb from the pressure being forced onto them.
  7. "Too bad you are going to anyway." The guards pulled her to a section of the wall, the guard pushed in one of the blocks in the wall, it shook and blocks fell into a stair leading down into a black abyss. As you walked down you heard the whispers of hoarse voices. The guards pulled you until you reached a small cavern, then they tossed you in onto a small mat. Immediately the guards closed the door and you lay in the room with only one candle in the middle of it. You hear the scutters of rats as they crawl around...
  8. "What have I done?" I whispered to myself as I felt chills scatter through my arms. I didn't want to bear the King's children... There was no escaping from his wrath now, there was no escape.

    Letting a breath out, I stood up and walked towards a wall, and let my weight push against it... I looked down as I saw a light shine in my eye. I opened my eye once again to spot a small hole in the wall. I glanced out of it to see the foggy kingdom, loud yells uprising from my village.
  9. An uprising indeed, as you overlook onto the village you see many surrounded the king as he began his address "I know your concerns about the woman, Cheryl, that I took from your village. Your concerns are for none, for she is secure and is here to serve your empire." Many began to applaud as he said these words. People being selected from their village was very unique. The crowds dispersed and you sat down afraid of what is to come. Suddenly a young woman with a small girl comes through the door way. "My word, you look as dirty as a worn iron boot." The woman pulled you up and sat you on a stool that the child provided. "My name is Alura Trestor Leone of The Iron Fold House." This name was quite unusual for someone for someone like her, usually people with long names within the kingdom were considered one of the aristocrats. Alura gave you an almost artificial smile as she began prodding and picking at your body. After an hour or so she was finished. You felt as if you had been at work all day, with the itching of grass from being in it to much. Alura sighed and gave you cute smile than ran off. The little girl was resentful to leave, she looked back at you sad and about to cry, but she ran off and you don't know why....
  10. I sighed and sat down on the moldy floor. If I tried to escape, I knew that the guards would capture me and put me back into this Godforsaken cell.

    Putting my head in my palms, I spotted a metal looking object in the corner. I stood up and walked towards the object, which turned out to be a rusted nail.
    What shall I do with this? I asked myself and looked at the door. Suddenly, an idea appeared in my mind and a mischievous grin covered my lips.
  11. A rusty nail eh, sounds like a plan. You think about what you should do and you think about why he would put you in here. If the king wanted you here he would give you proper arrangements. Which is odd because the next day as the sun dawned over the horizon the same child that was with the insane woman pulled you along until you found a very large room. Within this castle you weren't even sure where you were going. This room had a Royal bed(literally two queen size beds), a washroom, mirror, walk in closet, and many chests. This was odd for the king who didn't seem to like you at all. The girl sat their looking at you with tears in her eyes for some reason. "I miss her so much, my lady."
  12. (The girl took my character to a bedroom?)
  13. Suddenly, a little girl entered the cell and immediately took me to a beautiful bedroom. I sat down on the bed and the little child looked at me with sadness in her eyes. "I miss her so much, my lady," She whispered with tears in her eyes.

    "Who do you miss?" I asked her lowly.
  14. "Nothing madam, just that I can't find my brother. When my mommy came here to see the king he took her away and me brother and I were left here alone. I'm sorry to be such a disturbance, here is what the king wanted me to give ye." The girl hands you a parchment with the title, Rules.

    I: Do not leave the castle unless ordered to by the king.
    II: Talk appropriately to the king and his court.
    III: Every morning you are to report of Jauffre to get your schedule for the day.
    IV: Until the Festival (which is 2 months away) you will remain here.
    V: You are to be purified by the priests of the region
    VI: You are not to visit your family unless authorized by the king.

    The list continues on and on. The king asks much of you...
  15. I sighed as I continued on the rules, "I cannot be here forever!" I said out loud, feeling my gut turn over. Then I had an idea, "Darling, may you do a favor for me? Please, I'll thank you later," I said hopefully.
  16. "Yes ma'am, what is it?"
  17. "I need you to distract the guards while I escape," I whispered in her ear so any passing guards would not hear. I pulled myself back and waited for her response.
  18. Yes, I will do that. The girl stood there playing with her hands waiting for your response.
  19. "God bless you, dear! I promise I will thank you later," I said, "Now please go distract them."