The Last of the First

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  1. Human Form: 5688-1253010418.jpg Dragon form: black_dragon_by_tigergirl2-d3fwtd3.jpg

    Name: Ryo
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6'3"
    Origin: Born from a black hole
    Powers: Control of darkness.
    Weakness: Anger issues and if he uses too much of his power, it'll destroy him. The brighter the light and the longer he's exposed to light, the weaker he gets.


    Kyros studied the map for a moment, then looked around him. They were in the middle of a very old and very dense forest. The place had been left alone for hundreds of years and no one understood why. Ancient texts from tribes that used to thrive in this old forest spoke of a power deep in the heart of the place. A power that protected all the people who came in peace. Rumors had begun to form that this was haunted, and for no unjust cause. The place let off a strange feeling that made him want to either turn tail and run, or just sink into the nature around him and never come out, he couldnt figure out which urge was stronger. Nearly half a dozen people had gone missing from this forest, and one would think the government would get involved after the third disappearance, but they never came. The laws of time had seemed to abandon this forest. He had already seen and documented creatures he thought had gone extinct a long time ago living and thriving here. One thing was for sure, he thought, this forest was not normal and he was going to find out why.

    He glanced back at the other dozen men and women who had decided to brave the journey with him. They had all read the stories, and felt the strange sensation of the forest and they were intrigued as well. Kyros returned his gaze forward, hiked his pack up higher on his shoulder and resumed moving forward. The map told him that the center wasnt very far, but then again, he had had the same thought nearly an hour before. It was nearly another hour before he hesitated once more. The sounds of animals and insects and life in general had become silent. He glanced around warily, pulling a flashlight out of his pocket and creeping forward. Seconds later, he found himself staring at a stone doorway. He blinked and took a step back. A temple, nearly covered in vines and plants, stood in front of them. He grinned and looked back at his group. "I think we found it!"

    They all exchanged looks and grinned as well, following Kyros inside. The beams of a dozen flashlights highlighted everything around them. The walls were simple and unadorned, and held no side chambers. The hallway continued for nearly a quarter of a mile before opening up into a large chamber. Stone benches sat scattered about, and in the middle of the room, surrounded by a low stone wall were two statues. They were of two men standing as if facing an oncoming storm. Energy and power seemed to radiate from them. Transfixed, Kyros walked over to the statues, pocketed his flashlight in a daze, and touched both of the statues on the arm. He didnt know what compelled him to touch them, but when he did, the stone began cracking and shattering loudly. He yelped and scrambled back, his mind clear again. It took only seconds before the stone was scattered everywhere and where previously two stone statues stood, the men, very much made of flesh, stood.

    One of the men, a tall muscular man, looked around the chamber, his fiery gaze sharp and not unlike a predator. He was nearly 6' 3" and had shoulder length hair that seemed to suck up any light around it, much like a black hole. He dusted off the dark cloak he wore and looked over at the man beside him. "Are you okay?" He asked, his voice rich.

    Kyros and his party stood in shock, too terrified to move.
  2. Human Form: [​IMG] Dragon Form:[​IMG]
    Name: Chevalier
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6’
    Origin: born from a Super Nova
    Power: Fire
    Weakness: power fluctuations, overly emotional at times, the more sunlight he is exposed to the stronger he is however if he doesn’t have much sun exposure he becomes weaker (especially eclipses)


    Chevalier shook himself, stretching his arms above his head as he yawned. “Nnnn-that was a good sleep. How long was I hibernating?” he looked around and frowned at the humans standing before them, “Hello there. You’ve never let humans so close when I was sleeping before, we starting some new group sex thing?” Chev looked over at Ryo and smirked, “You worried you won’t be able to handle me on your own freshly woken, hmm?” His voice was light, but it filled the room with its happy tones. Something in Ryo’s eyes made his smile fade, “What’s wrong?” Red-orange eyes turned on the gathered humans again and he brought his brows together, trying to remember. The time before his sleep was always fuzzy for Chev, his body and mind so tired he was running on autopilot. “What happened, Ryo? What’s going on?” He didn’t recognize the building they were in and there was a stiff soreness to his body he’d never felt before. “Where are the children?” They normally were waiting when he woke, so why weren’t they here now? So many questions and each one only made him think of more. “Ryo?”
  3. Ryo looked over at the humans, his gaze dark and piercing. "You werent hibernating, Chev. Not this time," he growled. "They sealed us away." He stalked over to Kyros' trembling form. He circled around him, examining all the gear he wore, and the strange clothing he wore. He did the same for the rest of the archaeologists, circling around the whole group. He grabbed a flashlight from one of them, turning it around and studying it closely. He poked at one of the backpacks one of the women wore. He returned to stand in front of Kyros, turning over some of the tools hooked to his person. Then he looked back up at him, his inspection finished. "Where are the children and the Mindless?"

    Kyros shook is head. "I-I dont understand. We didnt s-see any kids. I dont know what the mindless are, I- I'm sorry." He wanted to turn and run out of there, run away from the strange not-statue people before him, but something dangerous lurked in the mannerisms of the two that kept him rooted to the spot.

    Ryo's eyes narrowed. "Large, reptilian creatures. Even a slow mind such as yours cant miss such creatures. And the shifters. The ones can change their shape. Where are they."

    Kyros shook his head quickly. "N-No such thing exists..."

    Ryo growled at Kyros and turned away, stalking back to Chevalier. He closed his eyes, turning his focus inward. He searched for the energies of his five children, ll burning passion, but there was nothing. Where previously their energy had resided within him, comforting him of their safety, there was nothing but cold, dusty emptiness. He reeled as if from a punch, his gaze turning concerningly to Chevalier, his voice barely a whisper. "They're gone."
  4. “Gone? They aren’t here? How silly, what’s more important than greeting mommy and daddy after such a long sleep?” Chev asked as he too circled the humans. “Such odd devices, most interesting. Sealed away you say? I can’t recall, really this memory thing’s annoying as hell.” He frowned as he moved to Kyros’ side, looking the man over for a moment before slipping his hands to either side of his throat, looking the man in the eyes. “They’ve evolved quite a bit too. Far more intelligent that the ones we knew.” He stepped back, moving his hands away, “Now, the children. Really, it’s inexcusable for them to not be here. Time for Daddy to give them a little call.” He sat on the low wall that had circled their resting place and closed his eyes, reaching out to their children, ready to give them a sound scolding. His mind ranged over the entirety of the planet, but he felt nothing. Impossible, he must have simply missed them. Again he tried, and again he arrived at the same conclusion.

    “Ryo…” his voice shook as he opened his eyes, seeking out the pair so similar in color to his own. “I can’t, why can’t I sense them? Where are they?” He stood, looking at the humans, grabbing the one from before, the one who seemed to be the leader, by the collar and lifted him into the air. “Where are they? Where are the children, human? TELL ME! The shifters, the fire breathers, whatever else name your kind gave us, i know you have heard of them. They are our children! WHERE ARE THEY!?” he gave the man a shake, glaring up into his eyes, his fangs bared.
  5. Kyros began shaking so hard words were beyond him. His bladder suddenly became much smaller and he had to fight to control it. He tried to respond, but nothing came out.

    Ryo looked up at the stone ceiling. He raised a hand in the air, summoning up a miniature black hole about the size of his palm. He pushed it up at the ceiling. It floated slowly upwards. When it hit the ceiling, the stone was sucked up violently into the black hole until it grew into a space big enough for him to fit through. He called the energy of the hole back into himself, and the black hole dissappeared. A pair of large black leathery wings appeared on his back, and with a couple strong flaps, he was up and out of the hole, the roombelow his a flurry of dust. He landed on the roof of the temple and looked around. The place looked familiar, yet very different, like coming home and finding someone had redecorated while you were away. He turned in a circle, searching for his cousins, the Mindless. They were large creatures and impossible to miss. They used to be everywhere. But now they were nowhere to be seen. Birds and insects fluttered about, and he could hear the scuffling of the forest mammals as they fought to survive their rough environment, but no large reptiles were to be seen. He could feel the anger building up within him, a fiery rage that wanted to do nothing more than destroy those that had destroyed his family.

    He jumped back through the hole, landing in a crouch, his wings flared out behind him. He straightened, the wings disappearing. He settled his icy gaze on the humans. "You killed them, didnt you." His voice wasnt loud, or threatening. It came out calm, almost normal sounding, except for the fire that burned deep within him. He stalked over to Kyros and Chevalier. Darkness began to coalesce around him, swirling about his legs like a dozen angry snakes.

    The other archaeologists turned to run, but a slate of pure seething darkness blocked the doorway. "No one is going anywhere until we get answers." Ryo growled at them. A few of the women fell to the floor, tears streaming down their face, while a few of the others looked like they wanted to attack them or force their way out.
  6. Chiv dropped the man he was holding, his shoulders sagging as the empty hole, once filled by the presence of his beloved children, burned it’s icy way into his core. “Gone, they’re gone.” He couldn’t take it, couldn’t stand it, not them. Not his children, not his family! “How would he know, Ryo?” he whispered, sinking to his knees, his shoulders slumped forward, “you can sense it as well as I. they are c centuries gone, millennia have passed since our children walked this earth, sailed its skies. Never again. No more singing, no more laughing, they’re gone.” He dropped his head go his hands, not wanting to face a world so cold and empty as this one. Nothing was left, everything they knew was gone. Their entire reason for living had been taken from them, “Why?” he asked, wanting an answer but knowing he wouldn’t receive one. “Why? Why are they gone, what have they done to deserve this? Why them? They were so young! The babies, the little ones, why did they die? WHY?” his last word came out a scream, flames flaring along the walls, burning the solid rock as if it were wood. “It’s not fair! Why do we live? Why only us? We didn’t protect them, I-I” his voice broke in a sob as he fell forward, his forehead pressed against the floor, “I swore I’d protect them. I promised they would be safe! Why couldn’t I die in their place!?” His voice trailed off into sobs, the flames dancing with his every heavy breath as they too breathed in his power, burning only the walls for now, but threatening to burn everything else within their path.
  7. Ryo's anger faltered for a moment as he watched his friend and partner break down in front of him. Chev was right. He knew he only spoke the truth, but he didnt want to acknowledge it. They had just been a happy family. They never tormented the new things that named themselves humans. He closed his eyes, images of his last memory flashing behind his eyes. He could still feel the gut wrenching terror of when they had sealed Chev away, still too weak to fight them off. He remembered running as fast as he could to get to him, to save him, but the mages had been waiting for him, knowing he'd come to save his friend. Ryo opened his eyes and walked over to Chev, placing a hand on his back briefly, letting him know he was still here. Then he turned to Kyros, who now stood alone. The other archaeologists had fled when his power had weakened around the door. He could feel the subtle power of a practitioner around the human. He had power, but it was very weak and untrained. He probably didnt even realize he had it. "Get out of here if you know whats good for you," he growled. Chev might actually burn the place down if he didnt calm him. The human was only in the way.

    Kyros backed up a few steps, then turned and ran down the hall. He skidded to a stop a few minutes in and looked back towards the chamber and the strange creatures within. Then he found himself walking back towards the chamber. These creatures, whatever they are, sounded as if they were very old. And if it were true, which he found himself not immediately rejecting due to how they had appeared, then he could learn so much from them. That was an opportunity he couldnt pass up, despite how terrifying they were.
  8. A warm hand on his back melted a portion of the ice encompassing his soul. It took time, but that small amount it what he needed to take back control over his powers. Slowly the flames began to die down, but the damage had been done. The stone blocks had been fused together, leaving the illusion of a waterfall as the stone hardened. “Ryo.” The name was whispered as Chev forced his body to stand. “why did they do this to us? What did we ever do to them? why, ryo?” he walked to the man, falling against him. “I’m starting to remember. I was waiting for I was so tired, I couldn’t fight them. if I’d just tried, If I’d just fought harder this wouldn’t have happened!” all his anger, all of his pain became directed at himself. If only he’d been stronger. If only he’d held them off for a little bit longer. But no, he’d given up. he’d lost and now everyone was dead because of his impotence.
  9. Ryo wrapped his arms around the smaller man, enveloping him in his warmth. "This is not your fault, Chev. This never was and will never be your fault." His voice was gentle and soothing, but also held a firm fire, a mere speck of the anger he felt inside. "It was my turn to protect you and the children, not yours. If its anyone's fault, its mine. I became too relaxed, too dull. And now I'm making you pay for my mistake." He thought of the smiling faces of his children, their laughter. He could almost hear them trying to sneak up on him, when they tackled him. He could hear Chevalier's attempts at hiding his laughter somewhere in the background while Ryo got smothered by laughing, tickling children. He remembered how he had yelled at Chev for sending the kids after them, and their back and forth banter. Then the memory began to fade to darkness. He closed his eyes. "Dont blame yourself, Chev."
  10. Chev closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t let the grief control him. He knew it was hurting Ryo too, the man had to have been in pain and he yet he was comforting Chev as if he felt nothing himself. “I knew you love me,” he whispered with half hearted teasing, lifting his head to kiss the man’s cheek. He didn’t have the spirit to kiss the man properly. Not now, when so much had been lost. “The human’s back.” He turned in Ryo’s arms to glare at the man staring at them, “What? Never seen a man kiss another man before?” He refused to move away for Ryo, not when the man’s embrace was the only thing holding him together. The other humans were gone, having all run down the entrance as soon as Ryo had opened it...well, most of them. There was a female on the floor, looking as if she’d passed out.
  11. Ryo snorted. "Why would I love a idiot like you?" he muttered halfheartedly. He tightened his grip on Chev instinctively, a dark glower leveled at the human. Chev was all he had left, an if this human had been able to unseal them, then the possibility existed that he could seal them again. Not so long as I'm here, he thought. Out loud, he said "What do you want?"

    It took Kyros a moment to get is throat working again. "Well... I, uh... You guys dont have a place to live right?" He swallowed nervously, unsure if he was going to regret this later or not. "Well, if you want... you c-can stay at my house."

    Ryo lifted an eyebrow at him, thoroughly impressed, and suspicious. "We can survive just fine on our own, thanks."
  12. Chev watched the human curiously, surprised by the offer. What was he really going for? It could be dangerous, but it could also prove to be totally innocent. Either way, it would be a much needed distraction. Now to convince Ryo, “We don’t know this world anymore, Ryo. It’s changed, we’ve no idea how long we have been sealed or how things are different out there. Maybe we should stay with him for a little while, just until we figure things out. If he betrays us you can suck him into a black hole and I’ll toss a sun in after him.” He met the human’s eyes as he said this, offering a warning as well. “We need t figure something out and sitting in this-“ he looked around them and frowned, “whatever this stone building is, and brooding won’t do us any good.”
  13. Ryo watched Chev for a long moment, brooding. He was right. This world was a stranger to them now, and without knowledge on how it runs, blending in would be fairly difficult. He looked over at Kyros, standing patiently by the door, awaiting an answer. He seemed pretty harmless, and besides, black holes and humans never did mesh too well. He shook his head. "Fine. We will go with you, but know this, human: If you try to hurt either of us, I will not hesitate to kill you. Understand?"

    Kyros gulped and nodded. "F-follow me." He turned and headed back down the passageway back to the forest. The hike back to his car took about an hour. He had parked in a simple dirt space beside the road.

    When Ryo saw the large vehicle, he paused, tilting his head to the side. He walked around it, examining its every inch, even touching it here and there. He looked back at Kyros. "What is this... thing?"

    Kyros paused. They must be older than he thought. "Its a car..."
  14. Chev was sad to have to leave Ryo’s arms, but he forced himself to walk forward. He was his best when he was on the move. Whether that was due to the circumstances of his creation or something of his own make, holding still and thinking was never his strong point. When they reached the shiny thing, he stopped and smiled. The way the sun played off all the surfaces made him happy. He walked around it and found a nice low area that looked like it would be a good spot to lay down. He crawled up on it and spread out across the surface and groaned, “Mmm, this is nice. It’s better than any rock for sunning, that’s for sure. Though such a strange color…I’ve never seen a rock that looks like the sky as the sun lowers. You know that nice, pretty dark color?” He sighed and rolled over onto his back, looking up into the sky. It wasn’t fair. Why did it look the exact same? So much had changed, everything had been destroyed and yet the sun’s heat still gently played against his skin, the sky still took his breath away. Why? It felt as if the entire universe should have been somehow different, not just his own personal one.
  15. Ryo peeked into the space Chev had layed down in, laughing. "What are you doing? You look like the small Mindless, lounging on their rocks." He cautiously crawled into the strange space and sat against the back wall. It was warmer than he would prefer being back there, but it did offer a nice view of the surroundings. "The color is nice," he agreed. "Strange, but nice." He turned his gaze away from Chev and looked up at the sky. He remembered the day they had to teach the children how to fly. It had been a right nightmare, and Anila, the smallest of the group had nearly been eaten by one of the flying Mindless. Needless to say, they had a delicious stew that evening. He smiled at the memory. Sitting there like that he could almost convince himself that he was still back in the time he knew, and the kids were off having some adventure of their own or something.

    Kyros stood back close to the trees just laughing. He'd never seen anyone behave so... cat-like before. He shook his head, gathered his wits, and walked over to the driver side door. "You two might want to get inside, its a long drive and you cant be back there."
  16. Chev looked at Ryo and smiled, but he sat up and looked at the human. “You can get inside of it?” he asked in wonder, “Fantastic!” he crawled over Ryo to the top of the thing, looking down at the human from there before just planting a hand near the edge and using that to balance as he flipped over and landed inches from the man’s side. He studied his hand and how he was holding what Chev had thought was just a hole in the side. He moved to the next hole and put his hand on it in the same way. He cocked his head to the side as he felt along the hole, “Strange…” He pulled a little bit and was shocked to find it went up easily and with it came an entire section of the wall. “What the-“ he let go and stared at it, frowning, his eyebrows brought together. Slowly he touched the side and pulled the section further until it didn’t open any more. “Is this what you mean by get in?”
  17. Ryo jumped out and landed next to Chev, examining the hole in the object. He stuck his head a bit closer. "Does it bite?" He slowly put his arm through the hole and touched the strange object immeditely in front of him. Nothing attacked him in any way. It just sat there. He stuck his head inside and sniffed it, then reeled back, scrunching up his nose. "What is that? It smells terrible!"

    Kyros shook his head. "Its a leather seat. You sit on it." He pointed to the other seats in the truck. "You two sit on those ones, okay? We need to go."
  18. Chev frowned at the smell before he decided to go for it. Maybe it would kill him and he’d see the children again. Was it wrong he wished he did die? He carefully maneuvered himself inside, crouching down as he circled around, trying to figure out where to sit. Finally he slowly lowered himself onto the seat and instantly sprang back up. “It was trying to suck me in…” he frowned down at the seat, pushing down on it with his hand. “It’s soft…” once again he tried sitting down, this time staying down. “Didn’t get sucked in…” he wiggled his butt a little, “come on in, Ryo. It’s not that bad actually.”
  19. Ryo hesitated before crawling in after him and taking a seat beside Chev. He sat down slowly, jumping a bit as he sank into it, but Chev didnt get eaten by it, so he figured it must be okay. He settled warily beside him. He didnt like how squishy it felt. It reminded him too much of a large mouth. That must be it, he thought, they were in the mouth of this creature. He narrowed his eyes at it. So it was trying to eat them.

    Kyros got in last, and hesitated before starting up the truck. He looked over at his two strange companions. If their behavior so far was any indication, he shuddered to think of how they'd react to the sound of a truck. He shook his head and started the truck. It came to life with a roar. Ryo jumped up, hitting his head on the roof and growled low and threatening at the rumbling roar the strange creature was making.
  20. Chev’s head cocked to the side, too distracted to be worried about the sound, “I felt fire. There was a spark of flame when you turned that.” He leaned forward into the small crevasse in front of them and looked at the human, “If this is a creature, why does it have flame? It is not of our kin.” He touched the thing that had been turned, but only felt cold, not the heat of life. There were other dangling things attached to it, some of them shinier than others, and he cautiously tapped them with his finger. They moved back and forth in a pleasing way so he did it again, “What are these? How did they bring this to life?”
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