The Last Of Our Kind

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  1. "Hello, is anyone there?"
    A what seemed like elderly old alien started hobbling towards a messy and oily old workshop with piles and piles of old parts everywhere! Man this place needed a little tender love and care...and badly, but this place "The Nuts and Bolts" was the cheapest workshop in the quadrant and the creature didnt have much.
    "I came hers for my ship!" The thing said, scratching his iime green butt cheek hoping secretly no one noticed that.
    "Fresh" By DEVO was playing loudly in the back of the shop.

    A beautiful human girl was singing with the song but not nearly as loudly as the beat that the boom box was giving the thing vibrated in the corner she was under the ship, tinkering away completely unaware that someone was there.

    "Excuse me?" The alien spoke in a shakey voice and watched as the girl kept tinkering, completely unresponsive.

    "HEY LADY!" The man finally barked, making the girl jump, and the loud bang they both just heard? That was the mechanic who just hit her head on the bottom of the ship.
    "Ow!" The girl growled and slid from the vehicle "hey, whats your problem!" She then turned towards the customer "oh! Mr. Magu! Geeze im so sorry, your babys just about ready okay?"

    "YO KALA!! YOU GOT MR. MAGU HERE TO PICK UP HIS SHIP!" The boss of this particular dump, Garcia shouted; she was a very loud and very dramatic Bear and her screaming? Well, it made Kala cringe...

    "THANKS FOR THE WARNING!" The human yelled back before turning to the wide eyed elderly man; the girl chuckled nervously, "as you can see this is a family friendly your ship is almost ready!"
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.