The Last Neko

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  1. Neko's have gone extinct... All but one. What happens if its being hunted?
  2. She ran away. Every hunter was chasing after her. The last neko. But she reached a dead end. Her eyes widened in fear at the approaching hunters.
  3. As one of the hunters raises a gun it falls apart. "Wha-?" A guy comes out from behind a tree, sword over his shoulder. He was just over average height, long black hair with a scar over his left eye. "Sorry fellas but she's no longer your prey." He runs over as they all aim at him and slices through them one by one.
  4. ((Sorry for the hiatus, I'm too busy dealing with life >A<;;; ))

    The neko looked at the guy slicing the hunters' guns in amazement, but as her came nearer to her, she got frightened and instinctively curled herself up, backing herself on the wall.
  5. Kyy smiles gently as he walks up and sheathes his sword. "Don't worry. I'm not here to harm you." He kneels down.
  6. The neko looked at the guy, half scared and half wary. "How would I know? You could be one of the hunters, tricking me, pretending you're nice and stuff, but later on when I get comfy around your presence, you'll kill me, just like my kin..." She half-shouted in fear, her green eyes seemed to be glowing.
  7. "Please. I want to help. I have my reasons." Shouts can be heard in the distance. "We don't have time. Follow me to safety. I think you'll understand that you have no chance by yourself."
  8. She weighed her pros and cons, finally deciding on following him. "Fine, I still don't trust you." She replied, and stood up.
  9. He nods. "Thanks. Lets go before more of them arrive. Can you stand?"
  10. "Oh no, I actually can't stand at all," she replied sarcastically while standing up, her blue eyes gleaming with a little spite.
  11. He rolls his eyes and mumbles something under his breath.
  12. "What did you say?" She asked, and before he could reply she spoke again. "So where we going?"
  13. He laughs a bit. "To answer your first question, I said you remind me of her. The first one. And I have a hideout not far from here."
  14. She looked at him a little warily. "Lead the way then." She said.
  15. He walks a little further before coming to a cave. "This is it. When we get inside, I'll explain myself."
  16. "What's inside the cave, bunch of traps?" She asked sarcastically, before going inside.
  17. "Yes. Don't want them following us." He smiles sarcastically.
  18. "Tch. So you could be sarcastic too.." She said.
  19. Kyy smiles. "Yeah." They reach the back and pushes a stone in. The wall moves to reveal another chamber. "Home sweet home." There's furniture around the room, a tv, fridge, everything needed to live.
  20. "Not bad, thought you lived like a caveman," she laughed and ran towards the sofa. "Never thought I'd live to feel a sofa," she laughed.
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