INTEREST CHECK The Last Mamodo Battle

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  1. Just made an attack on Titan interest check but I also had this idea. This time it revolves around the show/manga of Zatch Bell.

    Again if you don't know what Zatch Bell is then this might not be a RP for you. This is also complete fan fiction (even though the whole series was fiction to begin with xD). Anyway, this story would take place 2000 years after the last Mamodo battle. Since Zatch became king no fight for king has had too be waged, until the new king became bored. The descendants of the main Mamodo children, Zatch, Tia, ect. and other random descendants are thrown in to the fight. However since it has been 2000 years the earth would be in the 4th/5th? recorded millennium and everything would be different yet everything is the same.

    The worlds were thrown out of balance thanks to Zatch not influencing the Earth with Mamodo magic as much as was needed with transporting the 100 children to Earth. Within a few 100 years the Earth had stood still and everyone was put in a stasis like state. The connection from the Mamodo world to the Earth was lost and Zatch could not make a solution. The new king knew what to do but only acted when he wanted to (like I said when he was bored). Once the new king gathers the massive amount of magic, he throws the Mamodo children into Earth, it starts to move again and people resume as if nothing had gone wrong.

    This if finally where we come in. We are the only ones who know that the world had been in stasis for almost 2000 years, but we don't know why. We go on doing whatever it was we were doing and then the mamodo children appear.