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  1. It's dark....

    You can't see much, are your eyes even open? You can hear something. Birds? Your head is ringing, and your body aches. As you try to move it feels like your body is being weighed down. Or is it that your being help up? As you open your eyes the day light almost blinds you, looking around everything is green. It takes time for your eyes to adjust, when they do you can see trees. A lush green forest, looking around it's almost awe inspiring.

    Until you realize that you aren't on the ground. The panic begins to rush to your head. You are pretty high up in a tree, it seems something has been tangled up and is holding you in place. Looking around you see a parachute caught in some branches. Were you dropped here? So many questions. You begin to wriggle your body. You don't know why, but you want to get out of here. It doesn't matter that you could be over 10 feet up in the air. You just want to drop. It's as if the Gods heard your calling. The loud snapping of a branch comes from behind you.

    Suddenly your body is falling, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Are you going to die? Seriously all these questions. The ground closes in, fast. Thump!

    It's dark....

    Your head hurts even more this time. But you can here something. It's not birds like last time. People? You open your eyes again, this time they are met with a giant structure. Not tree's, but it is covered in something. Vines probably. Thorns maybe. It stands tall in front of you. It seems like a giant wall. Little did you know that the wall in front of you was the only thing that seperated you, from a giant ever changing Labyrinth. You move your head, but it hurts. You manage to make out two figures talking in front of you. One points at your body, and the other turns around to face you.

    "Hello there" his voice is calm. "How are you, does anything hurt?" he asks.

    You try to answer but your mouth is dry. They are both looking at you now, but the other seems to have something covering their face. The calm boy notices you are having trouble.

    "Hey, go get some water" he commands to the masked person. With an annoyed sigh they walk off. The calm boy staying with you. Soon they return with a bowl filled with water. "Here drink this, then tell me everything you know about yourself" he says

    Character sheet

    Appearance: (anime pic)


    Age approximately:



    Personality: (this can be chosen to be decried in the Rp)

    Useful skills:

    strengths: (up too 3)

    Weaknesses: (up too 3)


    Job: ( will be assigned during the Rp)
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  2. Rules

    1. Please follow all iwaku rules

    2. You can have up to 3 characters

    3. No God modding

    4. Don't start arguments in the ooc thread

    5. Don't kill off anyone's character without permission

    6. Listen the the GM's

    7. Be as creative as you like with your character

    8. Have fun :)

    GM's: @parkpyro & @Equinox
  3. Character sheet

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Damian Otaktay

    Age approximately: 16

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: Straight

    Personality: Charming yet somewhat sly, a little too adept at judging character and emotions, suprisingly cold in some situations

    Useful skills: Leadership, Marksmanship, Knowledge of survival techniques,

    strengths: Intelligence, Leadership, Situational analysis

    Weaknesses: Mediocre physical ability, sometimes intolerant of others, doesn't like to be challenged

    Fears: Damian's fears mainly revolve around losses of resources. His greatest fear however is losing Lucifer. As sweet as this seems, it's not wholly for emotional reasons...

    Job: ( will be assigned during the Rp)
  4. Character sheet


    Name: Lucifer, Luci

    Age approximately: 16-17

    Sex: Male

    Sexuality: straight

    Personality: Lucifer, along with ........, has spent the most time in the Labyrinth. Rather than staying civilized, Lucifer let his survival instincts take over. Especially after the incident that happened with the last group. This has meant he has become an exceptional fighter and hunter. He has been in the Labyrinth the most times out of anyone, and is the best at combating the beasts that lurk within it. But this has lead to him becoming rather violent at times, and not getting along with others very well. However a surprising feature about this boy is the fact that he is a very talented artist.

    Useful skills: Good Fighter, can hunt, good at art

    strengths: Knows how to fight and hunt, obedient to his superior, headstrong

    Weaknesses: won't back down from a fight, very violent, doesn't socialize well

    Fears: After the old group were wiped out, Lucifer detached himself mentally. Meaning he fears little. But who knows what will happen to him if another person close to him dies.

    Job: Leader of the Warriors/Hunters
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