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  1. In 1998, a scientist by the name of Dr. Belford made the claim that the planet is not dead, but very much the mere opposite, a living being. For years the scientist was laughed at until 2025. The U. S. government contacted him about his research in the planet. As research and evidence progressed, more and more scientists started to believe what Dr. Belford said. Everything was happening so quick, the planet, Earth, was dying, forcing the humans to more to another planet. After a few years of research, during what became known as the Great Storm of Earth, a suitable planet was found. The humans built ships to take the population to the planet. So the humans left, leaving Earth to die.

    The humans arrived to their new home, after a few years of travelling, and named the planet Ufera. Years have gone by, and everyone still believed that the planets were alive. When the humans moved out of the colonies to explore the world, they found three machines buried in rock, but there were no signs of former life. These machines were humaniod in shape, and were extracted from the rocks. Further researhc had gone into the machines, cleaning them up and trying to figure out how to active them. Nothing that was tried work, so after a decade of research the government decided to abandon the machines, and left them in a warehouse. The military had an idea to create their own from the design of these machines.

    It didn't take very long for humans of Ufera to start space travel, and come into contact wih other races. Some of the species agreed to help them, while others refused to have anything to do with them. Of all the races, the Kedallians were the ones that helped the humans alot, especially with information. With the information, two more races stood out, the Crystallians, and the Nevillians. The humans were told to stay away from the Nevillians and if ever came into contact, to destory their ships. This race only destroys and enslaves. Pretaining to the Crystallians, not much was known. The last sighting of this race was thousands of years earlier.

    It's now been one thousand five hundred years since humans inhabited Ufera. The humans have finally encountered the Nevillians. When they reached out for help, no other race came to help. The Kedallians couldn't do anything, because they, themselves, were not attacked. After six years of fighting, the humans were slowly losing ground in the galaxy. It was at this time that four children were found wondering around the wilderness, alone and with no memory of who they are, nor where they came from. Three of the children were adopted and the fourth one, the smallest, was taken into by a doctor. Though the child wasn't adopted, he still had a home. All four children grew up in various parts of the same town, but never seen eachother since they were found.

    Nine years have past, and the child are turning 13. The children had a rough life, being treated as an outsider, and a freak because they had violet coloured eyes instead of the normal colours. The war still rages on, with humanity barely hanging on, will a new hope arise to help stop the Nevillians from enslaving humanity?

    Character Sheet
    Name: [What is your name?
    Position: (mech pilot, mechanic, etc...)
    Description/Appearance: (please have at least one picture, but not required.)
    Mech: (only if mech pilot)
    Other: (equipment, clothes, anything really.)


    Child 1, 2, and 3. ( Child four is mine!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)
    Soldiers, Officers, Fighter pilots, Mech pilots (chose any style mech.), and other things.

    Races availible to play:
    Humans, Nevillians, and for children 1-4, Crystalians (pm me for more information.)

    Other Information:
    There are four kids, and four mechs, but only three are discovered, the fourth still lays elsewhere.

    1- Have Fun!
    2- No God Moding (i don't think i need to explain this.)
    3- Romance is allowed, but keep things pg-13, but also remember this is a war so there are chances your lover may be killed.
    4- Have Fun!!!
    5- Have Fun!!
    6- No onelining!
    9- Use your imagination for the war!
    10- When you submit you character, put at the bottom the number i missed, so that i know you read the rules.
    11- Have Fun!!!
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  2. Name:Zane Roberts
    Age: 12, soon to be 13
    Race: Crystalian, but believes he's human
    Position: Child 4, Mech Pilot
    Description/Appearance: Zane has brown hair (will change in the rp), and violet eyes. His skin is lightly tanned from being outside all the time. He stands five feet four inches tall and weighs maybe one hundred fifteen pounds. Zane is thin, but fit. He is usually found wearing a black shirt with a blue hoodie over top, along with blue jeans and a pair of skate board shoes.
    Personality: Zane is a sweet, caring young lad. He helps the doctor out all the time, no matter how much people tend to hate him. He's quiet, unless you get to know him. Zane is very friendly, and when he's around friends and family, he's extremely outgoing. He learns quit fast, faster then most people realize, even though he tries to tone it down so that he can fit in. He does have an issue with confidence and self esteem, but that's because every one treats him as a freak.
    History: Zane doesn't know much about his past, only that when he was 4, the doctor was given legal custody of him and he's been with the doctor and his wife ever since. Zane loves to play a sport called boarding, which was similar to skateboarding back on Earth. The difference is that the board they use know hovers and has no wheels. Zane usually goes to his favorite place to board, the mountains behind their house. They live on the edge of town, and so Zane boards into school. The past year for Zane was really hard, because the Doc's wife past away, and he's been helping the Doc get through it. It hurts Zane too, but he tries to coupe in his own way, by trying to forget about it.

    Height: 23.0 meters; head height 22.0 meters
    Weight: empty 27.9 metric tons; max gross 63.0 metric tons
    Armor materials: Trillanium Alloy
    Powerplant: Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor, output rated at 2980 kW
    Propulsion: rocket thrusters: 4 x 18300 kg, 2 x 12300 kg; vernier thrusters/apogee motors: 26
    Performance: maximum thruster acceleration 1.55 G
    Equipment and design features: sensors, range 21300 meters; birdlime launchers in hands; psycoframe cockpit frame
    A larged double bladed battle axe, that stands up to the mech's shoulder. This is the perfered weapon of choice. The mech can also use a different mechs weapons if needed.
    Optional fixed armaments: Other Mech's weapons

    Other: His board, and a picture of the Doc, Martha, and him. He always knew he wasn't their child, because they told him, and he partially remembers. This caused him to call his guardians Doc and Martha. Martha was the Doc's wife.
    The mech is call Axe, after the large axe it uses. The cockpit sits just under the head, inside the chest where theres more armour.
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  3. Name: Venus Cadarva
    Age: 26
    Race: Human
    Position: Soldier
    Personality: Venus is quirky, and attempts to always lighten the mood. She's not a very serious character until the time calls for it. Whilst the battle is ongoing she keeps total focus on the front line. She is one of the best female gunmen that her people have to offer.
    History: Venus was just a child herself when the humans decided to leave planet Earth on their ship to civilisation. Her parents attempted to keep her safe, and babied her right up until she was in her teens. When she became old enough to join the military she jumped at the chance. Practically signing in blood when the contract came down in front of her. From then on, even though it broke her families heart, she was known as 'soldier', so much so she always managed to forget her name. She swore to protect her family, and her people from the enemy. Helped out where she was needed in other manners, but her gun was always close to her, at all times.
    Other: Projectile equipment such as daggers, bolts, and her pulse rifle.
  4. Fye.jpg
    Name: Fye
    Age: 13
    Race: Crystalian
    Position: Mech pilot
    Personality: Robotic-like Observance, never speaks, Exaggerated facial expressions.

    History: Fye's tongue was cut from her mouth as a child for witnessing a Big Nevallian secret and they are hunting her down to bury that secret once and for all. She is a kind and gentle girl, but in the binds can not be distracted, Often going into a machine like daze, completely focused on the tasks at hand. At the age of 9 Fye comes into contact with an ancient piece of technology, A living mech. The mech talks to her and when she strapped herself in, it began to talk to her and as she thought, she heard a self projected vocaloid of her own thoughts. The ancient technology allowed her to speak again and has become her dearest companion and protector. Fye was taken from the orphanage and settled into a military base wear she and her Mech are studied and closely watched. When they tried to removed the mech from her The machine wouldn't allow it and they remain inseparable to this day. She decides to calls him Odin.

    Mech: Odin is a living Anient "Alien"(to the planet of Ufera) Technology (much like nano technology with intelligence and conscious thought) When the Pilot of this Mech dies the Mech mourns and purges its memory, to wait for its next commander. Once the next Humanoid sits within the cockpit blood samples are taken and DNA is extrapolated to fuse the technology with the Pilot, bonding them. This Mech takes on the genes from the blood and become what the Pilot lacks and requires.When looking on, Odin looks like an alien machine with a crow beak-like cockpit and purple tinted windows that make it look like eyes. Scans living, organic matter and identifies the matter, state of life, and even judges the alignment of other conscious beings, When given a reason to. He is weak against electric shock and is known to shut down with a decent surge. If you stabbed, He will bleed, and in time, heal. any wounds received on the Mech are received on the Pilot from the inside. If he receives fatal wounds the bond is carried into death and both the Mech and Pilot perish.
    Other: Fye has Violet eyes, and aqua-green hair she keeps up in a ponytail. She is rarely seen outside of Hunin for fear the Nevallians will find her. She keeps the dagger that was used to cut out her tongue at her belt.
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  5. Name: Jaylin West
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Position: Mechanic
    Description/Appearance:Personality: [​IMG]
    History: Jaylin was far ahead of her class, being taught everything she knew by her father, a master of technology and android/humanoid tech. She studied and excelled through trainging and because the youngest mechanic of her calliber. She's dedicated her life to creating and restoring mech armor, weapons and internal systems.
    Mech: None
    Other: Battle suit she designed herself. She was a head technician for human cybernetics and mech-wear, but she took her work home with her, developing a tech suit that would be integrated directly with the wearers nervous system, instead of being a replacement of a limb. The suit increases her speed and strength, though not by unbelievable amounts. She has the ability to hover (for scouting), though it drains her power very quickly and she needs to stop to rest often.
    IF SHE NEEDS TO FIGHT: Jaylin is a grappling character- not being equip with many external weapons. The suit was designed for mobility over destruction. The suit is equip with two wrist guns and an electric support system to help her in the most dire of situation. She is still developing more technologies to help improve her suit, but she has not updated the suit thus far. she is a superior engineer and can be helpful in more ways than just combat.
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  6. Nice posts, very interesting. This i can see is going to be fun.
    We are still accepting if anyone wants to drag people in, screaming and kicking is fine by me. I'll give cookies!
  7. I'm not sure what I should do since we're in different locations
  8. you're in the training field just outside the town. Just keep working, everything will come together soon
  9. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....
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