The Last Guard

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The Last Guard

Fresh out of training, your assignment was to go in to defend a tower...
That is until your flight plans were canceled and your ship was shot down.

You survived, crash-landing yourself in the midst of a raging battle that is turning against your side.

Your only hope now is to survive on a planet with a group of others, all fighting for the same cause... or so it seems.

Good luck. You and your team are the last guard on the planet...and the last hope of saving it and this universe.


The concentration of this rp is not on the battle around your squad, but simply the battle between you and your fellow soldiers.
The squad in its self will be a mix of various alien species, all trying to get along as they make their way through the war torn planet. Not everyone's relationship will be sour in the beginning but they may not last to the end either.

You may make two characters but do not pick 2 of the same position. Pick a sniper and a Medic instead of two snipers.

Sergeant x1 (1 position taken already)
Sniper x2
Heavy weapons x1 (1 position taken already)
Private(basic infantry) x Unlimited(make sure others are filled first)
Medic x2
Pilot x2

What I need is

APPEARANCE (nothing too heavy like a dreadnought or some mech)
HEIGHT (keep it below 10ft)

WEAPONS ( this is the far future fyi. Give info on your weapons. Remember, every weapon has its pros and cons and make sure it fits with your position)

EQUIPMENT (the gadgets you carry on you. Most of these will be what works best with your position)

PERSONALITY (include habits, likes/dislikes.. and make it original)

These are fresh outta boot camp so I doubt any of them would be able to make 3 head shots and then throw a knife into some guy's eye. Your chance at killing anything will be based on the help of your squad and tactics. Everyone will have a sense of fear as this is a whole new world for your character.
NOTE that there will only be two characters who have seen the face of war but they aren't anything special though. Those two will be covered by Warmaster and myself

Every soldier will be given a decision on what side to choose. Either they will fight to secure the planet, or fight to conquer it.... but that will come later.

AGE 25
SPECIES: Death Spire Conscriptica (Human, with subtle necromantic alterations)


WEAPONS DSDI (Death Spire Derfense Industries) DSCI(Death Spire Conscriptica Infantry)-141 7.62 Light Machine gun, fixed with non standard sights and underslug 30mm rocket launcher
DSDI DSCL-320 13mm pistol.

Necroguard Issue combat knife

EQUIPMENT powered Exoskeleton and weapon mounted suspensor rig.
Conscriptica uplifting primer (contains among other things, standard battlefied training information and a several necroguard incantations)

SQUAD POSITION Heavy weapons.

I'll fill out the rest later
Name: Keith Lowe
Age: 21
Species: Human
Appearance: Keith is paler than a prostitute in church. Short brown hair, slim figure, Keith is the epitome of "noobie". Despite his many attempts to "buff out" He retains low muscle/fat mass, ("I'm a panther, not a gorilla!") but you don't need muscles to press buttons and slap joysticks around.
Height: 5'9''

Weapons: KZ-Visceral sidearm, training for hand-to-hand

Equipment: Multi-purpose Engineer's toolkit, containing small hand fire-extinguisher, data-probe, mp3 player(personal add-on), ciphers and decryptors, comms device. Standard jumpsuit, emergency oxygen-filter.

Personality: Keith is a prankster at heart. Bags of crap on fire, inverted droid motor control, foul-mouthed holographic frogs, anything for a laugh. This earned him many, many enemies. So, to save himself, Keith will suck up to the biggest and the strongest. In combat, he'll probably spend more time behind cover taunting his enemies than shooting at them.

Laid back, and sarcastic, only his pilot skills kept him from a discharge so far.

Squad Position: Pilot

Milking my brain for the rest of personality, since it's more like history, but wanted to get it out there.
WOOO! Gonna get mine up soon enough!
interested. Will try and get a profile up later.

A little bit of nitpicking.

A Sergeant, an NCO, isn't normally left in charge of a unit. It's typically a Lieutenant (2LT or 1LT) or a Captain. The Sergeants are supposed to act as the bridge between the enlisted and the commissioned officers.

Just my US$00.02 in the matter as a prior enlisted.

Looks like it is more of a platoon sized element in which it would be led by an NCO, same with a squad.

LT maybe for a platoon, but usually an LT (of either grade) is a company level XO with a Captain as company level commander.
sorreh brah. Death Spire and the Imperial Collective have different ranking systems to the united states military :jack:

thats my excuse and im stickin' to it!
Warmaster speaks the truth. This is far beyond the means of small scale fighting used by humans. This is where billions of soldiers fight to death over a planet(s), thus needing the larger squad sizes. A simple human squad would be eradicated in seconds as such unless given unique training.

Plus at the time of need in a situation like this, there is an order given to mesh the troops. So anyone and everyone are to mesh into squad formation if not larger.

Sounds crazy but the universal doctrine here is to stop the enemy by any means using whatever and doing whatever.
Oy mate...this still going strong?
*notices RP*

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-The Guide to Making a Roleplay
This baby isn't falling yet! IF anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to anything. ANYTHING!

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Zerg-esque enemies. I'd say 'Nids but one squad without copious amounts of explosives or heavy foliage would survive more than a minute and a half.
Okay, sounds like fun.

Let's crank it up.