The Last Guard

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  1. Wait so are you getting your money back?
  2. "Not to your kids, or father."
  3. [​IMG]

    Chibi-ish Azura and Shigure in sweaters! :D

    Welp, I'm done drawing for the day
  4. Cal Vs Adam
    Nick Vs Otto
    Lucien Vs Tyler
  5. "She wants to get some clothes while she's in this form. Not yours, the come off too easily."
  6. Whenever you guys get to chapter 4, I highly suggest listening to this:

    Just to enhance the experience 8D
  7. Harmony pull out a stroller for Melody and gently strap her in, taking a smaller teddy bear from her crib and putting it in her arms and gently putting a blanket on her, "There we go, nice and snug."
  8. "New York is fine."
  9. Warmaster speaks the truth. This is far beyond the means of small scale fighting used by humans. This is where billions of soldiers fight to death over a planet(s), thus needing the larger squad sizes. A simple human squad would be eradicated in seconds as such unless given unique training.

    Plus at the time of need in a situation like this, there is an order given to mesh the troops. So anyone and everyone are to mesh into squad formation if not larger.

    Sounds crazy but the universal doctrine here is to stop the enemy by any means using whatever and doing whatever.
  10. Oy mate...this still going strong?
  11. it will. give it time and soforth
  12. *notices RP*

  13. "Step Five in Starting a Roleplay: Getting Asmodeus to Join

    It is always important to have an Over-Stretched Admin on any roleplay forum. The best and worst of these Over-Stretched, is the British Genius. The British Genius, is a blessing and curse on any forum by joining damn near every roleplay there is on the forum. The Genius somehow has the integrity, mental strength, and patience to maintain an active role in these roleplays(not to mention a life of it's own), Perhaps even more so, than other, less involved members of the community. However, there are inherent drawbacks in having this kind of admin, in that being a main character in almost every roleplay on the forum, when a event like writer's block(which happens even to the Genius) strikes, can destabilize half the forum. Other side-effects may include tyrannical personality and inherent arrogance at the inferiority of other roleplayers. However, this is expressed mostly through entertaining, witty albeit snobby perhaps, banter that is still timeless and forever relevant."

    -The Guide to Making a Roleplay
  14. This baby isn't falling yet! IF anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to anything. ANYTHING!

    Jus' been busy lately.
  15. Zerg-esque enemies. I'd say 'Nids but one squad without copious amounts of explosives or heavy foliage would survive more than a minute and a half.
  16. Okay, sounds like fun.

    Let's crank it up.