The last days of Owwava [OPEN]

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Owwava was the place to live, nowadays. This wasn't always the case, but now adays, anyone from the capitol would kill to live in the nonchalant village. This is where the money was now. Once they blackmailed the capitol, all kinds of industries started opening up. A mine was setup not far from the town, a fishing company followed suit and provided jobs for everyone in the town. For everyone inside the village.

The village suddenly held more than 90% of the kingdoms currency and the prices they charged for their food didn't drop - as their mining venture began to bring in money, more and more people from outside the village began to hate Owwava.

Who could blame them?

Before long, the leaders of Owwava cut the city off to outsiders, even further hoarding the profit to themselves. This inspired a small militia that needed to be formed. Though heavily funded, it was severely undermanned. This inspired a draft of most adult men in the village to join the militia for the sake of Owwava, for considerable pay of course.

Suddenly the town was fortified, it was a monetary hub and it was ready for war. For the wrong war.

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A sunset was only beautiful for so many years. Or maybe the years had taken the beauty from her. They'd made her jaded and a bit bitter. The only benefit the years had for her had been the money she'd earned and the children she'd bore. Besides that... This sunset was just the same thing they saw every day.

The golden arms reached across the sky like they were trying to hug the world. Most would wonder at the specter, but the woman turned her back to it, moving so her back was facing the window and softly moving across the room with a gentle, subtly regal grace to her movements. The woman moved to a large, circular table with a considerable bottle atop its navy and gold table top. Seeing no need for any kind of glass, the woman took the bottle by the neck with a tight grip. Like strangling a small something or other and brought the head to her lips and tilted it skyward and drank the ruby liquid inside. It was sweet and left a small bite in her throat.

She had a nice home - big like this one - but this was not it. Despite her years of retirement - eight years, just like her children - every so often, old shadows would pop up. Old faces she didn't care if she'd ever see again. Of course, she would see them. What kind of perfect world would it be if she didn't? A dream world.

"I can never remember little Yena. Did you always have such a liking for wine? "
The man standing behind her obviously though he looked much cooler than he actually did. He was leaning against the right side of door frame in between the threshold of this room - a kind of private office - and the outside hallway. This man was named Joeseph* Steil. Back in the day -WAY BACK - he'd been the head of agriculture of treasury. Making him her late husband's boss.

"As always, you're about three sizes too small for those boots of your's - aren't you, Jo'? "

The man smirked and passed some snide comment under his breath. Yena couldn't catch it, nor did she care to. the woman tilted the bottle back up before setting back down on the table.

"I hope you have a decent reason for calling me. Unlike you, just because I'm retired doesn't mean I don't have things to do.

Yena crossed her arms and stared the man down with an arched eyebrow and eyes that could set fire. Yena was no on to play with, and she didn't particularly care for Joeseph to begin with. He was a crooked man who'd always been one of the minds behinds Owwava's monetary schemes. She played a part in all that, but she never agreed with it.

"Heh. Your as little fun as I remember." The man's crossed arms dropped as Yena's went up and he broke the foundation of the doorway and moved about the room for a couple moments before returning to the table. From the same bottle Yena had been drinking he poured himself a glass of the ruby substance before taking a long, long drink that drug the silence between them out for what seemed like whole minutes before he finally finished the glass and set it back down. He now looked very serious. That snide and snarky grin was absent from his jester-like face, and that sent a chill down Yena's face.

"Aye. I did call you here for a reason." The color almost visibly drained from his face suddenly and Yena began paying much closer attention. "Something.... happened, last night. One of the mines. The ones farthest outside of the village... Someone attacked it. The workers were just..." The man's eyes shut and Yena's left their skeptical place and changed to one of curiosity.

"Why are you telling me this? Even when I did work for you crooks, something like that wouldn't be my prob-"

"I'm not 'informing' you! It's... it's a warning. Whatever attacked those workers... it wasn't another man with a sword. We didn't have any corpses, or anything... just... piles of guts n' shit. I wanted to warn you that we don't know what did it... it's out there."

By the time he finished, the woman had already walked out. She was glad to have learned this, but thought it was stupid. Perhaps a herd of wild animals? No... if they knew as little as Jo' had said, he wouldn't have felt the need to tell her. THAT was what worried her. What couldn't he tell her? He must've wanted her to read between the lines.

What was going down!?

*Joespeh (Yo-seh-f)
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