The last days of Owwava 1/5 [OPEN]

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  1. People can usual best be judged by the actions of their final hours.
    For the residents of the small village of Owwava (Oh-Wah-vah) this is true.

    Let us live through the lives of those of Owwava, see them at their highest and pulled down to the lowest destitution of humanity.



    This is a survival / horror story, set in a fantasy universe in a small village called (you guessed it!) Owwava. It's a small, but very prosperous village. An oddity, in a kingdom on the edge of ecological collapse. While the rest of the nation suffered in poverty, the farming town of Owwava shined like a beacon. It was the capitol food supply and when the country could no longer afford moderately priced, imported food, Owwava became the only source, and this made Owwava very, very prosperous. and other parts of the country... bitter.

    A series of mysterious events begin to playout around the outside of the village. It's many, budding, businesses that lay outside of the village borders begin being plagued.

    First was the village's first mine. Only weeks after opening and pulling even more money for the small village, one morning it was found completely decimated. The workers were gone and every inch was covered in a thick layer of bodily fluids and shredded innards.

    This was the first of a series of seemingly supernatural occurrences to befall the village. This is the beginning of the end days for Owwava.​


    We will be playing small amount of the already small population from the peak of it's success to it's utter destruction. The characters available are;

    A Father
    A Mother
    A Teenager
    A Teenager / Young Adult
    A Night Guard

    These character's do not need to be connected in any way, shape or form. The Mother does not need to be married to the father and so one. Of course, they also can be related.

    In the final days of Owwava, the village will be subject to multiple supernatural creatures that slowly and eventually break the town.​


    Character Sheet

    Marital Status:
    General History: Very brief

    Appearance: A picture will do

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  2. Name: Yennica Terrif
    Age: 36
    Gender: Female
    Marital Status: Widowed
    General History:

    Yennica, better known as Yena, is born and raised in the small village of Owwava. From a young age she worked along many other woman in the farms. Either planting crops for next harvest or tending to their seemingly infinite amounts of livestock. As soon as she reached the age of eighteen she left her life of yard work and moved into a higher section of Owwava's city council. They said she was an ambassador for the city to the capitol but she knew better. She was a mouth piece with a pretty face.

    It worked.

    For years, she made a good pocket working as the cities face piece, but as they country began to fall she became more of a mask for the village. Once just sitting in on old people talking, she started strong-arming the entire country at the order of the higher ups of the village of Owwava. She became the face the rest of the kingdom came to hate. First, foreign food was too expensive for them to buy, and Owwava lowered it's prices considerably. Then outside countries stopped selling to them all together - their economic failure painted them unreliable and than... the end began. The village leaders told Yena to skyrocket the price. The country was forced to pay that price.

    Once the end began, Yena retired at the ripe age of twenty-seven. Her spot had been quite profitable and allowed her to end it as soon as she could. She married the same year and bore two, twin children.

    At the age of thirty-five, Yena's husband was drafted to the military and died, in an accident, leaving her a widow with her two young children


  3. Name:
    Seraphine "Sera" Trow



    Marital Status:

    General History:
    Seraphine had only just recently lost her parents. Up until then, she was staying at home to help out with the daily chores while her parents went out to farm. They'd leave early in the morning and come back late at night. The same routine would be repeated, it was day after day of loneliness, until the didn't come back. It had taken a while for the news to get back to Sera, but as soon as it did, she found herself lost and alone in Owwava.

    Months later, she had been wondering the streets of the market when she caught a glimpse of a young boy stealing food. She had followed him in a attempt to accuse him accurately. Before she knew, they were by an abandoned building, or so she thought. She soon found herself with a small group of six other teens who steal to get what they want and lie to get out of trouble when caught. But lately, things have been getting harder. The food supply is getting slower, and strange things have started happening. Only options left for Sera is to adapt to the new changes, or start over as the great citizen she use to be.

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  4. Hello!! I wish to play the teenager, is it okay if I'm the child of Yennica? And if so, what gender would you like my character to be?
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