The Last Cry

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    Wolf girl

    Name: Suki flora yasha
    Age: 16( human years)
    Abilities : can make sonic screams when scared
    Weapons: light bow and arrows
    Personality: bubbly but shy also causius
    Bio: her parents we ripped apart right in front if her peice by peice but she wasn't put in because they knew she wouldn't leave after that
    Extra info: verry quite

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    Name: luka lucifer kurozaki
    Abilties: her eyes change color when she is made and goes berserk
    Weapons: sword and wakasahi
    Personality: fun, shyish, cool at times, warm hearted
    Bio: parents abandoned her shortly after friends parents died
    Extra info: has her crazy moments
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  2. Suki looked around the forest. "I think we lost them.." she said silently. "We should get moving quickly though i don't know how long we can keep ahead of them." She looked at Luka. "Mom, Dad i wish you were here with me i miss you please tell me what to do.." she thought to herself. She runs off with Luka in hand keeping her bow and arrow in her other hand. She turns around shooting off a couple of warning shots. She saw the dark creatures coming she took a step back in fright running to catch up with Luka.
  3. " come on suki they'll catch up if were slow" I started to run faster than the pase I was going before but I grabbed suki also she wouldn't get left behind
  4. Suki stared at her for a while than ran with her in fright. "Why are they after us..." she said as she ran turning around shooting arrows while running backwards. She was growling on the inside.
  5. I responded to suki's question "There chasing us cause were run always from the research areas big if we don't hurry it will be worse" u kept picking up my speed the I turned around and drew my sword" Suki go a head I'll deal with these guys" I started slashing down guys
  6. Suki saw one going from behind her and shot her arrow. "We either fight together or only not one on one ok we stick together.." She said as she shot arrows beside her.
  7. "Ok then let do this" I go tuning up and slice down like 4 guys and while I was near then saw some thing horrible" Suki run they brought the thing"
  8. "I not leaving without you not now not ever okay we stick together." She stared at it she shook her head and grabbed her hand running in in the opposite direction. "Come on lets go."
  9. I smile and nod" ok" I start running at inhuman speeds while holding onto suki
  10. She Ran right next to her hoping the monster wouldn't get them she then pulled Luka back making them hide in a cave so they wouldn't find them. She put her hand over Lukas mouth so she wouldn't speak.
  11. After being yanked aside by suki I put my hank as well as hers over my mouth so I wouldn't speak. After a good portion if the noise was gone I went to go check to see if the coast was clear while in my wolf form
  12. I went back to the cave to talk to suki to tell her " coasts clear "
  13. She turns into a wolf and flicks her ear at her "Okay lets go.." she walks out sniffing the air.
  14. " ok" I follow close behind suki and then I smelt something foul " sulu can you smell that"
  15. "Yes i do but i have no idea what it could be.." she said slowly "Lets just keep on moving.." she said walking in her wolf form.
  16. "Ok but we may want to move a little faster though" I start walking just a bit faster
  17. She starts to walk faster as well. She stared at her "It's okay don't be scared." She smiled at her.
  18. "We'll don't treat me like a kid I'm only a year younger than you" I started to hurry but a scent that smelled oddly familiar so I headed that direction to see what it was
  19. She ran in front of her "Don't any thing we have smelled before will just lead us to trouble." She glared at her "and i only treat you that way because i worry about you.."
  20. " ok fine but where can we go" I stopped for a moment" we might have to set up camp soon or we will end up walking al night"
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