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Which faction do you think you'll join later in the RP?

  1. I am loyal to the Old Guard, and the Old Guard alone!

  2. The Coalition: If mankind does not survive, then loyalty is meaningless.

  3. The United-American Revival Movement: Without freedom, survival is meaningless.

  4. I am in it for myself: Anyone who gets in my way will pay.

  5. I hear the whispers from the city ruins, and I will follow them wherever they lead...

  1. Status: No Longer Recruiting! Sorry!

    The Last Bastion has a Discord Channel, where you can talk with other players, strangers, or the GM whenever you'd like. Link here.

    Section 1 details the plot and conflict at present. Section 2 details extra stuff about the world you may want to know. Section 3 is where you can find the Character Sheet to submit to this RP. Section 4 is where you can learn about the three classes. Section 5 is where you can find the rules. Section 6 is where you can find the ancillary/other stuff. (ex: List of characters.) Section 7 is the Story So Far. You can ignore it entirely, it's purely fluff. :ferret:You can find the IC here.

    Section 1: The Plot

    We don't know why the world was consumed in fire and fury. We don't know why the civilizations that came before us, saw fit to throw away the bright future they once dreamed of for their descendents. To this day, we still do not know how much of it is real, or fictions passed down through the generations. All we have are the dirt and plant coated structures of cities once pristine and beautiful. We are told that such places once held millions: It is hard to imagine so many in one place.

    The year is 160 AF. AF, of course, standing for "After Fall." From what we know, in the year 0 AF, in but a single day, weapons of unknown origin and design laid waste to the planet. We know naught what they were. From what few records we have of them, the only reference that was understood was as such: That such weapons put to shame both the nuclear devices of man, and the wrathful hands of gods whose names we have long since forgotten. It seems then that if there were prayers for forgiveness and mercy, God was not listening. Strange permutations shook through the lands, creating mutations in men, beast, and even plants. It choked the atmosphere in dust, inducing an everlasting winter, which took several decades to pass.

    Since that time, makeshift towns have risen and fallen, and attempts to rekindle the light of civilization have, time and again, failed. Failed, that is, until sixty years ago.

    Towns began to rise and build large, protective walls. They began to cooperate with each other, and trade scavenged supplies, as well as coordinate fighting against the bandits and organized raider groups in the area. The environment, crippled by unknown toxins and traces of radiation, settled. Finally, they became united under a clandestine government known simply as "The Coalition." These walled colonies all united under TC rule became known as "bunker colonies" as they were often built around the reinforced bunkers at the centre of each town. Though their attempts have been admirable and necessary to maintain stability, they have only six colonies: New York, Montreal, Washington, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Toronto. None of them are completely independent: They all rely on each other to survive. Some lack food, others lack fuel, but all are entirely incapable of self-survival.

    There is one last town that could be argued to be under TC rule. Though not officially or entirely under TC control, Bunker Chicago is the only town on the continent that is walled, populated in the thousands, and is yet self-sufficient. It is a town dominated by salvagers, machine shops, and people who have spent their lives—sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically—building a better community.

    The town came to be forty years ago.

    TC Rulership didn't start until ten years ago.

    One would think that mankind would have learned its lesson once, about conflict. That they would learn to get along... Nowadays?...

    Tensions have been escalating between the "Old Guard" who once reigned supreme within the colony, and The Coalition, who insist on strength through unity. Though armed conflict has not yet arisen, some wonder if it is only a matter of time.

    Beyond the walls of Bunker Chicago, though savagely brought to the brink of annihilation, the Raiders still present a threat to the farmers and trade caravans. Both TC and Old Guard fight to take them down at any cost, and the fighting has come to a head: A final conflict is coming, one that should test the mettle of both Old Guard and TC forces, as the Raiders are ruthless veterans who have been fighting all their lives.

    Then, there's U-ARM. A handy acronym for the mouthful that is "United-American Revival Movement." Religious to iconography of the United States, and fanatically obsessed with "freedom or death." At all times they watch and wait for the right time to act, and care little for whoever may end up in the crosshairs of their little dream of empire. Those who refuse to convert are simply removed with banishment or death. TC and U-ARM have been waging an ideological war for years, but armed conflict between the two is not uncommon either.

    Finally, over the past few years, the number and severity of mutated genes within humans has been increasing at a surprising rate. A solid one in every fifteen people is now born with mutations physically noticeable by the time they hit puberty. Atop this, several mutants have been expressing emotional distress and feelings of agitation whenever near the ruins of the old city. None know what is causing this, just that it cannot possibly lead to anything good.

    Political conflicts among the leaders in charge, raiders that are fighting to the last, another extreme political movement just outside and possibly infiltrating within Bunker Chicago, and strange, ominous feelings coming from the ruins of the old city of Chicago...

    For one reason or another, you find yourself drawn to fighting off the Raiders. Joining with the Old Guard's military forces, you are scheduled to head out tomorrow to assault the last remaining raider leader's stronghold. Once he's gone, civilians in the area will finally know peace, and it will become, with any hope, a purely political conflict instead of an armed one.

    Of course, your reasons for joining this Old Guard military effort, and your relationship to the Old Guard, are entirely your own. None may control your destiny but you. Which poses the important question...

    Will you be there tomorrow when the world needs you most? When The Last Bastion of civilization needs you most?

    Section 2: World Background

    • [​IMG]

      The Old Guard (ToG) as they were originally known are no more. The Kingmaker faction has suffered a significant blow with the death of one of their two leaders, Devin Antoinette. With Marie Black growing more and more doubtful by the hour about her place in things, Carolyn Antoinette has risen up to take the mantle of this dying faction.

      The Old Guard were the original creators of Bunker Chicago. They were the first families--or the most skilled mechanically and militarily speaking--to take control. Though The Coalition claims to have official control over Bunker Chicago, it is The Old Guard who run the majority of its machine shops, salvaging operations, and other businesses. Lately, these businesses have been militarizing and acquiring more weapons.

      The primary governing force for The Old Guard is meritocracy. Those who are capable of leading, lead. Those who are not, step out of the way. Under Carolyn's leadership, they have started to adopt a military structure to their meritocracy--it's clear that Carolyn is reforming the faction now that she has taken control of it, but there's no certainty as to where she's taking it. These are turbulent times for The Old Guard.

      The Old Guard values Bunker Chicago--it's their home--and will do anything in their power to ensure its safety.

      They specialize at mass manufacturing and have the strongest support from the local population. They're also quite capable of reverse-engineering most technology they get their hands on.

      • The Coalition: Neutral. (Down from friendly.)
      • U-ARM: Hostile.
      • Red Star: Friendly. (Up from neutral.)
      • Children of Eve: Hostile.

    • [​IMG]

      The Coalition (TC) are a shadowy, oligarchic organization that rose from apparent “thin air” to aid the bunker colonies sixty years ago. They started out as an elite paramilitary organization equipped with advanced technology which struck from the shadows in rapid, vicious operations to take down any opponents to The Coalition and its allies. Their entire ideal is that of equality and sustainability first, rights and freedoms second. The survival of mankind and civilization always takes precedence to them over the value of any particular individual.

      In terms of a governing force, every colony is assigned a representative known as a Council Member. These Council Members are granted absolute authority and typically situate themselves at the emergency bunkers located at the centre of every Bunker colony. They're the ones to authorize local laws. In the case of Bunker Chicago, their Council Member is a man known as Ryan Dufont.

      Within Bunker Chicago, they maintain the food lines and laboratories, where they feed the population and continue obtaining and improving technology from the old world. They leave industry in the hands of the locals.

      They care for Bunker Chicago as a strategic asset--as being key to their advancement of human civilization. They will not give it up without a fight.

      They specialize in advanced technologies and genetic manipulation. They are at the cutting edge in every respect, and their elite soldiers are the best equipped out of any faction.

      • The Old Guard: Neutral. (Down from friendly.)
      • U-ARM: Hostile. (This cannot change.)
      • Red Star: Hostile.
      • Children of Eve: Hostile. (This cannot change.)

    • [​IMG]

      The United-American Revival Movement (U-ARM) was started after it became apparent that TC's primary objective was not about individual liberation, but about the survival of the species, even if it meant restricting rights and freedoms to incredible degrees. To those who operate within U-ARM, such a sentiment is an unacceptable violation of one's individual right to live as they choose. More good-aligned raiders and disgruntled bunker natives joined forces to try and resist TC rule. They own two Bunker Colonies in their own right—Bunker Charlotte, and Bunker Cincinnati, though both of these Bunkers are generally smaller than those under TC rulership.

      For them, Bunker Chicago stands as a pinnacle of individual achievement, and thus, it should not be assimilated into TC's rulership.

      In terms of military ability, where the TC use an elite paramilitary, U-ARM uses a mix of fanatical recruits and heavy weaponry. “Shock and awe” are their weapons, as well as being unpredictable. They hold a great deal of respect, sometimes outright religious fervour, for old American iconography. They hold an inherent extreme distrust for mutants, and this has hampered their recruitment efforts in some areas.

      In terms of governance, they technically hold democratic elections, though it's dubious as to how effective their democracy truly is outside of their Bunker Colonies. Their general ideal is to gain enough colonies to make it so they could have a capital with a representative democracy headed by a president. At present, democracies are held only at the local level.

      Within Bunker Chicago, they operate as a group that holds secretive meetings. It is officially illegal by TC law to be a member of U-ARM, but it hasn't stopped them from infiltrating small sections of the colony and spreading propagandist texts and papers.

      Where TC stands for survival, unity, and equality, U-ARM stands for liberation, humanity, and freedom. Though younger and weaker, they are the greatest threat to TC rule that presently exists today.

      They care about Bunker Chicago, and wish to see it as a free city. It is the greatest challenge to their ideology, and liberating it would go a long way to proving themselves in the eyes of the rest of the continent.

      They specialize at shock and awe tactics, and as such, pack larger weapons than the other factions ordinarily do. They are also excellent at ambushes, and usually get the first shot in any fight.

      • The Old Guard: Hostile. (Desiring neutrality.)
      • The Coalition: Hostile. (This cannot change.)
      • Red Star: Hostile.
      • Children of Eve: Hostile. (This cannot change.)
    • [​IMG]

      Red Star (RS) is a mysterious faction that originated from across the Pacific ocean. They fled their homeland aboard a few vessels and braved the journey to reach the West Coast of North America. There, they've made it their objective to acquire as many resources as possible, before their current food and fuel supplies aboard their civilian vessels runs out.

      In recent times, they've started recruiting locals on the continent to their side. Otherwise, the background of most who serve within Red Star is clearly discernible as that of foreigners.

      They are a fairly hidden group, keeping themselves out of the public eye and remaining invisible to all but a select few who know of their existence. They will keep things this way as long as possible.

      In terms of governing style, they are a military organization. They operate with cell factions that know little of one another's motives and activities, thus ensuring that if one cell is compromised, all others are safe. This does mean however that a cell operates on its own, without any hope of assistance from the primary chain of command. They have yet to decide on an ideal situation of governance for their civilian population, and will decide it over time.

      They don't overly care for Bunker Chicago so much, and more care about what Bunker Chicago can give them. While they have no intentions of harming the local population, they will happily leave it in a weak, frail state, sapping it of every resource they can get their hands on in order to save their own people.

      They specialize at tactical insertions and intelligence, having unmatched awareness of most battlefields. Additionally, their soldiers are few, but highly specialized--making it difficult to plan for their movements.

      • The Old Guard: Friendly. (Up from neutral.)
      • The Coalition: Hostile.
      • U-ARM: Hostile.
      • Children of Eve: Hostile.
    • [​IMG]

      The Children of Eve (CoE) are a faction of humanoids that have recently appeared in the city ruins of Bunker Chicago. They operate with largely unknown objectives, though possess fantastic biological powers, and seem to be focusing their efforts on recruiting mutants to their cause. Those who have joined them so far have yet to learn their true motives, and largely do so out of a sense of faith, or because they have nowhere to belong in their current society.

      They do appear to care about the affairs of Bunker Chicago, but only insofar as to how it affects their own plans. Beyond infiltrating the bunker to recruit mutants to their cause, they haven't had a reason to act against them.

      CoE shows blatant hostility to any faction intruding upon their territory, for any reason. Their territory is marked by an orange fog, within which all signs of organic life is missing. It isn't possible for people to walk into the fog without gas masks, as the air becomes instantly toxic and kills them without the masks.

      They specialize at having a significant level of genetic manipulation at their disposable. They are perhaps an entirely different species from humanity, possessing entirely different characteristics. It seems that whatever their plans, they will be making their move on them soon.

      • The Old Guard: Hostile.
      • The Coalition: Hostile.
      • U-ARM: Hostile.
      • Red Star: Hostile.

    • [​IMG]

      The last of the raider gangs, wiped out. Bosho's whereabouts are unknown.


    • 2060 AD (0 AF): The pre-cataclysm world is ended with weapons of mass destruction on a level beyond those of nuclear origins. Their original intent and abilities are unknown, but it is suspected that biological and ballistics warfare must have come to a head. The atmosphere is choked in radiation, and approximately 98% of the world's population is wiped out in the first month.
    • 10 AF: The first recorded (and surviving) accounts of mutations within humans, animals, and plants. Some mutations have little to no effect on their host, while others create entirely new and alien life forms.
    • 30 AF: Humanity remains scattered, records of the old world are sparse, and people begin to weave just as many myths and legends about the old world as they do tell truths.
    • 100 AF: The environment settles enough and the planet is sufficiently repopulated enough to allow for long term settlements to arise and remain. The first of which find themselves situation on the East Coast of North America. The Coalition rises to aid these fledgling colonies in order to network resources.
    • 110 AF: Between scavenging old surviving databases in cold storage all over the east coast, and an upmark in trade and immigration into the new colonies, technology from what seemed to be a utopian society is recovered. Nanomachines, rudimentary AI, advanced machining techniques, enlarged battery lifetimes, radar, basic laser technology, advanced ballistics warfare, and so on.
    • 120 AF: The Coalition becomes an outright governmental force over all colonies under its jurisdiction, so as to ensure maximum efficiency in trade and to prevent starvation. U-ARM rises out of a mix of Raider elements and those dissatisfied with TC rule to challenge TC. Both sides begin rearming. Bunker Chicago is founded outside of both TC and U-ARM sphere of influences, only a few miles away from the old city ruins.
    • 150 AF: TC Expands and offers to incorporate Bunker Chicago as a “special state” which maintains its own local governing privileges. Bunker Chicago accepts, in exchange for aid against raider forces.
    • 155 AF: U-ARM moves into the local area and begins an ideological war against TC to try and win Bunker Chicago's citizens to its side. TC and U-ARM forces engage in occasional conflicts, though both sides surprisingly maintain an armistice within Bunker Chicago itself, as neither side wishes to aggravate the only self-sustaining colony on the continent into turning on them.
    • 160 AF: Raider forces have been pushed to the brink of destruction. Only one major gang remains. TC and Bunker Chicago are readying to take it down, though TC has been slowly restricting local government's ability to rule, leaving some disgruntled. It's speculated that TC has no intention of leaving Bunker Chicago's fate to itself once the raiders are taken care of. Regardless, an attack is being prepared to take down the last of the raider forces in the area, thus creating the first, and perhaps only, raider safe zone in the world.

    As a quick note about the technological level of The Last Bastion, refer here for a few notes and to get a general idea of where technology is in the post apocalyptic near-future.

    • Cybernetics: These are a thing and do exist, but are hard to come by. Generally only TC's laboratories or U-ARM's underground markets offer them, and the latter will notoriously be ridden with defects that take several visits of machine shop repairs to make work properly. These limbs are not particularly stronger than their organic counterparts unless someone invests a lot of time and high quality materials into their make, but even then, they do still have human limits. For example: You can't get cybernetic implants to run at the speed of sound, your eyes would fall behind and you would inevitably run into physical obstructions constantly.
    • Biological Mutations: Anyone who is gifted (or conversely cursed) with mutagens in their DNA can have these mutagens guided toward specific changes in a person's biological structure. In other words: The ability to fly, or become telepathic, or gain strength or dexterity, or endurance, or an unusually alluring charm through pheromones, or anything else under the sun. No two mutants are quite alike, though they are often all referred to as “listeners.” The more mutations one acquires, the harder it is for them to remain coherent and mentally stable.
    • Advanced Ballistics: Bullets can be tipped with toxins or gasses, missiles can be set up with advanced guidance systems to try and avoid incoming fire, et cetera. The days of “it's just a stick that shoots pellets” are long gone, and technology is typically used to amplify certain aspects of ballistics weapons, wherever able.
    • Lasers: Laser rifles, laser cannons, et cetera. In weaponry terms, they're best used as one sudden burst—the more power any single shot has, the greater the output of energy against a target. They don't have recoil, which makes them pinpoint accurate, but they suffer humongous power drain and heat dissipation problems which hold them back from automatic fire. (IE: You get one shot, then need to wait to cool down at least a few seconds before you can fire again.) They can melt through terrain and armour, and handheld rifles produce almost no sound when firing, though they do produce bright flashes of light. Outside of weaponry, they make highly detailed and rapid surgical procedures possible, and have uses in welding (ex: Laser torch) that make them useful and sought after commodities for machine shops.
    • Rudimentary AI: Nothing on the level of “I, Robot” as they are not truly self-aware. Instead, they are simply automated processes that can help a person perform multiple tasks simultaneously and efficiently. (Ex: A tank with only one user inside, a rifle with targeting assist, et cetera.)
    • SST: Survival Suit Tech. Armour has evolved to the point of having further gadgetry and technology integrated into it, just the same as weaponry. Anything from wrist sensors to target marking visors to dynamic camouflage suits exist in this universe. Grappling hooks, jet packs (though with limited fuel), and cybernetic enhancements to armour also exist. SST developments are generally the response toward mutants from a development standpoint, the two being in a constant arms race over which is ultimately superior: Biology, or technology. SST improvements can usually be upsized and applied to vehicles as well.

    Section 3: Character Sheet

    Copy-Paste version of the CS
    [b]Name:[/b] (Your character's name.)
    [b]Age:[/b] (Your character's age. None younger than 16 may apply.)
    [b]Gender:[/b] (Your character's gender, whatever it may be.)
    [b]Appearance:[/b] (What your character looks like. A picture or text description will do equally well.)

    [b]Biography:[/b] (Your character's past. Try to explain how he or she gathered any of their strengths/weaknesses through this. Minimum one paragraph or more.)
    [b]Mutagens in DNA?:[/b] (Yes/No.) (This determines whether or not your character can gain the benefits and weaknesses of mutations, and is far more important later on in the story.)
    [b]Mutagens Active?:[/b] (Yes/No.) (This determines whether or not your character's Mutagens are currently active as mutations, whether beneficial or negative. This grants you access to unique powers, and is a prerequisite for being a Listener, or having any powers as a Listener.)
    [b]Vehicle?:[/b] (Yes/No, list it here.) (This determines whether or not your character possesses a vehicle. It can be either a tank or a helicopter. If you lose this tank or helicopter, it is generally assumed you can get a free replacement later, so long as your character survives and makes it to an area with machine shops, such as Bunker Chicago. To upgrade your vehicle beyond a “de facto standard,” make pilot skills related to your vehicle. [b]You must spend a minimum of three points on Pilot strengths before you may possess a vehicle[/b]. If you use a tank, it's assumed it will have an AI package so your character can use it effectively by themselves.)

    [b]Strengths (Grunt):[/b] (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. [b]You have seven points[/b] to spend on Strengths.)
    [LIST=1][*]Title: I am a strength.[/LIST]
    [b]Strengths (Listener):[/b] (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. [b]You have seven points[/b] to spend on Strengths.)
    [LIST=1][*]Title: I am a strength.[/LIST]
    [b]Strengths (Pilot):[/b] (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. [b]You have seven points[/b] to spend on Strengths.)
    [LIST=1][*]Title: I am a strength.[/LIST]

    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Your character's weaknesses. Refer to Section 4 for more information. Unlike strengths, these are not related to a class. You must have one weakness for every two strengths.)
    [LIST=1][*]Title: I am a weakness.[/LIST]

    [b]Equipment:[/b] (Stuff your character has. Basic firearms and ballistics vests cost nothing, as well as basic first aid kits and the like. Anything that a random civilian could be excused for possessing, so can your character.)

    [b]Other:[/b] (Whatever other information you wish to input.)
    [b]Signature:[/b] (Put your username here to confirm that you have read and agreed to the rules.)

    Name: (Your character's name.)
    Age: (Your character's age. None younger than 16 may apply.)
    Gender: (Your character's gender, whatever it may be.)
    Appearance: (What your character looks like. A picture or text description will do equally well.)

    Biography: (Your character's past. Try to explain how he or she gathered any of their strengths/weaknesses through this. Minimum one paragraph or more.)
    Mutagens in DNA?: (Yes/No.) (This determines whether or not your character can gain the benefits and weaknesses of mutations, and is far more important later on in the story.)
    Mutagens Active?: (Yes/No.) (This determines whether or not your character's Mutagens are currently active as mutations, whether beneficial or negative. This grants you access to unique powers, and is a prerequisite for being a Listener, or having any powers as a Listener.)
    Vehicle?: (Yes/No, list it here.) (This determines whether or not your character possesses a vehicle. It can be either a tank or a helicopter. If you lose this tank or helicopter, it is generally assumed you can get a free replacement later, so long as your character survives and makes it to an area with machine shops, such as Bunker Chicago. To upgrade your vehicle beyond a “de facto standard,” make pilot skills related to your vehicle. You must spend a minimum of three points on Pilot strengths before you may possess a vehicle. If you use a tank, it's assumed it will have an AI package so your character can use it effectively by themselves.)

    Strengths (Grunt): (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. You have seven points to spend on Strengths.)
    1. Title: I am a strength.
    Strengths (Listener): (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. You have seven points to spend on Strengths.)
    1. Title: I am a strength.
    Strengths (Pilot): (Your character's strengths as a Grunt, Listener, or Pilot. Refer to Section 4 for more information. You have seven points to spend on Strengths.)
    1. Title: I am a strength.

    Weaknesses: (Your character's weaknesses. Refer to Section 4 for more information. Unlike strengths, these are not related to a class. You must have one weakness for every two strengths.)
    1. Title: I am a weakness.

    Equipment: (Stuff your character has. Basic firearms and ballistics vests cost nothing, as well as basic first aid kits and the like. Anything that a random civilian could be excused for possessing, so can your character.)

    Other: (Whatever other information you wish to input.)
    Signature: (Put your username here to confirm that you have read and agreed to the rules.)

    Section 4: Grunts, Listeners, Pilots

    KEEP IN MIND: Strengths and weaknesses are the total sum amount of special skills, powerful equipment, and unique genetic alterations your character has obtained in their lifetime. To start with, you have seven points you can create strengths with. You can spend multiple points in a single strength to make it stronger. You will gain more over time. You need one weakness for every two strengths you possess. You get to create your own strengths and weaknesses, and fit them in each class! As a rule of thumb...

    Grunts use their training and experience as soldiers and survivalists.
    Listeners use mutagenic properties in their DNA to “code” new biological mutations for themselves.
    Pilots use vehicles, drones, and advanced technology.

    You can upgrade these skills now, or later. As your character grows and makes decisions in this story, they'll gain the ability to add additional strengths and weaknesses later. As a rule of thumb, try to have one weakness for every two strengths, and you have seven points to spend on strengths to start with. If you have an odd number of strengths (ex: 7 strengths), round down the number of weaknesses you need. If you have one strength with multiple points invested in it (ex: "Ability A (costs 3 points)") then for practical purposes, it counts as three strength's worth of points in a single trait, and you still need to apply one weakness to go with it. :ferret:

    You may wish to keep yourself constrained to 1-2 skill trees and leave a third out (ex: making a listener-pilot hybrid and leaving out grunt skills), especially in the beginning. It is also perfectly acceptable to put all of your points into only one of the three skill trees and be a pure Grunt, Listener, or Pilot: It's your character, you decide who they are!

    Beyond this, remember: Every decision you make will have consequences, sometimes dire, for both your characters and the world in which they live. This includes your strengths and weaknesses. Don't be too reckless!

    • [​IMG]

      Grunts are by and far the most common and typically underrated among the three classes. They specialize in survival, sharpshooting, and adapting to their environment however it most suits them. When one thinks of a soldier, or any other trained infantry combatant, they're thinking of Grunts. When one thinks of battlefield medics applying nanomachines to mend a person's injuries, they're thinking of Grunts. When one wishes to be trained in the skills necessary to knock someone around in CQC, they are thinking of Grunts.

      When taking skills as a Grunt, consider them as human as is possible. They use their training and experience to resolve situations, instead of mutations or gadgetry. They've honed body and mind to track targets, avoid detection, and so on. They also tend to harmonize well with specific weapons. A Grunt trained specifically with rifles will be far deadlier than a Listener or Pilot will be with that very same weapon.

      In essence, Grunt skills are just that: Skills. You can have medical nanobots as a Pilot, but a Grunt's training will teach you how to use them most efficiently. Grunts are also tinkerers by nature, though they're restricted to weapons and armour exclusively. Grunts are likely to modify their own firearms heavily with equipment they've salvaged from others. All in the name of survival.

      The more points you invest into Grunt skills, the greater your overall luck with survival will become. Grunts have an uncanny knack for surviving falls that should probably kill them, and having enemies leave them for dead instead of finishing them off. They're constantly underestimated due to their lack of technological prowess or biological adaptations, and as such, Grunts will get second chances where most would not.

    • [​IMG]

      Listeners are generally among the rarer types, as most people tend to find an aversion toward ripping apart their own genetic code. Perhaps understandable, though some have no choice, as mutations are often involuntary in nature. When one is a mutant, their mutations grow with or without their direction and desire, and the only choice a person gets in the matter is in seeing if The Coalition's laboratories will help guide their mutations in more productive directions.

      Mutations are derived at a genetic level through a compound known as “mutagens.” The origin and functionality of mutagens is unknown, but their purpose is as such: They rewrite, create, and destroy genetic code as is necessary in order to adapt the host with new biological abilities. These biological abilities can be nearly anything one can imagine. Furthermore, they seem to share an as of yet not scientifically understood link to each other, both within the host, and with mutagens in other hosts nearby. One could evolve the capacity to fly, or see with sharper clarity, or regenerate tissue rapidly, or obtain telepathic powers, or anything else one can imagine. However, there is a price to this near unlimited potential.

      Every mutation brings one further away from their human nature. It makes sense: The more one changes, the less one possesses of their previous lives. Nonetheless, mutations distort a person's sense of self, and make it harder for them to retain their sanity under extreme stress.

      The more points one invests in Listener strengths, the easier it is for them to detect powerful mutants—be they animals, plants, or other people, as a sixth sense. Additionally, they also tend to have a sixth sense for danger in general, though it's most potent when detecting dangers from other mutants.

      They are named “Listeners” instead of “Mutants” due to their tendency to “feel” and “hear” the presence of powerful and dangerous mutants. Having a mutant among trade caravans makes it easier to detect if they're about to be beset upon by deranged beasts who may have once been men—thus, the title: Listener.

    • [​IMG]

      Pilots are less common than Grunts, but more common than Listeners. They're a powerful lot unto themselves, and tend to focus their time and effort on learning and developing technology. The term “Pilot” in and of itself is, perhaps, a bit of a criminal understatement: They are engineers and scientists too. They pilot tanks and helicopters—ones which they themselves typically built for weeks if not months at a time—and as such, many pilots bond to their gear much as if they were living, breathing people. To this end, they're also specialists with AI tech and cybernetics.

      Pilots spend much of their time with advanced technology. They do so with vehicles—such as tanks and helicopters—and are almost always proficient in their use. They're good with computers, and rarely find themselves without modified personal armour and gadgets. They use drones as well, typically to keep themselves out of direct harm's way. Pilots do not have the survivability of Grunts, nor do they have the sheer biological versatility of Listeners. Without their vehicles, they do not perform well on the front line, and are better suited to using drones (offensively) or turrets (defensively).

      In essence: Pilot strengths are all about technology, vehicular combat, and gadgetry.

      To that end, it should be no surprise that for every point spent in Pilot strengths, your ability to use any kind of technology improves. Vehicles become more efficient, drones become harder to kill, gadgets last longer and do more when used, et cetera.

    Section 5: Rules

    1. I am the GM. My word is final.
    2. Your character can die in this RP. There are essentially no instant kills, but if your character makes a series of very poor decisions, or does something incredibly stupid, I will not hesitate to kill them off.
    3. If I have to tell you to obey Iwaku's rules with this rule, you probably aren't reading this rule. :ferret:
    4. I'm hoping to get weekly or biweekly posts out of this RP. I will inform you as to when the next IC post goes up.
    5. This RP has extremely dark themes, darker than any of my other role play universes. Do not join if death and torture makes you squeamish, there will be plenty of both.
    6. Have fun!

    Section 6: Ancillary

    Total Characters: 13/14.
    Political Affiliations: These demonstrate the affiliations characters have with various factions in the world. Important for determining NPC relationships upon meeting PC's, among other things. "Affiliation" means a character is presently working for a faction, but is not a member of that faction. "Member (weak)" means that character is officially a member of a faction, but has yet to present true loyalty to them. "Member "strong" means a character is a member of a faction, and has demonstrated true loyalty toward it.
    • The Old Guard: The original ruling faction of Bunker Chicago.
      • Known NPC's: Carolyn Antoinette (Field Operative), Devin Antoinette (Leader), Marie Black (Leader).
      • PC's: Kiku (Affiliation), Hewitt Ziegler (Affiliation), Box Copter (Affiliation), Robert Coffey "Bob" (Affiliation), Catheryn "Ryn" (Affiliation).
    • The Coalition: The new autocratic government of the East Coast of North America, ensuring equality for all.
      • Known NPC's: Ryan Dufont (Leader), Jenive Rousseau (Field Operative), Adrik Ivanov (Field Operative).
      • PC's: Aleksa Volkov (Affiliation), Gabriel Desrochers (Affiliation), Shlan Fletcher (Affiliation), Tristan Sovres (Affiliation), Carter (Affiliation), Russell Johnson (Affiliation).
    • U-ARM: The rebels fighting against autocracy in the name of fanaticism, and freedom.
      • Known NPC's: None.
      • PC's: None.
    • Red Star: The last survivors of a once beautiful land, now trying to buy time and resources for a new homeland.
      • Known NPC's: Morai Lee (Field Operative).
      • PC's: Ozymandias (Affiliation).
    • Children of Eve: The bright but unstable future of man, laid in the hands of infinity's mother.
      • Known NPC's: Evelynn Tenebris (Leader).
      • PC's: Florence Morgenstern (Affiliation).
    • Bosho's Raiders: [DEFEATED]
      • Known NPC's: Bosho (Dead, unconfirmed).
      • PC's: None.

    Active Character List
    Kiku. Author: Limeypanda. Faction: The Old Guard.

    Hewitt Ziegler. Author: Holmishire. Faction: The Old Guard.

    Aleksa Volkov. Author: Tyrannosaurus Rekt. Faction: The Coalition.

    Box Copter. Author: RedWillow. Faction: The Old Guard.

    Ozymandias. Author: Grothnor. Faction: Red Star.

    Robert Coffey "Bob". Author: Jorick. Faction: The Old Guard.

    Gabriel Desrochers. Author: Rain of the Night. Faction: The Coalition.

    Florence Morgenstern. Author: Sai Zhang. Faction: Children of Eve.

    Shlan Fletcher. Author: HerziQuerzi. Faction: The Coalition.

    Tristan Sovres. Author: Maxim. Faction: The Coalition.

    Catheryn (Ryn). Author: Seba. Faction: The Old Guard.

    Carter. Author: Potatocat. Faction: The Coalition.

    Russell Johnson. Author: DeadAxl. Faction: The Coalition.

    Inactive Character List
    Phelan Kell. Author: Kadaeux. Faction: N/A.

    Dennis 'Throughway' Godsmen. Author: Thymine. Faction: N/A.

    Convict. Author: Red Velvet. Faction: N/A.

    Dimas Roul Pokorny. Author: WhisperingWillows. Faction: N/A.

    Dead Character List
    Peter. Author: Snakey. Faction: Children of Eve.

    Section 7: Story So Far

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  2. Name: Kiku…Just Kiku
    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Kiku is an attractive woman with some hints of Asian heritage. She stands at a low five foot, five and weighs in at just over one-hundred pounds. Her hair is black, and generally kept at a scruffy, medium length. Her eyes are a rather distinct feature, as they resonate a sort of predatory yellow colour and have slit, almost-reptilian pupils. Her skin colour, which seems to fluctuate between pale and tan depending on the light, is covered in a number of blemishes: old scars, and burns marring her flesh, especially on her arms. Her face is kept clear though; pretty enough to be alluring, despite the distinct alien-ness she might give off.

    The Biography (open)

    Kiku's earliest memories are of a homestead, owned by a doting father and a few other independents. She can't much remember what part of the world she lived in at this point: Geography doesn't matter for a story like this. All she knows is that her homestead was attacked and overrun by Raiders, who murdered every man in the homestead, and then abducted the women and the children.

    For some time after this, Kiku and her mother were bounced around various Raider facilities. Kiku was forced to work, while her mother was taken away to do whatever it is the Raiders wanted of her behind closed doors. For years and years this continued, and as Kiku grew older, she saw her mother less and less. Eventually, the pair were sold off to a group of Raiders in Chicago, whose leader had a thing for Asian cuisine. When they were shipped off to this Raider-camp, her mother was separated from her permanently.

    One night, when she was fourteen, after a particularly brutal day of particularly brutal work, Kiku wished on every fiber of her being that she'd be given the chance to kill the Raider leader who tortured her, and ripped away her freedom. She was barely more than a feral creature in a young woman's form; having been taught so little by the other slaves at the time. She heard the sound of gunshots in the night, and was roused from sleep by the screams of men. The door was left unlocked to the slave pen, and Kiku thought she'd been given an opportunity by some impossible force. She snuck her way through the camp, avoiding the detection of the frantic guard with a supernatural ease. She made her way to the biggest of the converted ruins; the place that the Raider-leader called his lair. She'd been taken there a few times before, although she preferred not to think about it.

    When she got there, she smelt something that reeked of rot. It made her want to vomit, but her purpose settled her empty stomach. When she got deeper into the ruin, she made her way straight to the man's bedroom. Before she could make it to the main door though, she heard a muffled groaning sound. What came after that, she refuses to speak of, to this day.

    She made her way into the next room with a silent, predatory coldness. She saw the man, fiddling with some weird thing on a table with bright lights and loud clacking buttons. His back was to her as she pushed open the door, and as she grabbed a discarded piece of heavy, jagged glass.

    When the Old Guard made their way into the Raider-Leader's room, they found the mutilated corpse of the man on the floor; over Seventy stab wounds littering his heavily bleeding corpse. It was Maria Black who looked to the bed, seeing the curled up ball of a sleeping girl, covered head-to-toe in blood. When the woman shook awake the young girl, she saw the mutant eyes, and asked her for a name. She shrugged, and the Old Guard decided that the best thing for her was to take the girl back to Bunker Chicago; better to keep a potentially dangerous listener at the Bunker, after all. There were no other slaves on the site, most of them having escaped in the chaos, or having been shot down by raiders. One was found in the room next to the Raider-leaders, smothered.

    After that, Kiku was taken to Bunker Chicago, where she was taught the basics needed to survive, and she made it clear her intent was to join the Old Guard once she was trained for it. She agreed to undergo some basic therapy and study to bring out her latent Listener capabilities, either unaware of the issues that would cause later; or just uncaring of them.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes
    Mutagens Active?: Yes
    Vehicle?: No
    Strengths (Grunt): 4 Points
    1. Trained Shooter - Since her rescue by Maria Black, Kiku has undergone the basics of military training with the fully advertised intent to join the Old Guard's military operations. She is trained with most available weapon types, and has thus far best resonated with Semi-automatic Carbines.
      • Trained Shooter level 2, Steady Aim - After seeking out some lessons from Maria, Kiku started to refine her craft somewhat. She had been given the rather simple advice to 'make each shot count', and that is exactly what her shooting style focuses on; Accuracy and lethality above all else. This is also reflected in her choice of weapon, a high-caliber, Semi-automatic, scoped Carbine she affectionately calls "BB" or 'The Bosho Buster'.
    2. Agile Hunter - While she might have somewhat outgrown the traits of her more feral upbringing, Kiku knows the immense value of being quiet, and having a light step. Kiku's combat style favours ambushes and scouting missions. She is quick, quiet, and is skilled at avoiding detection until it's time to strike.
    3. Knife Fighter - Perhaps her most unorthodox skill, Kiku is a skilled fighter when it comes to brawling with fists and, more importantly, with a knife. She is able to carve up a person pretty damn well, and she knows how to silently kill a person if she gets the jump on a target.
    Strengths (Listener): 3 Points
    1. Chameleon - The most prominent of Kiku's mutations, Kiku has the ever-useful ability to change her skin colour to match that of her surroundings, allowing her to hide in plain sight with near-invisibility. It takes a moment or two to do so, and the ability seems to require her concentration to maintain properly, but the applications are obvious, especially for a soldier.
      • Chameleon level 2, Trick of the Light - After some help from the more Scientific minds of the TC's various institutions, it was discovered that Kiku's mutation was less that of skin colour alteration, and more an advanced bending of light. Kiku's ability to hide herself extends beyond just her own body. Kiku can hide herself, her clothing, and anything on her direct person without much strain for extended periods of time. Anything beyond that is currently beyond her skill set, however.
    2. Predatory Vision - Kiku's other mutation allows her a greater acuity of vision. At its base, Kiku is granted a longer range of vision, and a greater ability to make out details from far away. If she concentrates for a few moment, Kiku can seemingly 'turn on' her mutation, and she gains a rudimentary sort of thermal-vision. Limitations currently exist though, as her Thermal-vision cannot pierce through dense barriers, such as Metal, or thicker layers of stone. Attempting to use her thermal-vision for any extended period leaves her with a pounding headache.
    Strengths (Pilot): 0 Points

    Weaknesses: (Your character's weaknesses. Refer to Section 4 for more information. Unlike strengths, these are not related to a class. You must have one weakness for every two strengths.)
    1. Uneducated - Kiku has a very distinct lack of core education. After all, she's only really had the chance to live inside the relative safety of the Bunker for just over Four and a half years. She can only do the most basic tasks in regards to reading and writing, and has a general lack of understanding when it comes to technology apart from the most basic of basics. If you ask her to retrieve a complicated piece of technology, you better had a picture; because Kiku would struggle to tell the difference between a computer and a microwave.
    2. Obvious Freak - Kiku's mutations are not easy to hide. For one, her eyes are about as unnatural as they come, and make it obvious that she's a mutant. Add to that her skin colours unnatural habit of shifting between paler and more tan shades at a subconscious level, and you might understand how impossible it is for the young listener to hide her mutations from those that would discriminate against them.
    3. Unhinged Hatred - Kiku's core motivation is based in her unbridled hatred for all things Raider. They managed to ruin her life, and the only thing that kept her mostly-sane for her years of torture was her dedication to survive, and to seek out revenge. This has left a number of...quirks for the young woman; namely an almost inconsolable hatred for Raiders, and a dependency on carnal pleasures to bolster her self-worth.

    Equipment: Scoped, Semi-Automatic Carbine; A silenced pistol; Combat Knife; Basic Ballistic Armour; Normal Clothing; Wrist-watch (Broken); Small necklace with a platinum ring on it, 'My precious Kiku' engraved on the inside.

    Other: Kiku's opinions on Important Characters (To be added later.)

    Signature: I, LimeyPanda, hereby confirm I have read the rules and am thus promise to: obey Iwaku's site-rules; be aware of the inherent possibility of character death, or worse; post weekly/fortnightly; and have fun.
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  3. Count me innn !

  4. Name: Robert Coffey, but most everyone calls him Bob.
    Age: 49
    Gender: Male
    Large Image
    Image borrowed from Timur Mutsaev (thanks @Holmishire for tracking the name down)

    Bob looks basically like the picture, though the weapons are off: he uses a carbine rather than the kind of rifle slung over the back, and his laser pistol probably doesn't glow weirdly blue.

    Biography: Robert Coffey wasn't born in Bunker Chicago, which would've been quite a feat seeing as he has nearly a decade on the place taking that name, but he was born in the settlement that eventually became Bunker Chicago. Little Bobby was just another one of the runts, the only son of John and Eliza Coffey, a man who could've accurately been called a grunt and a woman who tinkered with relics of the old world. They were fairly unremarkable folks in the grand scheme of things, going along with the formation of Bunker Chicago without ever rising to any prominence, but they instilled in their son a great pride for the place and loyalty to its people, along with some other values like honesty and humility and so on that he picked up on better than most. They ended up passing away without seeing their son reach twenty, but that was sadly all too common at the time and the tragedy went unremarked.

    As a man on his own in the world, Bob Coffey followed in his father's footsteps. He'd learned all the basics of the grunt life from his father, but it was a rather independent and selfish sort of curriculum that put one's own survival above all else, and so Bob chose to steer clear of the budding bunker military forces for quite a long time. Instead he worked as a gun for hire, a mix of bodyguard and mercenary, for whoever offered good pay and didn't seem like they were up to no good. Some people resented his refusals of lucrative contracts and others hated him for appearing morally superior to them, but he paid them and their grudges little mind. Quite a few times he was forced into doing some dirty work in order to save his own hide after being deceived by an employer, and that was only to be expected in that line of work, but Bob came to hate that kind of bullshit after a while and decided to try his hand at making a living working solo.

    It went okay for a couple years, but then Bob decided he was tired of just following a pack of five raiders waiting for the perfect opportunity and he could definitely take them all out with no problems if he got the drop on them. That didn't pan out too well: the raiders died, but he ended up crawling a few miles back to Bunker Chicago with bullets in his right leg and both arms. Having partners to count on was far more important than he'd previously expected, and that awfully close call acted as a sort of enlightenment. A few months of recovery time late, Bob joined up with the bunker security forces in his mid thirties. It didn't take long for his experience and skill to get recognized, and soon enough he was leading squads of his own on missions. He never pursued higher rungs on the ladder of command, but he was willing to take the step up whenever it was offered as being the best thing for the mission at hand, or the military force as a whole, or so on and so forth. Few people ever thought him fit for a top level command position, but he seemed right at home leading small to medium sized groups, so that's where he stayed.

    The past decade of Bob's life has been relatively stagnant when looked at from a wide angle. It has all pretty much revolved around his work with the Old Guard's military efforts, which took up by far most of his time. There was a period of a couple weeks in there, six years back, when he took some time away from the work because he felt real strange for a bit, and then everyone seemed to like him even more than usual, and then a routine medical examination ended up with him seeing a Coalition doctor who said something about mutations and pheromones, but Bob decided that wasn't anything to worry about and went about his business. There were a few romantic flings with fellow bunker military personnel, but none had real staying power. More recently he has been one of the soldiers helping with Marie Black's effort to exterminate raiders around Bunker Chicago, during which time he was taught some things about how fancy technology can make a grunt's life better, and he has a lot of respect for her work. It came as no surprise to anyone when Bob volunteered to join the mission to take down Bosho and his gang of thugs, because fighting the bad guys is just what Bob does.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes
    Mutagens Active?: Yes
    Vehicle?: No

    Strengths (Grunt):
    1. It ain't just luck (2 points): Fighting as a career doesn't usually lead to a long life. The fact that Bob is pushing 50 and still alive and working in the field is not a fluke. The trick is to learn to always keep aware of your surroundings and to read the flow of a fight to see what might be coming your way soon, and that's a trick Bob has mastered. Even if he's ostensibly distracted, Bob can almost always spot a threat coming and has so far always been able to get out of the way of mortal wounds. He's taken quite a lot of non-fatal blows, but that's always better than a knife in the heart.
    2. Follow my lead and we might live through this (2 points): Bob's been there and done that and lived through it. As such, he knows what he's doing and he knows what other people should be doing. This of course means that Bob naturally takes a leadership role whenever possible, and he tends to do a damn fine job of it. People tend to want to follow his lead, and they do their jobs better when he's the one telling them to do it. Most people attribute this to Bob making sound tactical decisions, but he's always said people are just more comfortable following directions so they're more relaxed and confident when doing so. Whatever the case may be, nobody can deny Bob's effectiveness as a leader.
    3. Just call me Bob: A rugged old leading soldier is usually also a hardbitten asshole who commands just as much fear as respect. Bob doesn't fit this mold. He doesn't bother with much formality, he doesn't act like he's better than others, and he tells people to call him Bob rather than whatever title or rank might be appropriate. This sort of attitude makes some people want to help him with whatever he needs, or they might want to follow his suggestions in a battle over what a higher ranking person has ordered, and he even once convinced a weasel of a raider to turn on his friends after just a five minute chat. People like Bob, plain and simple.
    Strengths (Listener):
    1. Ferrawhats? No, just my natural charm, don't worry about it: Though he doesn't like to admit it, Bob's charm actually isn't just a matter of an affable personality. Many years ago he experienced a spontaneous mutation that he didn't understand until much later, he just knew that people liked him more after those couple weeks of feeling not right in his own body. The doctors who discovered the mutation said it was all pheromones, meant to make everyone nearby feel most positively inclined toward Bob, but he decided to ignore it and hope nobody else would notice it. That hasn't really panned out, but Bob ain't no quitter, so he still pretends to not be a mutant most of the time.
    Strengths (Pilot):
    1. I call her Ann. Watch out, she's a feisty one: Over the years Bob has picked up some high tech tricks from pilots and engineers and whatnot. Being a straightforward fellow, the only obvious use for fancy tech that he could think up was to improve his gun, a semi-automatic rifle that he named Ann. Ann now has a fancy AI aim assist system, because more accuracy means more dead bad guys means Bob lives longer. Straightforward soldier logic at work.

    1. Got no time for bullshit: Bob can't stand liars and time wasters. He's usually a very laid back guy, but if he thinks you're yanking his chain or taking too damned long saying or doing something then he's going to let you know in very blunt terms. This has caused him a lot of problems in the past, especially with superior officers who have been on the wrong end of that bluntness. However, what has caused even more problems is that he applies these values to himself: he is far more honest than he should be and he can be a bit reckless in pushing forward while others dawdle; most of his scars have come from mishaps of the latter sort, though he has a couple he attributes to being too honest.
    2. You live long enough and you'll get some of your own, kiddo: Affable though he may be, even Bob has made enemies. There are some raiders out there nursing a grudge after making it out alive when Bob and co. killed their pals, there are some folks in the bunker who got passed up for promotions or lucrative jobs in favor of Bob, there are some who think the old man needs to step down and let younger people win their own share of glory, and there are even some who hate him because he's just a nice old guy who has managed to do well for himself without being broken by the world around him. There's no telling who exactly might hold a grudge against Bob for some reason, and they could show up at just the wrong time to ruin his day.
    3. Ain't as spry as I used to be: Bob is an old man, and old men aren't known for their physical fitness. He's better off than most his age since he has kept active, but there's no denying the wear and tear of years. He's just as good as men half his age at the start of a mission or a fight, but the longer things draw on the more he'll tire and fall behind, and this is of course compounded by any extra strain (be it physical or mental) put on the old fellow.

    Semi-automatic carbine with AI aim assist package, nicknamed Ann
    Unmodified laser pistol
    Ballistics vest
    Combat knives
    First aid kit
    Basic clothing (includes a hat)
    Timeworn silver medallion, outline of a face in profile barely visible
    Broken goggles worn on hat
    Box of cigars
    Box of matches

    Other: Bob is very much known for being a staunch Old Guard loyalist. If anyone wants to have their character know Bob from before the start of the RP, I'm cool with it as long as there's a rational reason for it and you bring it up with me before throwing it into the IC.

    Signature: Jorick done did read them there rules and agreed to 'em, I tell ya hwat.
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  5. Copperhound

    ©Marko Djurdjevic

    Name: Shlan Fletcher
    Age: Thirty-three
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'11"/180cm. 167lbs/75kg. A physically fit woman with weathered sepia skin and strong, angular facial features. Dark brown dreadlocks reach down upper back, out of the way of hard green eyes.
    Hexcode: #930

    Shlan was born and raised among a scavenging group in what used to be Alberta. Numbering just over a dozen, they struggled in the harsh environment to find enough food to feed them all, while also avoiding roaming raider gangs. Half destroyed novels and textbooks let Shlan pick up a rudimentary knowledge of her letters and numbers, but never progressed past what one might expect of an elementary or middle school student.

    In the wilds, there was one simple rule Shlan was raised by: trust no-one and nothing that isn't one of your own. Raiders, mutants, wild beasts, and the environment itself all sought to kill her and her family, year after year. And year after year, word spread back and forth of bunkers to the east that had re-established civilization. At first, they dismissed them as rumours. Then lamented over sheltered fires that it was a meagre and futile attempt at stability, doomed to collapse by next winter. But eventually, they realized that there might actually be some safety to be found in this crippled world, and made their way east.

    Shlan was twenty-two and her group half the size it had been during her childhood by the time they reached Bunker Toronto, but reach it they did. Shlan learned what it meant to be well-fed, clean, and safe. Yet her mind refused to settle. Every stranger in the crowded streets set her on edge, every noise at night kept sleep at bay. The crowding buildings and rushed people left her feeling trapped, and after a few years of stress and restlessness, decided the civilian life wasn't for her. Joining up with a mercenary group passing through, Shlan spent several years fighting for a living, adding a few more names to those she considered family and eventually ending up at Bunker Chicago, hired to help deal with the last of the local raiders.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes
    Mutagens Active?: No
    Vehicle?: No

    Strengths (Grunt): Seven Points
    • Hail Of Lead: Preferring quantity over quality, Shlan uses an assault rifle and relies more on filling the opposition with bullets rather than a single crippling head shot.
      • Enter The Forge: Sometimes your best option is to spray and pray. When necessary, Shlan can provide ample covering fire for her allies by riddling a large swathe of area with bullets.
      • Clouds of Ash: Shlan's rifle has been modified to have a secondary under-barrel used to fire tear gas canisters. The gas usually only takes a few seconds to take effect, temporarily blinding those affected by it and restricting airways.
    • Steel Resolve: Personal armor grants Shlan a hardiness and tenacity her normal flesh and bones couldn't hope to match.
    • Quicksilver: A good sense of spatial awareness combined with general physical coordination lets Shlan shoot in one direction while moving in another with minimal to no penalties to either (depending on terrain and range).
    • Sparks and Blows: Part of Shlan's arsenal of tools are several demolition packages. Set to be remote activated, they can be stuck to any surface and will emit a directional explosion when set off, meant to destroy whatever surface they were attached to.
    • Fan the Flames: The combination of constant gunfire, explosives, and smoke screens Shlan lays down takes a toll on those finding themselves at the center of it all, leaving her enemies distracted, on edge, and in some cases straight up panicking.
    Strengths (Listener): Zero Points
    • N/A
    Strengths (Pilot): Zero Points
    • N/A

    • God Is In The Details: Shlan's hail of gunfire doesn't lend itself well to pinpoint accuracy at any range. She won't be able to specifically target her opponents weak spots.
    • Devil At My Heels: Shlan's been a mercenary for years, but has never picked up the art of close quarters combat. Get too close for her to use her rifle properly, and her experience is rendered useless.
    • Fall to Temptation: Not one to be driven by some irresistible purpose, Shlan has always been more of a wanderer, and has little to no defenses against a Listener's mental manipulation.

    • Assault rifle
      • Customized with secondary barrel for tear gas (3 shots)
    • Side pistol
    • Combat knife
    • Ballistics armour
      • Filter for gases and toxins built into helmet
    • Simple, tough clothes
    • Six remote activated directional charges
    • Flask of bourbon
    • Old swiss army knife

    Other: Nothing for now.
    Signature: HoiziQoizi
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    • Nice execution! Nice execution! x 1
  6. The Morbid Pawner
    Name: Peter.
    Age: Twenty-eight.
    Gender: Male.
    Appearance: Peter is a reasonably handsome man of medium build standing at 5'9" and weighing in at about 155lbs, give or take a few pounds on any given week. His overall appearance can best be described as 'shlubbish', with his full beard being the subject of most of his maintenance his long shoulder length hair only receives the barest of care. Lifeless brown eyes sit above a bold aquiline nose that dominates his face while an unsmiling mouth sits below, a sardonic comment usually waiting within. However, almost no matter what a viewers attention will be drawn towards his left hand, which is missing three of five fingers.

    Peter is generally seen wearing his signature pre-apocolypse denim jacket, carefully patched and maintained so it looks no more than forty years old. A leather stetson decorated with an assortment of buttons and pins adorns his head. The rest of his get-up is more typical and utilitarian, a thick 'woolen' undershirt with a pair of durable pants held up by a leather belt heavy with pockets and a ornate gun holster.

    Biography: Peter came into Bunker Chicago two years ago with little notice from the locals. He kept to himself, living out of a tiny apartment in the 'rough' area of the bunker, surviving only through various odd jobs, eventually starting up a market stall buying and trading pre-war trinkets and paraphernalia. This is the Peter everyone knows, a quiet pawner with an eye for the antique. What people don't know is what he was, some listeners have manged to glimpse his potential, but the true nature of his mutations is largely unknown. If pressed he simply replies he can 'talk to vegetables' or something equally pointless and meek.

    He however cannot deny the calls from the ruins, though his abilities grant his some respite their unrelenting barrage they are not perfect and every so often often a dark whisper leaks its way into Peter's mind. These whispers do not promise power or dominance, but something the pawner craves more than anything else, absolution.

    His rational being screamed to leave the bunker, drop everything and start all over again as he before, but the draw grows stronger with every breach of his barrier and whispers grow more aggressive, the promises grander and the consequences for not heading their call more dire. Morbid curiosity finally got the best of Peter and and he volunteered to go on an exhibition into the ruins with the Old Guard, the elimination of the bandits second to the possible answers that lie beyond.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes.
    Mutagens Active?: Yes.
    Vehicle?: No.

    Strengths (Listener): Seven Points.

    • Biokinetics, Do No Evil (Rank 1) - "Shh, SHHH! I swear it's temporary, now stop screaming before I take that too!": Expressing an unprecedented amount of control over others bodies Peter can another person's brain temporarily 'turn off' a sense, whether it be touch, smell, sight, hearing or even taste. Multiple senses can be taken from a living being, but doing so is somewhat unpredictable and senses previously turned off senses can be suddenly returned.
      • Biokinetics, Spasms (Rank 2) - "Just, uh, I guess just have a fit there for a minute, I'll be out real quick.": With a thought Peter can cause a creature's brain to send rapid, confusing signals to the muscles, causing them to spasm uncontrollably thus debilitating them for a short time as they collapse to the ground and squirm. Alternatively, Peter can concentrate and keep his victim stuck in the fits, thrashing more violently as time goes on, eventually breaking their bones, crushing their organs and (mercifully) leading to death.
    • Incite Fear, Horrify (Rank 1) - "Boo.": By tapping into the primal part of the brain Peter can cause a wave of fear to pour over a victim's mind. There is no 'scary image' generated or anything of the like, the victim is simply overcome with a feeling of uncontrollable terror. This only effects things with minds that are biologically capable of feeling fear.
      • Incite Fear, Dominate (Rank 2) - "Ok, just do what I say and we'll all get out of this mess alive, got that?": Victims of Horrify become extremely susceptible to suggestion, allowing Peter to essentially control them as long as he concentrates. Victims will do almost anything Peter suggests, but will be resistant to harming or killing friends and cannot be convinced to commit suicide.
    • In Plain Sight (Rank 1) - "This is not the mutant you're looking for. Promise": Using a subtle form of telepathy Peter can implant a deep doubt of an objects existence (including himself) into the mind of a living target, rendering it functionally invisible for a short period of time. Machine sensors are unable to be effected.
    • Mind Block, Shut Them Out (Rank 1) - "Oh come on, I've repressed way worse than your wimpy 'unimaginable' horrors.": Peter can put a mental block on his mind, hindering his own mental powers, but also rendering him nearly immune to telepathic powers of others, including detection from other Listeners.
      • Mind Block, Null Field (Rank 2) - "I can't hear you, neither can my unfortunate friends.": Peter's mental block extends past his mind, putting up a invisible anti-psychic field roughly ten feet in diameter with him at the center. Those in the field are immune to any psychic powers, telepathy or otherwise, but also are incapable of using similar abilities themselves.

    Strengths (Grunt): No Points.

    • None.

    Strengths (Pilot): No Points.

    • None.


    • Seven for Ten - "Oh, where'd those go? Well first off, it isn't polite to go asking about other peoples missing appendages...": Peter's left thumb has been completely removed and his left pinky and ring finger left as little more than stubs. He often claims he lost them after his short, disastrous bout as a carpenter, but those with medical knowledge will find that the missing digits were twisted or torn off.
    • Paranoia - "Worried, WORRIED!? Of course I'm fucking worrying, there's fuckin' hellbeasts and bandits around every fuckin' corner, not to mention god knows what else. Being worried is only sane": Paranoia grips Peter's mind, his checkered past and uncertain future come together together in unison to torture him nigh constantly. He has trouble trusting others and prefers to go it alone when possible, in addition he is gripped by constant, repetitious nightmares constantly reminding him of who he was.
    • Guilt - "Father, I'm well aware that in this dark day and age we all do bad things, it's just a fact of life but... Well, I can't help but feel I've done much, much worse than most.": In addition to constant paranoia Peter is wracked with guilt. He doesn't often speak of his past life, and when he does he exclusively refers to it as his 'bad years' and spares little information for what he'd done. Whatever he did, it broke him. Peter is a man obviously miserable and he thinks he deserves nothing more, if others knew what he had done they'd probably agree.

    Equipment: Refurbished eight-shot 9mm sporting revolver with extra ammunition loaded in speed loaders; Light Bulletproof vest; Utility knife; Common clothing, including belt with attached bags; Polished silver mirror; Smattering of fine smokables complete with pipe.

    Other: Nothing for now.
    Signature: Snakey.

    Kouri Plushie.
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  7. Status: Approved!
    Life status: Alive, but mentally distressed. Fractured ribs.

    Box Copter


    Female, looks male (see appearance)



    Box presents herself as male, mostly because of her violent past. She is 6 feet and weighs approximately 180 lbs. Her square shoulders, narrow hips, and rather flat chest help her mask her gender. She keeps her hair short, hidden a under slouchy hat which she rarely takes off. Her mixed ethnicity gives her dark skin and deep green eyes.


    Box Copter was born just outside Bunker Chicago during a harsh winter. Her parents, both members of a small raiders' gang, died in a raider-targeted attack when she was 12, leaving Box and her younger brother Colt (8) orphaned. Before everything happened, they had been rather sheltered from the gang, but Box had been taught very early how to fight and to protect her disabled brother, and how to survive in the terrible toxic environment. After the brutal murder of her parents, more raiders trashed her home and took them captive, in hopes of... reforming them. The following years are now a blur in her mind. She was raped, beaten to the brink of death, and starved. All the things her father had taught her, about self-defense, seemed like it was meant for another world.

    Eventually, at 14, she was sold to Bosho's Gang. During a raid organized by The Coalition not even 1 month later, she was finally freed from her captives, but her severely traumatic past caused her to need some rehabilitation. She spent the next 3 years training for the military and re-learning to live as a human being. Not even a year after she was saved, tests revealed she was a mutant. Thankfully, it was nothing like growing wings or horns, like the stories she had been told by older soldiers. Her self-healing ability was pretty weak, and she didn't really know how to use it - it seems rather off and on. Experts on the matter taught her methods to concentrate and bring about the required energy needed to control her ability. At the same time, her hearing developed, despite her having a messed up ear from a previous beating.

    She never saw her brother, until one day she visited a Coalition Laboratory for Mutant Enhancements.

    She knew, from stories she heard or what she had experienced herself, that The Coalition specialized in developing new technologies and in weapon enhancements. But despite her time with them, she didn't know what to expect that day. She certainly didn't expect to see Colt, now 13.

    His previously lame legs were now trapped in metal. His face was half-burned, the skin charred and left in ugly lumps across his cheek and neck. He was abnormally tall, taller than Box was now. His eyes looked dead, they even had a milky colour. His child body had been stretched and burned and reconstructed in ways she didn't even think were possible. His awkward and skinny arms held onto a huge gun. His name was branded - Weapon K Test Subject 15-08. He was surrounded by engineers and scientists, Coalition soldiers and skeptical-looking members of The Old Guard. They talked about how they could weaponize orphans, how this boy's parents had been filthy raiders, how his future had been oh so greatly improved. Box lost it. She's not sure how she did it, but that day, she felt the chains on her ankles and wrists, and she broke them. She ran for hours and days to all sides of the Bunker, trying desperately to escape.

    She was found a few days later, frozen near-death, by some members of The Old Guard. A retired old couple, Jane and Wren Jackson. Wren had been a field medical doctor in his younger days, and he taught her everything he knew. Jane had been a spy for The Old Guard and had worked in the higher, closed ranks of U-ARM; she taught Box all about deception, stealth, and how to use firearms. Slowly, her mental health stabilized again and her wounds closed up. She never spoke much to her saviours, preferring the comfort of silence. They never questioned her about her history. From ages 17 to 25 she lived with them. They both passed away peacefully; being childless, they left everything they owned to Box. It was not much, but it was the closest thing she had to a home. She inherited all of Jane's weapons and all of Wren's medical equipment. Some of it was a little outdated, but being a "friend" of TOG she had some access to shops where she could work in enhancing the kits. She was a known face around the TOG, but she hadn't tried particularly to bond with anyone else.

    Her mutagens activated before Wren and Jane found Box, but she never told them about it. But they knew, they've always known she was a mutant.

    Mutagens in DNA?
    Mutagens Active?


    Strengths (Grunt): Five

    • The Black Panther - Athleticism. Very imposing in stature, Box is not someone you want to mess with. She is exceptionally athletic, excelling in most endurance activities and in hand-to-hand combat. She is not afraid to take an opponent head on with her bare fists. Like a panther, she is also very fast and has above-average reflexes.
    • The Mother Bear - Trauma Medical Training. Box will be the first to respond to any injury caused in the field. Pressure when faced with possible death by wound is not part of her reality. Her cool-headedness and nimble fingers make her proficient in treating trauma wounds (ex: gunshots, knife stabs, amputations, broken limbs…). Her expertise however does not include long-term fixes.
      • … and The Bear Cubs - Enhanced Medical Technology Training. Box can use pretty much any kind of technology which relates to trauma treatment.
    *Note: Trauma here refers to physical trauma exclusively, does not apply to psychological, emotional, or any other kind of non-physical trauma*
    • The Eagle’s Eye - Firearm accuracy. Box has training in handling firearms, without any specializations. She does have her favourite, though: semi-automatic pistols. Her more frequent use of those makes her more confident than other firearms.​
    • The Lion's Claws - Flesh carving daggers. Box has a set of daggers which she can use more effectively than any other weapons. Combined with her hand-to-hand combat ability, she makes a deathly opponent in a knife fight.

    Strengths (Listener): Two

    • The Wolverine's Heart -Self-healing mutagen. Box can self-heal certain light wounds only (ex: can stop bleeding, can fully heal scratches and superficial cuts, and cannot repair broken bones). While doing so, her skin glows almost golden and it emits a very soft light. Therefore, to avoid detection, she does not use this ability as often as one would.
    • The Night Owl - Enhanced hearing. Box's enhanced hearing can help her pinpoint the vertical and horizontal position of the source of sound. Aided by her quick reflexes, it doesn't take her very long to be able to identify the exact location of the sound. She has to concentrate for this, and just like her other mutagen feat, it quickly drains her of energy. Distance: twice as far as regular humans; exceptions: through thick walls / ground.

    Strengths (Pilot): Zero

    • Like a Sloth - Severe lack of energy. Since her mutagens activated, a side-effect of self-healing is how terribly weak it makes her. It looked all glamour when it happened, but the truth is that Box needs an extraordinary amount of food (which she can't afford) and rest (which she can't afford either) to be 100% efficient on the field. Without those two requirements, she will continue to attempt to perform but will have blurry vision and trembling members.
    • Like a Rooster - Short-tempered. As much as Box can be level-headed in heated situations on the field, or when tracking an enemy, she has a very short temper when it comes to social interactions. She is quick to anger and will go as far as getting physical about it.
    • Like a Dog - Extreme Loyalty. She won’t admit it, but Box can become loyal to the extreme – she will eventually lose sight of the “bigger picture” and continue proving her loyalty despite the negative consequences… and despite whether it is “right” or “wrong”.
    Enhanced ballistic vest (bullet and blade resistant, fireproof) || 2 x semi-automatic pistols || 2 x Enhanced MediKits (containing the surgical equipment required to sew up a wound, disinfectant, a lot of loose cloth strips, 2 adrenaline syringes in case of heart trauma, surgical tape) || 1 x backpack with enough food ratios for a few days’ worth of using her Listener abilities || 1 x Isolated apartment (Home) || 3 x military-grade daggers || Cotton swabs to put in her ears when she is in a loud environment​

    Whenever Box is misgendered as “he”, she doesn’t correct the person. She is terrified of being a woman. **Unless other characters have directly interacted with Box and know she is female, she will most likely be referred to as "he".**​

    Robert "Bob" Coffey - Player: Jorick. Bob knows Box because of her adoptive parents, Jane and Wren. They had been together in the Old Guard for a very long time. Box is grateful towards Bob and feels like she owes him one, for letting her know how she could join the military service with the OG, and for being there for her once the Jacksons had passed away.
    Kiku - Player: Limeypanda. Box has angered Kiku in regards to the Coalition, calling them dogs of war and being inconsiderate of what effect it might have on someone who holds TC high in their esteem.
    Larrison - Player: Pahn NPC. Lives in the same apartment building as Box, has known her for almost a decade now, and was good friends with Box's adoptive parents. He was also a member of the Old Guard for a few years.
    Mouse - Player: Brovo NPC. Mouse has done a favour for Box, and even though he said it was on the house, Box will assist him any way she can. She still thinks she owes him one.​

    Signature: Pahn

    Last update:
    -Updated status
    -Manually re-did all BBCode because hell broke loose

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    • Timberman
      Name: Hewitt Ziegler
      Age: Thirty-two.
      Gender: Male.

      Hewitt was born and raised in Bunker Chicago, the second eldest of four siblings. Though his family was both poor and poorly educated, they managed to get by with the income of both his father, a labourer, and his older brother, who worked in the machine shops. At fourteen, the boy started working with his brother to support his siblings, but found that the work hardly interested him. At eighteen, he bought himself a shotgun and started to sell himself out as a guard for caravans, what with the constant threat of raiders. By the age of twenty, he had enlisted into a pack of mercenaries, and left Bunker Chicago behind.

      He company operated between bunkers Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburg, and Toronto, making good money in the business of fighting off raiders. Hewitt specialized in scouting—and eliminating enemy scouts. Most of the money he made he sent back to his family, but what little he kept to himself he used to improve upon his gear.

      Finally, as he neared his thirties, home called back to him and he left the mercenary company behind, taking a friend he's made in service back with him to Bunker Chicago, now officially affiliated with the Coalition. By now, both his older brother and his father had died from illness, leaving him just a mother, brother, and sister.

      As soon as he could, he enlisted to join Bunker Chicago's security forces himself, intent on protecting his home from the last of the raiders.​

      Mutagens in DNA?: No.
      Mutagens Active?: No.
      Vehicle?: No.

      Strengths (Grunt): 6.
      • Warrior of Thorns: Trained and experienced in close-quarters combat, Hewitt can pose a threat even when unarmed, though he'd always prefer to stick them with his thick dagger or bash them over the head with the butt of his gun.
        • Mighty Bough: Hewitt can lift great weight and withstand significant recoil. Even with the wounded body of a comrade slung over his shoulder, he can still aim and fire his shotgun effectively—though not, perhaps, accurately.
        • Sturdy Trunk: He may be no Listener, but he's built to take a hit. Paired with his heavy personal armour, it'll take more than a couple bullets to take him down.
      • A Rustle of Leaves: Despite his size, Hewitt makes good use of cover and silent but quick movement to approach targets with stealth.
        • Leaves in the Wind: When using a weapon as loud as a shotgun, it is crucial to distance oneself from an eliminated target quickly. Even when his cover is blown, Hewitt has little trouble returning to a state of stealth.
      • Seeds of War: Hewitt's shotgun is equipped with an under-barrel single-shot grenade launcher, that he can load with one of two types of grenade: he carries two explosive grenades for damage, and three smoke grenades for additional cover. Of course, he could just throw them, if it came down to it, but the attachment allows him to send them out at a range.
      Strengths (Pilot): 1.
      • Uprooted: With a customized jetpack on his back, Hewitt may not be able to sustain flight. However, he can make significant jumps with its boosts, and can also use it to propel him forward while running to quickly close the distance.

      Weaknesses: 3.
      • Forest for the Trees: Hewitt has limited accuracy and range with his weapons, and therefore has difficulty shooting things from a distance. This not only affects his aim with the shotgun, but also the grenade launcher attachment.
      • Narrow Woods: Hewitt has trouble fighting on open ground, and is ineffective in large firefights where his position has already been made aware.
      • Deep-Rooted Valour: Though aware of the consequences and challenging choices associated with battle, Hewitt has never been able to separate himself from the brotherhood of warriors. If an ally is injured or otherwise separated from the group, there is little chance of him agreeing to leaving them to die.

      • Heavy ballistics armour.
      • Strap-on gas mask.
      • Light jetpack.
      • Small first-aid kit.
        • Bandages & tape.
        • Two quick-action local anaesthetic injection needles.
        • Medicinal salve for burns & cuts.
      • Communications device.
      • Shotgun with grenade launcher attachment.
        • Two incendiary grenades.
        • Three smoke grenades.
      • Sidearm pistol.
      • Combat dagger.
      • Digital watch.

      Other: Maybe later.
      Signature: @Holmishire.
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  8. Name: Tristan Sovres

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Tristan Sovres is a tall, though somewhat non-descript man. He stands at about 6'2", with brown, well groomed hair, brown eyes, and a pair of glasses, with a relatively slender build. He's most often seen wearing what seems to be a white lab coat, with a black undershirt and pants, with brown boots. In military situations, he will also be seen wearing a white painted ballistics vest and black gloves.

    Biography: Tristan Sovres was born in Bunker Chicago, to a family that made their living as "Scrappers", people who would brave the dangers of the wilderness outside to get much needed scrap for the colony. They were good at it too, and managed to make a good living out of selling most of it and donating some when they could. Tristan was taught to do the same job, and did reasonably well at it, but he lacked the eye his father had for value, and often came back with a lot of relatively worthless piles of scrap. However, he was an opportunistic fellow, and soon found a use for all of the leftover scrap he carried back. After a few months of design, he managed to forge a small squadron of robots that would do the scrapping for him.

    Some months later, he decided to take a trip to an area that was regarded by most scrappers as a dangerous, but highly profitable zone. No problem, he thought, as his robots could do all the stuff for him, and as long as he hung outside the zone in his jeep, he could get the scrap and leave if trouble started brewing. What happened next, was something he did not expect at all. He heard a voice in the distance, calling his name, having a strange charm to them that drew him near the zone. What happened next...well he's always been exceedingly tight lipped about what happened to him there. Whatever happened to him there instilled within him a severe desire to take down raiders, and to protect the bunker from all threats.

    So he signed up for the military soon after. It was a bit of a rough road, but through a series of short skirmishes he managed to earn a spot in the armored divisions, and he soon started modifying his tank to be even better at taking down enemy targets. Once he heard of the operation to take down Bosho's Gang, he jumped at the opportunity, seeing it as a way to finally end the conflict, and retire back to his previous lifestyle.

    Of course, such things are rarely so simple.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes

    Mutagens Active?: No, but they are awakening...

    Vehicle?: Yes, a tank called AEGIS

    Strengths (Grunt): 0
    Strengths (Listener): 0
    Strengths (Pilot): 7
    1. Tank Goodness!: "My tank, it gets the job done when I need it to." Tristan's trusty tank, the AEGIS is a fairy standard model. However, where it differentiates itself is in the gun, a powerful, chargeable laser than can do tremendous damage, albeit at a high energy cost.
      1. Armored Beast: "The best offense is a good defense. And bullets" The tank has received an overhaul to it's armor, increasing it significantly. As part of the extra shell of armor are four hard-points, one on each corner, that can each hold a turret. If the turrets are needed outside the tank, it can eject them and then Tristan can grab them out of the tank.
    2. Scrappers: "My pride and joy, cute little things aren't they?" Five robots the size of RC cars from Tristan's scavenging days. They have no combat capabilities, but he has installed cameras on each of them, allowing them to scout out enemy forces. Their scavenging ability also has some use in retrieving objects in hard to reach places.
      1. Boom Bots: "Sadly, sometimes they have to die for the cause" Each Scrapper robot now has a pack of C4 that can be remote detonated at any time. While they can cause some damage in the right circumstances, this does mean Tristan will be short some robots until he gets to a machine shop.
    3. Machine Gun Turrets: "Nothing quite like a portable hail of lead." These are four foldable turrets that, when deployed, produce a hail of bullets upon unwilling targets. It's no heavy machine gun, but it can easily lay down suppressing or cover fire for others.
    4. Hacker: "Sometimes, a less direct approach is needed." Tristan is a capable hacker when he needs to be, able to connect his makeshift laptop to most computer systems to forcibly take control of them.
    5. Wrist Motion Sensor: "Psst...there's an enemy hiding in the bushes there, might want to shoot him." Tristan carries around a motion sensor that attaches around his wrist to his SST suit. This acts as a short range radar, allowing him to see even invisible enemies if the sound bounces back.
    Weaknesses: (Your character's weaknesses. Refer to Section 4 for more information. Unlike strengths, these are not related to a class. You must have one weakness for every two strengths.)
    1. Close Quarters Fool: "I knew I should've taken those karate lessons" Tristan is, in a word, rather weak in hand to hand combat, and will likely lose to anyone with decent skill.
    2. One Track Mind: "Dang it stop distracting me, I've gotta shoot that guy over there" Tristan is not a very good multi-tasker, and as such can sometimes get caught up in the middle of what he's currently doing and missing information.
    3. Acrophobic: "Man...I really don't want to go splat here." He has a rather hard time going into helicopters, thinking that they'll inevitably lead to his death when it gets shot out of the sky. Don't expect him to willingly enter one unless there aren't any other options. Tall buildings he is usually fine in so long as he's not next to a window. Usually.

    Equipment: Standard SST Suit with ballistics padding, Standard issue Semi-Automatic Rifle, Combat Knife, First Aid Kit, Mechanics Toolbox

    Other: Currently has a mixed opinion about the Old Guard vs. Coalition Tensions. On the one hand, he sees being connected to the other bunkers as being a good thing, but secretly worries that the Coalition might go too far.

    Signature: Maxim
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  9. Name: Gabriel Desrochers
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    The Desrochers family was always amongst those of the Chicago Bunker. It was there when it was initially built into what it is today and it is said that they would never leave the place. It was their home and none could take that away from them, even the raiders that attacked their walls. They have always been involved with the machine shops, since they are known to be very good in the handling, understand and repairs of helicopters. It says they were a family that liked to tinker before these times, and it remains so to this day. Not very reserved; they were typically open for folks to come along and ask for help or equipment for the purpose of defending their community, most notably the Old Guard.

    Amongst this family was a member of the second youngest generation; Gabriel. He was a rather smart boy at his time, having been put tools in his hands from a young age. His father and mother, along with other family members, had taught him everything he knows to this day, safe for the bit of computer hacking skills he’s acquired as a side to his skills. He became, with the years, a very skilled helicopter pilot and the co-developer of a new A.I. system capable of recognizing and targeting individuals without the aid of a gunner and with an automated shooting system for guns on vehicles. It was, to this day, one of their greatest accomplishments and they are still further improving the system.

    However, even if they held a certain praise by the people, Gabriel wasn’t well liked by a few individuals, simply because of an incident that happened about two years ago regarding a party going against raiders. Though the details have not been spread to the populace; something cost the lives of some members of the party, and it was said it was Gabriel who took them. The man has defended himself in saying it was necessary, while others who were there that day said there were other options. Though, this did not hinder the fact that he was a capable fighter in a helicopter.

    Mutagens in DNA?: (Yes/No.) No
    Mutagens Active?: (Yes/No.) No
    Vehicle?: Yes

    RSH-3C (Rapid Support Helicopter Model 3 Custom) – Based on the MI-28H “Havoc” helicopter, this attack helicopter has been modified and tampered with by the Desrochers family (Especially Gabriel). The Armament has been slightly modified as to serve more of a ground support helicopter than aerial combat (though is equipped to fend itself in the air).

    Standard Weapon Loadout: One Chin-mounted 30mm Autocannon (With either Armor Penetrating Rounds or High Explosive) (Guided by ATS-2C) – 2 pods of 8 Bunker Buster Missiles (Unguided) – 2 Stub Wing Mounted M134 Minigun (Guided by ATS-2C)

    Strengths (Grunt): 0
    Strengths (Listener): 0
    Strengths (Pilot): 7
    It Runs In The Family (1 point) – The Desrochers family have been making helicopters for maybe 3 generations now, and they have been good so far at doing so. Gabriel is not exception; he is able to understand and use most helicopters models (Standard Models or RSH models), along with being able to modify its Loadout/A.I. and repair them at a convenient pace (with proper equipment).

    • ATS-2C (Assisted Targeting System Model 2 Custom) (2 points) This added A.I. system developed by the Desrochers family that allows helicopters (Or even a tank) to have a targeting system for autocannons/guns able to analyze and target without the aid of a Gunner. The targets can go from armed forces to vehicles. It comes with two select modes;
    1. Active: Will begin picking up targets, though will not fire until the Pilot approves of the targets and allows the A.I. to fire.
    2. Hostile: Will immediately pick up on unidentified targets and open fire without the permission of the Pilot. The A.I. can have pre-determined identified units (Scanned Armed Forces or Vehicle) before engagement that are loaded into its system and ignored for targeting.
    • Evasive Maneuvers (1 point) – As most of the helicopters Gabriel handles are more aimed to ground support than aerial combat with other helicopters, he’s learned to use maneuvers to quickly get himself out of shooting range of both ground and air weaponry.
    • Deadly Armament (1 point) – Rapid Support Helicopters were meant to pack a punch and allow the grounds forces to move forward. Gabriel and the Desrochers has plans and blueprints for some rather heavy offensive weaponry and ammo that he typically installs on the helicopter he pilots (No lasers, but a few specialized Auto-Cannons and Rockets)

    Desrochers SST (1 Point) – As mechanics and pilots of dangerous vehicles, anyone who leaves the ground with a helicopter usually has a SST suit made to help prevent being injured by explosions/shrapnel, along with its typically resistance to bullets and knifes.

    Hacker Saboteur (1 Point) – This is a branch that Gabriel had decided to take that did not have to do with the Desrochers traditions. He knows well that he can’t always be within his helicopter and needed to acquire others skills. What he chose to do is study technology and A.I. to be able to manipulate it to his advantage. He has yet to completely own his skills in this trade, but feels he needs to further improve on it. For now, he can do fairly well at picking up radio signals and mess with A.I. at a short distance.


    • Ground Sickness – Gabriel was never one for rocky, always shaking ground vehicles. The way these vehicles moved and sounded usually give him motion sickness. High speed ground vehicles can cause the poor man to be severely nauseated or faint. It also makes him not able to drive ground vehicles.
    • Always the Family – Regardless of most circumstances; if his help is required by the family, Gabriel WILL prioritize his time towards them and not what is ‘the right thing’.
    • Collateral Damage – If the task needs a sacrifice that is not of the Desrochers Family, he will not often hesitate to make the hard choice between the lives of few for the lives of many, which does give him a rather fool reputation.

    • 1 Semi-Automatic Pistol with 3 magazines
    • 1 Desrocher SST Suit - Standard Bullet Resistant and Perforation resistant combat suit with additional material for shock absorption and shrapnel resistance.
    • 1 Survival Knife
    • 1 Standard First Aid Kit
    • 1 Helicopter Repair Kit (For both emergency repairs and standard out-of-machine-shop maintenance)
    • 1 Armament repair kit
    • 1 Water Canteen
    • 1 Emergency Flare gun with 3 Flares
    • 1 Portable Laptop for hacking and also rebooting/fixing A.I.
    • 1 Lighter
    • Ear piece communication device
    • Family Dog Tag "Gabriel Desrocher - Chicago Bunker"

    Other: None that I can think of.
    Signature: Rain of the Night
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  10. Name: Florence Morgenstern
    Age: Twenty-eight
    Gender: Female
    Appearance (open)

    Florence was born in Bunker Charlotte, the only daughter of two diehard U-ARM patriots whose only dream was for their daughter to grow up healthy and mutation-free. Well, they had other dreams, obviously, but those dreams came second to making sure Florence flourished and became a patriotic American, dedicated to the pursuit of liberty for all. Unfortunately for her parents, those dreams of a mutation-free daughter were dashed as Florence’s mutations started to manifest during her teenage years, with about the same reaction from her friends and family you’d expect of those in U-ARM. Mortified by the fact that somehow she’d become a subhuman freak, Florence fled the security of Bunker Charlotte, certain that she’d never be able to live a normal life. Suddenly facing all the hardships and dangers of the wasteland that Bunker life had shielded her from, Florence became an itinerant, wandering from place to place and doing whatever she could to survive.

    It was during this period of survival that Florence first discovered religion, and gained the fanatical zeal that would fill her life with purpose. Standing in that cramped tent, listening to a wild-eyed preacher in raggedy clothes proclaim that it was God’s will that brought down the old world, that mankind needed to repent their sins lest they face the same fate, a fire began to stir inside Florence. The fanaticism that had once wholeheartedly praised America now began to praise God instead. That night, while contemplating the preacher’s fiery words around the warmth of her campfire, Florence (allegedly) heard the voice of God herself speak out to her from the flames. Her Lady told Florence that she would be the one to bring down her divine wrath on the sinful inhabitants of the wastes, but first she would need to gather a congregation of followers to help her purify the wastes. Shortly afterwards, the fire went out, and the next day Florence set out upon her (supposedly) God-given task.

    Her mission realized, Florence began to seek out those she deemed worthy enough to purify the wastes, eventually gathering together a small congregation of ex-raiders, religious outcasts, and other disaffected miscreants unhappy with the state of the world. Along the way, she discovered the shotgun and sword she would call Hellfire and Brimstone, respectively, which would only strengthen her belief that fire was a holy symbol of God. With her congregation of followers, Florence began her mission to purify the wastes, which basically boiled down to burning small farmsteads she saw as “sinful” and attacking groups of raiders when they came across the charred ruins with the intent to loot whatever remained. Slowly but surely, her congregation made its way across the wastes, unknowingly heading towards Bunker Chicago and their doom. But in the time before that, life was good for the most part.

    However, no good thing lasts forever, as Florence would soon find out when her congregation stumbled into the territory of Bosho’s Gang. The first day in Bosho’s territory, her congregation captured a few raiders they’d caught by surprise while looking for suitable targets. While the raiders did say something about their boss being a very powerful raider, Florence had no idea who Bosho was, nor did she particularly care. All she saw were a couple of raiders just begging to be purified in holy fire. Therefore, after a particularly powerful sermon in which she emphasized how God’s wrath was inescapable, she proceeded to tie the captured raiders to makeshift stakes and set them alight, as she’d done many a time before. Afterwards, the congregation celebrated their latest success with a raucous party, in which good times were had by all.

    The next thing that Florence knew, she had been awoken by the sounds of battle, her congregation under attack by members of Bosho’s Gang seeking vengeance for the death of their comrades. As she watched all her holy work fall apart with as member after member of her congregation die, Florence knew that she couldn’t die just yet. Her mission was unfinished, and if she didn’t finish it, who would? So, unwilling to let herself be killed before her time, she ran as fast as she possibly could, but not before her right arm was torn apart by a hail of gunfire. Eventually, she made it to the outskirts of Bunker Chicago, where she was found by a returning patrol, barely alive. Her ruined arm was replaced by a cybernetic one built in Carolyn Antoinette’s machine shop, and it was there that she slowly recovered from her injuries. Once the mission against Bosho was announced, Florence was allowed to join up, despite being a non-citizen and having a somewhat troublesome past, on the stipulation that she be kept within the same squad as Carolyn.

    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes
    Mutagens Active?: Yes
    Vehicle?: No

    Strengths (Grunt): 3

    • Hellfire (Rank 1) - Hellfire is Florence’s personal firearm, a sawn-off shotgun that fires custom-made incendiary shells that leave her enemies bloody and burnt on the ground. It’s compact and deadly, just the way Florence likes it. With Hellfire in one hand and Brimstone in the other, Florence cuts an imposing figure in battle.
      • Four Barrels of Damnation (Rank 2) - After Bosho’s Gang destroyed her congregation, Florence upgraded Hellfire by crudely attaching an additional two barrels to the shotgun, allowing for her to unleash even more devastation with a single pull of the trigger.
    • Brimstone (Rank 1) - Brimstone is a modified replica of a pre-fall Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber that, with a flick of a switch on its hilt, can be lit ablaze with purifying fire. This effect is created by coating the blade with gasoline drawn via tubes connected directly to a tank of the flammable stuff that Florence carries on her back. Additionally, the constant coating of gasoline on the blade makes it so that any fires it starts are able to spread quite easily.

    Strengths (Listener): 3

    • Armor of Faith (Rank 1) - Florence’s skin has become rather tough, able to take a few hits in melee combat before any real damage is done.
      • Shield of God (Rank 2) - Florence’s skin can now shrug off most melee attacks and environmental hazards with ease, although projectile fire, whether it consists of small or large caliber rounds, still poses a serious threat to her.
    • Divine Rejuvenation (Rank 1) - Florence’s body has a natural healing factor, quickly healing minor cuts and other injuries, while taking slightly longer to heal more serious injuries such as broken bones and minor missing appendages (fingers, toes, etc.). Nothing like the restoration of a limb, however.

    Strengths (Pilot): 1

    • Sacred Prosthesis (Rank 1) - Florence’s right arm has been replaced with a cybernetic one, capable of swinging Brimstone with greater force and strength than she ever could using her original arm.

      Weaknesses: 3
      • Ubiquitous Zeal - Florence’s fanatical belief in her interpretation of God is unshakable and omnipresent, inevitably leading to her bringing up the topic of faith in situations where it obviously doesn’t belong, such as a fancy dinner or during the middle of a firefight. Naturally, this can lead to significant issues with communication.
      • Slow-moving Flame - Unlike the fires she views as symbols of God, Florence doesn’t move particularly fast, mainly due to the large tank of gas she wears on her back that supplies Brimstone with the fuel it uses to keep its blade ablaze.
      • Crusader’s Folly - Florence isn’t really effective in a long range firefight, since her skills and weapons are primarily based around close quarters combat.

      • Hellfire
      • Brimstone
      • Religious robes
      • Light ballistic vest
      • Ceremonial knife
      • Sidearm pistol
      • Communications device
      • Slightly-charred rosary beads
      • America’s Finest brand cigarettes

      Other: Opinions on other characters to go here at some later point.
      Signature: I, @Sai Zhang, agree to follow the rules and all that jazz.
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  11. Name: Dennis 'Throughway' Godsmen
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ashen skin drapes along the scarred towering structure which composes Dennis. Impressive, Dennis is about as wide as he is tall standing at 190cm (6'3") and weighing in at 130 kg (287lbs). A majority of the weight comes from taut muscles, these muscles remains hidden underneath a cloak of blubber. Dennis maintains rigged posture despite his weight. Large feet support his somewhat wide yet stocky legs. Callused hands and thick fingers sprout from his hefty arms which originate from shoulders which are more likened to that of a bull. A log of a neck supports his strangely only somewhat larger sized head. The long hooked Roman nose of Dennis quickly draws attention to his broodingly intent eyes. Large dark circles, bordering on a ebony, remain under his crystal blue orbs regardless of sleep. The plumpness of his body carries to his face, however sharp cheekbones can still be made out as if in refusal of being buried. Scars pepper his face filling in areas of non-distinguishing features. Blond bushy eyebrows laze upon his brow, the hair coarse much like that of his beard and hair. A very traditional flat top dominates his head in a strange juxtaposition to that of his beard which remains an uncontrollable chaotic mess with futile attempts to command it. Voice like gravel on sandpaper meets anyone who hails Dennis complemented by a jovial boisterous laugh on occasion.

    Biography: It was a blessed night when Denny was born in the brisk of late autumn. The year was 133 AF just 13 years after the founding of Bunker Chicago and Margret birthed a non-mutated child, clean of sin and imperfection. Margret and Stephen offered their best sow in praise to the Old Guards to celebrate the event and to mark a milestone in their chapter.

    Hogs. Born and raised on raising born swine. For the first 11 years of his life Dennis learned nothing of life besides how to feed, care for, process, and castrate them when they came to age. Naturally this was not the glamorous life Dennis was striving for, and after much a heated and often violent arguments with Stephen he left to train with the Old Guard.

    It didn't take long for Dennis to realize that he was growing out faster than growing up and at the age of 14 his body put him through his last mighty spout in height. Throughout his career with The Old Guard his body would continue to strengthen under the strenuous physical endeavours he was put through on an often weekly basis. Less than 3 years later The Coalition sent Ryan Dufont to represent their presence in Bunker Chicago changing the equilibrium that Denny found himself in.

    For the next decade Dennis clumsily attempted to avoid the hazardous precipice that was politics in Bunker Chicago. His contracts with the Old Guard became fewer and fewer in the recent years due to the effort to remain dissociated, especially due to the U-ARM movement. Preferring the mercenary life offered by odd jobs whether that was hunting mutants, guard duty, or anything else he could find. However, there was a succulent gig he couldn't pass up on. A raid on the raiders, poetic justice at its finest, more importantly a decent sum of coin.

    Mutagens in DNA: Dennis was not born with the weakness of imperfect genes. (No)

    Vehicle: Hogs, Dennis gets hogs. I'm not talking about motorcycles. In fact he downright distrusts them and pretty much any motorized transportation. (No)

    Strengths (Grunt): Seven Points
    1. The Groundhog: Iron clad and chromed double barrels mini-gun allows rapid disbursement four to twelve thousand rounds per minute of 7.62mm American glory.
      • Stampede: The ability to maintain not only a resemblance of accuracy but actual precision while running was adapted from his ability to herd the hogs on the move whilst feeding and avoiding tusk. Dennis is capable of using The Groundhog regardless of non-impeded movement.
    2. Deliverance: Nothing is worse for a sow than a horse fly it can't shake. And what's better to shake an annoying bug than 3 kilograms of warhead dispensed via a portable surface-to-air missile? Not much.
    3. Pig Headed: If you thought a feeding sow was stubborn and ornery just wait to meet Dennis. Often so set in his ways not even outside mental influences can sway his mind, especially not filthy mutants. Dennis is resistant to the mental suggestions or attacks of listeners, or suggestion in general.
    4. The Warpig: Accustom to moving excess weight on his body, excess ornaments and cumbersome heavy armour doesn't even phase him.
      • Razorback: Thick plated armour is great. Enough spikes, blades, sharpened crevices, and barbed wires to make the cruelest chained devil shudder is better. Excess pointy objects makes Dennis very difficult to willfully and physically grapple as well if struck by natural weapons the assailant is damaged in return.
    5. Only a Fat Wound: Copious amounts of blubber allow for Dennis to shrug off most minor flesh wounds without even noticing them to begin with.

    Strengths (Listener): Zero Points

    Strengths (Pilot): Zero Points

    1. Brick Shithouse: Really it's said in the title. His massive size makes Dennis slow to move, clumsy, and in-agile.
    2. Pig Headed: Every coin has two sides. Dennis is slow to accept new ideas or tactics especially if he is in agreeance with previous opinions.
    3. In a China Shop: Decorum and grace aren't two things Dennis is fond of, or really knows what they mean. Dennis lacks subtlety and stealth in all situations, socially or otherwise.


    • The Groundhog - The shining star of Dennis's arsenal. Two rotating barrels both shortened down from the standard 55.8cm (22") length to an incredible 44cm (17") using composite alloy to heighten weight reduction while maintaining standard recoil. The exterior of the barrels have been chromed to perfection allowing for maximum reflection of the barrels, easier to see dirt that way of course. Both the drive motor and the control unit feature fairly standard composition however it has added weighting to maintain low kickback from the muzzle. A mounting bracket has been installed to the base of The Groundhog to allow further attachments of ornaments. Lastly the electrically driven chain feeder of The Groundhog has also been modified so that it may use two chains of ammunition at the same time allowing for quicker feed as well as allowing for modified ammunition to be ran in the assembly. The double barrel system allows for a firing rate of 4,000 to 12,000 rounds per minute at ranges of 1km (3,280ft) with standard ammunition of 7.62mm rounds. Due to the lightened unit the weight has been drastically reduced from 50kg (111lbs) to 31kg (68lb).
    • The Warpig - This battle hardened suit of armour consists of interlocking blackened gore splattered metal plates of light, yet thick, metal plates firmly fused to thick boar leather. The structure of this heavy armour ensure no open flesh can be found below the chin. A personalised reinforced brace has added to the right side of the armour, however in reality it runs along the chest so that is firmly welded to both sides of the armour unit. This brace allows for quick 'locking' of The Groundhog against Dennis's chest so as to allow a more 'comfortable' firing. Robust spikes have been welded all over the exterior of the armour along with sharpened crevices, draped on barbed wire, and sharpened crescent blades. This is to help convince anything that is so lucky as to avoid the gaze of The Groundhog to not attempt close armed combat. The Warpig weighs 20kg (44lbs), however Dennis has become so accustomed to the weight he hardly notices it anymore. He has yet, and most likely will never grow accustom to taking it on and off.
    • Deliverance: The infrared homing, or laser guided, missiles launched by Deliverance are capable of obtaining ranges up to 7,000m. Upon proximity to impact the missile casing is perforated to allow the three one kg warheads to separate at 120 degree angles resulting in a 3m spread. Deliverance is a shoulder slung portable anti-air missile launcher weighing 25kg however each individual missile weighs an additional 11kg. Additional missiles are carried upon Wrex.
    • Wrex the Ammo Pig - There is not much to say about this ammo toting, missile hauling, mobile ordnance, strutting ammunition armoury. Wrex was the runt of the litter, scrawny and emaciated, but was nursed personally by Dennis himself. Due to strict training regiments Wrex has obtained unreasonable strengths and is truly a beast of burden. Able to carry vast amounts of required equipment and ammunition. Wrex will not physically assault enemies in combat however he remains a steadfast ally and will not leave Dennis's side unless instructed.
    • Tattered Bible - This old tattered bible has been rebound twice, both in pig leather. Originally it was transcribed from a copy of his mothers bible. This however, did not seem to prevent it from being covered in mud and badly worn.
    • Chemical Flares - A dozen florescent white, neon chemical break flares.
    • Butchering Knife - The length of his forearm, this butchering knife isn't designed to be used as a weapon but can make short work of a carcass.
    • Backpack & Sacks - A large hitchhikers backpack filled mostly with MRE's. Sacks tied to the side of the backpack.
    • MRE - Enough Meal, Ready-to-Eat to last him and Wrex a better part of a month.
    • Flashlight - A hefty flashlight that provides 100ft visibility, and only takes 4 Enerthizer D-Cell Batteries.
    • Compass - A very old compass, lined in brass with a sluggish arrow.

    Other: Nothing. For now.
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  12. Name: Phelan Kell
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male

    Biography: Phelan is not a native of the bunker, indeed he doesn't seem to be much of a native of anywhere, he doesn't speak of his childhood when sober, but when drunk he'd tell of how he was descended from a bunch of doomsday cult survivors slash paramilitary group from before the world got broken, how his father was an abusive bastard with glowing eyes and his mother little more than a painted whore that had been taken off of a raider group. But he seems to regard them dispassionately, crediting his father with teaching him the marksman skills he possesses today and his mother with not smothering him as a baby.

    But still, Phelan couldn't remain in the 'closed community' his paranoia and ability to sense danger being of such constant facts in his life that his skin practically crawled, and so on the day of his majority, he took the best rifle available and headed off into the blasted wasteland to make his own way. But still it was no picnic, the world was no safer than the compound that the Bright Adherents had called home.

    But Phelan was a survivor, picking off the more edible looking animals and disposing of inconvenient raiders as he made his way across the world, finally coming to Bunker Chicago, though many years had passed and he wasn't a young man anymore, he actually felt less in danger there than anywhere else in the world.
    Mutagens in DNA?: Y
    Mutagens Active?: Y

    Strengths (Grunt):
    1. Sniper Extraordinaire *4 Points*: Phelan is a sniper of extreme skill, he isn't much in hand to hand, but put a sniper rifle in his hands and he can punch a hole through just about anything that happens to offend him. Only when he's hidden in place with his rifle is he ever fully free of his psychoses.... mostly.
    2. Custom Rounds: Phelan manufactures his own rounds, SLAP rounds, High Explosive Rounds and even a couple toxic rounds designed for his suppressed M82 Barrett.

    Strengths (Listener):
    1. Truth through the Scope: Phelan's eyes are not natural, though you would have difficulty telling it, he doesn't trust anything he sees until he sees it through a snipers scope. When looking through a snipers scope he often sees the truth of things, camouflage hides things less well, a shapeshifter's guise doesn't ring true, that pretty looking whore on the corner has an undesirable package below the belt...
    2. Preternatural Senses: Phelan's paranoia and other issues have heightened in his senses. He can often feel danger more sensitively than other Listeners, but it is far from perfect. While he can get a sense of where a danger is coming from, his senses don't distinguish between little dangers to ignore them contributing to his nervousness.

    1. Half-Mad *2 Points*: Phelan is plagued by constant senses of danger, hallucinations, visions, migraines and various mental disorders, as such he is a clearly disturbed individual, and while he does work to fit in, his nervousness is obvious and it can drive other people to distraction.
    2. Not a Young Man: Though he is very fit for his age with a wiry strength, he is still in his mid-forties, and so he's not as fast as a younger man, or have the stamina of one, combined with his nervous nature make for a man who can find himself exhausted after hard work.

    M82 Barrett with Suppressor, One-Shot XG scope system, bipod and cigarette lighter (in the stock)

    Other: (Whatever other information you wish to input.)
    Signature: Kadaeux
  13. Name: Ozymandias (Ozzy)
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Ozymandias (open)

    Biography: Ozzy was born to a nomadic clan of hunters wandering the Great Plains, constantly on the move to follow their prey and avoid raiders. He chose his name as per clan tradition on his tenth birthday, naming himself after the legendary pre-Fall poem. The story of Ozymandias had a great impact on him as a child and he was obsessed with finding out more of the world before the Fall. On his twentieth birthday, his clan chanced upon a malfunctioning but still active data-storage/archival AI. Seeing this as his chance to learn, Ozzy chose to stay with the AI and learn from it. The fragmentary records from the machine helped Ozzy form a bizzare near-religious worldview that he will speak about to great length. Eventually, the AI failed, either due to growing data corruption or from mechanical failure, and Ozzy set out to find Greatness and Immortality and to teach the world of his ways. Coming upon the ruined city of Chicago, he fell to his knees at the glorious monument to Man that it was.
    Mutagens in DNA?: Yes
    Mutagens Active?: No
    Vehicle?: No

    Strengths (Grunt): 7 Points.
    1. Intensity: There's something about Ozzy that just makes people pay attention to him. It's not a mutant power, just the way he carries himself. Whether others see him as inspirational or just plain crazy is up to them. (1 Point)
    2. Driven to Greatness: Ozzy possesses a drive to go on that is almost fanatical. He can shrug off injuries and fears that could incapacitate lesser men. (2 Points)
    3. Hunter: Hailing from a clan of hunters has taught Ozzy how to stealthily approach his prey and eliminate it in one shot, be it animal or man. (2 Points)
    4. Knife Brawler: Having been in more than one bar brawl, Ozzy has made himself familiar with the active use of knives, as well as his machete. (1 Point)
    5. Armor: Ozzy's armor is expensive and high tech (see equipment). (1 Point)

    Strengths (Listener): 0 Points.

    Strengths (Pilot): 0 Points.

    1. Ambitious: Despite being a poor nomad, Ozzy has his eyes set on greatness, and may very well sacrifice anything or anyone to attain it.
    2. Somewhat Delusional: Though the AI taught him many things, not all of them are accurate, much less true. However, he believes them all like gospel.
    3. Sadistic: Though he often puts on a friendly face, Ozzy enjoys watching the life fade from his enemies' eyes far more than anyone should.

    Laser rifle: A single shot laser weapon used primarily for hunting, but is equally effective at killing men.
    Reinforced Hide Armor: Made from tough animal hides and reinforced with interwoven ballistic and thermal-dissipation plates to protect against bullets and lasers.
    Machete: Forged from salvage, Ozzy made his own machete years ago. What it lacks in elegance, it makes up for in effectiveness.
    3 Knives: A combat knife for people, a hunting knife for animals and a bone shiv as a boot knife.
    9mm pistol: A standard semi-auto handgun, kept as a close range backup weapon.

    Other: Ozzy's personal beliefs in a nutshell idolize great deeds and monuments, believing that they are the closest man may get to Immortality. He generally sounds like this.
    Signature: Grothnor the Great :P
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    Forty-Two | Female​

    You sit down at the bar, the place is dirty but the swill is cheap. You've had a rough day, it's painted all over your face. "Get this fine gentleman a shot," a voice comes from beside you. There is a bit of an accent to it, but you can't place it. A woman is perched at the bar, her finger circling the rim of her own shot glass. Her black hair is pushed from her face and braided at the back of her head. Her face is statuesque but you can tell she's seen her fair share of good and bad. The bartender returns with two shots. The alcohol looks... questionable... but the woman grabs it and shoots it back. Her handsome lips stretch painfully across her chin, and she lightly touches her nose. That's when you notice its hawkish shape. It doesn't seem natural to her face. She's probably broken it more than a time or two. She reaches into her long jacket and procures some money. She lays it on the bar and pushes the chair out. "There's another one in there for you. So, you better get to drinking that one." She winks. Now that he's standing you can see that she is of an average height and a curvy build. There's something graceful about her, but at the same time wild. You can only assume there was a time that she scrapped with the best of them. Her outfit is a pastiche of the usual fair around Bunker Chicago, the only difference is there a metal case on her hip. "What's that?" you ask. The woman looks down. "This is to rain down Hell," she says with a full laugh. You raise your brows. The woman sits down again and smiles. "Do you have time for a story?" She asks. You realize now that she smells of oil, died out flames, and roses. You nod.

    "Right, where to begin. I'll skip my early years. You don't need to hear about when I was younger and I cried, screamed, and shit myself because you'll hear about it a little later. I was born in Bunker Chicago to a man and woman that held onto an old tradition of naming their children after some country halfway across of the world. They tell me I'm Russian, but what does that mean even more? Right. So born here, but I grew up in a tank. It was an old thing. It rattled. All its parts sang. It was a lullaby of metal screeching, pistons churning, and thick treads smashing rocks.

    "When I got a little older, my father informed me what we did out there. Apparently, I come from a long family of engineers who scavenge old war technology and try to make it into something. We had a circuit we traveled. It wasn't long or far, but it was treacherous enough that Ole Scarlet thundered off a shot or two to remind the raiders that we meant business. Sometimes literally, we literally did business with some of the nicer raiders. Definitely not the ones that are camped outside Bunker Chicago. Anyway, as I got older and my father got more frail, I tended to Ole Scarlet in his absence. My father was the sort of man to never change things. Tradition! He'd say, and then lament as to how I was not a man to carry on the Volkov name. So, without his approval or knowledge, I updated Ole Scarlet. I figured she could be faster and more versatile. I won't bore you with the details because you don't know what I'm saying. Needless to say by the time my father realized what I had done, he ripped Ole Scarlet from my hands faster than I could blink.

    "Well, I was the sort of kid to toil with all sorts of things. It only took me a day to find another project--drones. What Ole Scarlet lacked was a decent sight. You couldn't see a lot in the front of that tank. My first drones were just surveillance ones that required a joystick and other pieces. The next ones had guns. The ones after that had a rudimentary AI, and it might have stayed rudimentary had I not flown it directly into this young engineer by the name of Edwin. My mother had hired him to take care of some of my father's chores in his declining health. Yep. I slammed it directly into the back of his head. He stood back up, leered at me, climbed up the tank, and punched me square in the face. It broke my nose. I scowled and wailed on him. By the end of it, we were bloody and in love.

    "I won't bore you with the details, but he was damn good at AI. Of course, I tried to play it off as if I hadn't really stretched my massive intellect that far. He looked at me, scoffed, and then smiled. Many years later I married him. By that time my father was bedridden and my mother stayed behind to watch him. During that time, we improved Ole Scarlet to the point that she only needed one driver. My drones were top notch and pretty frightening too. Edwin also scratched together some turrets, but that was more his thing than mine. I liked things that moved.

    "Priss, my daughter, was born forty miles outside of Bunker Chicago. Edwin died that night too. We had stopped for the entire fiasco. I had refused to give birth while everyone else was busy with the tank. I thought my daughter was more important than said tank. Edwin had slipped out for a smoke, afterward. A raider shot him clean through the head. We peeled out from there, not even retrieving his body. So, I deposited Priss with my mother and left. You know that shitting, screaming, and crying part I mentioned earlier? Yeah. There was a lot of that right about here. Inevitably, I scratched myself out my hole. It may have helped that my mother found me and slapped me near senseless. You don't know what shame is until your own mother is able to lay you out. She told me my father died and they didn't have enough money to take care of Priss.

    "I didn't want to pick up the family business again and travel. There were too many ties here in Bunker Chicago. So, I did what I do best and took to being an engineer. My dad was loyal to the Old Guard, and I got a good handful of jobs from that. It was good for a while, but it wasn't enough to sustain us. When Priss was six, I took a mercenary mission. It wasn't ideal, but it paid well and it got the dust off of Ole Scarlet. It's ten years later and between the shop and the mercenary work, I've done pretty well for myself.

    "Still, I don't know what is scarier, combat or my sixteen-year-old daughter. Fortunately, my mother is still around, but she does enjoy saying things like: 'that's your mother's job' to my daughter. Especially since it's turned out that Priss's mutagens are active. "Hyperactive teen" is taken to a whole new level when she has enhanced speed.

    "And that brings us to where we are now. I'm still picking up mercenary jobs, drinking, and telling complete strangers my life story. At least it wasn't anything to snore at, right? Hah. Of course, I'll get you another shot for listening to me drone on."


    OLE SCARLET: TANK: Once an average tank, it's been outfitted with both new tech and renovated old tech. True to its name, the front of it is painted in a haphazard red. It is hard to tell if it's supposed to resemble a blood spatter or reddened color of metal when it moves too fast.
    SPECS: (2) 20mm Autocannon, (1) 150mm Seige Weapon, Reactive Tread Pattern (to acclimate to different ground types), Drop Down Base Plate (to stabilize for the Seige Weapon), Bulldozer Front (also acts as extra shielding in the front), Armor Plating, Drone Capsules

    PILOT: 7
    1. Tankology 101: Not a real term, of course, but Aleksa likes to use it to refer to her knowledge about tanks and how they operate. While she's been saddled with Ole Scarlet most of her life, that doesn't mean she hasn't hopped into others and fiddled with them (then chased out for fiddling with other people's property.) She can repair, update, and overhaul most tanks.
      1. Tankology 101: How to Jury-Rig: While the larger parts definitely are the make and model of Ole Scarlet, it is fair to say that not everything rightfully belongs on that machine but it functions anyway. Aleksa can use almost anything, within reason, to repair update her tank. She can also create contraptions from scratch that improve her machine even if they look like they might blow up themselves.
      2. Tankology 101: That Sweet, Sweet AI: Ole Scarlet had the typical tank AI that let her control it with one person. But with Edwin's help, it's been updated to not only allow her sole control of the tank but to also tend to her drones within the tank when she's too busy to handle their remote console. It also has built-in emergency protocols for when the tank takes too much damage.
    2. Rocket Surgeon: Many might argue that the human body is also a machine. Aleksa argues that machines are machines and blood makes her squeamish. That aside, Aleksa is capable of patching up broken or damaged mechanical components in the middle of a fight. It's usually her own work, but if another engineer's work is simple enough she can patch it up as well. She can't restore destroyed machinery on the fly, though.
    3. And Hell Rains Down: Like hornets around their nest, these drones are released to provide ample cover around her tank and herself. They are fitted with cameras and compartmentalized rail guns. And while they have an autopilot and an auto shoot (see skill below for more details), they can only be used to their full potential if Aleksa uses her remote console for them. She carries the console for them at all times, and they can be triggered remotely up to fifty feet. The capsules in which the drones are stored in are lightweight, and while she usually leaves them on her tank, they can be removed and placed anywhere for a strategic attack.
      1. And Hell Rain's Down: Yes, It Gets More Terrifying: the drones have an updated AI thanks to Edwin, and are capable of autonomously shooting. That being said, it only activates when they are being shot at. It then calculates the trajectory of that shot and returns fire. Yes, this does have a tendency to backfire, and Aleksa will not use it if there are both friendlies and hostiles in the same area.
    4. An Engineer's War: Aleksa's seen a lot of tech. Though, saying that feels like beating a dead horse. She knows what it looks like and how it functions. So, she knows how to sabotage it. As skilled as she is at putting things together, she can also take them apart--usually with more fun involved.
    1. What? What!: Aleksa's spent a lot of time in tanks. That feels like a painful understatement. Anyway, she's developed a terrible case of tinnitus. It's usually fine within the tank or in noisy rooms without decent acoustics. Pure silence, though, is pretty agonizing. Still, she tries to play it off by attempting to read lips. Sometimes she's alright, sometimes she asks you why you want to paint the cat in honey bullets.
    2. Ladies Don't Need to Bloody Their Knuckles: Never did she need to learn to fight when she had a tank in between her and her enemies. So, she didn't. Might explain why she looks like he's been in a life-long barfight due to her bold personality.
    3. One Giant "Priss"y: Above all, Aleksa will do anything for her daughter. Now, why is being a good mother a bad thing? Well. It means that she won't put her life on the line for the cause. She will give up if anything could happen to her or her future.

    • Glock: simple, efficient, and has a laser sight on it. It isn't because Aleksa believes she is a badass, it is because Aleksa believes she is a poor shot
    • Ballistics Armor: she has a vest tailored for her form and it's bright red. She wears a brown long coat over it with fur around the top. The pads that cover her thighs, calves, and lower arms are in black.
    • First Aid Kit: even if she is in a tank, that doesn't mean shrapnel won't hit her. She has a medkit that she keeps slung around her shoulder and in her tank.
    • Drone Console: that fancy thing that is hanging on her belt isn't some sort of optical belt buckle. No, it's her compact console to handle drones. She is almost never seen without it.
    • Keys, So Many Keys: also on her belt is an array of keys. The unlocking mechanism to this ring is downright ridiculous.
    • Compact and Portable Tools: throughout the pockets of her jacket are various tools that she can use to repair or disarm. She's never seen without them.
    • A Cigarette Case Filled With, You Guessed It, Bullets: Aleksa is not much of a smoker, but she likes to keep an array of bullets that won't fit in her glock. These are useful for exploding things and possibly helping friend's ammo.

    Aleksa and Edwin's daughter. She looks more like her father than her mother. Her mutagen's are active. It may not be obvious in her face, but there are bone protrusions around her limbs to make her faster and more sleek. She works as a courier in Bunker Chicago. She's sassy as her mother but as formal as her grandmother.

    SIGNATURE: Tyrannosaurus Rekt
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  15. Name:Ezekiel (also known as zek)

    Age: 27


    Appearance:Always wears a gas mask when he leaves buildings, keeps himself completely covered with large jacket given to him by his father. Wears a vest underneath that has Kevlar in it. Finally cargo pants with knee protection and nice boots

    Biography:Born during this whole hell hole he has always been a scavenger to survive. Roams alone after a group of raiders murdered his family at the age of 19. His father always taught him whenever he could get a chance. He is a expert scavenger and knows how to handle tough situations. He has wondered far beyond his home into new lands and territory meet hundreds of people but still roams alone all by choice. He loves adventure and has worn the gear he has for years on end making it feel feather weight. Always willing to help and never afraid to kill if it is needed

    Mutagens in DNA?:Small change making him slightly faster stronger and more aware than alot other people

    Mutagens Active?:No

    Vehicle?:No Vehicle

    Strengths (Grunt): 5 Points
    Marksmans eye- Can take even the smallest of firearms and makes them deadly from pistols to large weapons. Accuracy is pristine with all weaspons
    Hawk Eye- Can spot out the smallest of things can see the needle in the hay stack before you even think of hopping in it. Great at finding things and noticing smallest of details
    Silver Tounge- Has a way of words to bend most people to his will can talk his way out of almost any situation and can make a super unfair trade look like the best deal ever.

    Strengths (Listener): 2 Points
    Pin Point-Can point out exactly where a noise is coming from just by hearing it once. Very precist hearing and always has his ears fixed on something

    Strengths (Pilot): 0 Points

    Weak Moments-No explination why but without warning he will gain blurry vision grow weak and become unable to speak thou he can still v function and stand he is very easily made a target. Does not last long thou the longest he has ever has it was 5 minutes
    Blood Lust- Looses control of self and become hungered for blood willing to kill and attack anyone in sight becomes even stronger and faster making his a small army. Happends only in situations where it is truely needed after it is ended he becomes completley drained and can barely lift his hands up making look like a dead corpse(this is a weakness because he is still highly vulnurable through the whole blood lust and has no control)

    Equipment: Standard tactical vest with kevlar, Two Glock 19 with 3 extra mags for both, and a P90 with 4 extra mags

    Other: If any problems with it let me know ill ajust to such im rusty havent roleplayed in a while hoping to be in this and have some fun experiences with this

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  16. Alright. Giving these sheets a quick look over, and hopefully approving a couple early. As well as other news. :ferret:

    (Keep in mind that if your sheet is denied, this is a normal part of the process. I've intentionally omitted parts of the universe which you don't know about, but which your characters have to conform to. It's also because creating and balancing 7 strengths and 3 weaknesses means that you'd have to get 10 perfectly balanced skills right from the word go. That's not easy. :ferret:)

    @Limeypanda Kiku.
    Issues: None. She passes TC evaluation.

    @HerziQuerzi Shlan.
    Issues: Sheet is unfinished. Keep in mind that running and gunning anything at a long range will still inflict horrendous penalties, thus a strength toward it will only benefit in the short range.

    @Snakey Peter.
    Issues: Biokinetics rank 3 denied. The power to instantly break someone's spine with a look can't be balanced. You can send suggestions to the brain to cause people to spasm, but not the kind that would cause itself severe long term harm or death; that would be rejected unless you effectively had complete control over their brain.

    @RedWillow Box.
    Issues: Sheet is unfinished. All of your weaknesses are mental traits you can choose to ignore at any time--you might want to tweak one to relate to a more physical weakness.

    @Holmishire Hewitt.
    Issues: None. He passes TC evaluation.

    @Maxim Tristan.
    Issues: The sheet has no information on it.

    @Rain of the Night @Sai Zhang No sheets yet.

    @Thymine Dennis.
    Issues: Well... No to the rocket launcher attachment on the dual-barreled mini guns, because it just wouldn't be feasible given the technology. (Not unless you had some kind of powered suit, but that would pretty expensive on strength points to start with because that would be cutting edge technology right there.) Aside from that? It's... Alright. Remove the rocket launcher attachment. Then we'll talk about business. :ferret:

    @Kadaeux Phelan.
    Issues: Unsurprisingly none from you. He passes TC evaluation.

    @Grothnor Ozymandias. (I wonder if his statue would last half as long as the King of Kings.)
    Issues: Nomad is too vague, you may want to make it more specific. (Skills which are too broad won't help you.) You need one more weakness. A vest that can both stop ballistics rounds and dissipate lasers is not cheap tech, and would cost a strength point.

    @Tyrannosaurus Rekt My god that is one fat cat for an avatar Aleksa.
    Issues: ... Surprise! You instantly pass, actually. With the one note that there will be periods where Aleksa will need to be out of her tank, so keep in mind that the control over her drones should remain with her and not be tank-bound, else she'll be totally vulnerable in tank-less sections. She passes TC evaluation.

    @Tank2Crate Feel free to give it your best.

    i plan on putting up THE ic on mondaY or tuesdAy, assuming nothing goes wRong on my End. keep in mind that all of you Will be stArTing with little information about your target or the destination. Concealment is a core part of How to keep yourself in the land of the livING. YOU should also remember that not all is at it seems, and everyone has a hidden agenda. Be caREful of whAT you say, and How you say it. After all, the last thiNg you want to Do is upset poTential allies, or make enemies stronger tHan you rEmember who You are. you are not invincible. in fact, WhAtever you do, you woN'T want to go anYwhere alOne. team Up together. find Reasons to trust each other. none of the npc's will really be your friends. trust Me. If you doN't, at least trust your instinct, and be paranoiD about everything. the world is not as it should be. BEST OF LUCK -C.A.

    Further information will be distributed in 24 hours, including the character limit. Hopefully the typos will be cleared up by then.
  17. It is hard not to love/admire/adore. I have a hard time with it as well. All hail the ninja fat cat.

    Yes. I probably didn't stress this enough in her strengths, but she had a mobile console for the drones that she uses to control them outside her tank. I guess I wanted to drill the symbiotic relationship between tank and drones home. Outside her tank, she is like the Wicked Witch of the West and her flying murder monkeys. I'll make that more apparent in the CS.

    Edit: And fixed or at least made their versatility more apparent.
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  18. Right, that's fair. I guess 'psychic resistance' isn't a common enough thing for that to be properly balanced. Anywho, it's been replaced with:

  19. Okay, made it a nomadic clan of hunters (and changed a few things to reflect that), added a weakness, tightened the skills (I was having a hard time coming up with anything specific when I first made my CS, my brain was too burnt out coming up with his belief system) and fixed the point allocation.
    He'd be pleased just to get one. :P