The Last Bastion: Bunker Chicago

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  2. No. I'm not particularly interested in this dystopian world full of thrilling and dark themes.

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    We don't know why the world was consumed in fire and fury. We don't know why the civilizations that came before us, saw fit to throw away the bright future they once dreamed of for their descendants. To this day, we still do not know how much of it is real, or fictions passed down through the generations. All we have are the dirt and plant coated structures of cities once pristine and beautiful. We are told that such places once held millions: It is hard to imagine so many in one place.

    The year is 160 AF. AF, of course, standing for "After Fall." From what we know, in the year 0 AF, in but a single day, weapons of unknown origin and design laid waste to the planet. We know naught what they were. From what few records we have of them, the only reference that was understood was as such: That such weapons put to shame both the nuclear devices of man, and the wrathful hands of gods whose names we have long since forgotten. It seems then that if there were prayers for forgiveness and mercy, God was not listening. Strange permutations shook through the lands, creating mutations in men, beast, and even plants. It choked the atmosphere in dust, inducing an everlasting winter, which took several decades to pass.

    However, that was then, and this is now.

    The walled town of Bunker Chicago stands, trying to hold its own against forces both within it and from outside it. The Coalition claims they wish to protect it, but undermine and restrict people's rights and freedoms. U-ARM seeks to enable rights and freedoms, but does so in ideologically extreme way that requires the destruction of all those who refuse their ways. Raiders, an everlasting consequence for the fall of civilization, seek to enrich themselves through the suffering of others. Mutated creatures run rampant across the world, bringing with them death and mindless destruction. Mutations threaten to rip apart of the fabric of humanity at a genetic level, and an unknown, unsettling evil is starting to stir within the ruined, dead, ancient city of Chicago.

    On your side are your own mutations--guided and controlled through medical advancements from a forgotten era. Tanks and other vehicles of war adorn the many machine shops that work every day to refine salvaged junk materials into weapons and tools. Primitive AI that can help manage the systems of a vehicle, or devices within a sensor package. Advanced weapons of war will also aid you, as well as factions whom you befriend.

    Beware, though.

    Your choices will have lasting consequences on the world in which you live. This post apocalyptic world, set over a century after the end of civilization. Your decisions will influence whether or not Bunker Chicago remains The Last Bastion of civilization, or whether it fades into memory.

    So! Is anyone interested in a post apocalyptic role play set in the near(ish) future, in which humanity is attempting to rebuild itself in a strange new world? Are there any questions about it? Because I would like to know if people are interested. :ferret:
  2. I would be interested depending how it rolls out in regards to the plot, or if this is an open-world, deal-with-everyday-concequences thing.

    If the GM would have me that is hehe:unicorn:
  3. There is a plot, though it has several turning points at which the players can control where they go.
  4. Sounds good.
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