The Last Airbender

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    “I’ll try love, I will.” She tried to offer a smile in her vow. She wasn’t sure how this chance would go, but she figured it would be fair for the kid. She needed to play civil, as hard as that could be from time to time. She could do it, she knew that for certain, even if it frustrated her at points.

    “It’s all still creepy.” Gwen piped up, eyes drooping as if to process all the information of what she had seen “I constantly feel like there is eyes staring at me from every direction. Especially here.”
  2. Movie fucking sucked. >_<

    I was waiting for a year on that movie, saw it and wanted to kill the director.... D:<
  3. It's a shame to see Shyamalan having to stoop so low as to do a fucking Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

    Anyone else remember when this guy was being heralded as one of the greatest modern film-makers? When he was releasing things like Unbreakable and Signs, rather than bullshit like The Happening and this shitty little movie of a shitty little kid's cartoon?

    Really, how the mighty hath fallen.
  4. Oh lord, I was thinking about this the other day. I wondered if Mike and Brian were adding some foreshadowing tidbits into the show about the movie, or if this was all an unhappy coincidence.

    Did not see the movie. Knew it would suck and be a waste of money. Also whitewashing, bad acting, etc.
  5. Avatar is one of the best non-episodic cartoons in recent years lol.

    also, Shyamablahblah is a one trick pony :E
  6. “What for?”
  7. I was told something similar by a friend of mine. She made me sit down and watch some of the show.

    She now refuses to talk to me about film and TV stuff. Apparently I'm "too mean".
  8. "She is very much my sister and we love each other."
  9. Yeah, I liked the show, hated this movie. Really, Dave Patel as Zuko?!? *RAAAAAAAGEEEEESS momentarily before regaining composure*. I just don't find a movie appropriate in the first place. An hour and a half is not nearly enough time to explain the relationships between the characters and the world around them without making it BLAH. Also, I haven't seen a movie struggle with an exposition this much in awhile.
  10. Can't be much worse than that OTHER Avatar movie, can it? I mean...AANG wasn't even IN that one....



    In all seriousness, I liked the show, once it got past the first few episodes. >.> <.< If the movie is as bad as you say it is, I'll probably not spend my cash on it...

    Also....I found 'Signs' to be pretty crap as well, though I liked Unbreakable...
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  12. (Its alright, I'm just so sad and Heartbroken I lost a really good friend of mine today.)


    I sighed and looked up at him, "You don't have to tell her he killed you but maybe that he tried to and that is why you couldn't remember anything? Maybe she would leave him?" I whispered and Rosco shinned wanting Bram to hold him

    I watched the series as it was coming out before it got to be super popular. I managed to finish all of season 1 and most of season 2 but after that I lacked a TV and wasn't obsessed enough to try and download it or anything.
    I and my parents went to go see the movie. My parents have no knowledge of Avatar at all. My mom liked it and cried at the the fish/gods scene. My dad thought it was okay, and seemed interested in taking up the series.

    My personal opinion of the movie is "It's not terrible." I've seen far worse, and I had little expectation of Avatar from the start. After the initial "OMG THEY'RE ONLY CASTING WHITE PEOPLE!!" I decided to not follow any avatar news at all. So I was fairly level-headed in not expecting too much or too little in that regard, I think.

    The 3D in Avatar was stupid. It's a sad, sad day when the movie previews pop out more than your damn movie does. A friend of mine told me the day before that Avatar was not meant to be 3d and they added it last minute to make more money. I should've took his advice and not seen it in 3d, because it was basically false advertising. I figured that since the bending was cg, at least that would be 3d. It wasn't. Sigh.

    The butchering of the names wasn't too bad either, I just kind of wish the picked one way to say things and stuck with it. Katara starts out saying Aaahvatar but by the end of the movie she says it normally. Other characters have different pronunciations as well. I guess I could chalk it up to "accents" but that's giving them too much credit.

    I could tell the movie was trying to be funny, but ultimately the humor failed for me. "Don't do water bending near me, I always get wet" was shallow and when it happened in the middle of the movie it was like.... "Wtf, that was pointless and not funny at all." But maybe I'm strange because my parents laughed at it. :/

    The whole movie just seemed like a rushed prologue and I was wondering when the "real" story would start.

    tl;dr I think the movie would've fared better if it was simply based on the series rather than a translation.
  14. I steered clear due to reviews other people had given.

    I'll admit I've seen hardly any of the cartoon.

    The TRAILER was the best part and then I found out that it was actually filmed seperately and that what happens in that trailer isn't even shown in the movie. I mean it used to be that the trailer was the best scenes from the movie all mashed together and so you didn't have to wonder what it was about. NOW YOU CAN'T EVEN TRUST TRAILERS ANYMORE.

    Plus I heard it tried to cram Season One into two hours. . . that right there sounds like a bad idea.

    It pained me though, to hear from people THAT ECLIPSE WAS A BETTER MOVIE THAN THIS ONE WAS.