The Last Airbender: Before Aang

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  1. So I've been all up on watching it and I was thinking of an RP set before Aang was released, set sometime in the 100 years that Roku was missing and the Fire Nation attacked, I was thinking something closer to the beginning so people that want to play Air Benders.

    Anyone interested?
  2. I AM!!!!! ^_________^ Love The Last Airbender. Watched every episode. Or most anyway.
  3. Carrie

    My throat constricts as Quinn admits that she broke open the deadlock door, allowing the intruders to get in. I frown and rub my temple in frustration. I can't blame her for this happening, because she had no idea it was going to happen, and yet...I exhale calmly through my mouth.

    "I am glad to see you are well Quinn, Tegan. You two will be subjected to help clean up the mess. If you are easily disturbed..." I take a breath in "I can clean the downstairs floor. But you are going to be on chore duty for the house for..." I glance over at Itlize "Three weeks. Alright? Right now I just want to make sure you are all mentally well. If either of you two want to book some appointments with me I'll be willing to accept."


    I scoff "Funny is one word for the two of us." I grin then shake my head "I'm not too tired. I just need some energy that's all..." I pause, biting my lip "I won't subject you to that. I'll find some later."


    ( heart...)

    I become flustered as he says he couldn't forget. I bring my cover up to my face and I nod slowly "T-take a-all t-the t-time you need." I tell him nervously, my teeth chattering with anxiety. I probably just ruined one of the best friendships I could have ever asked for.

    He suddenly gives me the box and my eyes widen as I see him attempt to fix the bow. I cover my mouth as to stifle the gasp that threatened to give way. He then gives me a brand new one and I swear my eyes are trying their best not to sting

    "S-Saka...I...I am speechless. T-thank you." I glance up at him, cradling the box to my chest. My heart is overwhelmed at this moment, I don't know if he knows what this means to me. This was my guardians bow, and I ended up getting it broken. But he replaced it without a single thought of hesitation.


    "I've tried talking to her." I admit, frowning "She's not very forthcoming. I know she just loves the house and the people inside." I clear my throat. I really screwed up with the grey lady. How was I going to get any answers from her now? "She's mysterious to say the least."


    I nod "A garden would be lovely. Maybe somewhere close to be water. Big rooms...huge kitchen." I laugh softly at the last one "Huge cabinets..."
  4. (I remember her —- )
  5. IN!

    Can't go rogue firewarrior though like I'd really want to without breaking cannon or being in janjan's party (spelling?) so EARTH!
  6. John

    "Alright." He held her hand then held the door for her.


    He kept the kiss going.
  7. *hastily redesigns character*

    Ok then ;D