The last 13 days (a roleplay inspired by Crossed from Garth Ennis) ALWAYS OPEN

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  1. The last 13 days... have been hot
    The last 13 days... have been hard
    The last 13 days... have been HELL

    It happned suddenly, they ran into the sop and ripped a customers ear off, the police were called by by the time they had arived the shit had more than hit the fan, it slapped it across the mouth and punched it in the nose just to make sure it was still awake. People were killing other people. They weren't zombiies 'coz zombies dont fscream profanity as they beat you to the ground or rape you in the middle of the blood soaked street. it didn't take long, by the time it was mid day the streets were over run.

    So for the last thirteen days those who remain did their best to survive. Hiding or running scared shitless from this thing that has been dubbed the Crossed virus because of the bezar + shaped mark it leaves on the infected.

    Ryu looked out the window of the house the single "pluss face" as it ambled along with what looked like a skinned cat over it's shoulders, it lokked up the sky giggling to itself. Ryu cringed at the playfulness of it's voice as it spoke.

    "Purr little kitty cat... HaHAAhahahahaAHAAhaaahh..."

    Ryu closed the shutters again and walked back up stairs to where a girl a little younger than he was lay on a bed, surrounded by bloody towels, on the third day she had been shot. It had taken three days to travel five miles to get to his sister only for her to get shot by an infected cop.

    He sat on the bed where the girl lay awake but obviously in pain despite repeated attempts to persuade her brother that she was ok.

    Ryu held the girls sweaty hand, he had removed one of the bullets but the other was in deep, he wasn't trained for this, he had some basic training from the cadets but nothing like this. He could remove the bullet because he could see it but this was different.

    How much longer would they last?
    How much longer could they last?

    How much longer could she suffer?
  2. Bang! Bang! The wooden door creaked with each impact. Kayna leaned on the door with all her weight. Her sweaty hand was holding the door knob to keep it from turning. 'Crap,' she thought, 'maybe climbing through that basement window wasn't such a good idea.' 'Well it's better than being stabbed to death by that knife wielding infected... cross... person... yeah, I'll think of a name for them later. Right now, I have to figure out how to get out of here.' Kayna looked around the strange house with her bright, hazel eyes. The basement stairs led into a fairly normal looking kitchen. There was a large wooden table with four chairs around it, two of which had fallen over onto their sides. On the counters there was rotting food, a various assortment of garbage, and a dull looking knife. She couldn't see the front door from where she was, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to locate. 'Okay, so I can either make a mad dash for a door I can't see, have a knife fight with that maniac, or try to do the chair against the door trick that I have only seen in movies... not really too thrilled about those options.' Kayna then noticed that something was off: the banging on the door had stopped. "That's not good," she realized and spoke out loud. She slowly slide up the door until she was standing making sure to keep her weight on the door and her hand firmly on the door knob as she rose. She blew the long, light brown hair out of her face. "Okay, so what do I do now?" she asked herself.
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  3. 13 days.
    Has it really been 13 days already?
    For now, it was so quiet, there were no noises from the zombies, there were no alarms going from the cars. That was mainly because the batteries have finally run out redeeming them useless, but at least it was now quiet and not attracting any more trouble from whatever those so called people were. No gun firing only for the person to be a bad shot and end up getting eaten or whatever else. There was nothing.
    Not even birds
    The birds stopped singing 13 days ago.

    Slowly opening her eyes, Alisa hazel eyes looked up at the blue sky, her jet black hair tied up in a high pony tail as her sun kissed skin soaked in the sun. She wore a shirt, use to be white but now mucked up with dirt and blood, torn in the odd few places and her trousers were black jeans. Under her head from the ground she laid on was her blazer. She remembered the morning of the apocalypse so well. She was nervous, she was going to go and work her dream job, her first day in the office in a publishing industry. She woke up, showered and got all dressed up, brief case and everything. She looked professional. She felt great.
    That was, until some ass hole tried molesting her as soon as she locked her door to leave! Oh trusty metal nail file, that saved her life and now, she wears it as a necklace.
    Sitting up, she tied her blazer around her waist and picked up her back bag. A lot yet so little has happened in the 13 days that past. She stole… if savouring is known as stealing. She has killed… If defending your own life from serious crazed people, if you want to call them people.
    And now she was alone. She travelled to see if her family were alive… Like everything else, they tried to kill her. She travelled to see if her fiancé was alive and he was in his own house, he was sleeping in his own guts and blood; he was always such a heavy sleeper. Even her cat was dead.
    She put her bag on her bag; it was heavy, always heavy, but filled with needful things. Food, sterilized water, stuff to sterilize water, a cup to drink the water from, medical kits and a few women things. Shamefully, the monthly cycle of a woman never seemed to stop for the apocalypse, even if everything else did.
    She picked up her nailed baseball bat and rests it on her shoulder as she looked down one street from on top of a building and sighed when she saw one of the creatures with a skinned cat. Frowning, it just made her think of her own cat.
    She muttered as she reached in to her bag, pulled out a gun with a silencer on the end, another five finger discount she claimed, and aimed it at him and fired the gun once, to have the bullet go right in to its brain. Nodding with satisfaction, she quickly scanned the area again. She could see a few in the far distance, some fighting even each other. She silently jumped down the side of the building, and quickly made her way towards the body she just shot, pushing the cat away with her foot, she started rummaging through the pockets, seeing if she could find anything useful before any more of the creatures were to come her way.
  4. 13 terrifying days.
    Just 13 and every thing that Kevin had known had gone his family his beautiful wife and daughter had gone, he had been the one to kill them he had killed them both. With a shake of his head he carried on walking down the street in the shadows. His bag was slung over his back with everything from his work locker and a few other bit's he had taken from work, not that being a cop really mattered now but he had ammo and guns and from his last five fingered shopping trip he had bottled water and one of the best first aid kits known to man.
    So what will today bring...........more death and mutilation I'am sure. Just like the first day a cold shiver run down his back as he remembered how that had gone.
    Kevin had just been walking to work not in his uniform and noticed some old woman with a + mark on her she was killing a young girl on her way to school he could still envision all of the blood as he had walked up and tried to get her to stop but she had turned on him and that's when he knew something wasn't right and he shoot her in the head with out a second thought. Kevin had never had a problem with killing he had been in the forces as younger man and had seen a lot of death land at his feet.
    Kevin shock his head to get the image out I have to stay in the here and now or it may just be me next he thought and carried on walking in the shadows in hope that he would find more people like him.