The Landing Party

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  1. It's the year 3586, Bezor was exploring dangerous uncharted space. He was nearing the end of his travels, his maps were nearly finished of the area. There was one small section left to discover before he was to head back to his home planet of Kaariit.

    Upon his approach to the last bit of area he noticed something strange on the radar. He went closer to get it in view and observe. It was very unusual, he had never seen anything like it in all of his travels. Out of nowhere the lights in his ship started flickering on and off, and alarms were sounding. His ship began to be pulled into this strange mass, upon entering he didn't know what to think. Bezor got on the intercom as they were being sucked into the mass, "Everyone remain calm! Find a place you will be safe and remain unharmed!" He shouted through the microphone.

    It was amazing and beautiful inside, but he was scared. He didn't know where he was going or if he was going to come out but only moments passed before he reached the end. It was a wormhole. He had only heard stories and theories of these existing but had never experienced or seen one before.

    It was all over and he became calm, starting to learn where they were in the Galaxy if they were even still in it. He got on the intercom, "everyone to the main hall!" He took himself to the main hall as quickly as possible to await the arrival of the rest of the crew. They needed to figure out where they were and where to go for food and other supplies.
  2. Silas was playing Solitaire when the intercom began to boom around the ship everywhere. Instantly everyone went into a deep panic, there were screams, and people were scrambling throughout the ship which only made everyone panic worse, the screams got louder, and the pitch got higher.

    Silas instinctively ducked under the table he was playing cards at, and held at his position tightly, gripping the table as hard as he could, but before he knew it, the panic was all over, and suddenly everyone in the recreation room was sitting back in their chairs, waiting for the next announcement to come on the intercom.

    As quick as they all sat down, everyone was back up making their way through the ship, and too the main hall where meetings were usually held.
  3. Bezor got to the main hall just before Silas and a few others. There were more people on the ship but they were civilian passengers we had picked up before our departure from the last planet we restocked and fueled up at. We always picked up a few civilians to earn a little extra coin on our travels they were usually crime ridden underworlders.

    "The ship seems to be running exceptionally well and there should be no problems with the engine but it should be checked anyway." Bezor said as soon as he saw Silas walk into the room. Silas happened to be the most knowledgeable person he had ever met about how an engine was put together. In all the years Silas was in charge of engine maintenance there was never a single problem.

    "Secondly," Bezor said concerningly. "I need to know if everybody on the ship is okay." This was a rather odd question for Bezor to ask, he's never concerned about the safety of anyone other than his crew. But what most of the crew and passengers didn't know is that one of the passengers had a pretty handsome reward for their head, and even greater if they were brought alive. Though that might not matter anymore.
  4. When Silas heard the word engine, he knew it was time for him to work. Silas instantly sighed, he was very good in building, and repairing spacecraft engines, but unfortunately he was, in laments terms a lazy bum, he scolded working immensely, especially tedious work like engines. But for a moment, Silas ignored the engine, and what could possibly be wrong with it and he walked over to Bezor as soon as he finished talking. Silas was now paused in front of Bezor, remaining as serious and straight faced as he could be. "Bezor, I need to ask you something."
  5. When Bezor finished speaking and saw Silas still standing there, he was confused. Silas didn't like work but when the Captain of the ship told him to do something he'd normally get to it right away even if it took him much longer than it should to get done. Then Silas asked his question. "Make it quick, there's a lot of work to be done." Bezor said a little bit more impatient than he meant it to sound.
  6. Silas's expression remained serious. "What was up with the lights, and the shaking? That's not like any engine malfunction I've ever seen." Silas was very suspicious of what was going on, but it could only be known by checking the engine to see if there really was anything wrong with it. Silas pondered what else could have been happening besides a very severe engine malfunction.
  7. "Well..." Bezor paused, he had no idea how to say what he thought happened without sounding crazy. "The only thing I can think of that would best describe what happened is that we were sucked through a wormhole." Bezor said stumbling over the words as they fell from his mouth. "That's why I need you to check and be sure the engine is still at 100%. I've never experienced or heard of these actually existing and I have no idea what it could have done to the ship."
  8. Silas had no idea what to say, he was completely awestruck. He'd only read about wormholes in multiple science fiction novels, but to actually go through one was pretty humbling, to say the least. "A....A uh.. Wormhole?" Suddenly, Silas remembered what his job was on the ship, and he turned towards the engine room. "Follow me, Bezor." He began to march to the engine room, suddenly in an extremely concentrated state of his mission to repair the engine if necessary, but even while in this extreme concentration his mind still wandered off about what the wormhole looked like.
  9. Bezor followed Silas to the engine bay. After about 20 minutes Bezor and Silas had run all diagnostics and checked every part of the engine that the computer couldn't read. Silas worked far faster than he had ever before, what would have normally taken him an hour or 2 only took him a matter of minutes, but Bezor paid no mind. "Looks like the engine is fully functional, nice work Silas." Bezor said with a smile on his face patting Silas on the back. He thended turned around and left the engine bay and headed back to the cockpit to start scanning for near by systems.
  10. Sora was lying on her bed when all of a sudden the lights began to flicker on and off. She sat up quickly wondering what was happening. Was there something wrong with the ship? She swung her feet off the bed and hopped down. Just as she stood she heard a mans voice telling everyone to be calm and to report to the main hall.

    She sighed great just when I decide to explore the universe and what not, leave home on my own I find out that im going to die. She was being dramatic she knew that but she figured she should at least see what was going on. Sora thought about it and then opened up the room door and began walking the halls. I knew I should have asked the man for a map this place is freaking huge. she just decided to follow the hall because everyone else on her level seemed to have already found their way. It cant be that far away.
  11. Tsuki was cleaning her weapon when the alarms went off. Tsuki was a soldier for the expedition She immediately picked up her mic and put it in her ear."captain its tsuki, are there any intruders." She loaded her weapon and prepared to fight.
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