The Landing Party

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  1. It's the year 3583, as we were nearing the end to our exploration of uncharted space our supplies running low we began to ready ourselves to head home when a strange wormhole appeared out of nowhere sucking us through. Now in a strange part of the universe with no hope of return and supplies coming to an end we needed to find a planet with food and resources quick, we landed on the first planet we could find with an atmosphere capable of sustaining life.
    The ship's docking bay doors open up to the unexplored world, the bright sun blinding us as it opens. Finally being able to see, we begin to walk out, and our new story begins.
    Please leave a short description of yourself before continuing the story.
    (For example here is me.)
    My name is Bezor, I am a 22 year old human. 5'7" 220lbs, buzz cut brown hair and hazel eyes. I wear a custom armored space suit, with green and orange markings on it.
  2. Name: Ashora
    Age: 23
    Appearance: long auburn hair, green eyes, 5'5ft around 125lbs wears a black spacesuit with red stripes at the shoulders and waist and has a cross on her chest to show that she's a medic.

    When the docking bay doors opened Ashora had to cover her eyes to shield them from the blinding sun, once her eyes grew accustomed to the light she stepped out of the ship and for the first time in months she could hear the rustle of trees and feel the wind on her face.
  3. Name:Anton(male)
    Appearance:medium brown hair,hazel eyes,1.80m(5'9") around 1.76kg(around 166 lbs), wears a custom military grade Space Suit Colored in grey

    when he saw after the docking bays' doors were opening he covered his eyes from the light he wasn't accustomed to and stepped out of the ship along with all the curious men and for the first time in a long time he got to feel home again although it wasn't and that is what Anton was slightly concerned about.
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