The Land of Veneficium

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  1. The Land of Veneficium is a world of the supernatural and the mundane. Consisting of lycanthrope's, vampire's, mage's, mermen, and the likes. But not only does it consist of these supernatural, caeleste, it consists of the mundane, human's. Veneficium is an alternate dimension founded by two men who dared to go beyond the confinement of space and time. Veneficium is an established land just like the Old Earth was with laws and presidents whose rule you had to follow. And all was civil in this land, no corruption besides the common petty theft.

    But you see Veneficium is in trouble as of late. Now Veneficium is on the edge of corruption. Let me explain to you how our world got to be this way.

    Our late ruler, Vilgor, had been sick for some while and his fate was nothing but foretold by The Relics. But what hadn't been foretold was the return of his banished son, Agnar, the land of Veneficium shocked that he had returned and at a no better time than his late father's death. Since Agnar was King Vilgor's son it was practical that he had claimed what was his, the throne. But the way he ruled the Kingdom spread suspicion upon it's people. Lets just say Agnar ruled a bit too perfectly and it was odd. Recently information was leaked of Recently information was leaked that Agnar had plan's for this Kingdom that some could argue weren't in it's best interest. Whether or not the source was reliable panic promulgated throughout the Kingdom. And rightly so, the mundane and caeleste began to disappear. No one knew what this was about but soon a resistance formed against the King. Their mission to dethrone Agnar and uncover his plan's for their Kingdom.

    Agnar's Plans:
    Using the soul's of the mundane and caeleste he would fuse them together making the "perfect form." Agnar formed many iron cast making factories during his rule - these irons casts would act as vessels harboring the soul's of the two forms and as a body for the perfect form. With these Embodiments Agnar is one step closer to enslaving the races and killing off the caeleste.

    Other plans to be revealed throughout the story.

    Veneficium Terminology:
    Caeleste: Name for beings of the supernatural genetic code.
    The Mundane: Name for beings of the human genetic code and their routine.
    The Relics: The psychic advisers of the King. Also known as the offspring of the Founding Father's.
    Old Earth: The now desolate planet that used to consist of human's, animal's, and the likes.
    The Regime: Name for the King and the people of importance in the government system.
    The Coexistence: Name given to the resistance by the people of Veneficium.
    Embodiments: A metal vessel shaped like the human form that harbors the souls of human's and caeleste.
    E-Splitter: An Embodiment whose soul's have managed to separate and act as two individuals.

    • All Iwaku rules are applied to this roleplay
    • NO killing another character without an owner's permission
    • Godmodding and/or controlling other characters is a no no
    • No OP characters
    • NO one liners if it can be helped
    • Keep cussing to a minimum
    • If you have idea's for the plot contact me (I'm not promising anything)
    • Romance Supported & Encouraged
    • LGBT Supported & Encouraged
    • Fighting/Drama Supported & Encouraged
    • Please no outside DRAMA or you will be asked to leave
    • ANY breaking of the rules will result in me asking you to leave after a couple of warnings of course
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  2. Although I do plan to join and I don't know if you are done or not, but your Signup Thread is not working. @Poco
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  3. Yeah, I need to figure out how to fix that. Hhhhngh~! Things are so complicated. But thank you for the notice. @CrimDemon
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  4. It's quite easy. I could talk you through it.
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  5. If you'd be so kind ~ I'd love that. ewe
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  6. OK. First, go to the Overview button and scroll down until you see GROUP INFO Threads.

    Scroll down and click on Post New Thread.

    When you make it, copy the url.

    Go make to the Overview page of your roleplay and scroll down and look to the right. You'll see "edit roleplay". Click on it.

    Scroll down until you see the "Alternate Signup" bar, paste the url in the bar.

    Save it, and that should be it.
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  7. Merp. Thank you so much~!!
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  8. You did it~! ^^
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  9. All thank's to you~!! I really appreciate the help. I just hope people start to join... If not I don't know what I'll do.
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  10. You're welcome. And I hope you get more people here, too.
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  11. Thanks again~!!!
  12. You're welcome. ^^
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  13. You know, sometimes to get more people to join, you should join other rp groups and make friends. Also, I have a question.
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  14. A question? Sure, go ahead.
  15. Well, two actually.

    1. Is this modern or medieval?

    2. The beings mentioned in the Overview. Are they beings we can also be?
  16. Interested. Do you have a character skeleton you want filled out, or is it entirely up to the players?
  17. It's in the Signup Thread, I believe.
  18. Merp. ;-; I'd say it's more of a modern kingdom than medieval. And yes you can be the being's mentioned in the overview. @CrimDemon

    As Crim said the CS is located in the sign up thread. @Xytheus If you need help getting there I can help.
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  19. Sorry. One more thing. E-Splitters. Are they two forms of one being? Or is it like they have split personalities? I was a little confused by them.
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  20. Split personalities.
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