The Land of the Stars

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  1. I intend to make this my first massive RP project. By this I mean that it will go on forever and people are free to join and drop out as they please, and it'll be up to them to decide on what plot to rp. More in depth info will be added later and as we go along, since I ran out of time while writing this.

    The Setting:

    The Land of the Stars is a vast continent occupied by countless races, that rests upon the planet Sher'un. The planet is of roughly the same proportions as Earth, and is made up of mainly the same minerals. It's orbit is around a slightly brighter star than the Earth's Sun, which is believed to be one of the manifestations of a deity by most religions. It's days are 26 hours long and it's years are only 360 days long. Months are exactly 30 days long. The Land of the Stars spans a third of the planet's surface, starting at the north pole and ending 10 degrees before the south pole. The Land of the Stars's shape has not been mapped since it changes so regularly. The rest of the planet's surface is mainly island chains and smaller countries, each around the size of Egypt. Sher'un has 2 moons and an asteroid belt. The asteroid belt is visible during both day and night as a huge rainbow-like arc across the low horizon. It is silver during the day and pale gold during night.

    Sher'un has one thing that all other planets lack - access to Magic. Magic in it's raw form is unpredictable and difficult to control, as well as incredibly dangerous. At the same time, it is stunningly powerful and infinitely variable. Most who use it are torn to shreds by their own power. For this reason, an altered version of Magic was created. By limiting it's power and variability, a simple and safe method was developed that used a system of runes to bind magical energy in place. The raw magic is called Free Magic, while the restricted version is called Rune Magic. 99% of magicians use Rune Magic, and only 10% are even able to wield Free Magic without dying. The main difference between the two is that while Rune Magic requires casting sequences and rune memorisation, Free Magic is limited only by the imagination and spells can be cast without words or runes.

    There are 6 main races and 6 main cities associated with them. In the mountain border between the frigid north pole ice wastes and the thick forests of the northern hemisphere lies the city of Errath, home to the Dwarves. Dwarves are a race of tradition. They worship a pantheon of 14 gods, and their magic academies tend to teach spells focused on defense. Dwarves are sturdy and by using their shields and anchor spells, they can withstand even dragonfire. Errath itself is built inside cave systems, with about 5% of the city actually being above ground. They grow crops in the deep caves using artificial light.

    In the forest of Im'sha directly below the mountains, the Elves can be found in their capitol of Shiunri. Elves worship 3 gods and their magic tends to focus on nature - restoring life, commanding animals and occasionally taking mortal energies from their foes in times of defense. Elves are a generally peaceful race and their primary source of economy comes from trading their rare gems and artifacts, as well as their unrivaled architecture. The city of Shiunri is built partially in the trees and partially on the ground.

    To the south west of the Land of the Stars lies the great kingdom of Man, it's capitol being the gargantuan A'enthor. Humans were the last race to gain magic, so have not yet created any specific style. They show great diversity, too. Their economy is the fastest growing of all races, as is their population. The city itself is built of stone, wood and thatch and is surrounded by small towns and numerous crop fields. Of all the races, humans show the fastest magical progression, and yet there has never been a recorded sighting of a human Free Mage. Humans have been known to adopt multiple religions, though the most common is a 1-deity religion, even though it is the target of ridicule from many other religions.

    In the center of the Land of the Stars is a huge desert realm, and in the center of this is the Fortress of Sand, home of the Manbeasts. It is unknown how these creatures come to be - no one has seen one being born. It is thought that they occur when a human, elf or any other mortal race falls in love with someone of the Manbeast species. Unfortunately, no one has seen this occur either, and, being a reclusive race, they have not yet told anyone how they exist. (For the purpose of this RP, they reproduce like normal mortals.) They resemble humans and elves mostly, however they bear certain animalistic traits - ears, tails, claws and fur are not uncommon. Manbeast magic involves manipulation of land and form, creating weapons and objects from dust and sand, and occasionally being able to fully transform into another being.

    The south eastern area is a tropical lowland. The coasts are swamps inhabited by gigantic mangrove trees, and these lands play home to the Faetouched. These are even more mysterious than the Manbeasts, though at least it is known how they occur. To become Faetouched, one must be chosen by a Faerie (a small flying creature, about a foot in height). Faetouched are not classified as mortals - rather as magical constructs. Upon death, a Faetouched dissolves into it's key components - a mortal and a massive quantity of dormant Free Magic energy. Thus, killing a faetouched results in a powerful explosion that tears apart mages in the vicinity. Faetouched magic is a combination of Rune and Free magics. It is not known exactly how it works, though it is suspected that a Rune Sequence is used to trigger Free Magic effects, resulting in a spell that is roughly inbetween the power of free magic and the reliability of rune magic.

    Finally, the last major race are the Tenshi. These creatures were the first to discover magic, and the creators of Rune Magic, which they then spread throughout the world. The Tenshi have truly mastered magic, having a head start of over a thousand years. Their only city, Bel'sith, floats above the clouds, held up by the sheer quantity of magical power bestowed in it's flotation ring. Everything owned by a Tenshi has at least 3 enchantments placed upon it. In addition, the Tenshi have the greatest technology of all the races. Their soldiers are equipped with magic negating armour and weapons that are enchanted to allow non-mages to use crude spells. Tenshi Magic tends to focus on the utter annihilation of their target, since it has been developed over 1500 years as a purely war-waging device. Unfortunately, the Tenshi were ravaged by a plague 3 years ago that killed off 80% of their population and left most of the survivors infertile. By definition, the Tenshi are going extinct.

    The Rules:

    1 - No Power/meta gaming. You should know what this means but ask if you don't.
    2 - You may be whoever you like, but overpowered characters will not be accepted before I think you will use it creatively.
    3 - Max 3 characters per person at any one time. They will die a lot, so have an arsenal ready if you must :D
    4 - If you want to do something that will have a major effect on the game world, run it by me in a PM first and I'll tell you if I think it will work. An example might be (if you were the human king for example), declaring that the humans have gone to war on the elves.
    5 - Be proactive. Get yourself involved in plots, don't just wander around completely alone, since doing that doesn't add anything to the RP.
    6 - I will be limiting the number of Free Mages, so for now, you may only create a Free Mage as a second character after I have seen how you handle your first one.
    7 - If you're stuck for ideas and most of the plots have finished, then I will run a global event to get things moving again.
    8 - If you have a concern about anything, such as if an item you want would have been invented yet, run it by me in this thread.

    The Character Sheet:

    (not limited to the main 6, but if you make something new, write a short description of it - what it is, where it lives, what kind of magic it uses)
    Age: (relative to human, since some races live a lot longer, Elves for example, and some live shorter, Dwarves for example.)
    (Either a Picture or a description is fine, but if you choose to use a picture then make sure it isn't a photo - drawn artwork only)

    Short Bio: (Include some things that will be important, but not everything. Magic, military and other training should be included, as well as any possible major events, but minor things like relationships should be left for the IC development)

    Blank Sheet:


    Short Bio:

    Accepted Characters:
    Organised by player

  2. Gonna be signin' up! My character sheets will be put in later today, as I'm gonna take a while to think someone up. I really like the concept, though, it's cool!
  3. Awesome! Ive still got a lot of work to do on it with timelines and more indepth descriptions of things, which will have to be done later since its christmas and I'm prioritising free stuff.
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