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  1. I Appogize for some problems with this.the tabs are giving me alot of trouble. Until i figure this out your stuck with no spoilers.
    A Wolfs Song
    Sweet, Sweet song
    So Lonely and free
    Played so long
    Sung by he
    The proud mighty wolf
    He cried all night
    So proud and aloof
    Such bravery and might
    And so sounded the lonely song
    Of the sad, sad wolf

    Welcome Welcome my friends to the land of the Bloods. This is a magical place full of wonder and sadness, a land of magic and betrayal, love and hatred. This started many years ago when I was younger in an amazing game called Wolf Quest. I happened to join a random multiplayer game going by the name Coyote, on here were three others; Sinera, Gray and Ruse. We started an epic quest; I Coyote was the chosen one, controller of all the magical elements known to wolf. Sinera was a vampire; he had to live off of blood to survive. Gray was a pup, my best friend, who died. She was killed by the evil Ruse who tried to harness the dark magic and take over the land. Coyote almost died, but she defeated Ruse and saved everyone except Gray. This was my first taste of Role-playing, and I couldn’t get enough.

    Later I joined my first role-playing forum and decided to create a world of my own. I went back to that game and I had an idea. With the help of some friends I created a world, a story all my own. One I wouldn’t soon forget. Eventually it died, but I revived it, for a while. It lasted three years, before it was finally over for good. I left that forum, I had outgrown it and I came here. I knew I couldn’t forget this world, or abandon it. So ive brought it back, revamped it into a more mature place to tell stories. I hope you will love it as much as I have.

    This is not the most serious role-play out there. At first it looks like a childish dream, which it originally was. But there is a lot of stuff under the surface. Plenty of blood, fights for power and cruelty in this land. Just give it a chance, and see what its all about. Please bear with me, and try not to get bored reading the huge blocks of text.

    So without further Ado, welcome to The Bloods.

    In the Beginning
    There were five wolves. Water, a beautiful she wolf who could breathe under water and control the tides. Fire, the fiercest of all, who lived off blood and was never burned by the flames, Air was the gentlest soul who had wings and could fly. Then there was earth, strong and capable who made the very ground tremble beneath his paws. Last of all was Sokol, guardian of all and speaker to the great spirits.Sokol made a mate for all of the others, so they could have children and thus the long lines of wolves began. With their oddly colored blood, and strange habits, some of them where born with their parents powers. These wolves became known as the bloods.

    As time went on more species entered. The first of these were two litter mates, born to seemingly ordinary wolves. There was Black, a dark pup who danced in the shadows and Death, of red and gray who could both give and take away life. Then, as the two new species began to grow came two more. First was Spirit, a quiet wise male who spoke with the ancestors, something everyone thought only Sokol was capable of. Then there was Crystal, a small, delicate wise female with strange new powers the wolves hadn’t even dreamt of.

    Sokol was growing tired, he had kept the peace for centuries, and wanted to rest like the rest of the parents. All the original wolves; Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Black, Death, Spirit and Crystal had all retired to the depths of the earth to guard the spirits and powers of their descendants. He wanted to join them. And so he created a group of wolves, more powerful than the rest to keep the balance and guard all of the bloods. With the future assured he retired to a secret place to rest and only awaken when he was needed the most.

    The wolves he created came to be known as the Guardians. The first and most powerful ones were named the Chosen ones. Always two; the Warrior and the Healer, when one died their spirit was instantly transferred to the next and the surviving chosen one would help train them. These two harnessed all of the powers, save those of life and death, in their spirits and thus held immeasurable power. The warrior swore to guard all with her life, to sound the howl of war when needed and fight tooth and claw for justice. While the healer vowed never to harm another, and only help using their magic to sooth old wounds, heal cuts and end all conflicts. The two chosen ones are taught, and guided by a powerful soul, that contains the knowledge, wisdom and even spirits of the chosen ones that came before. These souls can take on any form, but often choose one that means something to the chosen one they are guiding, and whether they are warrior or healer.

    Then were the ones named the ‘twins,” though there were four. One of fire who controlled water went with one of water who controlled fire. Then one of earth could wield air, and one of air who wielded earth. The two pairs, the two sets of twins guarded the balances between their groups. Water and fire always fought, so their twins soothed any internal conflict. Earth always tried to cause trouble with air, and thus their twins kept the peace. It was a balance, two sets of two who worked in such harmony that they were almost the same being.

    Then were the other four, the ones everyone forgets. The ones who read and control minds, there are always two, and can be of any breed. They have worked closely with the chosen ones as spies in times of war, working to determine what caused trouble to begin with. Then are the two shape-shifters, also of any breed, who are rouges and loners even in an order that is separated from the rest of their kind. They work closely with other species, and while there can only be two at a time, there are not always living ones. They tend to only appear in times of great trouble, and usually die in the heat of war alongside their brethren, the other species of the land.

    Ledged tells of a third Chosen one, who holds the blood of Water, Fire, Air and Earth in his veins. He is wiser than water, more unpredictable than fire, stronger than earth and faster than air. The combination of this blood makes him the most powerful Guardian of all; The Powerful one. Once, in the olden days, long before even the oldest memory he was born. In a time when the bloods first began interbreeding, creating the mixes we know today, he was born. Name long lost to time, he came with a whisper in the winds, a ripple in the waves, a shudder in the earth and a roaring flame. His coming brought war, the likes of which has never been seen. Whole islands were flooded, forests burned down, mountains leveled and wolves carried away on the wind. The ground was stained with blood in every color, the wolves were crying for help. And Sokol answered. He stole the Powerful one Away in the night and sacrificed him, merging the power with his own in hopes that it would never be born into another wolf. Mixes were shunned, breeding outside your own blood was banned, and any who broke the law were punished most severely. In the way, those of death lost their connection to life, now they could only take away not restore. Those of fire, lost all compassion and hold upon their cravings, they went out of control and the long line of red-kings began. The echo’s of this terrible war still sound, and whispers have began that the powerful one will return. It is up to the Guardians to keep the peace, led by the eldest chosen one, the Warrior they prepare themselves for the battles to come. And hope, that the rumors are nothing more than whispers shared in the dark, created to keep pups from wandering.​


    Those of Blood will Reign forevermore
    Those of water took upon themselves the name ‘blueblood’ in honor of the blue liquid that flows through their veins. These wolves are the gentlest of all, but anger can send them into a rage that puts tsunamis to shame. They are a social breed, living in small groups, or most commonly the large pack that makes its home by the sea. Named the Pack of Living Water it has no true leader, only healers and is a purely diplomatic society. While all bluebloods have webbed paws, and can hold their breath underwater for long periods of time, only a select few are blessed with the power over water. This power is held sacred, and is mainly used for healing as water is pure and gives life. But in times of war the water-wielders are a force to be reckoned with.
    The ones born of Fire have come to call themselves the ‘redbloods’ because their blood is the purest scarlet and they live off the blood of other wolves. Once they were a relatively peaceful, though argumentative breed. Now, however, they have branched off their path and the Pack of Crimson Tides, is home to some of the cruelest and most bloodthirsty wolves around. Led by their red-kings they prey on wolves with the sweetest blood; Bluebloods and the Crystalbloods, even keeping some as blood-slaves. Almost every redblood has some basic control over fire, if only enough to keep them from being burned. But only some can achieve true mastery of the blaze, creating fire from nothing and wielding it as a weapon to be feared. A much rarer, and even more feared power in this land of blood and fire is electricity, the wolves that can call forth a lightning strike or drive even the bluebloods from the water.

    The descendants of air are now known as the ‘silverbloods’ because their blood is as silver as the moon. They are the most solitary breed, living alone or in small family groups. They make no permanent home, only choosing a den to have and raise pups, instead preferring to live as nomads, sleeping wherever the wind takes them. They are unnaturally fast wolves, and resistant to extreme weather. Many can control winds, for a short time and in a small area, but some of the most powerful of them have wings and can fly with the birds. Neither friendly nor aggressive they keep to themselves, fighting only to defend the mountains and plains they call home, and respecting only those who earn their trust.

    Earth, those with blood in all shades of greens and brown gave themselves the name ‘lifeblood’ because without the earth and all the plants it nurtures there would be no life. They have proven to be a tough, stubborn breed though extremely loyal and capable they would rather break before they bend. The best warriors in all the lands they boast a large territory, and make up the bulk of the wolf population. The majority of this breed boasts a power. Some can directly control the ground we walk upon.. Many have a deep connection to plants, and all things green, able to help them grow or command them in times of need. Most common of these powers is the ability to communicate with other animals, while not being able to control them; they communicate and can listen to the whispers of the birds and mice for news.

    Black’s children kept his name and simply called themselves the black-bloods. A rare and elusive breed they haunt the darkest reaches of the territories in small ‘packs’ led by the strongest in the group. Though troublemakers through and through they are not cruel, only mischievous. A good number of them can bend shadows to their will and disappear in even the smallest patch of darkness.

    The old keepers of life, and newfound angels of death go by the name ‘Deathbloods,’ consisting of large groups made up of old lines of the breed their blood is swirls of black, red and gold. The families have given themselves names, and are relatively unknown among the other breeds. The most famous of these families is the kŭrvavi takiva, or bloodstained ones. Each family, over time has adopted their own secret language and death bringing ritual.

    The Pack of Lost Dreams is where those known as the ‘spiritbloods’ reside, with their clear blood and haunting blue eyes they are seen as avenging spirits by the others. They are the wisest of all the breeds, able to speak directly with their ancestors. The most talented of the pack go on to be advisors for leaders in all other groups and they are believed to be the ones who call on Sokol and the Guardians when they are needed most.

    Last of the purebred wolves, but certainly not the least are the ‘Crystalbloods’. Possibly the most understood breed they harness a power they call ‘old magic’ limited only by their imagination they can creature glamour, illusions and even control weak versions of the powers the other breeds possess. The gift they are most proud of is their familiar, each one has a ‘spirit animal’ which they can change into at will, and seeing it in life is supposed to bring luck and grant the wolf one wish. They are led by the three elders: The wise, the brave and the kind they reside in The Pack of Lost Souls which tends to move its camp every other week.​
    Lawbreakers abide, those of mixed blood will surely die
    Despite laws forbidding mixes, mutts or the impure love cannot be stopped and half-breed pups have grown common enough to warrant names for the so called new bloods. These mixes are unpredictable, and though common descriptions have been made there are always those that break the rules.
    A mix between one of fire and water has been called ‘purplebloods’ because the mix of blue and red turns their blood purple. Commonly they can bend light, a power that had not existed before they came to be, but some bend weakened or warped versions of their parent’s powers.
    When a blueblood and lifeblood mate their offspring are called iron bloods, and have blue-green blood. For some reason, all iron blood pups can bend metal, perhaps because it is purified earth and water is known for its cleansing properties. The only allowed mix, because of their unique ability to create the crystals.
    The Leafbloods are a mix of earth and air. With metallic green blood and no powers to speak of they find it hard to fit in. It is impossible for them to bend any sort of magic. The reasons for this are unknown.
    In the unlikely, but possible event that a redblood and Deathblood have children, the offspring are called Scarletbloods. Also a sterile mix, they command a mix of fire and death, while not able to outright kill a healthy wolf they can plunge them into illness or just set them on fire.
    While these are not the only half-breeds they are the most common and were the only named ones. However, almost any wolf can have children with one of any breed and the mixes are as colorful as a rainbow.​
    Power was Gained, Power was lost, eternal chaos carried away on the wing of a hawk
    In the beginning the wolves relied only on their own power to control the elements. But then there was chaos, very few could sufficiently control their powers that way. With the only focus being their minds wolves lost control and blood was spilled.

    Then there was a wolf, born of water and earth, with the power to bend the metals and ores and crystals of the earth. He was simply called the Hawk, any name he may have had was lost in time. He had an idea, to focus the magic and make bending easier for all. For his mother of water he crafted a chain of iron and steel, and a smooth, blue crystal infused with her own magic while he shaped it with his. This crystal he placed on the chain around her neck and told her to focus her magic through it.His work gave birth to a new way of magic, the once thought useless Ironbloods now had a purpose, to create the crystals that could focus magic and protect the caster from their own power. The Hawk taught all others like him the secrets of the crystals, secrets that are still used to this day.

    The crystals are as varied as the wolves they protect, if a wolf is found to have powers they are taught only enough to infuse their magic into their crystals, when they reach apprentice age they travel to the nearest Ironblood settlement to make their crystal. The color of the crystal, is the color of the wolfs blood, which is achieved by bleeding out the youngster and adding a few drops to the materials used. And when they add their magic strange shapes are created in the glass-like substance, shapes that reflect their powers; water-drops, flames and so on.
    Once the crystal has been made, and placed around the pups neck it is never removed. The wolf can then learn to focus their powers. But the making of the crystals come at a price, the Ironbloods can never be hunted or killed, they may make their homes wherever they like and must be sheltered by every wolf when asked. Though most are humble, simply happy to be useful and live in their pretty caves of silver and diamonds in small family groups others take advantage of this and cause much trouble for the rest of the bloods.]
    Nothing is wrong, nothing is right, see if you can find the cause of our eternal spite…​
    Wolves, by nature are lawless beasts. Instincts, the urge to eat, drink and mate are what drive these creatures. And for the most part, this is what influences the wolves of the blood. Yet they are intelligent, they want a good life, they crave power or to fit in. Thus the wolves have created a code, not every blood follows it, and some even have their own codes they live by.
    One of the biggest rules in the land is to not mate outside your breed, the only exception is to create Ironbloods, which are necessary for the survival of everyone. The law states that:
    to breed outside, is to breed for lice. Thus the one of many colors is born, the world would surely fall to chaos. In fear of what may come, and what must not be: Lawbreakers abide, take the warning to heart and do not ignore our plea. Or else those of mixed blood will surely die.

    Some of the other, more important rules are:
    Take caution, murderer. Spilled blood is hard to hide. Guilty conscience will surely bide. Kill not, save to protect yourself. To kill one is to kill yourself. Kinsmen life is valued above your own, kill not in your blood. Thus vengeance is cast upon you now.

    Power is sacred, do not abuse it. In love or hate, peace and war the ancestors bestowed gifts upon the worthy. Betray them not, else their divine wrath is turned upon you.

    Those of iron, without them all is lost, protect and serve them or we are nothing. Shelter them from the cold, shield them from harm and feed them in times of need. The Hawk saved us from certain doom, the messiah he was, the savior of all. Protect his children, so they will continue to protect us.

    Words of power spoke, are powers gained
    Most of the bloods have, over time gained a few… Words, a poem or song of sort that they found represents them. These tend to change with the ages, and some have more than one. Some of these are just prophecies, or descriptions of the breed by other bloods. Its up to you to guess which is which. (Ill add more as I write them)
    Too late to take back what you said
    About how much you wanted me dead
    I've moved on, no more do i weep
    Yet here we are, again we meet

    roaring water, white foam
    seabirds swoop, gulls groan
    smooth rocks, pretty shells
    crabs scuttle in hidden wells
    salty spray, misty air
    little otter playing there
    dolphins leap, high above
    singing like a little dove
    ocean blue, ocean green
    ocean that we've all seen

    All has gone
    burned has all
    to sweet taste of heat
    fire takes all
    swift of foot depart
    slow to flee shall burn
    down comes the world
    ashes start to fall

    Faded pictures behind the glass
    broken statues in the grass
    you said that was the last
    in haunted memories of the past

    The wind blows so strong and free
    the wind blows away from me
    why does the wind sing its song to me?
    Why wont the wind stay to sing with me?
    The wind stops its song of he
    the wind stays to play with she
    the wind sleeps and dreams of me
    i wish the wind would stay and play with me

    you had a warning you didn't heed
    you simply did that evil deed
    never make someone mad, sad or cry
    unless you are fully prepared to die

    take my hand and you can see
    you can see the darker side of me
    don't be afraid of the dark at night
    it will be alright at the mornings light
    just close your eyes, don't fight
    follow me, wait to see
    wait to see the darker side of me

    falling leaves...
    one, two, three
    under the eves
    next to me
    fallen leaves
    on the ground
    falling leaves
    dont make a sound

    Tainted by dark light
    cloaked in night
    frosted with moonlight
    frozen in spite

    golden eyes stare at me
    burning eyes, what a thing
    black fur, dark as night
    dark fur, void of light
    sharp fangs, dripping blood
    white teeth, tearing love
    strong legs, run away
    long limbs, never stay
    loud voice, how it sings
    frightening howl, never rings

    Take this warning
    please take heed
    cleanse the water
    lighten the soul
    purify the spirit
    banish the ghouls

    nothing was wrong
    nor was it right
    and to this sweet song
    I saw everything wrong
    even when i tried to fight
    nothing was made right
    now i cried even though i tried
    with all the lies you where fed
    I wish that I was dead

    Character Sheet The wolves are powerful, and the wolves are weak use them to find what you seek…
    Please fill out this character sheet. I know, I hate them too but, in a roleplay of this nature they are essential. Don’t you think? Please don’t give me a giant block of text, be brief if possible. Show us your characters secrets and hopes and dreams and all those juicy details in the role play. It will be much more fun for everyone that way.
    Guys please join as a guardian. This plot cannot move on without them. So far only the two chosen ones, one mindreader and one shapeshifter are taken. we need 4 twins. and maybe 1 shapeshifter, and 1 mindreader.
    Your characters name. Include any nicknames, or names they hate to be called (and expect them to be called that)
    How old are you? Not in wolf years. Because of their magical blood-lines they live much longer than normal wolves. Fifty years for most of them, but some like the Spirit and Crystal bloods can live to be a hundred.
    Pretty self explanatory, also include sexual orientation if applicable. To keep things interesting for you LGBT’s out there ill let the wolves have gay relationships. They just cant be open about it, not very many wolves would be happy with them.
    What blood are you? Keep in mind that Lifeblood’s are the most common and Crystalbloods, Deathbloods, Blackbloods and Spiritbloods are rather rare, so are mixes. Also include your power, if you want one. Remember not all wolves have powers, in fact most of them don’t so its okay if you’re about as powerful as a block of ice. One last thing; if you’re in a pack or group add your rank. Just think of something your pack might need and add it, if you’re not sure ask me and ill help.
    What are you like? Give me your biggest personality traits, not every little detail. I want to learn about you in role-play. I Just want a paragraph, maybe two.
    What do you look like? What are your eye colors, scars, and birthmarks? Unnatural fur colors are acceptable, it’s not like im aiming for realism here, but please no hot-pink fur if you can help yourself. Try to be descriptive. If you can find a picture, or make one were happy to see it.
    This is a Brief recap of your life. Where do you come from? Were you born in a pack, group or to a rouge. What made you the way you were? Describe were scars came from. I don’t need a fully fleshed out history, just a general idea of where you came from, who your parents are and where you live, etc.
    Is there anything else interesting about your character that doesn’t fit anywhere else? Want to say hi or something. Put it here.

    That concludes my long, ridiculous post. To celebrate its ending ive included a brief poem that was used on the graveyard, and forgotten character section of the first ever thread.

    Summer has gone, yet it hasn’t grown old
    Winter has come, the ground has grown cold.
    Now close your eyes dear one, dream of me
    I’ll still be here when you wake as you think of me
    No i have not gone, I’ll always remain
    Beneath the rose bush ill always lay.
    I may be dead now my dear friend
    just remember every life has its end.
    *all poems are by me. While this is not a completely original idea (it draws themes and ideas from other sources) everything written here is from my mind. I sat down, with only my memories and a cut and paste copy of the original forum post (just in case I forgot something) and wrote. While the ideas are not completely original all the words here are my own. the first banner on the post was by a Sunstrike on a separate forum. The second banner, above the welcome message is my own. The rainbow banners were created by an Oceanstar, on the same old forum. I may in the future add some of the older artwork, if it seems to fit.
  2. My Signup sheets (just in case your a bit confused)

    Coyote. Cant stand being called 'little one'

    Ten Years.


    Blue-Blood. Loner, and the Warrior Chosen One.

    Shes a little crazy, honestly, or eccentric for you nicer people out there. Taking crazy aunt flow quite to heart she has been known to waltz right into the Red court, and raise hell for no reason. Despite this, she wasnt picked to be The Warrior for no reason after all, she is wise beyond her years but because shes not a spirit (yet) she makes mistakes.


    (with fewer dark patches)
    Shes a very small wolf, slender with long legs and a streamlined body. She looks very much like a silver-blood, hinting that her linage may not be completely pure. She has dusky brown fur, that's very sleek and soft to the touch. Average, yellow wolf eyes, and a black nose. If you look closely you will see that shes covered in dozens of tiny scars, evidence to close contact with red-bloods over the years. Her blood is a light, almost sky blue.

    Born to a blue-blood mother, in the Pack of Living water she thought she would grow up to control the tides like her mom. Before she was even a 2 year old, the age at which most discover their powers she was captured and taken as a slave by the red bloods. When she discovered her powers, at the age of four (normal for a guardian) she escaped and no one knows what happened to her until recently when she reappeared to take her rightful place in the world.

    Her spirit guide appears to her as a small coyote or bear.
    Blight (The Elder of the Blood)



    RedBlood. Power of Fire. Pack of Crimson Tides Prince. Eldest son of the kings favorite Mistress. (hes not last in line. But hes first if all of the Kings true children die.)

    As he was raised in the red court he has learned to show no mercy, or even feelings. He hates Coyote with every ounce of his being, as he believes she tried to kill him. But, when she was a blood slave, she was his favorite and he let no one else touch her. He lusts after her with all his heart, while also wanting to shred her throat and string her intestines in the trees for the crows.


    Pitch Black with glowing red eyes. Walks with a permanent limp in his left hind leg.

    He was born to the favorite mistress (whore) of the Red-King. Thus he lived in relative comfort as one of the few purebred illegitimate sons of the king. He excelled in fighting, and hunting and at a somewhat young age of 11 he caught Coyote and brought her in as his personal pet. She suffered blood loss, and other horrible things in the court. When she escaped she caused a rockfall as a distraction, which shattered his leg and left him stuck in the cave for almost two years. Now hes back, and with a vengeance.
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  3. Nae




    Reasonably distrustful, but loyal beyond words when his trust is earned. When talking amongst allies, he'll proudly admit to being insane, crediting it with his survival. Of course, he never developed good social skills.

    He's large and bulky, doing little to hide his strength. He has black fur on most of his body, with white fur on his underbelly, and dark green fur running along his spine. He is covered in scars, most of which stand boldly over vital areas. The most notable are a set a claw marks on his neck, and a long scar on his chest.

    Damon doesn't know much about his past. His earliest memory is being shoved off a cliff at age 7. He miraculously survived, but with a large gash in his chest, and a case of amnesia. He doesn't know who saved him, but he didn't question it. Since that day, he's been surviving on his own, constantly fighting to keep himself alive. His closest run with death since then was with a particularly strong red blood, nearly burning him alive and leaving a nasty gash to finish the job on his throat. He was mysteriously saved once again, and is now looking for the familiar scent of the one who seems to want him alive.

    He hates those who act needlessly superior for stupid reasons, and never learned to pick his moments, so has gotten into plenty of scrapes that had nothing to do with his blood with reds, at least until his blood came out.
  4. Hello friend, your accepted. I commend you for not giving up when you saw my ridiculously long post (sorry but im horrible at condensing)
    feel free to head over to the IC thread, links right above the first picture, if you havnt already seen it.
  5. Name
    Zoey "Frost" Blake
    Female, Bisexual
    DeathBlood, Pack Alpha Female
    Frost was a hard wolf to get along with she had harsh strong personality.She always seemed in a bad mood when infact she was pretty even tempered. She just didn't trust many other wolves. She was a loner even though she was the alpha of the pack.

    Frost (open)

    Has a scar on her ear from fighting to get alpha. She has blue eye's and white long fur, she was and odd color for the deathbloods, but thats what her appearance more chilling. She was the whiite death wolf. You saw her, you death was coming to you one way or another.
    Mystery she never told anyone and no one onew. She just kinda showed up out of the blue one day. To find more out about her get to know her and she might tell you.

    Damien "Demon" Mortelle
    Heterosexual, male
    BlackBlood, Loner use to be a Beta
    Have to get to know him to know what he is like. His attitude was on well hidden behind mystery. He could be dark and mean or sometimes good, but chaotic. He was a a very diverse man.
    Demon (open)


    Find out in the rp his story is a bit of a mystery. he is allusive and hard to read. So why should he let you know anything about him before you even know what kinda wolf he was.
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  6. (Holly bat shit, that was alot of reading)
    Name: Gem tracer
    Age: Human, 19 Wolve, 30
    Gender: Homosexual, Male
    Breed: Crystal blood, Lost Omega looking for a pack.
    Gem is a simple omega, he only usues his powers for good and could never take a life. Even with his own on the line, he is kind and susubbmissive, he hates fights and having to chose sides. He would give his life to save another, and would put himself in danger to save a cub. He also wants someone to care for him though, he often finds himself lonely. Its hard for him to find a mate since he is not interested in female wolves, and most packs would kick him for being queer.
    Gem cant remember much of his time as a cub. His father abondoned them, and he cant remember much of his mother. He probably would of died if a small wolf pack didnt take him in. He quickly grew fond of this pack, and vowedd to defend it. One day it was attacked, that was the day he realized he was a crystal blood. His peculiar blood allowed him to heal his pack mates.

    After that event he fell in love with the alpha, who shared the same feelings. Life was good until another pack attacked. They killed everyone and the Alpha died defending his love Gem. After that Gem was almost always alone. He would jump from pack to pack, but would always leave or be chased out. Now he is a lone wolf, in search of a mate or just a friend.
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    Your accepted, head over to the IC thread when your ready and ill add your name to the list.
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  10. Name
    Enola, En or Nol she prefers En above Nol
    female, heterosexual
    Silverblood, like many of her kind she can control a bit of wind. She mostly only uses it to keep herself entertained on her travels.
    Enola can be awkward when first meeting new people. Though she is not shy in any means. Her opinion of you is quickly know as she won't hold back to even say that she hates you to your face. She is stubborn and haughty and will rarely admit when she is wrong. But if you manage to see past that then you can see how sweet she can be. She will not say it out loud but she takes everything said to heart and will consider other their opinions. She has just been alone for to long to properly communicate.
    her tail isn't that long and of course she doesn't have glowy eyes.
    As long as she can remember she has been on herself, she preferred it that way. Her mother left her when she was grown enough to be on her own and her father she has never known. The only thing she got with her is her wits and her name. But she doesn't care she always has company, travelling with her and guiding her. The world will never bore her.
    with the right litghting her fur gets a beautifull white sheen over it. Otherwise it's just a dull white grey.
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  11. Okay, your good to go.
  12. (Before I fill out a sheet, I want to run my wolf by you first. Long ago, when I first stared RPing, I made a russet/ brown she-wolf with stone grey paws, ears, tail-tip and wings. Her eyes were a mossy green color. She had Power over the Earth Element and was capable of flight, but did not have Power over the Air Element will I be able to use Kiyana here or do I need a new wolf?)
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  13. Name
    Blue-Blood. Can cause rivers to flood and lakes to rise. Cant control large bodies of water like oceans and seas.
    Calmer, but he can get quite playful.
    Can get a bit sexual at times.
    Very aggressive when he needs to be and to protect whats his.

    Enjoys being in forests and jungles, where ever there is rain he will sure be near. He is sharp witted and enjoys the finer things in life like love and happiness like everyone should
    He may seem small from far away but hes a big wolf. He has a red stripe in his tale from where he had a run in with a red blood
    His mother told him he was born in a pack but before he could open his eyes his father had some trouble with the alpha and they had to leave. His mother died one winter when he was only 5 so hes been searching for friends where ever he goes.
    He leaves puddles in his steps even if he shall walk the desert forever.
  14. you can use her, if shes a half breed. It would be a rare set of powers, but possible. or if she were one of the 'twins' probably a silverblood who also has earth powers.

    Kodiak is good to go.
  15. Tehe he is named after my dog
  16. oh, cool.
  17. Name: Hīringutatchi (Healing touch)
    Nick name (cause that names hard as fuck to remember) Hitachi
    Age: Human 23 Wolf 37
    Gender: Male, Bi-Sexual
    Breed: Chosen one- Healer
    Hitachi is a calm and somewhat lazy fellow. Truthfully he never expected to be a chosen one. But he cares for other wolves and loves them all. He hates the sight of blood and loves peace and calm. He heals whoever is sick or injured and is in his sight. The rest of the time he sleeps or watches over Cubs. He is also a great negotiators and can listen to people and come up with solutions easily.
    Hitachi use to be a Beta of a large pack, until he turned 3 in wolf years. It turns out he was a chosen one. He left the pack to pursue this and in his journey brought peace and healing to many. He trained others in the arts of herbal medicine and raised lost pups. Until he finnaly met the warrior. Truthfully he didnt like her that much at first he belived her to be to rash and violent. But that went away quickly as time went buy. They got spit up though when a peacefull pack was attacked, He stayed behind to nurse them all back to health. Now he is looking for the warrior again.
    (Why not, caught youre eye didnt it)
  18. hes good. and that picture is eerily familar. Its a character from a graphic novel i used to follow on deviant art
  19. Is youre wolf straight,bi, or homo. I wanna know cause he seems like a plausable mate for Gem later on
  20. Yaaaaa !!! Isnt getting stuck with a afk roleplayer the worst
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