The Land of Kankyo (Multiverse) ((Always Accepting/Starting))

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  1. [​IMG]

    Author: Shadowstream-chan
    Inspiration: an Old RP called 'The Scarecrow', and the premise of Sword Art Online & .Hack
    Level: Semi-Literate to Literate (5-7 paragraphs)
    Tags: Multi-Crossover; Games, Movies, Anime, Mangas, TV, Books, etc.
    Current Status: Starting, and waiting for Unlucky Candidates (Accepting Profiles)
    Theme: Kankyo
    Goddess of Death
    Goddess of Rebirth

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  2. [​IMG]

    Everyone has the curiosity to see the world that they are not able to see. Another world where everything is foreign to them, in which they are not familiar with, whether it is an escape or not from their current world. One such world is what seems to have come out of a fantasy book, but it has an unfortunate history.

    An old tale from that world is of two goddesses who were biological sisters. One of them was the goddess of rebirth while the other one was of death. A small single dispute ended up becoming an all-time war onto their world. Millions and millions of people died from the war. If Death seems sad, imagine being constantly reincarnated so that there could be more bloodshed. It was a long 10-year war that ended up with 65% of the residence dead. One would think that'll be the end of that, right?


    Despite the goddess of rebirth refusing to continue the war, the goddess of death wants to win what they had started. By that, the goddess of death is recruiting people from different dimensions who share the same bloodshed and desire as she. The desire to continue fighting the goddess of rebirth. The rebirth goddess was terrified so she too is recruiting people to be in her armies, but she is recruiting people with good hearts and who will protect the remaining people of the world she watches over.

    This is where they come in, the canon characters. Heroes, Heroines, and Villains have appeared within the dark world, no one knows how they got here but they cannot leave, it seems they can only return home if they do as the goddess' say. The question is can you survive the onslaught of the war and get to go home? Or will you join the warriors buried with the dirt by the bloody war?

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  3. [​IMG]
    Ⱦhe Ɍules
    Follow the rules Iwaku has set! If any rule is broken, then I will report it.
    I go by the "three strike method". You have three chances. If you are seen disobeying major rules then you will receive a strike.
    No god-modding! Don't control ANY characters other than your own, unless given permission. I will let you know if you are doing something unjustly and will ask you to fix it.

    Proper punctuation and grammar are a MUST!
    ஐ No spamming!
    All profiles must be Private messaged to me. If they are posted here I'll let you know about it and delete the post. Title the Private Message the Character you wish to take or reserve. They have to be a character from a series (like Mario, Sonic, Snake...ones who are created by someone else), One OC per person! What I mean by OC? It is an original character that YOU have created. Otherwise, you can have as many characters as you want, as long as they are not OC's.
    Keep swearing to a minimum! Make your point clear. Keep it clean and easy to understand!
    Romance is GREATLY encouraged! Make it lovey-dovey, dramatic, complicated, love triangle, love octagon, or something else! Just, make it nice and romantic.
    This is a semi-lit to literate thread.
    Absolutely NO text talk! I will not accept it! I h8 it whn ppl tlk lk dis. Not evry1 can undrstnd dis. Spell out your words and numbers!
    If you are unable to participate in the roleplay any longer then PLEASE let me know about it. We will find some way to replace your character. If you are going away for a while then also let me know so I don't mistake you for leaving permanently.
    Post frequently! Please have at least five-ish posts per week. Up above, I explained what to do if you were unable to post. I don't want to mistake you for a quitter!
    Pretty posts are encouraged, but not required. I care about the literacy and the ability to post paragraphs. What I mean by pretty posts is using the picture, name of your character, color of words, etc.
    I am the 'Goddess'. I have the ability to change these rules and if I ask you something then you should listen!
    ஐ One OC per person! I thought I put it here again to remind you
    Have a great time! Let's try and have a great time! Try not to argue with other users (unless it's character conflict)! Let's keep this a clean and happy environment for everyone!
    Any character is accepted: Disney, Nintendo, Sega, Pixar, Dreamworks, TV Shows, Anime, Manga, etc.
    I have the right to change any of the rules.
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  4. Profiles:
    ((Profile skeleton can be any color you want, examples will be in the OOC//Signup Thread))

    [b]Full Name:[/b]
    [b]Weapons:[/b] (max 3)
    [b]Likes:[/b] (at least 3)
    [b]Dislikes:[/b] (at least three)
    [b]Fears:[/b] (At least 1)
    [b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]
    [b]Side:[/b] (Good, Neutral, or Evil)
    Abilities/Powers (Max 4):[/b] (Not applicable for humans)
    [b]Pets/Companions:[/b] (Optional)
    [b]Theme Song:[/b]
    [b]Other relevant information:[/b]

    OOC//Profiles <--------- Click here to see Fellow Rper's finished profiles (and maybe it can help you see how it is done)
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  5. Taken Characters:
    [Canon] Character Name - Series/Movie/Videogame Title (Company)

    Amaterasu - Okami (Capcom)

    Pucca - Pucca (Jetix; Disney)

    Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic (Sega)

    Naraku - Inuyasha (VizMedia Entertainment)

    Korra - The Legend of Korra (Nickelodeon)

    Nico Violete - OC (PurpleDemon)

    Gilgamesh - Fate (TYPE MOON)

    Artorias - Dark Souls (Bandai Namco)

    Hei - Darker than Black (Funimation)

    Zer0 - Borderlands 2 (2K Games)

    Gabriel Reyes - Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)

    Kaminari Wolff - OC (Shadowstream-chan)

    Jackal - Fairy Tail (Funimation)
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  6. Current Allies and Relationships
    ((This is where a list of relationships and groups will be recorded in, basically saying who likes who and who doesn't like who.))

    heroes (open)



    Kaminari Wolff


    villians (open)

    Nico Violete

    Gabriel Reyes



    Neutral ((People who have not chosen a side yet)) (open)

    Shadow the Hedgehog



    Hero Relationships (open)

    Villian Relationships (open)

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  7. NPCS:
    Goddess of Rebirth: The goddess has a gentle light to her, almost motherly. She wants the world to be at peace, and to stop her sister from harming the world, and the people that she looks over. She is summoning heroes from different worlds and dimensions to save her world from further destruction.

    Goddess of Death: The goddess has a vengeful, angry, and manipulative spirit to her. She wants her sister to suffer, and thus she wants to be the 'breadwinner' of this war. She is summoning villains from different worlds and dimensions to help her kill her sister. And afterward, rule over the remaining world.

    Representatives of Temples: These people are the ones who have the ability to diminish the Goddess of Death's powers.

    Courage: A Warrior who has been known to protect many villages back in the days. His test is to see if the heroes for the Goddess have the courage to face their fears.

    Persistence: A mermaid who had worked hard to keep her kingdom safe from the greedy fishermen. She had shown persistence to make sure her people were safe. Her test is to see if the heroes for the Goddess will work hard to prevail, even when the problem/situation seems hard.

    Wisdom: A man who had studied the world, theories, and many many things that an average person would not know. A walking book, he was the reason why technology and life expectancy increased in the world. His test is to see if the heroes for the goddess will be able to make wise choices and do the right thing, despite their emotions telling them otherwise.

    Love: A Princess who was deprived of it, she was forced into arranged marriage in which she had no choice. Even though her life seemed bleak, she did not blame anyone nor her children. She showed love to her kids, despite the abuse. She ended up dying from the abuse. Her test is to see if the heroes for the goddess will never falter in the darkness, despite the life pushing them toward the edge.

    Loyalty: A man who remained loyal to his family even though he had many chances to leave them behind to get rich. Instead, he became the person to help them survive. He did this until it literally killed him. His test is to see if the heroes of the goddess will remain loyal to her, themselves, and their friends when they have a chance to get something more.

    Justice: A wolf who made sure his owner never got hurt as they traveled from one place to another. He was the one who had ended child trafficking one day, bringing justice for the family and kids that have suffered from the tortures. His test is to see if the heroes of the goddess have a strong sense of justice, wanting nothing more to save everyone for the greater good, or if for greedy reasons.

    Sufferance: A girl who had turned to stone after waiting for a man who would never return. A recently married girl, her husband was summoned to participate in the war. They separated at the ocean leaving the girl to sit on the rocks as the ship faded away. She had believed that he would return, but she would not know that the man she loved died in the war. It was said that she was so still that she turned into stone. Her test is to see if the heroes of the goddess will always have mercy on anyone and never turn away just because they vanish, basically to never give up hope.
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  8. NOTICE!

    Any character who is good will wake up in a garden where the Goddess of Rebirth resides

    Any character who is bad will wake up in a temple where the Goddess of Death resides.

    Hero's Goals: They are to travel from different parts of the world so that they could get to the temple's locations. They are tested to see if they are eligible to save the crumbling world. Once they do, they will get an orb that increases their power.

    Villain's Goal: Your goal is to stop the heroes basically. And by doing that, you need to find items that are related to a dark cult that can help destroy the temples.

    If your character is neutral, then you will hear two voices trying to call to you. You will be summoned into a mysterious area that no goddess can reach you. That is...until you start to take the journey to go home.

    Of course...eventually you will have to choose a side so you can go home.
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  9. Map of Kankyo:
    Under Construction

  10. Show Spoiler

    ((Goddess of Rebirth will be Blue, and Goddess of Death will be Red. Also, you can start your character before their vision or after the vision when they wake up in whatever destination this post will explain. Red = villains, and blue = heroes))

    A vision.

    That's all it was. A vision. Whether you are asleep or awake, your normal life will be interrupted by a vision. You are in a field, and the skies could either be a dark red sky or a beautiful blue depending on which goddess is trying to call out to you. You then hear bloodied cries in which breaks the sky and field into very little pieces. Then everything was replaced with dead bodies on your feet, all deformed and eyes all white with no pupils. Then you hear a woman's voice, depending on your side...the voice will be different than others.

    "I am sorry for calling you."

    "You are familiar with this am I correct? A bloodied field where pathetic lives lie?"

    Suddenly your vision will see two men who are continuing to fight, blood would gush out from each.

    "But I had no choice...I need help..."

    "Those heroes...they think they are so grand. Believing they are so special...believing that darkness is the plague."

    Now the two men fell to the ground, and the only thing that could be seen was a tree. Depending on which goddess sent you, you would see a beautiful tree that was decked in white, the only beautiful thing in a bloody field. Or you would see a black tree with purple and red leaves, dancing with the eerie wind, the many skeletons that hung from the tree branches.

    "You are our only hope...our hope to end this bloodshed."

    "Don't shall be rewarded...if you work for me. Defeat those spoiled heroes."

    Now you are falling into a dark pit, and as you do, you will see a silhouette of a woman.

    "Please wake up! Please help!"

    "Now get up, your work has just begun."

    When you wake up, it will depend on which goddess called out to you. You would either wake up in a Beautiful field of flowers, assorted of many colors or you would wake up in a Dark temple with the assortment of gothic-themed statues Your adventure will now begin, tread carefully. Your life will depend on careful decisions.​
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  11. Jade Harley
    Forgotten Forest

    Sleep was now terrifying. It had been for years after they won the game. This dream was particularly horrifying. Jade was laying down, the putrid smell of something rotting filled her nose. It was next to her, bodies cold and blood. It was so vivid, she screamed but no one heard not even herself. She tried to move she couldn't. Jade realized she was dead. Her wispy uncared for hair laid, stained in the blood of her friends as she tried to lift herself from the ground. It was useless, but she didn't' give up, she didn't want to. Jade didn't want to die, even she felt like she wanted to all those years.

    Jade breathes heavily, her eyes shot open. Her clothes were different, the smell was gone. The smell was replaced instead by a damp wet over. She sat up, mud running down her arms and back. Jade shivered, she felt strange she wasn't in her universe. She knew this by her the cold she felt no her pale young skin, and the space around her. It just felt different. Her sense of the world was off, with this confusing and worry filled her anxious unstable mind.

    She looked around spotting others, what had happened? Getting up she trembled in fear of what has happened. Her lanky arm tried to rub off the mud but with no avail.
  12. Show Spoiler

    For Heroes:


    Pucca & Okami Amaterasu & Kaminari Wolff

    Living up in Tamagahara, a big wolf was walking around in a beautiful field, casually walking around as she was expecting an arrival. She had heard that her child and Issun were coming to visit. It was going to be nice since she had not seen her son in awhile. A long time had passed since he decided to go to the mortal world and have his own adventures. She just hoped Issun didn't do anything dumb, like try to flirt with unsuspecting women. As a celestial envoy, Issun should be hopefully busy. In the meantime, she will give them all the affection for not being able to see them for a long time.

    As she walked, she had seen that the ship had arrived. She immediately bounded toward it and waited for them to get off the ship and have their paws (and feet) in Tamagahara. She soon was able to see them come off and that was enough to walk toward them and give Chibiterasu (her son) an affectionate kiss on the head, nuzzling him. *Hello my son* She yipped happily as she then saw Issun bouncing up and down as usual. "Hey! Is this what Tamagahara looks like?! Holy crap!" *Yes yes, and you might be the first and only mortal to see this! It really is beautiful*

    She then nudged them away from the ship so she could get them home, she can imagine Chibi was tired from his adventure so a nap must be done. As she was walking with them, Issun started the awkward conversation. "Hey! Fleabag! Who's the father?" There was silence within them as they walked, Amma did not want to talk about who the father was. *Anyway Chibi, you must be tired. We're almost home. There you can rest up from your adventure. Once you wake up, you can tell me all about it* "HEY! Your avoiding my question." Amma then glared which was the first time she ever did that to Issun. She was normally naive and dumb but for that topic, it was something to not talk about after all.

    They arrived at their home which was a beautiful big cave with very comfortable bedding. It had an arrangement of vines growing flowers which made the place nice and comfortable. *Now get some rest dear, ok? I'll be with you* She then laid on one of the nests, waiting for Chibi to rest up next to her. Soon they would be asleep..only to be teleported. Issun realized something was wrong when around them was a bit too bright. "Hey! What's going on?!" Issun jumped on them immediately, vanishing with them into the light.

    Meanwhile, in a whole different time era, a little ten-year-old girl was running through an Asian village known as Sooga. Sooga was proud to be known for their balance of the traditional and the modern. Through this village, the little girl was chasing her love...Garu. She had always loved him, ever since he had rescued her from the hands of evil. She would do anything to get his affections and had always dreamed of the love they could share, and the dream wedding. It was surprising how her Uncles did not stop her from her rampage. Instead, they kind of found it funny how she was chasing a boy, commenting that it was 'young love'.

    As she was chasing Garu, all the sudden she ended up stopping. A vision came over her. She was suddenly in a beautiful field, then was standing at dead bodies, and a voice calling out to her. She ended up passing out in the middle of the village. She was found by her friend, Ching who saw her passed out unexpectedly. Pucca was taken to her home in which she woke up crying and shivering in fright. Whatever happened really scared her. She was still a ten-year-old who should not have gotten that vision. She was put to bed as she had a warm, wet towel over her head. "Hey Pucca...are you gonna be ok?" Ching asked in a concerned tone in a purple Asian attire and wore a hairstyle consisted of two braids. Pucca nodded, although her lips quivered, still scared. "I'll come back in the morning ok? Get well soon." Ching was hesitant on leaving, but she had Kung-Fu lessons which cannot be missed. So she closed the door so that Pucca can rest. Pucca then closed her eyes, trying to imagine Garu...but the bloodied field still took over her mind.

    In another world, a huge tower loomed over the residence of Farukonhebun, the capital of Eukasia. The tower was surrounded by many others, with bridges that connected to each. It was a mansion of sorts where it was home to the royal family of Eukasia. Even to a half-breed.

    Kaminari sat by the window, looking over the many scrolls that he was reading. He liked to read history on his pastime and it helped him go through the day. Even though most nobles and politicians want to deny it, Kaminari was going to take over the throne once his father retired. Kami sighed, "Born the wedlock between my father and another royal from a rival kingdom." He mumbled, getting up and picked up his favorite staff; a gift from his true mother. The mother he has in Eukasia tried to ignore him like the plague. Which Kami didn't really care for at this point, he was twenty-three years old. And he had cried over it through his childhood, and now it was time to move on. He exited his room and decided to go outside.

    As he walked, he had passed through the servants, which had stopped and bowed at him. He shook his head as months before, they were gossiping and sneering at him. Now they are trying to play nice because he was officially going to take over the former emperor once he retired, aka Kami's father. Kami kept on walking, the staff he had was in sync with his right foot as they pushed the sliding door to the side.

    The garden in front of him was adorned with many colorful flowers, and a pond filled with koi. The running water from the bamboo really made it more majestic than it normally was. Kami put on some shoes before stepping off the home and walked to the garden. He had decided to sit on one of the rocks as he stared down at his reflection. He could only frown at his black hair with a white striped hair piece. He also saw his golden eyes, eyes that had gotten mixed reactions...more bad than good. It made him shut his eyes tightly, his grip on the staff also tightened. He had to turn away for a second before looking over at the reflection once again.

    That was when the vision overcame him. It was something that got him to stand up and back off, his eyes widened with fright as he saw everything morphing. Then his feet gave away and he fell to what would be darkness. For how long? He would not know.


    Amma would soon wake up after that terrible vision, now feeling cold. She immediately sat up to realize she was in a very bright place with a lot of pretty flowers. It made her a bit nerve-wrecked as she assumed she might be either dreaming.....or kidnapped, despite how beautiful the place was. So she got up on her four legs and took a whiff of the area, smelling nothing familiar in there. *Chibi, CHIBI?! ISS-* Then suddenly she was on something as it mumbled beneath her. Amma was confused so she lifted her paw, to only seen Issun. "HEY! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?! WHY DID YOU TELEPORT?!" *Teleport?* "YES! You tried to disappear...AGAIN! What was that about?!" Issun then jumped on Amma's head. "Where are we?" He asked , somewhat expecting someone to answer. He would get his answer when a light formed in front of them, turning into two human shapes

    Two individuals appeared on the ground, seemingly unconscious. One was a young girl with a long red dress and black tights & shoes. The last one was a man, a young adult, in feudal clothing reserved for the rich. He had black hair with white stripes, holding onto a staff. Amma bounded toward them immediately and it prompted her to pat them both with her paw. It woke the man up almost immediately, but not the girl. "Uuugh...where am I?"

    "We were hoping that you would know," Issun responded back to which got the man to sit on the ground, cross-legged. Kami was at first confused on where the voice came from but then saw a wolf, a very majestic wolf with red patterns all over her body. And a bug jumping up and down engulfed in a green light. "Hey! I am right here!" Kami blinked multiple times hearing the same voice again, but the source came from the bug.

    "A....bug could talk?" His voice and response had Issun soon got angry. "I AM NOT A BUG! I'M ISSUN! Don't call me a bug!" *Calm down, he probably didn't know-* "And who are you suppose to be?!"

    That got Kami to frown as he snapped his finger, giving Issun a bit of an electronic shock. Amma yipped and moved back, watching Issun fall down like a leaf. "H-Hey! I...I was only...haha..." Amma sighed heavily as she wished Issun wouldn't get them into trouble like that. Kami stood up as he stared down at the bug, and the wolf who he guessed was about one hundred pounds. "I am Kaminari Wolff. Prince of Eukasia, and first in line for the throne. So I ask that you take a more polite tone next time."

    "Oh-Ok, just don't zap me again." That was when the little girl was awake. Pucca's appearance made Kami, and Amma a little puzzled. Her attire looked to be something a boy would wear with black pants, a long red shirt, and black-colored flat shoes. The little girl would then wake up and soon be confused and back off deftly. Kami saw that and took a relaxed position. "H-Hey! Take it easy, it's ok. Nothing is here to hurt you." He spoke in a very soft tone which made the little girl stop and stare at him. Surprisingly, she can understand all languages. After all, she had to fight an American couple who tried ruining her village with terrible food & SUV's, go to Australia to save Garu and help stop a war between the Dutch and Belgian's. So Pucca could understand the half Japanese/European man with feudal clothing. Pucca blinked and then said a 'hello'. Kami had a small smile on, Amma got next to him as she sat down. Amma was so large that her head could reach his elbow."Hello. I am Kami..mind telling me your name?" Pucca knew her vow of silence will confuse this guy in the future, so she answered her question with 'Pucca'. "Pucca? What a unique name." Kami then took a look at his surroundings. "I don't think you know where we you?" Pucca did a hmm sound in a confused tone, as she did not know the answer either.
    "Where we are?! We just got here. We're new to this like you are!" Issun jumped up and down. Amma took a sigh as there was no use in arguing at this point.

    For Villians:

    “I have often heard you humans refer to this...”
    “As fate or destiny...”
    “Only the weak...”
    “Utter such nonsense…”


    ┃Thinking: Where am I?┃Mood: Frustrated/Calm┃

    Why....Why did I fall? How could I let them...defeat me like this?!

    Those were Naraku's last thoughts before he fell into oblivion. It was not too long ago when he had been created by the selfish desires of Onigumo, made Kikyo and Inuyasha kill each other to get the Shikon Jewel, and then to this...die in the hands of the half-breed Inuyasha. The half-demon that pursued him after sleeping for fifty years from Kikyo's arrow. NO! I cannot die! I did not-! Naraku could no longer speak in his mind, his thoughts....his eyesight...his breath....they have done their last calls before completely shutting down.

    He woke up from his darkness, to see it had been replaced by what he thought was hell, the hell that gave meaning to 'Naraku' himself. He could hear a woman calling out to him and it made him clench his jaws together as he was the one to give orders, not her. "I assume you want something from me?" He kept his cool, as he called out to the female voice. But the voice ignored him, kept on talking. His eyesight soon was engulfed in darkness once again.

    Naraku soon woke up...again. But this time, he was...inside something. He did not recognize the architecture. Surrounding him was glass windows, painting to appear as artwork. And a slightly elevated area where one would think would sit upon it. But it was only to be placed for candles, and a darkened figure shaped like a woman.
    "Are you awake? Good! You got a job to do, and I am not wasting my time waiting for you to get out of your dreamland!"
    Then suddenly a huge green tentacle came out of the darkness and missed the Goddess' head by an inch as it rammed into the wall, almost breaking it. The source of that tentacle came out of Naraku, with long wavy black hair, and red eyes. His outfit was purple and light blue, with boned armor. He had three green tail-like tentacle arms coming from his back, sporting several large hoop bones leading to a red-eye on his chest, and two gauntlets with eyes at the wrist & backhand of his arms. He also had a gigantic spike of diamond armor on his right arm with his tentacles and dark spikes arching over his shoulders. "I do not take orders from you." His voice was hoarse and barren like he always had it. But of course, once he found some people to torture, he will be just a bit better. The goddess did not phase from the man's impatience. "As long as you are here, I suggest you listen well. I am the reason your alive dear Naraku, so I suggest you wise up."

    Naraku narrowed his eyes, the tentacle did not move from his spot on the wall. "What...and Who are you exactly? Also, do tell me where I am." The goddess then whipped up her hand as she sent out a dark energy that hit Naraku. Normally, he would have a barrier that protected him...but he no longer had it. The dark energy pierced through his shoulder and blood pierced out of it. It horrified him, normally it wouldn't do this since his heart would be hiding, and his body was made of multiple demons. He did not let his horror show, as he only wanted his anger to show.

    "Careful on how you speak to me. I am the ruler of this world, not you. And as for who I am. I am Izanami, but my name is not important. You ask on where you are,'re in my world. Welcome to Kankyo, and knowing my power, you'll be having some people to join you. Just...remember your place."

    Naraku kept his glare onto her, but then...a plan formed. An idea...something that made his mouth turn to a wicked grin. "My place huh? Well then, we shall see what the others have to offer. I work on my own and create my own allies. So what you have better suffice."

    ”It is different…”
    “For the truly powerful…”
    “They create this so-called destiny…”
    “With their own hands…”

    For Neutral:​



    It had been a long day for a hedgehog with black fur and red stripes. He had just finished dealing with the apocalypse that was to be created by the Metarex. He was finally able to touch a planet and to deal with his own problems, and not someone else's. But instead, he was to deal with another problem. He had decided to shut his eyes for a few seconds upon a tree, wanting to try to remember his past life before being sealed by the human government. Once his eyes closed, he was engulfed in a vision which was to be all sorts of 'fucked' up per say. It turned beautiful than deadly...a nice voice to an evil one....Shadow was surprised he did not go insane as soon as he fell.

    He then was able to wake up. He did not know where he was, but he heard a harsh rushing of water. Shadow grumbled slightly as he got out of the ground and up on his feet. He rubbed his head as he snarled in irritation. "I can't think for one day..." He then wondered if this was one of Eggman's tricks. He was gonna screw over that egotistical doctor when he got the chance. Now he then wondered where he was, it was slightly dark...except for a tint of light from the end of the if they must be in a cave. "Time to find out where I am..." But then he felt like he wasn't alone, and that got him in a defensive position. "Alright....whose there?" He walked toward the source of the sound to see who was nearby


    The Ultimate Lifeform

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  13. Cruel Angel’s Thesis

    “… what I saw at that match really was amazing, Korra. So why can’t you do it here?”

    The voice is calm, kind. The voice of perhaps the most powerful Airbender in the world, Tenzin. The sun had just come up, and so he and his family had already started training. His 3 children, all Airbenders (of varying talent) stand assembled just outside of the forested area of their home, Airbender Island. The oldest sibling, Jinora, stands with full focus on her father, her teacher and mentor in Tenzin. The middle child, Ikki, she hops lightly foot to foot anxiously waiting for them to start playing training. And the youngest of them, Meelo, he has by now wandered off and has been digging in the dirt looking for pirate treasure. Because.. well there has to be pirate treasure around here somewhere, right?

    But the focus of Tenzin’s words isn’t related to the Airbender, not by blood in the least. But due to many circumstances, she might as well be. Her name is Korra, and she is from the Southern Water Tribe. And she is this generation’s Avatar. A being that acts as link between the human and the spirit world.. the being meant to bring balance to the world, and thereby peace.
    But she has a lot to learn yet.

    Her voice is full of frustration as she tugs on the long sleeves of the Air Bending training uniform she is being forced to wear. “Because.. because I don’t know, okay? I don’t know what you saw, but I was only doing what I needed to do, ya know to help my team!” Korra had been in a Pro-Bending match the night previous, where she exhibited the movements that an Airbender naturally has.. something she has been unable to really do to this point. She has mastered 3 of the 4 elements she needs to master.. water, earth and fire.. air is the last. And the one she seems stumped on.

    Tenzin lets out a sigh and approaches the young girl as she fidgets, and Korra looks up to him with those puppy dog eyes. He pulls the sleeve of her top down as they should be, making Korra wrinkle her nose. Air Bender clothing is to restrictive for her tastes. “Stop fidgeting, Korra. And leave the sleeves be, please.” His voice is as calm and tender as it always is when he is in full on teacher/mentor mode. He now brings his hands up to pat her shoulders, smiling down to her. “What I saw last night showed me that you have it in you, young Avatar. You need only find it. Now, let’s try it again, okay?” Korra sighs and nods to him with a small, forced smile. “Okay Tenzin..” Korra jumps a little suddenly as Ikki lets out an excited cry, and she grabs Korra’s hand to lead/drag her to the training grounds proper. “Korra’s gonna Airbend Korra’s gonna Airbend!” The young girl says in a rapid, excited tone as she leads Korra. Tenzin and Jinora sigh softly as one, following them now to the training ground.

    And as for Meelo.. well he may not leave this space until he’s found that darn pirate’s treasure!

    The day’s hours pass faaaaar to slowly for Korra. And another day has come and now gone with no progress whatsoever with Airbending. In her opinion. The sun now has set, and Korra now stands in the courtyard. There is an angry scowl on her lips as she looks towards the forlorn moon hanging in the sky. Yeah, she knows how it feels. She’s on an island where 90% if the population focuses on her and helping her train or keeping her safe.. but she feels so alone. She, by now, has changed back into her usual garb, the kind of clothing you would find many from the Water Tribe wearing. She feels comfortable in this kind of clothing, even if some people think it’s to ‘uncivilized’ for the big city. She is, in essence, a country girl.
    The dark skinned girl continues to silently staring up at the moon… as if the moon itself were conversing with her.

    Perhaps it is.

    But the voice Korra hears comes from behind her… “I know you’re frustrated.. but please don’t be.. dad can seem rough.. but he really just wants ta help you.” The voice is of Jinora, Tenzin’s oldest daughter. And the most like Tenzin by a long stretch. The younger girl now steps up beside Korra, smiling up to her, her hands folded behind her back. Korra looks out of the corner of her eyes towards Jinora.. and she can’t help but smile. Korra is an only child, but if she ever had siblings.. she imagines it would feel like she feels when she’s around Jinora, Ikki and Meelo. Yes even Meelo. Korra lets out a huff as she looks back towards the moon, speaking softly. “I know I know.. it’s not him I’m frustrated with, I guess. But you already know that, huh?” She looks to Jinora once more out of the corner of her eyes, this time a little smirk on her face. Jinora can’t help but grin and shrug, looking out into the darkness. Jinora might be much younger than Korra, but she always seems to be more on top of things than Korra knows. “Well you’re not the only one who’s been a little miffed while being trained by him..” Jinora says as she shrugs a little once more. Korra watches the young girl a moment, somewhere in the back of her mind she wishes she had it as together as Jinora seems to have it. Korra lets out a sigh and now smiles as she motions over her shoulder. “Speaking of.. your dad’s gonna be miffed if he finds you out here so late. Get ta bed, you.” Jinora looks around suddenly, as if to make sure her father really wasn’t there. Because yes he would be miffed, and she doesn’t want that of course. But instead of scampering off, Jinora suddenly moves to Korra and hugs her tight around the waist. Korra is taken by surprise for a second, but then lets out a soft chuckle as she hugs Jinora back, just as tightly. But not to tight, don’t wanna hurt the girl and all. “Okay okay, scoot now.” Jinora pulls away and nods up to Korra, now jogging away as she waves. “Night Korra! Hope you have sweet dreams!” Jinora calls out to Korra as she disappears into the darkness. Korra waves lightly, and then glances up at the hanging moon a moment more as she almost whispers. “yeah.. sweet dreams.”

    A half hour or so passes.. and Korra wanders back to her room in the temple. A small room, sparsely decorated. As is tradition amongst Airbenders. As she opens the door.. a massive beast pokes it’s head out, sniffing fiercely. “Naga stoppit!” Korra says as she pushes on the snout of the rather massive polar bear dog inhabiting her room. And Korra’s best pal. Naga snarls playfully as she pushes against Korra’s hand, but she of course backs off to allow Korra into the room. Naga continues to push her muzzle against Korra, wanting some attention after not seeing one another for quite a few hours. “Naga come on.. you know I missed you too.. stoppit!” Though her words are meant to be forceful, she can’t help but giggle a little with the large animal’s attentions. Korra flops down on the comfortable chair next to her open window, and Naga lays her head in Korra’s lap, her tail thudding gently against the wooden floor. Korra absently scratches Naga’s head as she looks out across the bay towards the beautiful Republic City. The city glimmers with lights and metal, as far as Korra knows it’s the most advanced and high brow (in her opinion) city on the planet. And one she just wants to be a part of. As she stares out at the glistening city, she wonders what her pal Bolin is doing. What Mako is doing. Bleh.. he’s probably on a date or something with that Asami hoochie. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she closes her eyes, leaning back in the chair as she absently scratches behind Naga’s ears. Much to Naga’s delight. And before you can count to 20, she’s out. The exhaustion of this day just overtaking her.
    Or perhaps something else.

    Somewhere that isn’t here….
    “The Avatar is relegated to our world. What right have She to reach out to ours?”

    “Her world is in danger. It needs to survive this, and they can not do it on their own.”

    “The Avatar is to bring balance to OUR world. The worries of other worlds are no worries of ours. The Spirit Realm is in eminent danger, as all have seen. We NEED the Avatar here, not there.”

    “The world she is called to is integral to the existence of our reality. We must see the big picture. We all know She would not have done this had she other choice. The sisters can not exist in peace with one another. The beings of that world are all but extinct.. if She did not seek aid.. Her world would rot away, and that rot would spread to ours eventually.”

    “It is as the Hundred Year War. I can not allow something like this to again transpire.”


    “So say all.”

    “But the child ISN’T the Avatar, not yet. Can she do this? Can she truly be of use?”

    “The Sister of Azure would not have sought out our Avatar if She did not think she could be of use. Rather, if she could not save that dying world from its own death. When the time comes, the Avatar will bring balance.”

    “So say all.”

    The Dream
    In the middle of a vast green field she now stands, the warm breeze so gently caressing her form as she stands there amidst the plain beauty of the day. The sky of blue goes on forever, not a cloud anywhere to be seen. It’s like the vision of perfect beauty so often she has seen in her dreams. A divine place, the epitome of magnificence. Korra stands motionless there, her long dark hair swaying with the gentle day’s breeze. A broad smile upon her lips as she stares up at the blue. The never ending blue.
    But then..
    Korra blinks as she abruptly looks over her shoulder… did she hear something just now. She pivots on her heels as she looks at the horizon of green, seeing nothing but the grass. Her eyes narrow a little as she continues to search… nothing.

    “help Her”
    Another whisper from nowhere, and yet all around her. Her head snaps left to right as she looks for the source of that soft voice, a man’s voice. “Who’s there?! Come out right now!” She demands angrily. But nothing. No response. She takes a deep calming breath…deciding it was nothing. After all, what could possibly ruin this gorgeous day?

    The answer many thing.

    Korra now slowly turns back as she smiles, her gaze drawing once more towards the beautiful azure above her. Such a pretty sky..

    But she jumps a little suddenly as she hears a sudden shrill cry. And then another.. and then another.. Korra starts to panic as the sky starts to tear itself asunder, the green of the grass she stands soon following suit. Korra stumbles back as she now lets out a panicked scream, her hands clenching into fists. She starts to move into a defensive stance.. but she is abruptly frozen by fear. The dead are all around her.. the beauty of green replaced by a horror none should have to bear witness to. So many bodies.. such atrocity.. it almost feels like she’s seeing a piece of her past..or her future..

    Korra ducks a little as she hears a voice from everywhere.. and nowhere.. a woman’s voice.. a caring voice, if Korra were to put description to it.

    “I am sorry for calling you.”

    “Who are you?! Where am I?!” Korra cries out, her voice filled with anguish and fear. Her gaze abruptly snaps towards now the two men who still fight. She shakes her head as she starts towards them, reaching out towards them. She screams for them to stop, she demands them to stop… but she has no voice here. She tries to move to them to stop this.. but she is not moving. She can’t stop them alone, she needs others to help her save them. Though she can not reach them, though they can not hear her pleas for them to stop, still she tries. She continues to fight to get to them. She has to save them.

    “But I had no choice.. I need help…”

    Now the Water Tribe girl stops, and she looks around. She screams “Who are you?! Tell me where I am now! Who are they!?” She demands as she points towards the now dead men. But as he finger is pointing towards the spot they fell in... slowly (and almost fearfully) she looks towards them. Her tense stance relaxes a little as she now sees a beautiful tree amongst the carnage. She stares at it wide eyed..the only spot of lovely upon this field of unending death. A glimmer of light amongst so much misery and death. Her hand slowly lowers as she stares at the leaves of green, and tears spring forth from her eyes.

    “You are our only hope..our hope to end this bloodshed.”
    “You must help Her. They need you, Korra.”

    Once more she looks around, her hands coming to cover her ears, as if to try and make the voices she hears silence. But as she looks around.. her sense of stability is suddenly gone and she is falling! She lets out a scream as she twists her slim form so she’s ‘facing’ the direction she thinks she is falling. Her hands thrust forward, as if to try and will herself to stop falling.

    “Please wake up! Please help!”
    “Wake up Korra.. please help them. Help Her.”

    Darkness now all around her. Nothingness. And then.. a vast myriad of color.

    The Garden
    Blackness is slowly replaced by gentle light.. white at first, but slowly colors filling themselves in. Blurred is her vision at the start, but the world now slowly comes into focus. She finds herself laying on her stomach in the field of flowers, her clear blue eyes looking out at the flowers all around her. Her voice comes in a hoarse whisper. “Oh.. I’d forgotten.. how beautiful..” She thinks she’s in one of Air Temple Island’s many gardens, where she spent much time TRYING to meditate. But as that moment of thought passes.. she remembers.. she was in her room..

    A soft gasp escapes her lips with realization, and with practiced ease she bounds to her feet. Her eyes wide she looks around herself slowly at the beings she finds herself surrounded by.. but a familiar presence lumbers up next to her. She spares only a glance to her left, knowing who it is, of course. Naga growls lowly in warning as she steps up next to Korra, the immense Polar Bear Dog bearing her teeth in warning to the strangers. Korra’s gaze moves slowly back towards those she is surrounded by, her voice coming in a firm tone. “Okay, you better start talking or I’m gonna start decimating all of you!”

    Naga let out another growl, as if to accentuate Korra’s strong words. While Korra was a life long fighter (practically), a show of force and unity could do them some good. Besides, Naga wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her human here in this strange new place. And Naga was even more on edge suddenly.. because she thought she had spotted another Polar Bear Dog. Naga’s dark eyes lock on Amaretsu, thinking the serene beast a threat to her human. After all, any Polar Bear Dog that isn’t named Naga is (9 times out of 10) a threat to her human, Korra. But Naga does not move to strike, nor does Korra. Not yet, not until some answers were given.. not until Korra figures out what the hell is going on here..

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  14. When The Moon Turns Crimson
    It was a dark night, full moon was shining brightly in the night sky, a peaceful village surrounded by a deep forest, beautiful and lively during the day, but frightening and mysterious at night. All the villagers were long asleep, wind wasn't blowing, if you watched the village from afar, it would seem as if the time stopped, but then lively nocturnal animals would convince you otherwise. A shadowy figure was walking alone in the forest, everything alive tried to avoid it, the dark figure was walking towards the village "How bothersome... he had to come all the way over here" the boy looks up, his bright purple eyes shining in the darkness alongside the moon, he was standing on the edge of the forest looking at the small, seemingly peaceful village, he began walking slowly in the wide and open "streets" that were just gaps between the houses covered in grass, with each of his steps a window closed or a door locked with a loud snapping sound. two men were standing in front of a relatively large house, modestly decorated with carvings, two men walked out, holding beautiful and masterfully crafted swords, judging by the weapons you would think they are rich, perhaps even knights, however this is contradicted by their torn and muddy clothes, they looked like children who wanted to show off their new toys. "oh it's just a kid, must be one of the village children, hey do you know this boy?" said one of them "let me think... no.. his face is unfamiliar, where are yo.." the man was interrupted by a quick silent bullet shot that pierced his heart, the boy was holding a silver handgun, black smoke was coming out of it's barrel "please just shut up... listening to your pointless blabbering annoying and pointless." he took out his second silver handgun, shooting the other guard in the throat before he could say anything. Black bullets turned into black smoke and flew into the boy's mouth. "My name is Nico by the way, not that it matters to you at this point..." he said with a childish smile before looking at him with his shining purple eyes, his smile turning more dark and twisted before he finished off the man by stepping on his shot throat, severing his head by force. Nico walked into the house, seeing a man in rich clothes, his face was pale and paranoid. "you don't understand what you are doing boy! If you kill me this country is ruined! I don't know how much you get for killing me, but I'll pay you twice that much!" Nico pointed his silver handgun at the king of a small country who fled the castle during an assassination attempt. "no.. thrice! I'll pay you three times as much!" Nico shot him through the stomach and then kicked the king's face, who fell of his chair and was begging for mercy with his last breath. "this country was doomed anyway..." he smiled as he left the house, his eyes glowing more brightly then before, his pupils on the other hand got blacker and turned beast-like, he licked his lips and began slowly walking into the forest, "oh... knew I was forgetting something..." he extended his hand setting a few houses on violet fire, the fire spreading on other houses as well, he gazed at the scene "fire... so beautiful" he smiled as he turned around and continued waling into the forest, ignoring screams of burning villagers. he looked up at the full moon shining brightly. "the moon, so beautiful, however it can be even more beautiful" he looked at the light coming from the burning village he left behind. "when blood is burning crimson in your eyes, look up into the sky, gaze upon the beauty of a crimson moon, it's a sight worth dyeing for..."

    The Vision
    Nico was resting in a dark forest after his recent job. Suddenly he felt very tired and his eyes began slowly closing, he fell asleep, when he woke up the sky was a dark shade of red and the forest changed into a field. He stood up, looking around, wondering about what had happened. Soon the vision around him began cracking, and the field changed into a gruesome sight, rotting corpses resting upon his feet, dead bodies and seas of blood as far as he could see

    "You are familiar with this am I correct? A bloodied field where pathetic lives lie?"

    "Yes, you are quite correct, although I do believe that every person has potential, but those who waste it foolishly deserve to die, after all everyone is dyeing at some point, what's wrong with speeding up the process if their lives are already pointless?" he said with a disgusted face, but he was not disgusted by the sight of so much bloodshed, no, he was disgusted by the smell of rotting corpses. Suddenly two men began fighting.

    "Those heroes...they think they are so grand. Believing they are so special...believing that darkness is the plague."

    Nico's head tilted slightly "... what are you getting at?" he said with curiosity

    The two men fell onto the ground, the only thing that could be seen was a tree. a black tree with purple and red leaves, dancing with the eerie wind, the many skeletons that hung from the tree branches.

    "so.. beautiful.." Nico's eyes widened as he imagined the tree burning in bright purple flames. "so majestic..." he smiled

    "Don't shall be rewarded...if you work for me. Defeat those spoiled heroes."

    "Rewarded? I don't know what are you going to give me but it doesn't really matter, what I love most is feeding of despair and pain, and from what I see, I'm about to have one hell of a feast" he licked his lips before pouting in anticipation. Suddenly he was falling, he spread his arms and legs, looking at the silhouette of a women below him.

    "Now get up, your work has just begun."

    He woke up in a dark temple with gothic-styled statues, Nico stood up, looking around, he was very happy for the first time in a long while, he was about to have a grand adventure and a delicious feast, well that's what he was expecting anyway. "Be prepared... here I come" he smiled and began slowly exploring the temple.

  15. [Hei]
    Hei didn't have dreams. But he had either dreamless nights, or nightmares. The 'perks' of being a Contractor. Someone gifted with almost supernatural powers, at the cost of their humanity for rational thinking and self preservation.

    Unfortunately for Hei, he wasn't exactly a Contractor. He had his sister's ability to manipulate molecules, which he used to kill people for the Syndicate. But, he retained his emotions, his sorrow and anger. Along with the cold rationality of a Contractor. Not to mention, he didn't have to "pay the price" for his power, like other Contractors.

    But, back to the matter at hand.

    It seemed two voices were talking to him. Either one fading in and out. One said she had no choice and was sorry for something, while the other said something about bloodied fields.

    All the while he watched two people fight to the death. Neither side winning. Part of him barely felt anything. If anything, it reminded him somewhat of the Heaven's Gate war he had participated in years ago, just before his sister's disappearance. And before his soon to be moniker of "The Black Reaper" ever being put on him.

    So, with both voices urging him to wake up. He woke with a gasp.

    He almost put the voices and vision as a nightmare until he saw where he was. It seemed to be a forest of sorts. And last he checked, he didn't remember falling asleep in a forest.

    Looking at himself, he noticed that he was wearing his "BK-201" gear.

    And after quickly checking himself. It seemed his harness, knives and the mechanism around his waist was there. These things he didn't remember wearing before he fell asleep.

    That was when he noticed what appeared to be a black and red walking hedgehog looking creature. Thankfully, his mask was on, so his look of surprise was hidden by it. Although, he quickly shook this surprise off. He stood up. Walking over to the creature. "Hello? Do you know where are we?" He asked, his voice emotionless. His mask may have looked like it was smiling before. But now, from the angle he was looking at the hedgehog. It would've looked like the mask had a deadpan expression on it's "face."

    Sleep was a luxury for someone like him. Afterall, when you're asleep. You are typically at your most vulnerable, something Zer0 used against some of his targets. Well, the ones that could pose little of challenge for him.

    He hated those jobs. Sure, they had a loads of money, but the targets posed little challenge. Hell, when Zer0 cornered one of his soon to be deceased targets. They got on their knees, begging for mercy.

    But, the jobs in which the target was someone who was either hard to kill, or was tough as nails. He treasured those. As every time he got one. He hoped they would sate his desire for the ultimate challenge, or at least leave a lasting impression on his mind.

    Unfortunately, they fell like so many others to his blade. Their skill not equal as his. Only a small few being able to almost match his skill. But those were even in fewer numbers, and fell just the same.

    A part of him wanted a challenger that would not only pose a fantastic challenge, but also perhaps be the one to kill him. For that would mean he had finally met his better.

    But, alas, that desire would be delayed. For how long, Zer0 didn't know. Anyways, thoughts aside. Zer0 had taken a nap at the safehouse in Sanctuary, as per the request by his comrades after three weeks of no sleep.

    When he heard two separate voices in his head. Both female. Only one said they were sorry while the other spoke of bloodied fields. A place he knew like back of his hand.

    When the vision of two men fighting to the death came to him. Zer0 couldn't help but slightly want his greatest challenge to be like that. Two equally skilled fighters, set against the other, fighting with such skill that there was no other outcome than death.

    But, that thought was pushed aside as both voices urged him to wake up. Which he promptly did, expecting to wake up at Sanctuary, not a forest. While he should've been worried, he was honestly somewhat suspecting this whole thing to be a odd dream, conjured up by unknown means. That thought was dashed by the feeling of being awake and coming to him. And the lack of a duel between him and someone else.

    He checked his inventory, seeing that he had a sniper rifle and pistol in his digi-storage device along with his sword. His shields were there. They weren't the best, but they served their purpose.

    Soon he heard a voice to his right, looking in that direction. He saw a masked man talking to a black and red hedgehog. Despite the cartoonish appearance. Zer0 knew better than to head in without caution. So, activating his "Decepti0n" ability, which cloaked him, making him invisible, while sending a dopple-ganger in his place. Although, he didn't make the decoy attack, as doing that would sap more energy from him, which will cause him to be revealed faster, and that precious energy took forever to recharge once drained. And, it could save his life in a combat situation. Not to mention, he didn't want to create hostilities just yet.

    "Interesting sight/A masked man and a hedgehog/Are you friend or foe?" He spoke in his trademark haiku speech.
    He hardly slept, as dead men lack the need for sleep.

    The times he did, they were filled with nightmares, or dreams in which he hoped to make reality. Those dreams typically involved the death of every Overwatch member.

    But, tonight, his dreams were replaced by a voice. One that spoke his language.

    It offered him a objective of sorts with rewards. Something he couldn't turn down.

    Eventually, he was shown the vision, it reminding him of the battle between him and Jack. Which angered him severely, but before he could get mad, the voice told him to wake up. Which he did. Seeing that he was in a garden of sorts with gothic imagery, and not in a Talon base.

    He did liked the scenery, as dark as it was in theme. He checked for his shotguns. Finding them, he decided to wait for his new "employer." Afterall, she could provide more detail on this job. And he could ask what kind of rewards was she talking about...

  16. Artorias
    Artorias has just arrived in Oolacile, a city renowned for its sorceries a city of great beauty. But not now it has been tainted by the abyss, the streets ran black with some unworldly substance and monsters walked the streets.

    Artorias sighs as he draws his great sword wishing he didn't have to do this, he knew that these monsters were the former inhabitants, and instead of protecting them he had to slay them with Sif at his side he charged into the mob of best cutting them all down.

    Artorias was getting weak by the continued battles through the tainted city eventually he reached the center of the city, he could feel the darkness coming from this very place. Artorias entered the arena like building and came face to face with a monster Manus father of the abyss. After a long and hard battle it seemed like Manus was about to slay him then everything went black.

    Then Artorias wakes in a field with a blue sky which is interrupted by screams and a ocean of deads bodies starring at him with white eyes. Are these the town people he killed is this his punishment for not finding another way to save them? Or maybe Artorias is going hollow.

    Then his thoughts are interrupted by a voice asking for his help maybe this is a way for him to redeem himself to make up for the unfortunate citizens he killed. Theses thoughts disappear as two individuals are battling then both fly dead to the ground with a beautiful white tree in there place Artorias walks forward and Reach's his for it before walking up in a field with Sif next to him he looks around noteing the others that were present.

    Its been a while since the last Grail War ended or Gilgamesh assumed it hard to tell time in this place if it even has time that is.

    Suddenly Gilgamesh fills a pull similar to the pull he felt when he was summoned for it the previous grail war. Gilgamesh grits his teeth in annoyance he can't believe another human is summoning him.

    Gilgamesh appears to be in a field with a red sky and then the field with bodies. He wonders if these are the victims of the grail war and if he is one of them. That is untile a voice begins speaking to human, he turns to two people fighting then they both fall revealing a tree with skeletons hanging from it.

    The vision ends and Gilgamesh gets to his feet within a castle.
    "How dare you order me to work. Show yourself mongrel so I can put you in your place." Gilgamesh angrely yells.

    Jackel sits up as memory's return to him he growls as he remembers who beat him. He stands and realizes this is neither Hells Core or Ethrios where the hell is he.

    He spins around at the sound of a scream to be greeted by deformed bodies as far as he can see. His attention is drawn to the sound of steel on steel, there is two people battleing. Jackel approachs them intent on getting answers from one of them, they both strike a killing blow at the same time and fall away to reveal and mangled tree with bodies hanging from the branch's.

    Jackel stares at the tree in confusion before hearing a voice he spins around in search of the speaker then realizes its in his head.

    A smile spreads across Jackels face as he hears he has to defeat hero's to get a reward. Jackel is going to enjoy this.

    The vision ends and Jackel wakes up in a large castle to a man in gold yelling to no one. Jackel gets to his feet crosses his arms and leans against a wall.
  17. Show Spoiler

    For Heroes: ((Goddess will appear in my next post))


    Pucca & Okami Amaterasu & Kaminari Wolff
    The three could only watch as the two balls of light appeared out of nowhere. It made Amma perk her head up as the first one had formed. Kami had Pucca stay behind him as the light formed into a woman, with darkened skin and hair held up in a ponytail, and two strands of hair tied in front of her ears. Her outfit was strange too, and it made Kami wonder if she came from Qaybiyo or from Mantotohpa due to her darkened skin. But her attire looked to be from his country, so it made him puzzled. But her outburst and the huge dog's growls made Kami and Amma immediately go into a defensive position. Pucca was behind them, trying to figure out if she should attack or not.

    "What is your problem?!" Issun jumped up and down from Amma's head as Amma let out a huge snarl, reading her celestial sword upward, ready to fight if so did fit. They did not even know if she was just scared or mighty aggressive. Kami had his magic staff pointed at them. "I don't know who you are, but if you so go and attack this little girl, I will not go easy!" Pucca grumbled behind her, as she found herself to be a very strong fighter in her own right. Amma lifted her tail up, the tail that might remind some of a paintbrush as the tip looked to be black with strokes going a little downward. "If you got a problem, you will be dealing with us! The great Issun and Amaterasu!"

    Kami's eyes widened as he looked down to the huge wolf and now started to see the red marks slowly coming into view of Amma. Pucca even was shocked to see it. "You....Are you a god? Amaterasu?!"

    "Goddess of the Sun and Mother to all Gods!" Amma grumbled as she tilted her head upward suddenly so she could have Issun inside her mouth before spitting him out. Issun fell to the floor. "UGH! YUCK! THE GREAT ISSUN DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE COVERED IN WOLF SLOBBER!" Issun jumped up and down rapidly. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU FLEABAG?!" Amma lifted her paw to stomp on Issun slightly as she kept her lips curled at the huge dog (Naga). Her body stiffened and her fur upward as she was not afraid of fighting if they meant harm to the innocent people.

    That was when another light appeared. And it made Kami and Amma look toward it. This time, it was a man covered in armor, face hidden. And next to him was a huge wolf that could easily be compared to the huge dog the girl had next to her. Amma now was looking between the girl and the warrior, trying to figure out which one was going to attack. "A...A warrior? From Darnvia?" Kami exclaimed to himself as Pucca now grabbed a rock, preparing to throw it if necessary. "Just my Luck!" Issun mumbled underneath Amma's paw.

    For Villians:

    “I have often heard you humans refer to this...”
    “As fate or destiny...”
    “Only the weak...”
    “Utter such nonsense…”


    ┃Thinking: They better be worth it to my cause┃Mood: Frustrated/Calm┃

    Naraku's darkened eyes could only watch as a darkened vortex came through. And it seemed like, through this vortex, four people came through this vortex.

    The first one was a boy, still having a young face but the body of an adult. The boy had dark hair and purple eyes, with darkened clothes that reminded Naraku of himself in a way. Naraku could see the young boy smiling as if he had been looking forward to this place. Naraku's eyes narrowed. "Young boy." His voice boomed through the temple as if to get his attention. Naraku was going to speak more until the three individuals started coming to life.

    The second one was a man, having the same structure as Naraku but his face was hidden with a mask. He didn't speak...just stood there. Naraku knew he'll enjoy him just fine.

    The third one seemed to have hair colored like the brightest sun, as he sat there watching the whole spectacle.

    What spectacle? The last and fourth individual. Dressed in gold metal, the man with reddened eyes and hair that matched the metals. His shouting made Naraku turn rapidly and smash his bones next to the golden metal man and have their faces close to one another. "I suggest you keep your mouth shut if you want to live to see another day."

    "Oh, Naraku...are you fighting my battles?"

    Naraku's face twisted to anger as he had his body turn to see Izanami who just stood there, unmoved by the anger of Gilgamesh. "Such Anger and Determination from an individual that died an embarrassing death." Izanami had her sultry eyes look at Naraku which made him clench his jaws. The words she spoke to was the golden-haired boy, but her eyes said she was also stating it to Naraku. "Now, if you, Gilgamesh, can shut your trap. I will tell you why you are here with all the heroes that died in humiliation....well, except one of you that is." Naraku now examined everybody and had to guess which one had died like himself, he knew that the golden metal, Gilgamesh died. Who else died?

    "As for your reward, there is some territory that would need to be watched over. And what can be a better reward than being able to rule your own empire after all? Of course, I will still be the ultimate ruler but as long as you don't betray me, you can do whatever you want with your land. It can be whatever your heart desires. You just have to get rid of the brats first...oh, and the goddess too but that should be easy no?"

    "I am not a Grunt to do your dirty work. Why don't you handle that yourself? Unless you cannot even fight them?"

    Izanami's eyes turned darker as the wound inflicted onto Naraku from her attack acted up. It made Naraku wince as his hand immediately went to cover it. "Naraku. I am aware that you were the ruler of your own destiny, and that you created demons and minions within your whim. But that was your world, you are in my world now. I was so kind to give you another chance of living to see another day. Don't take advantage of my kindness." Naraku had to hold in his anger to not attack her right there and then, he needed to be patient.

    "Now, for the reason, you are here."

    Dark creatures, dragon-like with little black blobs oozing from their bodies came forward, flying around Izanami. But no matter how much seeps through them, they never lost shape. Their teeth are black, venom came out of them and drops to the granite grounds, sizzling as it was met with the venom. "Let's just say I have a sister who is...annoying me like all little sisters and heroes, always trying to say 'your wrong, and I am right' kind of attitude. I normally am able to handle her foolish and naivety she displays, but she decided to summon heroes...heroes that have ended the lives of most of you. And I know she is trying to summon more. Whether it be from the world you came from, or other worlds you don't know about."

    Naraku reflected on the ones that killed him. Inuyasha....the reincarnated priestess Kagome...the monk Miroku, and the Demonslayer Sango. If those heroes are somehow summoned into this 'world', Naraku knew that meant if he didn't act quickly, the battle that killed him will be repeated. "Of course, the heroes she had summoned so far has been nothing but embarrassing. So this shall be an easy job for you. Of course, the reward will be all worth the trouble will it?" Izanami had a wicked smirk on her face. " you have any questions before I give you what you need and set you free...for now?"

    Meanwhile, Izanami made sure her creature had roamed around the forests. She had tried to summon people that her sister also got a grasp on. And this creature was ordered to bring them here; three men...two humans, and one hedgehog. And if they resisted, put them into unconsciousness.

    ”It is different…”
    “For the truly powerful…”
    “They create this so-called destiny…”
    “With their own hands…”

    For Neutral: (Haha, sorry, thought I would create a fighting sequence for you all...aka...just The Wanderer XD)​


    Shadow stared down at the man that sat there frozen in place. The red eyes Shadow bared, bored onto him waiting for him to speak. The man seemed to be wearing dark clothing, in a fashion that reminded Shadow of ones that tried to hide their identity. Of course, the mask was already doing that job for him. Shadow kept his arms crossed and his eyes menacing as the man asked where he was. "Even if I knew where we were, I wouldn't tell you." Shadow kept his defensive posture as he was prepared to hurt him if necessary. "If you're asking me that, that means you don't know either. Don't waste my time." Shadow turned to walk away but instead another figure appeared, this time it reminded Shadow of the Metarex, an armored figure with a gun. That got Shadow to be on edge immediately. Shadow didn't even pay attention to the fact the armored man spoke in...something strange...(Shadow wouldn't know Haiku). Shadow's eyes narrowed and his mouth twisted downward. "That will depend on what you do." Shadow responded to the robot's request. Shadow did not want friends, but he didn't mind adding foes on his list...with the names 'Sonic' and 'Eggman' next to him. "Obviously you two do not have the answers I seek, so I don't see the point in staying here." Shadow proceeded to walk away from the area until he heard growling, and it caused him to stop. His eyes turn back to see in the darkness, glowing white eyes. Shadow curved his body around to see these eyes. "Great...more company...and not the enjoyable kind." Shadow cracked his knuckles, as he was prepared to fight the creature.....or the source of the growling that had glowing eyes. "I hope you can fight since I don't plan on helping you at all." He made sure the robot man, and the masked man heard that as multiple darkened attacks fired, like bigger versions of bullets. Shadow didn't have a problem dodging those as he then whipped his hand down to attack the creature. But the monster jumped up and now landed about ten feet away from them. On its hands and feet, the creature snarled, purple goo oozed from its teeth and to the ground where it killed the life beneath it. "Ah! A warm up! I will enjoy this." Shadow chuckled to himself as he went into a front stance, prepared to attack again.

    The Ultimate Lifeform
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  18. The clear blue eyes of Korra flicks from one being to the next. One LOOKS like a Polar Bear Dog.. another looks like.. some.. well he looks…looks like something out of a story book. The kind Meelo loves to be read to when he’s trying to go to sleep. Naga takes another step forward, letting out a loud, angry growl, the kind of warning growl a bear gives if you’re screwing with her children. And Naga does this, Korra also takes a step forward and moves into a more intimidating stance, a more offensive minded stance. Her arms flick out to her sides, her outstretched hands pointed upwards. Her feet slide in the grass at their feet so one is closer to the small group than the other, her knees slightly bent. And as she draws her hands forward in fists, flames ignite out of nowhere, dancing along her arms and the whole of her upper body. A show of aggression, of intimidation (adding the Firebending and all), hoping to show that he’s not going to be a victim. But she hasn’t attacked yet.. and Naga won’t until Korra does or Korra says so. She’s confused, MAYBE a little scared, and simply has no idea who these people are.

    But when she catches sight of Pucca.. of a girl that looks no more than a child.. her eyes narrow a little. Yeah something’s so not right here. I mean… NONE of this is even in the same country as being right. Flames of orange and red continue to dance along her skin as she remains motionless in that en-guarde stance.. trying to figure this out at a moment’s notice. Nope, not happening. A look of confusion draws across her dark features, and now her eyes lock on Pucca.

    “I’m not.. we’re not.. we wouldn’t do that!” Korra says in a quick tone in response to Kami thinking that Korra might attack a child, as if her words were meant to unarm a bomb that was about to go off. But Korra keeps in her stance, as if afraid if she relaxes it or shows a sign of weakness she could get attacked. And it’s.. right.. about.. there.. that she realizes MAYBE possibly in a way she jumped the gun. But in her defense, Naga was growling and all.

    With that thought, another source of light suddenly, abruptly came into being. Korra gasps as she takes a sliding step back, her feet barely lifting off the ground. It’s more in surprise than defense that time. And as the light fades, as it materializes into more.. beings… this one with.. more armor on than Korra has ever seen in her life, period. Now her gaze flicks from the group to the armored man to the group and back to the armored man. No, no she doesn’t look at the group specifically. It’s Pucca she looks towards, seeing her now hefting a rock. And that image sets off something inside of Korra.

    Her gaze snaps to the armored man.. and again she has no idea what’s going on. But when something that armored and looking THAT ready to go to war (probably with you), then precaution is the name of the game. Sure, once more Korra might be jumping the gun here. Making an assumption that she has no right making.


    I mean have you met Korra? Jumping to conclusions, assumptions and acting to brashly is her bread and butter.

    Korra body suddenly shifts as she grits her teeth, her eyes locked on the armored being, on Artorias. Now don’t misunderstand… Korra could take down Arorias in a dozen different ways without breaking a sweat (keeping in mind what was stated above about assumptions, etc., etc., etc.), but her mindset now is keeping people safe. She IS the Avatar. To her, this is literally what she was born for. Born again for. Her feet spread as she turns her side towards Artorias, her elbows drawing to her sides, her hands in tight fists in front of her. She draws her front foot up and slams it into the ground.. and the moment it makes contact they might feel the earth under them treble subtly. Korra now takes a step forward, her body still low as she thrusts her fists downwards in front of her.

    ~Spreading the grass, looking for snake~

    She then sweeps them upwards, and as she does 3 pillars of stone shoot up from the ground between the group of Amaretsu, Issun, Pucca, Kami and Artorias. The pillars rise as if to act as a barricade between the armored man and the others. Each pillar about 6 feet wide but only 4 feet high.. she’s not going to go totally and wreck them all. Not yet. This is more of a.. hey you all better behave or I’m gonna Earthbend the lot of you. Which is literally what Korra is thinking. Her stance is, as you have noticed, an Earthbending stance. Strong, impenetrable, as if she were the mountain itself.

    But this one time.. Korra and Naga are definitely NOT on the same page. As Korra remains in her defensive stance.. Naga suddenly starts to pad forward towards the group. She is no longer growling, quite the contrary. Korra blinks as she sees Naga moving off, but she doesn’t move. “N…Naga! Hey!” Naga’s dark eyes don’t look directly into Amaretsu’s eyes, and her head is bowed down. In Naga’s world, that’s her saying ‘eeeeeasy, I don’t want to fight, I don’t want trouble, please don’t hurt us’. She cautiously moves around Amaretsu.. and she comes to a stop behind Pucca. She suddenly starts to pant as she looms (practically towers) over the girl, and she draws herself down, her muzzle nudging Pucca. Kind of the same way your dog nudges you when it wants attention or wants to play. Of course Naga is careful not to knock Pucca right on her ass. Naga just seems to want to perhaps play, or maybe she thinks Pucca has food. Either way, she nudges Pucca playfully again, seeming to ignore the tension around them now, focusing on Pucca.

    And Korra watches this in disbelief. Stupid Polar Bear Dog. Sometimes it feels like Naga is waaaay smarter than Korra.. a sentiment Naga would definitely agree with. Korra looks back towards the other strangers, her hands unclenching for just a moment, then moving back into fists. She tries to make herself sound authoritative, as if she’s trying to make it seem like she’s the one in control here.

    “I’m.. I’m Avatar Korra.. I don’t know where we are.. how we got here..”

    The barriers of stone she erected remain for the moment, not willing yet to lower her guard. Even if Naga has already decided they’re not in danger.

    Not yet.
  19. Artorias looks to his side as a stone came out of the ground to half his
    height. His gaze focused on Korra he then draws his sword and hunchs forward ready to do a dashing attack at the hostile as Sif his partner bares their teeth.

    "I didn't expect a fight but if you mean to attack me I will not hold back."

    He asses the situation as he says that and it appears that this girl is the only hostile. It sounds like she almost attacked a kid.

    Jackel watch's as three if his assumed partners argue. He sighs being slightly annoyed by the events.

    "Can we just get to work? I'm here to kill hero's not make friends, I'm not here to watch some guys with giant egos have a shouting match."

    After saying this Jackals arms are at his side in case any one tried to attacking him for starring what he saw.

    Gilgamesh turns to guy who gotvin his face. "Insolent dog better watch your tongue unless you want me to take it."

    "Embarrassing death how dare you speak to the king like that." As Gilgamesh shouts the gate if Babylon opens behind him and he grabs Excalibur.

    Gilgamesh's eyes lock in Naraku if a fight breaks out its clear that Gilgamesh will try to kill him first.
  20. Show Spoiler


    Pucca & Okami Amaterasu & Kaminari Wolff
    As the scene unfolded in front of them, Amaterasu still kept her defensive stance against the dark-skinned lady and the huge creature in front of her. She did see that the two don't intend on hurting the little girl. That was somewhat good for the sun goddesses, that meant they only fight people in their own rank. So she watched them intently as the dark-skinned lady freaked out, seeing another figure appear and, in a shocked reaction, put up a huge rock pillar that was going toward the man with armor. Kami had his staff power up as he has no idea if the lady was friendly or not.

    Amaterasu did see the creature trying to walk past Amaterasu and it made her walk backward as to always have an eye on it at all times. They ended up getting to Pucca who always was backing up as well, so there was a march of two individuals backing up from the big creature until the creature got behind them. Amaterasu turned abruptly, and so did Pucca. Amaterasu's fur stood upward as she was staying in the defensive mode until the huge creature was nudging Pucca like crazy. It made Amaterasu calm down slightly.

    But when the armored man stood up and his companion growled, Kami immediately came forward and stopped here. "I don't know what 'Avatar' means, or what kind of status that is, but you're being very aggressive young lady." Kami got between the knight and the lady as his arms were widespread, trying to make sure they are not going to any more damage.


    The wind suddenly picked up which made Pucca, Amma, and Kami turn to the source.

    Amma was the one to step forward and did a mighty growl with her body in a defensive position. She didn't know who the presence was and she feared that it might be menacing. *Issun, if this is a demon...stay with the little girl, and prepare to run!* "Well, sure thing Fleabag!" Issun got off of Amma and went to Pucca's shoulders. He didn't on running away, and instead fight with his sword, Denkomaru since he had a feeling Amma might do something stupid. Suddenly the wind created a spiral around the other side of the field which also made Kamia aim his staff at the source. Pucca stood straight up, ready to throw a punch if necessary.

    The wind stopped revealing a beautiful woman, floating above the ground with a kimono which emitted a bright light. Issun was flabbergasted and fell off of Pucca like a leaf, gently floating down on the ground. Kami blinked and loosened his grip along with Amma slowly getting less tense. "Who are you?" Kami was the only one to speak as the Amma's only representative was smitten with the girl's appearance. Along with Pucca who couldn't speak. Issun was able to get up and jump over to Amma's head. "Hello, babe! Have you been summoned here too~?" Amma sighed again, can Issun not cause trouble for once?!

    The woman then landed on the ground, fully standing up as she was a tall but slender figure. "I did not summon you here to fight each other, so I will ask again to please stop fighting and listen." Her words were toward Korra and Artorias as they are the only ones in a battle stance.

    "My name is Sayuri. I am the Goddess of Rebirth and I have summoned you all, and a Goddess, as well as my people, are in danger....I am sorry for summoning you like this...but I need help." She then held her hand out which had a blue light orb. "I and my Sister have been at war for a long time, and it caused immense damage. It had gotten to the point my sister has been summoning warriors from other worlds, and that is why I had to do the same thing...I summoned you here because you have courage, honor, and a sense of justice to end this war-"

    "Well that seems nice and all babe but..." He then faced Pucca. "Why did you summon a kid for this?" "Despite being a child, she is not to be messed with, as she has protected her community in ways no normal living being can do." Kami stands up before bowing down. "I am humbled to be in your presence, I am Kami-"

    "I know who you are, I know who all of you are." Like a researcher, she pointed to each individual when she spoke about them.

    "Kaminari Wolff, Prince of Eukasia and the Master of many languages. You have the power to heal and protect people and have chosen it instead of violence that your family so desired.

    "Pucca, The little girl who mastered the martial arts without a teacher, who can carry the mountains on her shoulders. And one who is faster than the wind itself.

    "Amaterasu, Mother of all Gods who has sealed and beaten the mighty Yami, God of Darkness. One who uses the tail as her paintbrush to fix and purify, while slaying the dark enemies.

    "Korra, Born in the Southern Water tribe, you hold the responsibility to be the Avatar. Trying to learn all the four elements: Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth. To which your companion, Naga, will follow to the very end.

    "Artorias, One of Gwyn's Four Knights, a holy warrior with an unbendable will of steel and unmatched skill with a greatsword. You are known as the AbyssWalker as you made an agreement with demons in order to destroy them and save your world."

    "I know all of you, and that is why I ask for your help. As if my world is not saved, it is likely that your world will be its next target."

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