The Land of Fraet (A medieval fantasy RP)

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  1. Here is the OOC

    In the middle of the Akhem ocean there is a very large island, called Fraet. In the olden days, the regions of Fraet were shaped by the divine fae, a mystical race of fairies. Fraet was shaped into four regions, centered around Laurel bay. Linlake being the biggest and most prominent of all of the regions, centered in the very middle of Laurel bay, more or less governs the other 3 regions. Each region has it's own ruler. Linlake has a royal family, as well as Facilya, a waterway kingdom on the very tip of Laurel bay. Alaurwen, being a small mystic village in the middle of a very vast swamp, has a chief. Lothelian, a vast city sitting on top of a mountain, has a governor. This region is primarily occupied by humans. There are very few known mystical beings in the region. The two known instances of magic creatures in the region are: the unicorns that Linlake raises as amusement for the royal family, and the divine fae which are treated almost as deities. Every human being is visited by a member of the divine fae when they are born. The fae give each human an amulet and a familiar on their day of birth. Your amulet is tied to your life force, meaning if someone breaks your amulet, you die. However, each amulet also gives you one power to use as you deem fit. Each human's amulet is different. The fae decide what sort of amulet you are given based on your lineage and your foreseen future. The amulets are extremely unequal and you are stuck with what you get. Yet even if you have the weakest of amulets, your familiar can make up with that. Your familiar is sort of like a magical wisp that lives in the amulet, granting you the power to use your amulet, and even granting you the ability to change into your familiar form (Your familiar form being a sort of mystical trance where you change bodies. Sort of like Aang in the Avatar state being the giant water monster in Avatar: The Last Airbender) At the moment the regions are at a very tense peace. The 3 regions surrounding Linlake are beginning to get fed up with the way that the largest region demands a share of their main export, for free. Linlake keeps all of the best food and livestock to themselves, viewing the other regions as inferior. Surrounding the 4 regions, effectively cutting off all access to the other side of the island is Aeniasu, the forest of the fae. This is where the fae reside. It is filled to the brim with all sorts of abandoned temples dedicated to the fairies. It is also a black hole. Many expeditions have been forged to make it to the other side of the forest, but none have ever been heard from again.

    It is the middle of winter. The weather is harsh, times are rough, war is looming. Then one day you get a mysterious invite in your post. "Dear trusted citizen, We are honored to invite you to the biggest event of the season. All four regions' leaders have come together in Linlake to host a peaceful ball. It shall be held at the ballroom in Linlake castle on the 5th of January, in the year of the Fae, 1573. You have been chosen because you are held in high regard and are needed for a special banquet held only for the elite party that have been given these invitations. We pray this finds you in good health, and you will be able to join us for this fine gala. - The King of Linlake, The King of Facilya, The Governor of Lothelian, and The Chief of Alaurwen" It is your choice. Attend the ball, or stay at home. Yet those who stay at home will truly regret the secrets they did not attend to hear. For this ball will be the launching pad for a truly wonderful adventure. Good luck.
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  2. Arabella

    Arabella had been there when her father signed the letters. She'd been waiting a long time for this ball to take place. Stepping down from the carriage, she looked around, shaking her head in wonder at the castle of Linlake. My, was it beautiful and much bigger than the one she lived in down in Facilya. "Arabella!" She was startled from her wonderings by the irritable voice of her father. "Yes, father?" She asked the small statured, yet intimidating man as he marched up to her. "I am strictly ordering you to spend the day in the room you are given today. You will spend all day being primped and readied. I cannot have a hideous daughter, ruining the entire affair. Who knows, maybe some sot will offer to take you off my hands." He chortled to himself at the thought, as if it was so outrageous it was hilarious he even said it. Arabella just sighed, nodding with a small curtsy. "Yes, father." The king of the water country clapped his hands and instantly about six maids appeared. "Ladies, take my daughter up to her guest room. I don't want to see an inch of her until tonight. She must look..." He gave the girl a look and a weary sigh escaped his lips. "Less like she does now." He trotted off, his cheeks puffing out and his hand stroking the scraggly fur of his beard. "Come along, miss." The maids escorted Arabella inside the large castle. It was even more wondrous inside. The halls were painted a dark mahogany with large tapestries, filled with all manner of mythical creatures, littering the walls. As soon as they entered, the maids ushered her down the hall to her left, up a large set of stairs, past a library, and halfway up a tower. "Here we are, miss. This shall be your room." The door opened, revealing several more ladies in waiting. The room had a large fire roaring in the corner, as well as a four-postered bed with shades to draw around it when you wanted to sleep. Looking around the room, Arabella's eyes landed on the very large tub, filled with bubbling water. "Oh that looks heavenly, thank you." Her eyes were wide as saucers. The carriage ride up here had sorely misused her backside on the bumpy forest paths and the water looked warm and comforting. "It's our pleasure, miss." One of the younger maids giggled, shutting the large door behind them. "I suggest we get to work. We must have you sparkling like fine diamonds by tonight." With that, the small redhaired woman was swept up in a flurry of giggling girls, excited just to get a glimpse of what it would be like to go to a royal ball. Her heart felt light as she slipped into the tub. Yet something kept nagging at the back of her mind. Why were they even holding a ball with all 4 regions? That'd never been done before so why now? Shaking the thoughts off, Arabella turned her mind to the task at hand. By tonight she would be ready, for what she didn't know. Yet her heart trembled, for in the very air she felt it. Adventure would be starting tonight and she would be a part of it.
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  3. Achera

    Achera had just gotten to her room in the local Inn she was exhausted from her day of work at the sawmill, they liked hiring her every now and then for her physical strength and stamina. But the winter cold sapped most of her strength by the end of the day, she didnt mind the cold if she wasnt out in it all day. She shrugs her black cloak off laying it over a chair, undoing her hair tie she lets her raven black hair down around her shoulders shaking her head slightly sighing softly. She was just about to kick her boots off and curl up in bed when there was a knock on her door, grumbling to herself she answers the door. It was a courier he had a letter for her, she thanked him then shut the door walking over to her bed she sits on the side of it curious of who would send her a letter.

    Achera opens it finding an invitation to a ball hosted by all 4 regions leaders, now that was interesting not often did all of the leaders come together, let alone for a ball. She ponders it, well it could be a good opportunity and I am awful curious of what they would want from me. She wasnt rich or even noble born why would a bunch of higher ups want her to attend? She shrugs and sets the invitation on the nightstand. She should get some sleep if she was to travel to Linlake by the day after tomorrow. She kicks off her boots and her weapons placing them under her pillow she was ever cautious, afterwards she crawls into bed and is asleep within moments of her head hitting the pillow.
  4. Eric looked at the folded piece of paper. It was an invitation. An invitation he had "confiscated" from a city courier two days past. It requested the presence off the holder (in this case it would've been a well to so merchant) at a ball hosted at Linlake castle. Even Eric had to admit he was quite interested, even if it wasn't really he who was invited in the first place. It was a castle after all. A castle that was full of very valuable possessions. He grinned and stuffed the letter into his trouser pocket. Evening was already creeping up and carriages had been pulling up at the castle the entire day.

    Eric had recognized a few of the people, most importantly the various Kings since they had massive entourages and beautiful carriages and horses. Now that he thought about it, he didn't know if he would be able to get in, even with the scrap of paper. He wasn't well dressed, he didn't even look important.

    "Might as well try," he said to himself. "Already traveled all the way here." He straightened out his clothes, tried neatening his hair and made his way to the gates of the castle. Two guards were posted by it, standard security he assumed, and also a man in a large feathered hat and silly looking clothes. He had a scroll in one hand and quill in the other. He stepped forward as Eric approached.

    "May I help you?" the man asked in a snobbish accent, eyeing the blue hair up and down. Eric didn't know what to say so he produced the letter, handing it over. The man took it, a bit rudely in Eric's opinion, and read it. He looked at Eric once more and opened his own scroll, scribbled on it and suddenly made a bow, stepping aside. "Welcome to Linlake Castle."
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  5. "Oh how exciting Bonnie! You get to leave home and go to the ball!" Said Marcelle, her oldest sister. Bonnie gave her signature small smile and shrugged. Yeah, it was pretty exciting, wasn't it? "Are you all packed? You got your dress?"

    "Do you have the potions I made for you?" A croak interrupted her sister. It was their grandmother, shambling over to them. "Linlake is full of dirty thieves, use those to keep you safe!"

    "Mom! Stop scaring her!" Next came her mother, large bags under her eyes, worn hands from working all day. She draped Bonnie's coat around her shoulders, white, ripped, and dirty. She gave Bonnie a kiss on the head as a sign of goodbye, "Take care, be safe." Bonnie nodded, "Tell everyone I said bye," and hopped into the carridge. Off they drove with a single look back. The ride didn't seem too long, Bonnie had her dreams for company.

    Bonnie stood in front of the castle. The carridge brought her to an inn to stay at, where she got a good night sleep, food, and prepared. The dress Marcelle made for her was beautiful, and made her look older than a 9 year old. She felt ready to face the royal family.

    The guards were intimidating, but Bonnie wasn't one to be scared so easily. You see mighty scary things back at the swamp. She handed them the invite, and though they seemed a bit confused that a supposedly 10 year old was invited to the ball by herself, which was understandable, she didn't even know why she was invited(she had decided to just not think about it some time ago.). Yet the invite was true, and they had to let her in, worried gazes following her as she walked inside.
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  6. Mira was interrupted from a dissertation of the applications of multivariate calculus by her adoptive mother. The older woman gave her a choice of reading a curious look, but didn't comment, choosing instead to hand her a sealed letter, saying "This came from a courier just now. You'd better read it quick, dear. It looks important." The letter indeed looked important, her name had been spelled out in fancy gold lettering on the envelope, and it carried the royal seal of Linlake. Mira carefully opened the letter, trying to preserve the envelope as much as she could while her mother looked on with slight amusement. When the parchment in side was free at last, Mira set to reading. It was an invitation to a ball, a ball where the leaders of all four regions would be present. Mira looked up to meet her mother's questioning gaze. With a slight shrug, she handed the letter to the older woman who quickly scanned its contents. When Mira's mother finished, there was an indecipherable expression on her face. "Well," her mother said at last. "We'll need to get you a dress and teach you to do something with that hair of yours."

    "But I haven't even said I wanted to go yet." Mira protested. Her mother snorted in response.

    "I can see it in your eyes girl. You want a chance to go on one of those story book adventures. I'll go talk to the tailor." Patting Mira's shoulder affectionately, her mother left the room.

    A few weeks later, Mira stood in front of the gates of Linlake castle, gaping at its splendor, holding her invitation in one hand, and a bag of luggage in the other. She hesitantly showed her invitation to the guards and they waved her through. Once inside, she stood around uncertainly, not sure what to do next.
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  7. Blaise's brown leather gloved hands looked over the crumpled paper someone had thrown away. His green eyes read the elegantly written words that could be seen. The other words were either smudged by something unknown, or the handwriting made the word illegible. It was an invitation to a peaceful ball being held by the four Leaders. Excitement flowed through the boy's veins, he had never been to a ball before! What good things could come from a ball? Would there be food? Dancing? Drinks? Oh how he really wanted to go! Unfortunately, there were quite a few problems. He was going to need a suit if he wanted to attend. Where in the world was he going to get a suit? He didn't nearly have enough for even a cheap suit! He would need to be groomed, and his shaggy mop of green hair was certainly not going to cut it. The green hair in general was not going to cut it. He ran his hand through his hair, trying to figure out his current problem before another sprung into his mind. He would need a pair of fancy shoes, and those costed a fortune (to him they did). The look of an idea waved over the teen, and his green eyes sparkled.

    'My Amulet power! Of course! I can just blend into my surroundings and sneak in! I'll just check it out, see what it's like, and if I don't like it, leave. It's not like I'm coming to rob the place, I'm just too poor to come in wearing something acceptable.'

    With that, a smile spread across his face. He grabbed his makeshift bag of his belongings and took his time walking to the location of where the ball was going to be taken place. Not like he was in a hurry or anything.
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  8. Garrick stepped into the hut out of the cold. His little home wasn’t much warmer than the chilly winter air outdoors, but it provided shelter from the wind. He sat down, and pulled an envelope out of his worn coat. Colored white and gold, the letter was obviously sent by somebody familiar with having plenty of money. He opened the envelope and scanned the carefully written words contained within. After a moment, he sat back heavily into the chair. An invitation to a special banquet hosted by the nobility was certainly intriguing, but even more confusing. Garrick sat holding the letter, lost in thought for a long time. As evening approached, he looked sat up, having made a decision. Normally he tried to avoid any sort of city, particularly for a ball like this. Garrick had no place among the nobles and the wealthy. On the other hand, all four rulers had apparently gathered together to plan this event, and invite him. Who was he to refuse such a summons? Standing up and pulling his coat tight around himself, he opened the door and stepped back into the icy wind. Tomorrow was the day Rebecca, one of the farm owners, left for Linlake to bring supplies, and sort out food trade with merchants for the next year’s harvest. If he hurried, perhaps he could find her and convince her to let him come along to help. Afterwards, he could attend this banquet the letter spoke of.

    Days later, Garrick stood in front of Linlake Castle itself, and prepared himself to go inside. Walking up to the guard posted at the entrance, he handed over the invitation. After a somewhat surprised glance at Garrick’s patched clothing, and casual demeanor, the guard nodded and let him through. Garrick took a deep breath and stepped inside, unsure what venture he about to undertake.
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  9. Achera approached the gates to Linlake Castle she was wearing a simple royal blue dress that came down just past her knees with a deep V neck, black shoes, and her black cloak. As she walks up to the guards she fidgets slightly not use to wearing dresses....She hands her invitation to a guard, after a quick glance at her he invites her in. She walks into the castle looking around not sure what do now, seeing other guests had already arrived she stands near a pillar keeping to herself her black hair falling loosely around her stopping just past the small of her back.
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  10. Celoa Marr had received the invite, although he had no idea why. Over the course of the last three days, he had been drawing up plans for a towns possible defense against weather emergencies. Not really super important, but important all the game. The letter stated that it was a ball with all 4 of the leaders..and that has never happened, least to his recollection.
    He figured he might as well attend. He'd have to write up the plans, hand them to the chief of the village and then hurry over to Linlake when he had finished.

    As he got into Linlake the day of the ball, some people recognized him and said their hellos. He greeted them back and headed for the castle, handing the invitation to the gate guard...who just glared at him for not really dressing for the occasion.
    Could anyone really blame him? He was a tactician..not a scholar. He didn't have gold laying in all his pockets.

    Nodding politely to the guard and wiping whatever access dirt and dust off his clothes that he could, he headed towards the castle.
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  11. Marciello was a simple man, him and his father were simple hermits who lived on the edge of Aeniasu, and were known to the nearby village as the best medicine men in the region. Marciello had a simple build, average height with brown hair and only average good looks, the most unique thing about him was the fact that he never seemed to stop smiling, it unnerved most people and often scared most people in the village. Which is why he was suprised when he recieved an invitation to the upcoming ball, from the chief of Alaurwen nonetheless. He was ectstatic to go see the other regions and all sorts of new plants, but first things first, he needed proper clothes for the event.

    When he arrived at the ball he felt out of place. The guards confiscated all the plants he'd gathered on his way there and on top of that he seemed to be attracting more attention than he was used too. Everyone there seemed to belong there except for him. He had decided on a very simple black suit to bring out his eyes, or at least that's what the seamstress said. He decided to wander around before the ball started.
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  12. The Phainopepla

    Amaerilda crumpled the invitation in her hand, her talon-like nails digging into her palm. She stood outside the castle, dressed in a long black dress with a slit up to the top of her hip and an extremely low back, crisscossed with black leather ties. She also wore a thick black, fur trimmed cloak and a black bird mask. These lowly rulers dared to summon her to this wretched castle for a ball. Her mind sneered around the word. A ball... how quaint. She snorted. She walked up the bridge to the gates and attempted to walk inside. "I'm sorry miss, but you'll have to stop right there." Two guards crossed their spears in front of her path. One seemed mighty intimidated by her appearance, or was he intrigued? She eyed him, smiling slightly under her dark mask. "No one is allowed in unless they are invited." The Phainopepla raised an eyebrow as a dark mass of shadow slithered onto the shoulder of the intimidated guard. "My dear handsome fellows, you are mistaken. You see I was invited." She opened her palm and showed them the crumpled piece of paper bearing the seal of each of the four rulers. She chuckled slightly. The other guard lowered his spear at her. "You obviously stole that from someone, miss. We will not let you in." Amaerilda's eyes flashed darkly, as the light of the moon and lanterns were blotted out by an unseen shadow around the three. "You dare insult me like that, peasant?" The dark woman lifted a finger to her mask's lips, almost as if in thought. "That is most unkind." A black hand flashed out of the mass of shadows, landing on the face of the bold guard, covering his entire head. There was a noise like a low growl and the hand came away, the eyes of the guard glowing dark purple for a minute and then going back to their original color. "You were just about to let me in dear." The now hypnotized guard nodded. "Yes. Go right ahead, ma'am." The other guard trembled, looking at the woman and then dropping his spear and bolting through the shadows. Amaerilda giggled and the shadows dissolved around her. She walked through the gates and into the castle.
  13. Aston glanced through the window of his carriage. His small company was fast approaching the looming structure that he knew to be the castle of Linlake. Aston had been here once before, though he was quite young at the time. He had always thought the surrounding country beautiful, despite the tense aura its people seemed to emanate. He reclined on his cushioned chair and wondered silently why he'd been summoned here. What could be the true purpose of such an unexpected convention?

    Aston reflected on the day his father had informed him of the impending ball. He had just reentered the house after a day at the market bantering with the old retired merchants and soldiers he had so recently befriended. "A letter was delivered for you," his father, Austus, muttered, sounding thoroughly uninterested. He was poring over record books, much as he always was. Aston strode to where the sealed parchment sat and opened it, dimly curious as to its tidings.

    He scanned over it quickly before announcing to his father with a hint of intrigue, "I've been invited to a ball in Linlake. The letter carries all four royal seals." Aston wasn't overly fond of balls. However, his curiosity as to the meaning of such a turn in events far outweighed his apprehension.

    He snapped out of his recollection when the carriage stopped. It seemed they had reached the gates of the castle. He stepped through the door and down the steps onto the cobblestone path below. He nodded in affirmation to the carriage driver and his two guards, who traveled on horses of their own. He thought the protection vastly unnecessary, but his father had insisted. He approached the castle's own guards as he carefully extracted his invitation from the inside pocket of his cloak. "Fine day, isn't it? Apart from the bitter cold, of course," Aston called in greeting to the guards. He handed over the parchment.

    "Everything seems to be in order. You may pass," the guard replied dutifully. The gates behind the guards opened. Before passing through, Aston turned to the men that had accompanied him.

    "Here," Aston called, passing a small bag of coins to the carriage driver. "Find yourselves an inn outside of the castle. There's enough in there for you to find something to pass the time, as well," Aston bid them as he turned and walked through the gates.
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  14. Annina
    The coach ride to Linlake was a long one but Annina Gusav managed to pass the time by excitedly speculating the mystery of her sudden invite. "Surely, it's not your ordinary banquet where prominent ladies bait themselves to the finest bachelors of Fraet," she pondered. "Else mother and Anya would have been invited. It also says only the elite are invited, and father's been invited, too. Him, I understand, but what makes me elite?"

    "You make a good detective," Pravda pointed out nonchalantly from the amulet her mistress wore.

    With a blush and a laugh, Annina dismissed the thought. "Oh please, Pravda, I'm hardly an elite sleuth. I've solved only three cases and one involved a cat on a tree. No, maybe this banquet is centered on literary enthusiasts... or croquet..."

    And on and on Annina went with her theories while Pravda kept quiet in her vessel. All they really knew was that the banquet was so cryptic and unheard of, that even the General was clueless.

    "I wish Father could have come," Pravda heard her mistress whisper right when the gates of Linlake Castle opened before them and revealed a wide courtyard laden with fresh snow. "No matter. We're here, Pravda!" Annina cheered as their coach slowed to a halt upon the castle entrance. She hastily gathered her black and olive green skirts and tumbled out of the carriage with a grace her mother would have disapproved. "Ah! Lady Annina! You shoulda waited por me to open door!" called out her coach driver who came to her rescue. "I'm fine, Karlos!" she brushed the snow on her red coat. "Take care of my things, alright?" In response, Karlos simply tipped his hat.

    With a "Hullo!", Annina presented her invitation to the guard (who was acting quite odd, she thought) and went through the doors of Linlake where a warm and bright entrance hall lay. A person stood further in the hall, back facing her. She unbuttoned her coat and called out to the stranger, "Hullo! Are you the coats person?"​
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  15. He was trying his hardest to look like he belonged there, but then he heard someone say "Hullo! Are you the coats person?" he quickly turned around and looked to see if there was a servant nearby. To his disappointment there was none, he was going to have to interact with somebody eventually might as well be now he thought. "Uhm sorry I'm not a servant but, I'm sure we could go find one if you want." Maybe if he stuck around this lady he would seem as if he belonged here or at least he hoped he would.
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  16. Eric was quite in awe as he had entered the castle. The was gold, silver, satin and many other valuable objects and materials around every corner. He had explored as much of the castle as he could, staying out from under other peoples' feet and trying to access where there were restricted areas and not. Usually those areas were guarded by about two guards, some not even visibly armed as far as his eyes could discern. He made his way back to the entrance hall.

    He stood against a wall in thought. 'There had to be some way to smuggle things out, but there are eyes everywhere. Guests and guards and servants everywhere.' Now after the initial rush of achieving access to the castle he even had to admit he was exaggerating about the quantity of valuables. Sure there was more than he had ever seen in his life, but still.

    He watched as more and more people arrived. He was glad to see he wasn't the only under-dressed person there, but perhaps the only not to have been technically invited. There were snobbish nobles, weather-worn peasants of different occupations, learned scholars and even disciplined military personnel. Eric found it difficult to stifle the chuckle when he saw a girl, noble most likely, address a black-clad man asking if he was a servant in charge of coats. He had seen the man a while back, obviously uncomfortable in the surroundings.
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  17. Arabella

    It had taken several hours but now Arabella was primped, pampered, and glowing. Her red hair was twisted and curled into an intricate half updo with locks hanging down her back. Her dress was a flowing gown that draped the floor in see through swaths of emerald fabric. Her corset was giving her major pains but that was normal. "You look gorgeous, miss." One of the maids smiled at her shyly. "Thank you, my dear." She opened the doors to her room. "Wish me luck, ladies." Walking down the hallway with her long train dragging behind her, Arabella watched the guests trickle in on the floor below her. Sweeping down the stairway she chose to take a side entrance into the large ball room. She hoped the criers wouldn't see her and thus announce her presence with trumpet fanfare or other such nonsense. Arabella looked around the ballroom. There were men and women gathering. They all looked different and some weren't even properly dressed for an event. She raised an eyebrow. Wasn't this supposed to be a ball after all? She sighed and shook her head. I suppose she shouldn't judge. After all, she was only here because her father made her come. Arabella strode a bit farther into the room. That was her mistake. A butler spotted her immediately. "Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Arabella Dawn-Rose Swann of Facilya." She froze as several people spotted her, pointing and whispering excitedly. She smiled awkwardly and curtsied slightly. She hated the way people treated her as if she were some sort of historical monument or piece of pottery in a museum. Luckily, she was saved by the royal orchestra as they started up a lively gavotte and several couples started to dance. She heaved a sigh of relief as focus shifted off her. Looking around the room she noticed a noblewoman speaking to another man. Yet, other than those two and the couples dancing, most people were not even making small talk. Strange but she thought nothing of it.
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  18. Bonnie looked around her, hands clasped together with excitement, though her face still showed the plain small smile and faraway eyes. All the people were beautiful, she looked so small next to them (really she looked small next to everyone to be honest.) People eyed her curiously, what was a child doing in the middle of the ballroom without her parents, she could see them thinking. But she wasn't a child, no. She was fifteen years old, obviously a child-adult! It was difficult explaining that to people of course, no one really liked to believe her. So she kind of went with it.

    She turned towards the announcement, and oh the princess, the beautiful princess! She was so pretty. Did she know she was pretty? Hopefull she did. The music started playing, and the guests around her started dancing, pushing her out of the way. She gave them small nods and tiny sorrys as she tried moving out of the way again and again. She was finally pushed to the princess, whom seemed to be relieved of the dancing couples. "Hello!" she greeted cheerfully, though her voice a bit small, "You're so pretty! Did you know that?"
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  19. Achera smiled as she saw more people join the ball, many looked quite beautiful and dashing. Even the under dressed ones were still attractive or cute in there own way. As she notices the gorgeous princess join the ball she hears music start playing and couples start to dance and twirl around the room. Loving the beauty of it and colors she watches for a moment entranced before looking around her at all the others keeping to themselves looking somewhat out of place. Seeing a man standing against a wall out of everyones way she smiles walking over to him, he was quite handsome "Hello how are you this evening?" her voice is friendly though a bit shy
  20. Aston entered the ballroom and was greeted with the sight of men and women of all ages. It seemed that the group had nothing in common. There were people from all walks of life. Nobles and common people alike populated the ballroom. Not long after Aston entered, the princess made her appearance. A butler noticed her presence and announced her to the denizens of the ball. Aston noted her air of discomfort in the situation. He admired those that didn't take themselves too seriously.

    He donned a rich tunic and his finest trousers, which were complimented by his thick, fur-lined cloak and his brown leather shoes. It was obvious that some took note of his exotic raiment, though most didn't seem to pay it any mind. He didn't particularly enjoy displaying his family's wealth so blatantly, but it was appropriate to the situation.

    He crossed the room and approached the princess, who seemed to be speaking with a small girl of thirteen years or so. As he drew near, he called out in greeting, "You must be the princess Arabella of Facilya. I'm Aston Lentaus of Lothelian. My sincerest greetings to you both." He nodded in acknowledgement toward the young girl, as well. "I don't suppose either of you know exactly why it is we're here?" Aston inquired, flashing a hint of a smile.
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