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  1. In Old ages of the Great Land of Ysmayr there was an item capable of granting its owner any wish- The Mother Crystal. It was however sealed in a dungeon far north and guarded by Steel Giants. Nobody could enter back then. A thousand years later the legend is reborn, and evil forces once again fight with heroes to claim this legendary object.

    The settings are the late medieval, meaning there's swords, axes, hammers and maces, but there's also crossbows, catapults and other mechanical weapons. There is magic, spells and a whole mythology of Ysmayr, having many gods just as Greeks or Nords.

    There are a few rules:
    1. Do not take control over the surroundings. I'm the Gm and I'm creating the world. Your characters are the only thing you control over.
    2. Do not make your character too powerful. If he/she can destroy everything then then the team has no point.
    3. If there's any piece of lore or mythology you want to know, just ask me to explain it.

    Race/Supernaturality:(Werewolf/ Vampire/ Elf / Dwarf / Fairy / Mermaid / Dryad / Animal-people (furries) / Succubus / Naga / Human / Valkyrie (Winged women) / Deathbringer (Shadow) / Pixie)
    Personality :
    Past Events in life:
    Edge : (Evil/Good)
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  2. Hm it's a little lacking story and information wise for an epic quest, but it has potential.
    If you want I could help iron out a few details?
  3. Sure, help's always apreciated.
  4. Feel free to send a PM :) sometimes that's a little easier for discussing things without cluttering your tread :)
  5. I might be interested as well. Reserving this spot for now if that's okay?

    I agree with @Olissa though. Info would be great. Races and ability limitations. What the world and tech is like. Perhaps a general set of rules and some expectations.
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  6. im down, please reserve a spot for me 2
  7. (Sorry I haven't replied to your PM yet, got a little distracted and then accidentally forgot, I'll get to it soon :) )
  8. I still wouldn't mind some info
  9. I've added the race restrictions, about the tech in the world and rules (like you suggested), and added more about the world. And yet that is still not enough? Well, what else to add?
  10. Im still up but with you being GM then its your choice :D
  11. You just really need to describe more. Much more. Why, if all those years ago people couldn't get past, would our characters risk it now? Would we be a team? If so, why? Were we recruited by a king or is it an Adventurer's Guild Quest? What sort of magic is there? Just elemental magic or other variety? Who is capable of magic? Ages old mages who've studied their whole lives, or is it just for certain races? As for the races. You specified which races there are, but not much else. I mean... A vampire can be Twilight-ish or from 30 days of Night. Perhaps those in Blade or Lost Boys. Could even be those in Skyrim. Same with Werewolves. Skyrimesque or Underworld. Emaciated Lupin from Harry Potter or again, Twilight.

    The idea behind large quest kind of things is how grounded the lore is. Doesn't have to be volumes, but some reference is good. Like saying there are myriads of gods is too vague, especially if you're the kind of GM that doesn't want players to "...not take control over the surroundings." We need to write Bios to which we need some info to establish a character. Whether a palace guard or a priestess of some god.

    I'd just appreciate some more info ovarall.
  12. The world is in great danger because someone actually tried to enter the place, nearly succeeding, and the Crystal in wrong hands is capable of killing everyone and anihillating the world
    You are recruited by the king, who considered you capable of saving the world since your skills were notably higher than anyone else's
    There are elementary spells (fireballs, ice shards, telekinesis/ throwing things with your mind, whirlwind etc.) and some more advanced spells (morphing into animals, illusions, summoning, necromancy etc.). The magic can be used by anyone, if he learned to use it, but some kinds of magic are available only for certain races and some races learn some types of magic easily.
    The vampires- do not burn in the sunlight, but don't "sparkle" like in Twilight. They are not like in Skyrim and don't have the Vampire Lord. They master illusion and seduction easily, need blood to live (duh.), can't turn into bats, but can grow wings instead (turning into so-called True Form). And no garlic and wooden dowel weakness. That's stupid. Their weakness is fire instead (so they're not overpowered) and they burn faster than anything else.
    The werewolves- they turn into their Were-form every night (not only full moon). In the beast form they walk on all fours, are stronger and don't control themselves fully, but a well-trained werewolf can control his/her transformations.
    Unlike Skyrim you can be both (woah) making a Werepire or a Vampwolf race. In that situation you can't grow bat wings when in beast form, but you still can feed off blood.
    In the Ysmayrian mythology there are only a few gods:
    Neeth, the godess of Luck and Beauty
    Vahl, the god of War and Strenght
    Miray, the godess of Light and Widsom
    Geru, the god of Darkness and Death
    and Nayleth, the godess of Animals and Hunting.
    There are no other religions, although some people worship one of the gods/godessess more than the others.
    And about that rule. What I meant was to not say there is for example a huge canyon, where I wanted to place a forest. I meant drastic control over surroundings that has a huge effect on the plot.
  13. oh, and I meant like "no necromancing pixies" or "no fireshooting mermaids." Stupid combinations that could be possible with this set of magic and races.
  14. I'm interested. Reserve a spot for me if you could as long as it works out.
  15. How is a necromancing pixie a stupid combination? Just what sort of pixies are you talking about?
  16. (I'm working on a cs, Hope to have a unique character.)
  17. Name: Seraph Windrapier
    Size comparison (open)
    Actual looks (open)

    Age: 19
    Race/Supernaturality: Naga
    Personality: Curious, quick-tempered, and brash. He knows he is powerful, and isn't afraid to let you know that he knows. As is common for snakes, he doesn't feel squeamish about hurting others, nor does he feel bad about killing.
    Past Events in life: He was ushered into the world about 19 years before the beginning of the rp, he lived in a cave system with others of his kind, and other kinds that lived in the same habitat. He learned some spells from spell books his brood had liberated from a meal prior to ingestion. He wasn't around when they were acquired. He trained in combat since he was a child, and has been hunting for several years. When he was five his mother was killed by an elf, and he has a deep set hatred for them, he doesn't show it except for his mistrust and inhospitable interaction with them. His father had disappeared just a few years back, vanishing from home one night, along with several other warriors. The brood knew there was something the leaders were not telling them, but they did not dare pry for information.
    The leaders of his brood are massive, two males and two females, older than anyone can recall. They stay deep inside the earth, digging massive tunnels to travel across the kingdom. His brood is small, but they are all highly trained in some form of art, be it weaponry, magic, torture, or singing. When he was recruited by the king, his leaders had came as far the brood cave, they could not fit any further, and gave him their blessings, and several ancient scrolls of magic. He knew they were not strictly for him, as many of the spells could only be learned by other races, though any elfish spells had been blackened out in memory of his father and his hatred for them.
    Edge: ... Good.
    Magic: Specialties- Electric and animation, these type of spells he learns quicker than other types. Dark magic is natural to him and he learns it faster than any other type.
    Lighting bolt: He can cast lighting from his body, and encase himself in electricity.
    Darkness: He can cast darkness over the area, ranging from shade to full on inky blackness.
    Shadow Barrier: He can create barriers of shadow, best used with Darkness as it makes them harder to detect.
    Summon Golem: He can summon, or create, a golem out of inanimate material, or shadows.
    Raise Undead: He can animate the dead, creating undead like liches, undead, and zombies. He cannot create vampires, as they are living dead, and haven't died properly yet.
    Lighting Rod: He can attract lighting to himself, and absorb its power.
    Static Cling: He can cause a target, if the attack hits, to become magnetic.
    More will be added if during the rp he learns more spells.
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  18. A 5cm tall Fairy raising zombies is quite weird, isn't it?
    Also, accepted. (and woah, you're first)
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  19. Yiss, I'm the best. I personally like the idea of a necromancer pixie. Magic doesn't care about how big the user is, or in this case, isn't.
    I have a few more questions for my cs,
    What spells are limited to what races?
    Using spells, I've played some games, (like actual games not rps) where using a spell for some reason destroys the "scroll", is it gonna be like that here?
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