The Land of Arya

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  1. The world that was always fantasized about, but yet seemed so far away. The tales that his grandmother would always tell him of the land bewildered him when he was a child. Could any of these things even be close to true? Was there really an alternate land, a place nonexistent to people seeing with the naked eye? He surprised himself that he even went on thinking about these things, from a time so long ago. Maybe he was still a child on the inside?

    Byron frowned before ruffling his hair, and shaking these thoughts out of his mind. He sighed in his chair, before throwing his head back, only to hit the wall, and he let out a sigh, before following it with a yell. He then stood up, before putting his hands to his hips and looked around at all of the old relics in his grandmothers’ old shop. It was the weekend, and this was his boring, unsatisfactory job. Who would want to buy some old and creepy looking relics anyways? Only some voodoo priest would buy things as strange as this. Or was it a mage? Oh well, it didn’t matter. This would probably be another day without any business.

    “Man, I wish some attractive girl from my high school or something would just walk in here… Sheesh.”

    He turned his head to look the window, and watched as the birds tended to their nests.
  2. Sitting in the near by trees Blaise tucks the hood securly over her bright orange ears. This world was dangerous for her, she couldnt chance being seen. Hoping off a branch with a light thud she looks at the old run down shop, something was drawing her there as it had drawn her to this boring world. Her kind didnt just leave their world for nothing, walking up to the window she looks into the shop full of ancient relics. Then she spots the boy, curious the male species was not listed to have tendencies to be around this sort of place. Walking around the back unseen she arrives at the door and knock promptly.
  3. Byron tilted back in the chair he sat in, before falling back and with a loud thud, he hit the ground, causing an antique that sat on the desk in front of him to fall to the ground. The ancient statue shattered when it hit the ground, and Byron loudly cursed the air before shaking his head.

    “So sorry grandmother… Looks like a broke another one of your valuables.”

    He was lucky that his parents were out of town for the month. If they saw what he did just now, he would have been screwed over, BIG TIME. He lifted himself up off the ground before looking around for a broom and a dustpan, and noticed that he didn’t have one around in the store front of the house. He shook his head and ran a hand through his spiked hair.

    “Guess that will just have to stay the-“

    He heard a knock at the door and quickly straightened up, before slapping on a fake smile on his face. This was the first time he had a customer in ages, and he wouldn’t let them escape that easily! He quickly rushed to the door and opened it with a smile before yelling at the woman.


    He then widened his eyes before shaking his head vigorously. He needed to stop reading so much manga.
  4. looks at the strange boy, she had not been prepared for that. "uh, hi? I heard a crash, is everything okay?" She says poking her head around him and looking inside, the hood over her head starts to slip. Widening her eyes for a spit second she pulls it back over makind sure nothing was showing and looks back at the boy blushing. "I uhh... hai..." She gives him a goofy gring to match his goofy entrance.
  5. “Oh yes, everything is absolutely fine, I just dropped something, would you like to browse the shop?”

    Rather than getting an answer, he got a weird gesture from the woman, as she swiftly reached up to her hood just to pull it down. He had no idea why she did that, maybe she had a weird twitch, or flinch, or something? Whatever it was, he was paying no mind to it, and saw the woman blushing, probably because of the ridiculous entrance she made. But then again, he didn’t have that great of a first impression either, so he smiled at her before turning back to look at the broken antique. Strangely, it wasn’t there anymore.

    He scanned the room to look for the relic, before noticing that it was back on top of the counter, back in its form before the accident. He tilted his head to the left in a puzzled manner before gulping. Did something or someone come into the shop other than the woman when he wasn’t looking?
  6. "Uhh sure ill look around, im not exactly sure why im here. Something drew me here." Looks at him curiously.

    "M-my names Blaise by the way, Blaise Stellan." She reaches out a hand to shake his and notices him looking back.

    "Uh, is ssomething wrong?" looks behind him, "didnt you say you broke something? Idont see anything..."

    Pushes past him and looks around. "it is really rather cozy in here, you must love it."
  7. He was ok with her not exactly knowing why she was there; it was all good for him. He shrugged and shook her hand before smiling at her once more, and noticed that he had a very pretty woman in his midst. And pretty women usually didn’t come into old antique shops. Was this a message from God?! He bowed down and kissed the carpet, before realizing his guest was still there. He then quickly stood up before she pushed past him and into the store. He listened to her comment about how nothing was there broken and quirked an eyebrow once more.

    “I coulda sworn… and you were drawn here, why not buy something while you are here too?”
  8. Looks at the boys odd behavior and smiles, She loved earth. "Drawn here... penniless im sorry." Walks around and looks at things interested intently. As she walks around her hood slacks back and the tip of an ear can be seen; bright orange against the brow. "It all is very neat here, i wouldnt mind liveing on ear- i mean around here more often." She catches herself hoping he wouldnt notice.
  9. Hearing that she came penniless, he sighed and shrugged before stretching. At least he got to look at a pretty girl, which was a really nice thing. He then watched her as she walked around the shop, and smiled. At least people were taking note of his grandmother’s great works. He then looked at her head, and opens his mouth wide before gasping loudly.

    He then crept up to the woman before poking at her orange ears, and then looked at her.

    “Y-You.. what are you?”
  10. "EEK!!" Jumps up and flips over him landing smoothly on her feet and hissing slightly at him. The hood fell back compleatly and revealed both ears. "szar!!" She curses and pulls the hood back over her head looking at the boy. "I uh.... i am nothing..." She says nervously and looks towards the door. "a-and you didnt see anything...."
  11. He watched as the woman flipped over him, which was very awkward then. He then opened his mouth agape as her hood fell back to reveal her cat like ears. She then let out a hissing sound from her throat, which startled him so much that he backed up into the wall and started to hyperventilate. She then continued to say she was nothing, which was obviously out of the question.

    “Y-You’re a fox demon, or something, I don’t know! Just someone who seems around my age, but with cat ears, and cat like aspects, and as agile as a cat. Explain who you are!”
  12. Sighs, the poor boy. "Look please calm down." relaxes her stance and pulls the hood back over her ears. "I am from another world, please dont hurt me. Something had been literally pulling me here, im not sure what but it has." her voice was in a soothing tone as she takes a step towards him hesitantly. "please just calm doooooown."
  13. He sighed loudly before nodding to her, and crossed his arms before looking her dead in the eye. “So, you’re some demon thing from another world, somehow drawn to my old grandmother’s shop?” He read about this is various mangas. Creatures and things coming from different worlds because they were attracted to it by something. Even thought her voice sounded very soothing, he was not going to be tricked by her.
  14. Looks him back dead in the eyes, "yeah thats pretty much it.... i- i can go if you want but i dont really have anywhere to stay." her ears fall back a little as she realizes that she has no where to go.
  15. He sighed before looking up to the ceiling. He didn't really wanna seem that mean, so he shook his head and shrugged. "I mean, I guess you can stay longer, I was just startled because I didn't really know what you were before..." He sat down cross legged on the ground and just stared up at her, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the fox statues with its ears perked up, levitate from the shelf and into the hands of Blaise.
  16. "thank you." She says quietly and looks down to study her shoes. something knocked against her side, looking up she saw a fox statue floating next to her. Jumping back slightly it lands in her hands. Looking up at the boy she looks confused, "whats this? I-i didnt do it."
  17. He looked at her, appalled that the statue landed in her hands. He examined the statue carefully before trying to think of a tale that his grandmother mentioned about it. The mind of this boy went blank for a moment, before he nodded and stood up. “Oh, I remember now! My grandmother said there was some legend abo –“

    The floorboards started to creak before loud moaning sounds filled the room. An oval portal opened up in underneath the two, and feathers flew up into the mortal world as well. Immediately the two fell into the portal, and he watched as the world he knew disappeared around him. A bright light flashed, and he closed his eyes before reopening them, and noticed that they were falling…

  18. Looks at him wide eyed, "what sto- AHH!!" She felt herself start to fall. Closing her eyes and opening them she was falling through the sky, the boy was flailing about. "Sheesh Kid calm down!!" She shouts at him over the wind. Feeling the flames engulf her she shifts to the cat form and shoots towards the boy as they fell, her coat of fire blazed around her as she got closer and grabbed onto him.
    the firecat was durable and could hit the ground without breaking compleatly. She encased herself around him as much as she could and hit the ground with him on top of her. "OOF!!" She grunts as he lands on her.
  19. He kept on flailing about in the air until he saw the woman turn into a fire cat. He then gulped as she flew towards him and grasped him by the shirt collar. He thought he was about to burst into flames, but they actually felt quite soothing. They barreled through the sky; at that moment, Blaise curled up around him and protected him from the fall. They hit the ground with a loud thud, and he looked at her before hugging her tightly.

    “Oh thank god for you! You pretty much saved me!”
  20. Gasped for air as he gripped her. "ki-kid let go," She manages to say, she had landed wrong and couldnt breath so she shoved him off and stood to the best of her abilites. Shaking her coat of fire she sneezed from the dust and the flames burst out for a second. Coughing onece or twice she catches her breath and looks at him. "Always, after impact get off the cusion."
    feels the flames engulf her again and she turns human again. Craddleing her wrist she walks back over to him. "Welcome to Arya, my home." She says with a grin.