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  1. Plot

    The first day we laid eyes on each other, we knew we were meant to be. It was the first day of third grade, in Mrs. Freeman's class. Even then, we'd known that something drew us to one another. At the time, it was friendship. We were inseparable, we gave new definition to the term. Unless our lunch trays, our school desks, our raincoats were right next to one another's, we were nigh-inconsolable. By the time high school came around, friendship had budded into small bulbs of romance. Even then, no one else would do. Stolen glances, blushed cheeks, love letters and (admittedly awful) poetry shoved into each other's lockers. It was abnormal, in a way, but so serenely beautiful, our need for one another. In ways, it was maddening. Nights spent texting or talking in whispered tones on the phone, until the sun rose and we could be near one another again.

    Days at school were skipped in lieu of private company with one another, hidden away in the park on the far side of town. We would sit and watch the small boats float by on the river, wave to the old men that walked old dogs along the pathways. You'd braid your hair while I looked for Poseys to stick in the loose knots, and we would lie in the tall grass, sharing kisses and affections too sentimental for our young skin. It was here that the idea sparked. This place would tear us apart, eventually. Small towns always did. We needed to leave, to escape the jaws of time and the clutches of societal expectation that was foist upon us.

    That was when we were seventeen, and two years later, we made our move. Surely it was a scandal, not that we'd have known. We saved our money, working jobs as much as we could. By your nineteenth birthday, we had enough, and one summer night, we made a break for it. No goodbye letters, no sentimental elements that could be chased by our old lives. Just two grand between the two of us, two suitcases full of clothes, and two one-way bus tickets to New York. The bus was empty when we boarded, and we tucked into a seat near the back by the window. It rained most of the way there. But it was worth it, to have each other, to have beaten the odds and claimed one another irrevocably.

    That was two years ago, and through everything since, we have clung together like two otters washed to sea. Fingers locked, we slept under bridges, begged for money, did everything to survive. And it paid off. Now, in our early twenties, we were actually living. Our means were meager, admittedly: a simple one bedroom apartment, nothing in the way of opulence, but we were self-sustained. You’d found work as an assistant museum curator. I worked as a bartender at a local hole-in-the-wall. But despite everything, we loved each other, and made this life better than what it could have been. Home-cooked meals often scented the humble abode, poetry was still left for the other to find in the medicine cabinet and long walks were taken together under the high city sky.

    It’s the rain that wakes me this Saturday morning. Gray clouds had hung for a week, and finally begun to blossom into rainstorms proper. Distant thunder rumbled the glass window in its pane, ringing through the apartment like off-kilter bells. You were beside me, still sleeping soundly with an arm thrown over my chest. Drowsily, I stroked your hair, murmuring how beautiful you were. How much I loved you, as my fingers trailed down along the soft braid of your hair.


    Charles "Charlie" Lennox

    23 Year Old Male
    October 23
    Race: African-American
    Build: Tall and slim, about 5'11" and 140 lbs.
    Orientation: Straight

    Occupation: Bartender at Wooden Door Pub in New York, NY, freelance session musician

    Personality: Calm and upbeat, often described as a "glass half full" individual. His parents were upper-blue collar, instilling in him not only a strong sense of work ethic and morality but also an appreciation for the arts and for his heritage. He is passionate but reserved, romantic without being obsessive, and worrysome without being cloying. He places a high value on his relationships, since he came to the city with only a relationship to keep him centered and focused.

    He adores music, and has worked to teach himself to play multiple instruments. His previous instruments and such were abandoned when the two of them left home, but in the time since, he has worked to replace some of it. Some of the instruments were cheap and cheerful additions but his pride and joy are a secondhand Gibson Les Paul and a re-issue Fender Starcaster. Those, he kept in their cases underneath their bed.
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  2. Character
    ɴ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ 〉 ⇁ isabella anna-marie lopez
    ᴀ ɢ ᴇ 〉 ⇁ twenty-two years of age
    ᴀ ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ 〉 ↴
    || latino-american|| may 3 || taken || 5'5" || 123lbs || assistant museum curator||

    ᴘ ᴇ ʀ s ᴏ ɴ ᴀ 〉 ⇀ bel's always been an optimistic. she was raised to always think on the brighter side of things and she still applies this lesson in her every day life. however, the she is extremely stubborn and seldom takes no for an answer. that being said, isabella tries to avoid arguing as much as she can, but once she's provoked, there's no going back. it's all or nothing. in spite of her slight temper, bel's a romantic at heart, very easy to make smile and quite affectionate both physically and emotionally. she has a lot of difficulty managing her stress meaning that when the going gets tough, she has a tendency to become oversensitive and often lacks appetite. aside from that, she's easy going and always up for a laugh.

    ᴏ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ 〉 ⇀ isabella comes from a family of four, what with having a twin brother, an older one and one loving mother. the first few weeks she and charlie had 'escaped to the big city', things were hard, but somehow they both made it through it. thus proving that they were meant to be. in consequence, she had to leave her family behind. isabella has always held a fond love for art; she plans on creating her own clothing line sometime in the future but in the meantime is working alongsidea museum curator, learning about history. in her spare time, it isn't uncommon for one to find her in any of the rooms sitting in front of her canvas, painting.
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  3. Sounds good. Your formatting looks so much more cool than mine, haha! I'll start up the thread now.
  4. Lol, I roleplay on another site where a lot of HTML is required to make characters, so I brought a little bit of it over here. Alright. And so we're clear, are we doing first or third person?
  5. Let's stick with third person.

    I never learned HTML, though; I'm jelly.
  6. Aah, it's fairly easy. I could show you a few sites where to get cool fonts and symbols, if you'd like. Alright, let me know when you've posted the thread.
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  8. It's a one bedroom apartment, correct? I could go look some up.
  9. It is. I think I found some good pictures for reference, I'll try and build a space and post them here. Edits incominggggg

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    The bedroom was one of the three main rooms of the apartment. Unassuming at first, furnishing it was easier than expected. After all, in big cities, it's amazing what people would throw out. Nearly everything was refurnished, rejuvenated from castaway pieces found around the area and from tenants moving out and not wanting to cart away their heavier pieces.

    The bed itself was perhaps the most makeshift, consisting of a larger frame that held two long but narrow mattresses. Topped with a less expensive mattress topper, it worked quite well as a king-sized bed. Nearest to the door was a small bedside table with an inset bookcase. Something of a catch-all lately, it was home to books, coffee mugs, bedside lamps and alarm clocks. At the foot was a large dresser that mostly held Charlie's things. Isabella laid claim to the closet in exchange. Atop that was a simple turntable and receiver for the vinyl collection that was slowly growing larger, with anything from comedians and spoken word like Richard Pryor, Steve Martin and Alex Haley to modern rock like Kings of Leon and The Dear Hunter to classic hip-hop like A Tribe Called Quest and J. Dilla.

    But perhaps the cornerstone of the room was the large window. Something of a bay affair that tilted in rather than opening completely, it rose high along the wall and gave a grander view of the city than the rent for this place would insinuate. When evening came, one could see all the way to the next borough over, and when the city lights were too bright to sleep through, the blackout curtains could be let loose to hide away the grounded stars.

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    The kitchen itself was fairly modern, which had been something of a disappointment to Charlie. He'd had his heart set on something with brick walls, but then again, beggars weren't exactly choosers. The kitchen was pretty simple in design: An inset range and oven, a moderately-sized refridgerator and a comfortably-sized oven. There was another window over the sink and a simple wooden table fit for two. Like the rest of the apartment, it was furnished with a faux wooden vinyl flooring, and the two of them had painted the walls of the kitchen a soft green about eight months ago.

    Living Room
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    The living room is only barely separated from the bedroom via the door, and joined to the kitchen by a simple walkway. Sparse by design, there's a simple couch and chair. Unseen opposite the couch is a modest entertainment center with a few dvds and a television. To the right corner is a small fireplace, ostensibly a functional design element. However, it's so small that there is really no actual usage for it unless one crowds near it. However, then one would be too far from the television. Decisions, decisions...
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  10. Sounds good, I'll work on my post. Oh and I hope yu don't mind I went back and edited and made her an assistant to the museum's curator because I think that's a really neat job. xP
  11. Haha hey, that works just fine for me. I didn't want to paint you into an unfair corner or anything. :)
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