The Lady Warrior

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  1. The catacombs were deathly silent as they had been for over a thousand years. Within the tomb of her master she had slept for so long, waiting to make a new pact, to find a new master. Her long black hair hid her face as her head hung forward. She had been sitting in the same position asleep for at least five hundred years. Every so often she had woken up to stretch but would always be too weak to move. Her sword lay by her right hand and her shield was still strapped onto her left arm. The door outside was ornately carved and had lettering which spelled out the name "Duncan Kroseth". In her dreams she couldn't help but wonder what had gone on outside and if she would ever find a new master to protect.
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  2. Johnathan yawned after looking back to the entrance area of the swamp. He had just ducked his pursuers and took a small break. "Oh boy, those guys are idiots." He muttered with a sigh. The fact that he was lost never really dawned on him, for he is an self-proclaimed 'escape-artist'. A hand ran through his short black hair as he walked. Minutes turned to hours as our hero searched for a way through the swamp.

    "Ok, I'm getting somewhere." He said as he used a tiny amount of power to create a foot hold over the more boggy areas. As he stepped down on solid ground again, it collapsed taking him with it. "This is bullshit!!" He yelled out as he fell. Before a hard landing, he created another foot hold to stop his decent. "Ok, where am I?"
  3. The hallway Johnathan now found himself in was dark but strangely dry considering the swamp above. It almost looked like a set from an adventure movie about finding lost treasures buried in crypts. The floor was solid stone and the walls were simple stone bricks. The hole he had made in the ceiling did little to light much farther ahead or behind him. It looked like it hadn't been bothered in centuries, the old torches still sat in their sconces along the walls. There was a strange sensation in the air, like some sort of power was calling to him silently.
  4. As Johnathan walked slowly down the hallway, he was making sure that nothng got the drop on him. An old place that was never touched by humanity or the light of day. This place made him all tense and with his right hand hovering over an invisible space, like he was getting ready to unsheath a sword. For once, he listened to the feeling as he came upon a door of sorts. "All or nothing." He slowly pushed the door open and looked inside.
  5. A figure sat in front of a tomb, her silver armor glistened in the faint light and her hair parted as her pale face turned up. She opened her eyes weakly and stared at the intruder.

    " thou.....? And why hast thee master's tomb?" she questioned softly.

    Her hand slowly moved over the hilt of an old, ornate sword. Both her armor and the sword looked as if they had never been touched by time, as if she had just stepped out of her own time and into his. She stared up at him, awaiting an answer rather patiently.
  6. Johnathan had looked at the unknown person as she went for her sword herself. Wait, her master's tomb? "Wait, what? Your master's tomb?" He was thoroughly confused as to who this strange woman was and where he was. "I fell through the ground and somehow ended up here after a small walk." He said cautiously as he didn't know who this person was.
  7. Her deep blue eyes stared at him silently for a moment. Gently she knocked her head against the stone tomb behind her. " where my master....was buried....Thou art in the catacombs answer....who art thou?" she grasped the sword and struggled to stand. She was clearly weak but willing to defend the tomb.
  8. The Catacombs of warriors? Wait, he heard of this area before but only in passing. So, this is where he was. For the moment, he noticed her struggling to keep standing. Also, he had to admire her determination to defend her master's tomb. "Johnathan." He answered while keeping his hazel eyes on her.
  9. She stared at him. " Lady Luna......I am a Guardian....." she then gestured to a pile of bones in one corner, "If thou hast rob this tomb....then thou shalt end like them." she pulled her sword up, standing just a little stronger now.
  10. Johnathan had looked at Luna as she drew her sword. Good form, confidence seems to go up a bunch, not to mention that she seemed a bit stronger now. Sighing, he removed his hand from his position of drawing his own sword. "I don't rob tombs, it's not my thing. I'm just trying to figure out why am I here and how to get out of here."
  11. Luna dropped back down on her rear and sighed in relief. "if all..." she said pressing a switch in the floor with her right hand and releasing the sword, "Then....thou art leave..." she spoke very softly and seemed almost too weak to continue on the conversation. Her eyes slowly drifted shut and she looked rather pitiful for a warrior. Her entire body seemed suddenly relaxed now and her breathing was soft and light, already she was asleep.
  12. Johnathan tilted his head. That was it? Sighing, he took a glance into the tomb and noticed something abnormal. Utilizing his assassin skills, he silently slipped past the sleeping guardian and looked at a wall. "When the time is right, The Guardian will become what they are destined to be....." On odd insert on something very vague but it gets creepier when he looked at a random area for another insert.

    Before he read the writing on the wall, he moved back to where Luna was. Mentally cursing his generous nature, he gently picked her up and placed her sleeping form and placed her against another wall before going back to the wall he was about to read from.
  13. Luna was surprisingly light. She began to stir slightly, having been moved away from her master's tomb. Slowly, her eyes opened slightly and looked over at him once more. She didn't bother to speak to him. She watched him silently, having never had any knowledge of what had been beyond the passage. The wall read as follows:
    "When the time is right, The Guardian will become what they are destined to be, The master makes a pact, The Guardian obeys, From that moment and beyond death, Until a new master is found, The Guardian serves to repent."
  14. Johnathan read the writing and stepped back. It oddly sounded something that he saw before. He decided to keep reading until he noticed something different. "The Soul Reap-" Was all he got out before he sensed something...or better yet, someone. His eyes narrowed as another person decided to walk into the tomb with the intention to rob it. "Looks like I got lucky." Was all the robber said before a katana went through his chest.

    The person was surprised but soon dropped to the ground dead.
  15. The moment the robber had stepped in, Luna's eyes had snapped open fully and were bright with an unknown fire. However she wasn't nearly as fast as Johnathan and, as the robber fell to the floor dead her eyes dulled and she started to fall back to sleep. Her thoughts were currently focused on Johnathan and his quick reaction. She wondered why he had bothered with the robber, after all, what was it to him if a tomb was robbed? What did he care if she had to do her job?
  16. A quick pull and Johnathan got back his katana back. With a shake of his head, he stabbed it into the ground and went back to the wall he was reading. " 'A Soul Reaper will find this place if the Master wills it...'" Odd, but yet he continues. " 'When that time comes, a change will be evident in the future.'" What else could change? He was already a extremely dangerous threat on the battlefield with possible 'Flee on sight' orders. Could it be talking about the world?
  17. Luna was starting to fall into her normal rest once more. She was a little afraid that she would never wake up again. As the centuries passed she found herself getting weaker and weaker, awakening for shorter and shorter time periods. She knew she needed a master but couldn't leave the tomb. Master Duncan had assured her someone would come one day....but what if they were too late? A tear slipped down her cheek as her mind slipped into darkness.
  18. After taking all that in, Johnathan walked over to Luna. In more ways he was rather surprised with how she was still going on. Being attached to her Master for such a long time...and forced to stay here. "What do I have to do to get you out of here?" He whispered more to himself while kneeling down in front of her.
  19. His voice jerked her a bit from her slumber and her face turned up slightly to him. "thou....must become my master...." she replied softly. She was completely asleep, something or someone was speaking through her. "Please......I am frightened.....of never awakening again...."
  20. He nodded to the idea of becoming her master. Though knowing what would happen, Johnathan kept to his ideals. "What do I have to do?" He said gently as unknown to her - but not to him - his katana disappeared in a small stream of electricity.
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