The Lady Warrior ( a 1x1 rp idea)

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  1. What I need is one other person to play a guy preferably for this idea:

    You've been told never to go in the woods, it's a place that has a lot of old burial grounds and sinkholes. People who have gone missing in there are rarely found, when they are they're either found dead or near death within the underground tombs. You think it's a lot of superstitious nonsense and decide to go for a walk. The ground's wet and mushy from the rain earlier that day. You stop for a moment to admire the trees when the ground gives way beneath you and you fall into a dark corridor. The old walls are too slick with moss to climb so you start to wander to look for a way out.

    A bit frightened that you'll never find a way out you come across a door with some old writing on it. It's hard to read and it certainly isn't in roman lettering. You pull a bit on the door and it starts to open. A slight breeze of fresh air greets you, encouraging you to open the door further. What you find is only half shocking. There is an old stone sarcophagus and.....a young woman sitting against it. She appears to be asleep but alive! You timidly enter the chamber when she looks up at you!

    " have thee here?" she asks weakly, "Why hast thou master's tomb?"

    And this is where it all starts. It turns out the warrior is some sort of bodyguard (weather angelic, demonic, or something else is unknown) and in order for her to regain her strength and leave the tomb she needs someone to make a contract with her and that's YOU (whoever you are). There are possible elements of romance and the "normal" (you don't have to be a normal person) person could be chased by something, just plain bullied, or even attacked by something from the warrior's time. it's up to you to decide.
  2. At this point I'm willing to hear other ideas to. I REALLY want someone to rp with.
  3. Still a damm good idea.
  4. Thank you. I appreciate that as I really like this idea.
  5. Your welcome. I could play the guy part if you want to.
  6. You could?! I would Love that! ^.^
  7. Mhm. You said that he didn't have to be normal right?
  8. Right! I didn't want to constrain things too much otherwise it could get stale quickly!
  9. Coolo. Well, the character I plan on using isn't normal.
  10. Awesome! Would you just like to jump into it?
  11. Sure. You wanna start?
  12. Of course! I'll put it up in a few minutes
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