The Ladies and Gentlemen of Sakura Square

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  1. The sun has long since set, pedestrian lights turn green and a wave of humanity converges in the middle of the five-way intersection before dispersing again in all directions. The junction’s streets lead to towering department stores, music venues, dance clubs, all-you-can-eat dessert cafés- you name it. As one of the world’s most dazzling cities, even long-term visitors can't run out of new watering holes. From the small and smoky bar to the wallet-busting lounge, Tokyo knows how to show you a good time.

    In the outskirts of the Kabukichō district of Tokyo, a small street called Sakura Square is located- most famous for their exclusive hostess club: Club Akina. For almost an entire fifteen years, the club has been successfully catering patrons of all kinds, growing and expanding over the years, under the lead of Madame Kuroi. Throughout the years, other hostess clubs have tried settling in the same area. However, none of them have ever managed to match Akina’s popularity, and eventually were forced to leave.

    Now, however, things are about to change. Not did Club Akina switch owner a while ago, but recently a new club has appeared right across the street. Unlike the other clubs that have tried settling there before, however… Tokyo Ookami is a Host Club, catering mainly to female costumers.

    How will Club Akina fare with the new host club right across the street? And will Tokyo Ookami ever achieve the same amount popularity and success Akina gained over the years? Only time will tell how the relationships between the two clubs develop.

    And this is where you come in, dear reader. You are either a host or hostess working for one of the clubs. The plot of this role play mainly focuses the daily lives of these youths, and the experiences and relationships they make as time goes by. In this slice of life RP, there is room for everything like heartwarming moments and joyful romance, to tragedy and heartbreak.

    Prepare for the bumpy ride Ladies and Gentlemen of Sakura Square has to offer!

    The rp would have limited spots, at least for the hosts and hostesses. To ensure that we get diverse personalities, there will also be a few guidelines for each role. Other than that skeleton, however, the character will be entirely your own and you may flesh them out however you like. (if you have an idea for a role, don't be afraid to state it!) People will also be able to play costumers (and there is no limit to them). However, since the main focus is on the hosts and hostesses, it is recommended that one plays at least one host or hostess.

    It is also noteworthy that even if a character has a certain 'role', it doesn't mean they need to act like this outside of work.

    Both clubs will need 1 a bartender that doesn't work as a host or hostess.

    We need a good mixture of veterans and newcomers.

    I only want one loli and one shota (all characters will be at least 18, so none of them would actually be loli or shota. They'd just look (slightly) and act the part).

    For now, I will allow seven host and seven hostess spots, not counting the bartenders. This may change later and I allow more. One hostess spot is already reserved by me, and one host spot is reserved by Strawberry275.

    If you need more information about host and hostess clubs:

    Would anyone be interested in this?
  3. Is it weird I want to be one of the bartenders? xD Like, just imagine how much gossip they hear and how much they know about everyone.
  4. Just dropping by to state my interest. C:
  5. No, that isn't weird at all. XD I was also very tempted to be one. Which one would you like to be? X3


    And yay! ^^
    This seems so interesting but I can't join right now, I may jump in later on though if thats okay with you XD
  7. I kinda want to be the one for Club Akina. Buut I'll really do either. ^^ Just seems like it would be an enjoyable role.
  8. I also wouldn't mind joining this. Im thinking a bartender could be a good change of pace from the usual characters I make.
  9. Hmmmm o 3 o I might join in...
  10. This sounds interesting, I would probably join in. :3
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