The Labyrinth

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  1. First Thread!

    300 years ago the human race was slaughtered, leaving only a few families to survive. These families designed a maze to keep the horrors of the outside out. They built their city at the center of the maze, and assigned jobs to keep the maze safe. They called it the Labyrinth.

    The three families that founded the Labyrinth were known as Valentine, Lovelace, and Swinheart. These families are our heroes, with out them we would all perish. At least that's what they teach us.

    There are many jobs in the labyrinth, there are the cleaners, the farmer, guard, runners, scouters, the nobles, the care takers, the builders, and other such jobs. There are three schools, one is for the children, the other is for the lower class who usually have to drop out, and the last is for the higher class, this one is for learning and training of nobles and other higher class representatives.

    Create your Characters here!

    Title your reply with the room or place you are in for clarity sake, also for organizations sake.
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  2. Out side the East Gate

    the two entrance guards stand there a bit bored
  3. Green Heath College

    Lucius: Lucya you missed class again

    Lucya: And?
  4. Outside the east gate

    Gretta: Its been quiet these past few nights. Not much movement outside the walls.

    Hans nodded in agreement.

    Gretta: When was the last time anything even attacked?

    Hans only shrugged.
  5. Outside East Gate

    Jess walks up to the gate, a basket tucked under one arm.

    Jess: Morning, Gretta.

    She smiles and holds out the basket. Inside is some food. A sandwich and the sort.

    Jess: Hope you don't mind me dropping this off for you.
  6. Green Heeth College

    Lucius: And where were you? This is the fourth class you have missed in the last month!

    Lucya: Why does it matter to you? I do not enjoy school, you are the one who does, are you not?

    Lucius: It matters because you need to learn how to become a minister!
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  7. Gretta beams, appreciative of her younger sibling's generosity.

    Gretta: It's been awhile since you've been here to the east gate to see me.

    Hans immediately perks up at the sight of some food. He reaches for Jess' basket eagerly.
  8. Jess slaps Hans' hand away playfully, holding it out to Gretta.

    Jess: I've been meaning to make it out here for a while but you know how mom is.

    Green Heath College

    Tytan rushes up behind his two beautiful cousins. He jumps in between their impending fight, smiling and wrapping his arms around their shoulders.

    Tytan: How are my two favorite people this fine day?
  9. Hans rubs his smacked hand and grumbles under his breath.

    Gretta accepts the basket from the younger girl and rummages through it, tossing a sandwich towards Hans to quiet him.

    Gretta: Thank you. I know I shouldn't be complaining about you not visiting me at work. Honestly, I'd rather you stay away from the gates. They aren't safe, no matter what time of day.

    She stands up to hug the smaller girl tightly, before shooing her away.

    Gretta: My shifts ends at dusk, I'll be home before dark.
  10. Green Heeth College

    Lucius perks up at the sight of Tytan

    Lucya: Lucius is trying to convince me that school is important and that i shoul-

    Lucius: That is because it is!

    Lucya: Excuse me, I think I was the one talking!
  11. Tytan laughs and squeezes them together, closer to him.

    Tytan: I think you two need a little break from school. How about...

    He raises his eyebrows at them both mischievously.

    Tytan: A trip to the maze.

    Outside the East Gate

    Jess smiles and walks away from her sister. As she's walking home she bumps into Valeria. A slight blush comes to her cheeks and a smile rises.

    Jess: Good morning, Valeria.
  12. Valeria: Oh, good morning Jess!

    Valeria looks behind Jess

    Valeria: Were you coming from the east gate?


    Lucius: That is forbidden Tytan, you know this.

    Lucya: *whisper* Fucking Pansy

    Lucius: Excuse me! Lucya I swear to fu-
  13. Tytan shushes both of his cousins by covering their mouths.

    Tytan: It is only forbidden if we get caught.


    Jess: Yeah. I was visiting Gretta and giving her some food. Days at the gate are hard on her.

    She hold the basket under one arm and looks at Valeria, slight adoration in her eyes.
  14. Lucya rolls her eyes and starts off outside, Lucius looks over at Tytan


    Valeria: Oh I imagine, she's rather brave isn't she? I don't think I cold ever be a guard!
  15. Tytan follows, smiling and winking at Lucius.


    Jess: She is very brave. I hope she doesn't regret her decision.
  16. Lucius blushes slightly but follows anyways

    Lucius: So what is your plan Tytan, just walk out the east gate?

    Lucya: Oh come off it you pansy

    Lucius: I swear I will kill you one day Lucya, I swear to fu-


    Valeria: I don't think she will, she's always wanted to be a guard
  17. Tytan jumps in, smiling and laughing a little.

    Tytan: Look! There is the gate.

    He starts to tiptoe towards it in a comical manner.

    Tytan: We have to be sneaky.


    Jess: True, but what if she gets hurt? I worry sometimes.
  18. Lucius and Lucya follow Tytans lead, they stop to look at the guards

    Lucya: What shall we do now?


    Valerie: I as well, but she's very skilled

    Looks at Jess

    Valeria: So, um Jess have you, uh, had lunch yet?
  19. Tytan looks at the two gaurds. One of them is eating a sandwich while the other looks out into the maze.

    Tytan: One of you distract that guard while the others go into the maze.


    Jess blushes a little bit.

    Jess: No I haven't.
  20. Green Heeth College
    Morgan collapsed next to the track. I outdid myself she thought to herself. She pulled herself up and stumbled over to a bench. She looked over at the main building and thought about lunch.

    Morgan: I need to change first.

    She stood up and started towards a changing room.
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