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  1. Create your character here, please fill out all the information. Also family name and your last name can be different family name is if you came from the original three, which of the three.

    please only up to four characters, not everyone has to be of the three families, no more direct swinehearts, Gretta Swineheart is the only DIRECT decedent. Also all nobles do not use contracted words, so no didn'ts or can'ts, only did not and can not. have fun!

    The Labyrinth





    Family Name(original name):





    Skin Color:





    Extra details:
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  2. Name: Lucya Valentine

    Age: 17

    Race: Russian

    Gender: Female

    Family Name(original name): Valentine

    orientation: Ace

    Occupation(Student): Noble/Student

    Hair: White, straight, no bangs, medium length, middle part

    Eye: Light Purple

    Skin Color: Pale White

    Height: 5'8'


    Appearance: Pale pink lips with a touch of purple, high cheek bones and a very straight nose. Slim, can't lift much, but can run very fast. Very neutral face, hair usually in a high ponytail or bun. only dark colors and whites. Wears her grandfathers grey boots all the time. Skirts sometimes, usually for school.

    Background/Bio: Lucya is a born Noble, just like her brother Lucius, her parents are of the highest rank and are the ministers of the Labyrinth.

    Personality: Average intelligence, leader like quality, outspoken, and very kind.

    Extra details: /
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  3. Name: Jessamine Duchannes AKA Jess or Jessa

    Age: 17

    Race: African

    Gender: Female

    Family Name: Lovelace

    Orientation: ???sexual

    Occupation: Farmer/Lady of the night

    Hair: Black. Braided back into a bun at the base of her head. Only falls to her shoulder blades when let out.

    Eye: Amber

    Skin: Light mocha

    Height: 5'6"

    Appearance: She has a scar on her left side, curving from her shoulder down to her hip. A light splattering of freckles on her shoulders and across her nose.

    Background/Bio: After being born her father began saving up to send her to school. He did not want his only daughter to be stuck farming. So he sent her off to the best school. After Gretta's parents died, her father took her in. Now having to take care of two small girls he pulled Jess from the highest school and put them both into the second best. Their life was grand. Well, as grand as a farmers life could be. After Gretta became part of the Guard her father became sick. After a few years he passes away and Jess has to leave school. Now she runs the farm with her mother.

    Personality: A very kind woman, though if you cross her you will regret it. She can hold quite the grudge. She likes to pass the time reading her fathers old books and singing the songs her mother taught her as a young girl.

    Extra details: Very strong upper body strength. Wears short jean shorts a lot, and baggy shirts that her father loved. Has a collection of rusty jewelry passed down through her family from the time before. (Face claim: Simone Battle)
  4. Name: Gretta Swineheart

    Age: 19

    Race: Norwegian

    Gender: Female

    Family Name: Swineheart

    orientation: Straight

    Occupation: Entrance Guard

    Hair: Long, Platinum blonde, straight bangs

    Eye: Grey

    Skin: Ivory

    Height: 5'9

    Appearance: Willowy, and graceful, hair that reaches her hips, and sharp grey eyes. A small scar splits her left eyebrow. Wears light leather armor due to her occupation.

    Background/Bio: Was raised by the Lovelace family, after her parents were killed in action scouting outside the maze. Bonded very closely to Jess Duchannes to cope with the loss of her family. Doesn't know much about her own family, and and hasn't met anyone related to her. She dropped out of school at 16, to train for her new position in the guardsmen's ranks.

    Personality: Quiet, but head stong, and doesn't give up without arguing her point. Makes friends very easily.
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  5. Name: Lucius Valentine



    Gender: Male

    Family Name(original name): Valentine

    orientation: gay (hush hush family secret)


    White, straight, chin length side bangs, middle part, shoulder length hair

    Light Purple

    Skin Color:
    Pale White

    Height: 6'0'

    Pale pink lips with a touch of purple, high cheek bones and a very straight nose. Slim, but strong, can run some. usually a glare or annoyed look plastered on his face, hair tied back in a low ponytail. usually in green or brown colored pants, light colored shirts, light white or yellow, and green/brown/red jackets. Always wears a white fabric/crochet scarf

    Lucius is a born Noble, just like his sister Lucya, his parents are of the highest rank and are the ministers of the Labyrinth.

    Personality: Very intelligence, no leader but no follower, and quiet.

    Extra details:
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  6. Name: Tytan Novan

    Age: 16

    Race: Russian mixed with Asian

    Gender: Male

    Family Name: Valentine

    Orientation: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    Occupation: Nobel/Student

    Hair: Shaggy, platinum blond hair.

    Eye: Dark blue

    Skin Color: Pale white with a soft yellow undertone

    Height: 5'9"

    Appearance: Softly upturned eyelids hinting at his mixed heritage. A burn on his left ankle from an accident when he was 6.

    Background/Bio: Born into one of the lesser offshoots of the Valentine family he was often seen as a wannabe by his cousins. Except Lucya and Lucius with whom he spends most of his day with.

    Personality: Sweet fun loving guy. Doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

    Extra details: He doesn't like to falunt his homosexuality around so only a few people know. He doesn't hide it though, and if asked will say he is a big gay.
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  7. Name: Valeria Rot

    Age: 18

    Race: German/Mexican

    Gender: Female

    Family Name(original name): Lovelace

    orientation: Pan

    Occupation(Student): Care Taker, Nurse for the Elders

    Hair: Red/Brown Wavy and cut short to chin, left side part

    Eye: Dark Brown/black

    Skin Color: Olive

    Height: 5'5'

    Appearance: Thin lips, a small bump on her nose, pointed chin, slim from lack of food, usually in care taker uniform.

    Background/Bio: Lived a poor life with her mother, father, and two younger brothers. Always wanted to become a care taker, she enjoyed helping people. Close friends with Jess and Gretta.

    Personality: Very caring, doesn't lie, extreme know it all in subject such as health and science, also can lose temper.

    Extra details:/
  8. Hey! Is there another place for a character? I'd love to join if there is!
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  9. Yeah! Make your character and jump right in!
  10. Name: Morgan Lovelace


    Race: German/Icelandic

    Gender: female

    Family Name(original name): Lovelace

    orientation: Bisexual

    Occupation(school): Nobel/school

    Hair: strawberry blonde, slightly wavy, mid-back length, right part.

    Eye: light green

    Skin Color: white with a slight tan.


    Appearance: slimly built. She has a small scar on her right forearm and a large scar on her left calf. She dresses in clothing that covers most of her skin.

    Background/Bio: She was born into the Nobel family Lovelace, but being as she is one of the younger children she is mostly ignored. She tends to get along with most people though. Because she is so quiet most people don't know she is around.

    Personality: She is very calm which tends to make people believe she is emotionless. She tends to have a slightly negative outlook on things.

    Extra details: she is not very strong but she can run very fast and run for long distances. Her bisexuality is only known by her teacher.
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  11. Name: Hans Acker

    Age: 23

    Race: Dutch

    Family Name: Lovelace

    orientation: Who knows??

    Occupation: Entrance Guard

    Hair: Blonde

    Eye: Blue

    Skin Color: White

    Height: 6'0

    Appearance: Tall, slim, and fair, Hans isn't really special.

    Background/Bio: Lives in the city with his elderly mother. His father died in the Labyrinth, so he vowed to protect people from it. Nobody reallys knows anything about Hans though. He's quiet.

    Personality: As said before, quiet, and likes to eat.
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  12. Um... Is there anymore room?
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  13. Yes of course
  14. Name: Beau Omega

    Age: 16

    Race: Russian

    Gender: Male

    Family Name(original name): Omega

    orientation: Gay

    Occupation(Student): Runner/Student

    Hair: Red, straight, jagged

    Eye: Brown/redish eyes

    Skin Color: Pale

    Height: 5'3"


    Appearance: Usually wears a white jacket that zips up off center with a high collar, black gloves, black skinny jeans, white boots that lace up they end just below his knees. Tends to wear either a black beanie or a black hat with flaps like in the pic.

    Background/Bio: Lives in the city with his father Mason his mother died about a year ago, so he picks up small jobs when needed. He has no siblings, and likes it that way taking care of his alcoholic father is hard enough.

    Personality: Strong willed, smart, shy, kind hearted, loving, and sneaky

    Extra details: /
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  15. So now that I have my thing up do I just post in the other thread?
  16. Yeah you can. Just try to find a place to come in!
  17. Name: Jayden Tervian

    Age: 19

    Race: Russian

    Gender: male

    Family Name(original name): Talos

    orientation: Unknown

    Occupation(Student): Runner

    Hair: neck length, black hair, Straight, bangs are eyebrow height

    Eye: Green.

    Skin Color: White

    Height: 5'10"

    Appearance: He has a slightly feminine face with slightly pale lips. He has a runners build. He is usually wearing black pants and a purple t-shirt no matter what season it is. He has a burn scar that goes from his right collar bone, around his back, and is on the bottom of his upper arm. He frowns a lot but will flash the occasional smile.

    Background/Bio: He was born into a middle class merchant family he lived a good life until he turned six. A fire ravaged his home and killed his family. He was then taken in by an old man who had taken pity on the boy. The old man put him into the training to become a runner as soon as his burns healed all the way. Jayden became close friends with his partner (even if they don't always agree).

    Personality: He has a kind personality that masks his sadness. He is slow to anger but gets very calm when angered. He only is truly happy in the presence of people he trust. When he goes into the labyrinth he talks quietly and thoughtfully.

    Extra details: He does not know his sexual preference because he has never dated nor had the time to date. Very fond of cats.
  18. Is it still possible for another noble?
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