The Kotairian War

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  1. It has been two years since Ace, prince of the Kotairos, was banished. He was locked in the Ancient Tunnels because he attacked Chloe, the woman who poisoned his father as soon as she became Queen. A lot has happened since he was banished, Chloe has made evil allies, waged war,and treated his people poorly. Today is the day he is released, and after two years of solitary training, 17 year old Ace Kotairo is ready to restore peace. (My first RP here. If you think this is good, I have a bunch of other ones.)
  2. He waited at the exit of the Tunnels, only a few minutes until he is released. He wore a tux, which was tight on him. He was two whole years older than when he put it on. It was the same tux from the wedding, the wedding that Chloe killed his father in. He was 6'2", had natural spiky blue hair, and a tan complexion. The tux was white with blue trim. Stormy gray eyes watched the opening as he waited for the spell to be released so that he could leave.
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