The Knight's Wanderer

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  1. Joseph was not one to notice where he was many times. A traveler, he was rarely in the same place for long- and this place, too, was a place he didn't know. Occasionally, the brown-haired man would make his way back into an area he'd been to previously, but those times were sparse. Normally, like this place, he only went towards new lands and directions- however, it was likely due to his lack of consistency that he had an easy time getting lost in towns he'd been to and not alike.

    A deep sigh escaped him as he pulled down the hood of his tan cloak, his hair a mess from being covered for a while when walking towards the town's entrance. He'd been walking a long while, looking for someplace new to explore- and finally, he'd found it. Gentle brown eyes scanned the area, looking for someone to talk to, while also scanning for an inn of some sorts- or both, if it were possible for him. To the man who had traveled a long time, there were a few rules when entering a new land. Finding shelter was always the first.

    He walked carefully down the road, mocha boots keeping him from the ground so that the thoughts in his head didn't cause him to float away from reality. He could see from afar a woman, whom with closer inspection appeared to be a knight. For Joseph, a person was a person, and he was glad for it. Whether or not she'd take so kindly to him as he did to seeing her was another story. Relieved, he made his way towards her with a hand up as he spoke, fingers spread in a slight greeting fashion, though covered by leather work gloves. The other hand remained hidden under his cloak.

    "Excuse me, Miss Knight. Might I inquire you about where to find the local inn?"
  2. Eliza was walking down the roadway, late for a meeting at the local inn. Her commander had decided to celebrate her squad's latest victory by throwing a small party. Her red hair was flashing in the sunlight and her green eyes flashed in surprise at a young man approaching her.

    "Excuse me, Miss Knight. Might I inquire you about where to find the local inn?"

    Eliza jerked in surprise. "I'm on my way there if you wish to join me?" She answered kindly. She may be a knight but she was the gentle kind.
  3. The young wanderer was quite lucky, he realized. Not only could she tell him, she could show him due to the perfect timing! "I'd be truly grateful. Thank you, ma'am." He held a sincere, gentlemanly smile on his face as he gave a slight bow of greeting. "As one new to this town, I'm lucky to have met you so soon in this travel."

    He looked at her quite easily. She was an interesting woman in his books- it wasn't quite often he'd met one with red hair, though there were many people with it. The way it contrasted to her eyes seemed to peak his interest, but at the same time, he seemed as if he paid no heed based on his thought pattern. His thoughts had merely returned to the search for shelter and his rules for travel.

    "As it would be rude of me to ask otherwise, I shall note my name is Joseph...So might I ask your name as well?"
  4. Eliza was surprised with his ease and gentlemanly smile, it was not often seen in this town. She tilted her head, appraising him quickly before she patted her white armor.

    "It is nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Eliza, one of the knights stationed in this town. If you care to follow me then I shall take you to the inn?" She turned on her heel, walking towards the inn that was situated in the middle of town.
  5. Joseph was quick to follow her, not even the tiniest bit phased that she'd been surprised- then again, he likely didn't even know. Joseph was the type to hold strongly onto manners, because it was quite useful and important in many instances. It was just another of his many so-called 'rules'. Being polite tended to keep one out of trouble more easily than doing otherwise, and he wasn't quite interested in a fight. Then again, he was not likely capable of doing well in one.

    "Eliza, hm? A lovely name. It seems rather fitting." He smiled a bit more gingerly rather than his earlier smile that was meant strictly out of politeness- this one was far more sincere. As he kept to her pace carefully, he felt relieved to be able to follow her. "It's kind of you to show me the way."
  6. Eliza looked at him warily. "Quite alright. I was just headed on over anyway. I do warn you, if it is rest you are looking for in this town, you might have luck elsewhere." This point was emphasized by a thief attempting to run past her. With a simple outstretched hand she grabbed the man by the shirt collar. The man begged and pleaded, claiming he was stealing the food for his children.

    "If you need food, man, then work for it. There is a job open at the stables right now." She turned to him, taking the bread out of his hands to return it to the shopkeeper than huffingly rounded the corner. He was a large man and it was quite obvious by his clothing that he had wealth to spare.

    "Thank you Eliza for catchin' this scoundrel!" The man hollered with a raised and shaking fist.

    "Sir, you appear to be the scoundrel. I have heard you have been overpricing your goods again to the poor." Eliza frowned at the man and he blushed, opening his mouth to protest. "Since you have been overpricing the goods, I expect you have enough profit to spare one loaf of bread." She handed the bread back to the thief. "As long as he promises to go to the stables straight away and get a job?" She dropped him, staring at him until he nodded. Eliza waved a hand and the man ran off, the shopkeeper red from indignation at being called out on his prices. The shopkeeper turned and marched away, knowing that Eliza's word was law.
  7. Joseph watched the scene while simultaneously contemplating her earlier statement meant for him. Certainly every town had it's rich and its poor, and each one he'd seen had at least one or two thieves at some point. Was it really that shocking? I suppose either way, it does count as a bit of bustle... He shook it off as he watched the shopkeeper walk away with a huff. "Your word is law, I see. I assumed that in general because knights generally the law keepers, but it is clear that the people respect you very highly, Miss Eliza." He looked at her with ease, smiling.

    "This town will fit me just fine- I don't plan to stay overly long anyhow...Just a couple days most likely. Well, it could be a bit longer- it mostly depends on what I find. I travel for a living, you could say." He smiled, adding, "Mind you, I can pay my own dues. I travel telling stories and lore from other places to new places, and then gaining new knowledge in my current place as well. It's rather rewarding, although many may say being a traveling tale-teller isn't very much a profession." He didn't normally talk this much when he wasn't telling a story, and it surprised him, but he shook off that fact as he smiled to her. "If you're ever looking for a tale, you know where to come. So long as you can find me."
  8. Eliza looked at Joseph. "I am known around here as Eliza the Just." She shrugged. "All I am, though, is the leader of a squad...hence the white armor instead of silver." She began to walk again, her hand unconsciously moving to rest on the pommel of her sword. She nodded at his explanation. "I have a feeling you shall find plenty of work around here, tale-spinner." She smiled, showing no disrespect for him. Amongst her town a tale-spinner was a rare and valuable person of trade.
  9. Joseph listened carefully, nodding. "So I noticed. But no matter what, a knight is a knight, and all deserve respect. Well, I've met maybe one who was not quite so honorable, but it's a rare bit...But people will be people. I shouldn't speak this way. A knight is a knight, but a knight is still a person, after all." Shaking his head to try to clear the excess clouding of his thoughts, he was surprised to find no discredit from her. It seemed to him that most towns had a disrespect for tale-spinners, at least a good percentage of the ones he'd been to. For him, this seemed a relief. "I look forward to meeting some interesting people during my work...So far, I feel I'm succeeding."
  10. Eliza nodded. "Fair enough, but many around here lack respect for the law." She nodded towards the inn that was at the other end of the street. "You shall certainly meet interesting people..." She smirked. "The shopkeeper was certainly interesting..." She looked back, hoping to catch another glance. "Hopefully that's as interesting a person as you shall meet."
  11. Joseph tried to keep his laughter to himself, but a chortle managed to escape him as he spoke. "While the shopkeeper was certainly interesting, I feel you are quite intriguing as well, Miss Eliza. You shouldn't keep yourself out of the conversation too much. Or are you belittling yourself? It's hard to say." Smiling a bit, he continued towards the inn, walking freely while seemingly digging into a pocket in his pants. He was relieved.

    "Good...Traveling rule one seems to be accomplished, nearly." He spoke audibly, but quietly, as the words were meant mostly for himself as a reminder. When he could feel his hand against the inn's door, he held it carefully and smiled to her. "I thank you for your guidance, Miss Eliza." He then gestured for her to enter first, feeling it natural.
  12. Eliza laughed. "Oh, I apologize, I assumed you meant the shopkeeper..." She smiled, an eyebrow raising as he held the door open for her. "I think you should go in squad's in there and they are probably half-drunk already..." She shook her head. "They can get quite...rambunctious."
  13. He didn't quite comprehend why he needed to go first, but he figured if it was her preference, he'd accept it, instead holding it slightly from inside with his foot while he looked around. The inn certainly was full of a few rambunctious knights- however, the inn keeper was clearly visible and fairly relaxed from what he could tell, so he assumed it safe to not be too concerned about it. He waved to the inn keeper, eyeing Eliza as a note he was acknowledging her a last time, before heading to the desk, asking for a room.

    He was grateful to find there was one left, as there hadn't been one in the last town. Taking a key for one of the rooms, he let out a sigh of relief. Finally, a bed to sleep in- though he would have asked to sleep in the stables if needed, it was always nice to have a warm bed. When pried for small talk, he ended up getting into a story from one of his earlier travels, involving a mountain village that had stories of children appearing in barns once in a blue moon to people who had no children. The inn keeper seemed to find it interesting, and began to get highly involved in his story. He could tell others in the room were listening, but paid no heed.

    "There are a few stories like that, but this was the first time I heard of children in a barn. I'll admit, I was quite surprised. Still don't know where the children came from, but I remember one told me he was lost and found the barn while he was cold, and ended up taking shelter there during a storm. I'm going to guess many of them had. But they were all quite happy with the results. Their parents were too, as you might expect, albeit in shock years later."
  14. Eliza entered, her knights noticing her armor and calling out "Captain Eliza!" "Ellie!" "Yo, Cap!" and some such terms of endearment. They all stumbled over, knocking into her and causing her to stumble into the door. She shook her head, pushing them away. "Settle down you lot!" She yelled with a smile as she walked over to the table they had procured for their squad.

    "Join us for a drink, Cap?" One of the men hiccupped as he pressed a tankard into Eliza's hands. She smiled, lifting it to her lips to take a small sip. With her men, it was best to drink slowly.
  15. Joseph ended up getting a drink due to being parched, but he opted for very diluted alcohol rather than a proper drink- he knew his limits, and feared hitting them in the midst of others. Unfortunately, his limits tended to be a bit on the low side, especially for a man. Then again, though sturdy, his frame was slightly on the small side- he had thin limbs, though not from malnutrition, and was just below the average height. That along with his general metabolism left little room for alcohol tolerance that would be considered normal for a man his age. Many in the past had told him not to hold back just because of his low tolerance, but he knew better than to cause trouble. Plus, the lot in the building right now were knights. It'd be worse than usual to get into trouble with them around, and he wanted to prove his obedience.

    Taking a slight swig of the beer mug given to him, he let the mix of alcohol sting and calm water flow down his throat. Tasting it was both a refreshing and unusual feeling, as he put it down and looked at her. "Your brew here is much better than on the other side of the mountains near here, I must say." He kept looking back at the knights, seemingly enthralled by their energy.

    "You seem quite entertained...Even an entertainer needs entertainment, hm?"

    "I'll admit," He replied to the inn keeper that had spoken to him. "I do tend to seek entertainment wherever I go. After all...It's what leads to my tales. If a tale can't entertain me, I doubt it can entertain others. Those with energy tend to be quite fun to watch."
  16. "Ellie...what is our next quest?" A younger blonde-haired knight piped up.

    "Tomias...we just ended our last one!" She chuckled. "Have some patience..."

    Tomias frowned. "I'm sorry, it's just that ridding the cave of those goblins...well it just makes me hungry for another!"

    Eliza's face turned angry. "Tomias, that statement alone could put you on leave...I will not have bloodthirsty men in my group."
  17. Goblins, huh? Never heard of many of those...I bet they have some interesting stories, with stories of goblins and all.. Joseph tried to keep himself from prying, and turned to watch the angry Eliza. He didn't want to anger her more than she was, but he couldn't help his curiosity, causing him to leave his seat in a cautious manner, walking to the table with care.

    "If it isn't too much trouble, I'd be happy to hear of some of your conquests at some point." He wasn't talking specifically to Eliza, though he was looking at her mostly. His words, however, were meant for the group. "Ah, pardon my intrusion...I overheard from the inn desk your talk of goblins. As one who has never seen them, I'm quite intrigued."
  18. Tomias smirked at Eliza. "Well, Ellie, looks like I have someone to tell my tales to." He invited Joseph to sit down at the table with them. "Do you know much of goblins, tale-spinner?" He asked with respect.

    Eliza stuck her tongue out at Tomias. "Go ahead and tell your tale, soldier, just don't get too cocky. The rest of us were there." She smirked, the men in her squad chuckling and laughing.
  19. Joseph was swift to accept the offer, letting his still tired legs relax as he sat with ease. He listened to the words of those around him carefully, before looking to the speaking knight. "No, I haven't in fact. I've only heard rumors. What were they like in person? I'm assuming much more interesting than just plain rumors."
  20. Tomias chuckled, sitting beside him. "They fish and sweaty horses. Oh, and they're eyes...they have these beady little eyes. Just looking at them lets you know that they are full of hate."