The knights of sin

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  1. It all started with a letter.

    The letter

    Dear Knight of sin

    I request the aid of the original knights of sin. I know that the fall of the great kingdom has been placed under your doing, however I know the truth behind this act. I have tracked down each of you, using certain abilities. It is hard to explain what a require you to do, however when we meet I assure you I will explain everything. The place I want us to meet is impossible to find on a map, I have named it the garden of karth. Luckily this letter is a one way ticket to that Garden. Once you have finished reading the letter if you could please tear it in half you will be instantly transported there. I will explain everything upon your arrival.

    From M.

    The garden of Karth
    After reading the letter you tear it in half, straight down the middle. In a burst of purple flames, your body is devoured in fire. But it does not seem to burn your body. The colors dance around you in a flurry of power, and when they fade it seems you are in a cave. It is dark, and the smell of damp moss fills the air. Looking behind you, it seems there is no exit. On the other hand, there is a tunnel in front of you. After walking slowly down the tunnel you reach an opening. In the middle there is a soft glowing light, it seems to be coming from a collection of light orbs. The float softly around what looks like a tree. Sitting under this light is a figure, draped in a purple cloth. He seems to be messing about with some dice on the ground. In one hand he is holding a large wooden staff, a bit taller than himself. He notices your presence and looks up at you, revealing his face. He is a young boy, surprisingly young. His eyes staring at you with innocence

  2. Rukkei watched, unimpressed, as the last embers of the ethereal fire faded into nothing, giving way for the natural sunlight filtering through cracks in the roof to illuminate the tunnel as best it could. It was a strange place. The walls were dark grey and cut very roughly, as if the tunnel has been dug hastily without much concern for structural integrity. He could hear the gushing of water far in the distance, presumably from behind the dead end which he assumed to be some kind of cave-in due to said unplanned digging. Before him, the pathway was uneven and covered with moss at the edges, which extended up the wall, following the thin trickles of water than dripped down. Despite the weakness, the tunnel had been there for some time, he realised as he walked. Before long, the faint light bled into a much more intense sunlight that indicated the end of the tunnel. As he stepped outside, he shielded his eyes from the sun with his mask, slowly moving it back to the side of his head when the contrast had stopped being painful. In front of him stood a tree, and under that tree, a small child. No one else was there yet. "Who are you supposed to be? Did you get lost? Do you know where your mother is?" He used a patronising tone, knowing full well that this child was the one who summoned him. He was just in a bad mood from not getting to finish his breakfast.
  3. Envy's eyes flickered for a second. This was abnormal. He looked around the tunnel, examining his surroundings quickly. The traces of magic still clung to his body, appearing quite clear to his enhanced vision in milky tones, spiraling off him slowly. It seemed that whatever had summoned him was quite powerful as it was currently monitoring his position. He decided the only way to progress the situation was to see where exactly this tunnel led to. Gears whirred as his automation carried his body onward, the large legs rocking the rocky floor slightly with each step. Before long he reached a clearing. In it where two figures. A smaller child-like figure and an older male. Envy could sense magic emanating from the both of them. He chose not to approach, instead watching silently from a distance.
  4. "hmph, looks like Pride and Envy are the first to arrive" The young boy said with a dismissive tone. If didn't look like he cared much about their arrivals. But it was clear that he could tell the two apart. Even thought no one had ever seen the faces of the sin, this young boy clearly knew who they were. Yet he acted so natural when he said it, like he had known about the two for a very long time. The boy went back to whatever he was doing. He seemed to be rolling the dice along the ground. At first it looked pointless, but if you look carefully something was off. Every time he threw the dice, they would all land on six. He was throwing about 8 dice at a time. Yet each one would land on a six.
  5. "Envy, huh?" Rukkei looked over his shoulder. "It's been a while. Still playing about with that absurd machine of yours, I see." He turned back to the child, noticing it's seemingly impeccable luck. Was it magic? He didn't really care but he knew already that this creature was hiding a lot of things, naturally leading him to despise it.
  6. Artorias sits up groggy, unhappy, hungry, and tired. Looking over at the dwindling embers of the small fire that adorned the small alclove he rested in. An ornate but rather useless sword was jabbed into the pile of embers. The soft grass cushioned his body as he looked around the room. Shafts of sunlight beamed into the room giving it a relaxing atmosphere, despite how uncharted and strange this place seemed. Slowly struggling to his tired feet Artorias walks down the long tunnel, possibilities of what was at the end excited and terrified him as the clearing at the end of the tunnel drew closer. He cautiously peeked out the tunnel. Three figures. Two normal, one mechanica- "Envy!?" His smile hidden behind his helm, but still heard. The other two were... Some kid and another sin... "Pride? I see destiny has brought us together. For better or worse..." Before he could even get a response, Artorias became enthralled in this young boy. He didn't hate him for some reason. He watched closely as the boy threw the dice and kept getting the same numbers... Loaded dice..? Only one way to find out. "Hey little fellow, can i have a throw?" Artorias smiled at the thought of just wasting time... He couldn't shake this feeling about this kid... He was odd...
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  7. "sure" the little child said. He had a bright smile on his face, as a new sin arrived in the chamber. That made a total of 3. He picked up the five in his hand and passed them over to the man. " That's if you can lift them" he said, dropping them into the slothsins's hand. As they landed in his hand, he could feel the weight. They were to much for a normal human to carry, even a giant would have had trouble lifting them up.

    It was clear that they were not ordinary dice. They young ones smile became a devilish smirk, as he watched the man struggle under the weight.
  8. Envy's voice synthesizer kicked in slowly in a low gravelly tone. "Pride... for one such as yourself to make accusations of absurdity..." His head snapped around to who he knew to be Sloth from the helmet. "Sloth... so good of you to join us... my condolences, I do not believe we had time for such pleasantries at our last gathering" His eyes focused back on the small 'child'. This one was tricky. His form and power seemed almost... fluid? Definitely indefinable. Envy began to consider his upper limits, probably far inferior to this being. So why were they here if this thing was this powerful. He sat silently watching once more.
  9. Artorias didn't expect this. "Hurgh!" Suddenly the weight of an anvil was being dropped into his hand one die at a time. He calmed himself and took a deep breath. This made it a small but more manageable but still heavy nonetheless. "Heh... Good one kid..." He pants from the sheer strain on his arms. He holds the megaton die in both hands and throws them with heavy force at the ground, where a practical crater was expected to be seen, the die just tumbled as if they were weightless. "1,6,1,6,1" Well. This was unexpected. This made 2 sevens... Seven was the number sin that sloth was. "Er... That was something... You're stronger than you look kid..." Artorias ruffles the kid's hair jokingly.

    Dusting himself off from that mess, he approaches Envy. He always had a hard time talking to Envy because he couldn't see his mouth, making it difficult to know what he was saying. It required him to strain his almost deaf ears. "Last meeting wasn't very... well timed... The middle of a battlefield isn't a place to talk about the weather. heh." Artorias had liked Envy. He was the most level headed in his opinion... That or because he wasn't slightly threatening him each time he spoke.
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  10. Envy looked to Sloth. Sloth intrigued him. He had lost so much yet showed it not. Envy was fascinated by this apparent anomaly in his nature, as even the most deranged of individuals usually acknowledged loss. This had lead to many chats between the two, although Envy had learnt very little about his primary interest. It should be noted, Envy thought to himself, that conversation on other topics was generally stimulating enough. "Mhm... So, I heard very little about you all this time... how have you managed to stay so hidden?" Envy asked, raising the volume and pitch of his voice slightly for Sloth's sake.
  11. "How I stayed hidden... Well... I drifted mainly. I spent most of my days, hiding at the bottom of the world. The Abyss. There I spent time with the wayward and the damned. They taught me about control and being one with the world... I wonder myself how I missed a mechanical devastator such as yourself... I guess the world is rather large." Envy had a way of pulling info out of Artorias. Maybe Artorias trusted him enough. I guess when one is 80% machine how can you not trust them? The fellow was courteous towards Artorias. Making him feel value. It was mutual. "Where did you reside during the time away?"
  12. Envy's head tilted a little at Sloth's mention of the Abyss. His knowledge of this area was limited... perhaps some other time... "I located myself in close proximity to Teragon-worth, the area with the highest population density nearby. I then 'harvested' from any exceptional specimens for the rest of the time. An urban legend came into circulation, making me consider moving due to the lowered rates of harvest, but just around then this happened" Envy explained, glancing around.
  13. "You 'harvested'?" Artorias knew exactly what this meant. He just always found this terrifying. Envy was kind of scary sometimes, but he still liked him. "You are a curious man Envy..." Sloth smiled. He rarely showed emotion due to the fact that no one could read his emotions properly. "I haven't a clue why we're here... Suppose we have a quest of sorts?" He cracks his knuckle and pops his neck.
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  14. "That would be logical" Envy agreed. "Sort of an exaggeration to call a being such as myself a man" Envy stated in his usual tone although it could be noted his eyes moved a little in jest. It was as close as he got to jokes. Envy looked to the small being expectantly.
  15. "I'd hope we have a proper quest. I don't want my time wasted..." Artorias gives the ground a light kick, making a small hole in the dirt. He hated waiting, it only annoyed him. "Good god, the sloth sin made it before the other sins! I'm supposed to be pigeonholed as slow, and I'm faster!" He says rather loudly in rage. He looks around the area quickly and turns back to Envy. "Could you kindly wake me up when the sins get here?" He walks over to a shaded area and leans his head against a small rock, instantly he's sound asleep.
  16. The young boy sighed loudly as the sin became restless. He was disappointed in the lack of guests. Well he already knew why one could not show up, but the others had no reason. Maybe they were just to arrogant. The boy watched as the sloth sin had the nerve to go to sleep in front of him. "annoying brats " he murmured under his breath.

    The young boy raised his hand, suddenly there was a purple glow coming from his palm. In a matter of seconds it erupted from his hand, rocketing towards Artorias. It engulfed the sin and slammed him against the wall. But it didn't stop there. Before the others could react the purple flowing energy splashed against the walls. It illuminated the cave with a soft purple glow. It looked similar to water, and was soon surrounding every body in the room but the boy. However they could still breath inside it. "Now, shall we go on our first quest?" the boy asked, his eyes glowing with the same purple. His staff floated into his hand as he asked the question
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  17. Artorias was completely out of it. Sound asleep without a care. He felt something like a moderate shove, it hurt a little. "Ugh... Damn Envy... Not so belligerent next time..." His eyes weren't open yet but they slowly opened to see some odd purple bubble. "What is..." He looks over at the other sins who are in the same state. The young lad had done this, Artorias knew there was something cool about him. "Quest? Yes of course. It's been far too long!" He states eagerly. He couldn't hold a grudge against this kid, Artorias had a soft spot for him. "Er... Do I get my armor..?" He questions awkwardly.
  18. Hana landed softly on the balls of her feet, fans snapping open. It was not so much a defensive maneuver as it was to beat back the muggy air of the tunnel that was so intent on suffocating her. Her luminescent eyes remained closed, as she had no need of them to navigate and when she stepped into the open cavern she was still slow in opening them. Hana heard the other sins long before she laid eyes on them. There were three of them here and a small child whom she assumed was the summoner.

    She stepped forward, fans vanishing into her sleeves and bowed. As was her greeting since her ability to vocalize welcomes had long since been extinguished. Hana shared a tight lipped smile with her old comrades before going rigid in her stature and remaining so, until she needed to move or otherwise but her eyes roamed about, taking in the scene with amusement that was only shown by the slight tugging on the corners of her mouth.
  19. Finn balanced himself upon landing, gracefully appearing on the ground with his hands submerged in his pockets. He squinted at the singular ray of light that seemed to be consuming all of his attention, quickly bounding toward the room with the others. The soft glow cascaded among everything, causing Finn to gaze around the room curiously, looking at the other strangers. Yet, down in the pit of his stomach, they all seemed familiar.

    "A bit late, am I?" Finn spoke, a rugged grin sprouting on to his lips. These people appeared tired and distracted, seemingly too busy to mind anything that was going on. Finn wanted to engage with them somehow, a compelling force quaking through his body. They almost looked as if they had one common point of interest, like the sin. That was his best guess.

    "Care to fill me in on the details, or shall I just go along with it?"​
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