The knights of sin

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  1. Evyth

    Evyth is a large world, rich in inhabitants and full of many kingdoms. Evyth is home to ancient sources of magic and many strange and mystical creatures. With the many kingdoms thriving in Evyth, war was a common occurrence. But after the great war, a powerful king known as Damura took control of most of Evyth. His kingdom knows as Macedon was very small to begin with. But in the beginning of the great war, it took control of large amounts of land and slayed many armies. It's not that Macedon had a large army, actually it's army was very small. However it had a secret weapon, well... seven of them. Known only as the sin, seven knights were the main attack force of Damura's army. No one knew the names, nor the faces of the sin. Not even the sin themselves had seen each other without their armor on. However they were some of the strongest warriors history had ever seen. A single sin was enough to flatten a kingdom, and each one had their own magic and skills.

    After the great war, Macebon was the main kingdom in Evyth. It stayed that way for a few years, but like everything else it comes to an end. From one of the furthers corners of Evyth a dark magic was spawning. Creatures of darkness were forming, and being sold to the highest bidder. Vonoyns the king Damura's adviser was one of the many scheming with these dark monsters. After only 3 years of ruling the great kingdom of Macebon, Damura suddenly dropped dead. The sin were the killers, at least that's what Vonoyns told everyone. The sin were driven out of the of the kingdom, labeled as criminals. After their leave, the kingdom fell into darkness. Other kings took this opertunity to invade, and Vonoyns used his army of monsters to take part. The bloodshed lasted even longer than the kingdom did. And at the end of it, it was still unsure who had won. However one thing was clear, whatever Vonoyns was using was not from the realm of Evyth.

    The sin themselves have been scattered around Evyth. But now they are being called back. Vonoyns is planning a second attack, but this time all of Evyth is his target. It turns out his monster are demons, summoned by a Weight king known as Thaunas. He is a powerful dark mage, who is now allies with Vonoyns. The sin do not know who has called them, nor do they know why. All they know is where they must meet.

    The sin

    The sin are seven powerful warriors acting as a single attack force, or splitting up to do solo missions. The group never had a true leader, but the knight known as Pride took it upon themselves to become the leader like figure . Each have powers based of the seven deadly sin. Originally knights lead by their king Damaura. They are now just criminals and nobodies. Constantly running from the law. Even thought they were once a fighting force, they still have never seen each others faces. And thanks tho the iron armor, they don't even know the gender of each other because of the muffled voices


    Each sin was marked with a symbol. This was engraved onto their armor as well as printed on their skin.

    Pride: @Yokai
    Wrath: reserved for @parkpyro
    Gluttony: @Dahrinn
    Envy: Reserved for @Equinox
    Lust: @MonaLisaAngel01
    Greed: @Medusa
    Sloth: @Eon


    1. No Godmodding or powerplay
    2. Don not kill another character without permission
    3. Please get on with each other
    4. Go as wild and creative as you want with the characters
    5. Please post at least once a week
    6. At the moment there are 7 slots open (this may change)
    7. Please have fun

    Character sheet


    where is your mark:
    Appearance: (Anime pic preferably)
    History: (what was your sin doing before being summoned)
    Powers: (Just list a few these will not be all your powers, and make sure they relate to the sin chosen)
    Strengths: (2-3)

    Weaknesses: (2-3)

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  2. Name: Khan Ferrum
    Sin: Wrath
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Straight
    where is your mark: Mark of wrath is on his right shoulder
    [​IMG](dark blonde hair, vivid blue eyes and slightly tanned skin)

    Khan is the most violent of the seven. He is very short tempered, and resorts to violence on many occasions. However, he can also be seen as kind and warm hearted at times. Even slightly innocent, even if his actions don't match. Khan is one to let his emotions show very easily. His constant thirst for fighting has left him, rather emotionally detached from others. But he always seemed happy when he was with the others, even if the weren't fighting

    After the death of Damura, and the framing of the sin. Khan didn't retreat far. He moved to a neighboring kingdom, but he did not live peacefully. Driven by rage, Khan rampaged around the kingdom. Killing many people and flattering the buildings, eventually they managed to capture him and seal his powers slightly. Imprisoning the boy in one of their deepest dungeons
    Power buffing: Khan can buff his physical qualities massively, doubling them each time. This can be used on a single thing like his strength, or just done over his whole body. However buffing him self to much can lead to aftereffects such as extreme fatigue.
    Power hunt: When in melee range, Khan can drain the physical power of an opponent. Adding this drained power onto himself. This can only be done if he touches someone, and only lasts a small time
    Battle born: Khan has a natural ability to fight. He was born for combat. Battle born allows him to learn almost any fighting style just by watching it a few times. Because of this Khan is experienced in many different styles of combat.

    Strengths: Very strong, Will not give up
    Weaknesses: Headstrong, gets violent very quickly​
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  3. Sign me up!

    Real name lost to time. Now uses the alias 'Rukkei'





    where is your mark:
    Center of eye-pattern on mask, and on right side of neck.

    Appearance: (Anime pic preferably)

    Rukkei is a viscous sociopath, and a sadist. He loves torturing people's emotions, just as much as he loves killing. He's impatient and impulsive, especially when the delay he's waiting for is something menial. Generally speaking, he's rude and always speaks his mind, refusing to pick his words appropriately. He's ruthless and merciless, and will happily murder children.

    History: (what was your sin doing before being summoned)
    "Say, have you heard the story of Rukkei?"
    "No... what is it?"
    "There's a god in this city. He appeared one day, several years ago, just after the end of the war. A shrine was built in a forest not far from the edge of the town, and somehow, a rumour spread across the city. If you write the name of someone you want to kill on a piece of paper, and drop it in the collection box alongside a donation, there's a chance that person will die, brutally murdered within 3 days. Apparently, the larger the donation, the more likely it is they'll die."
    "So, how does this Rukkei person play into it?"
    "Rukkei is the name given to that god, since the shrine itself never had a name dedicated to it."

    After being expelled, Rukkei moved to a large trade city, well known for it's rich inhabitants and complex politics. Here, he took up his role of assassin, and became deified, revered and feared. He quickly became known as the God of Death, named Rukkei through the corruption of the local word for Serial Killer. There was one reason for this - That legend. Politicians and merchants, as well as commoners and even nomads would provide targets and prizes. Rukkei never took a side though. He killed whoever he was payed to kill. The higher profile the target, the larger the donation must be. The murder was always the same though - the body would be found with 5 deep cuts in them, no more, no less, and their heart removed and attached to a chain around their neck.

    Powers: (Just list a few, and make sure they relate to the sin chosen)

    Godsend: Rukkei's primary ability, and his most powerful. Godsend, when active, creates a terrifying presence around Rukkei. Additionally, the more that people fear him, the more power he has, the more damage he does and the faster and more terrifying he is. This power comes mainly from those who are observing him at the time - his opponents - although it also draws a small amount of power from those who fear his legend, which is why he created his legend in the first place.
    Tempest Rend: Rukkei's main offensive power. When he swings his sword, an arc of blue-white energy is fired parallel to the blade's path. This arc will be larger, faster and sharper the more that Godsend has activated, and at high levels, can cut through marble columns as if they were butter.
    Perfection: When Godsend has charged enough power, Perfection activates. This ability is passive, and, as long as Godsend continues to have enough power - ie, enough people fear him, he will reflect all incoming damage back at the attacker. For projectiles, the entire projectile will be reflected, not just the damage. Everytime something is reflected in this way, Godsend's power is drained a little, so Perfection is quite a temporary occurrence.
    Strengths: (2-3)
    Unnaturally fast and agile; can sneak up on people completely unnoticed. Master of several weapons, all sword-like. Prefers katana.
    Weaknesses: (2-3)
    Acts on impulse, without considering the flaws of his actions; very good at bearing grudges. He has personal vendettas against at least half the major politicians even remotely involved in him being outcast.​
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  4. Anger/wraith are the same thing and that sin has already been taken. Sorry
  5. Oops sorry. Also, you mean "Wrath" not "wraith". A Wraith is a particular kind of ghost.
  6. Sorry I'm on my phone at the moment so spell check keeps bullying me :'(. But thank you. You can have another sin if you want
  7. Good thing I had backup plans for 2 other sins then :D I'm making the edits now.
  8. Yayyyy, thank you :D
  9. Done.
  10. Accepted. Just so you know by taking pride you have taken the leader like role within the seven. Is that okay?
  11. That's the kind of character he is, so it'll work fine. Can't guarantee they won't despise him though :D
  12. @Yokai I have added something to the Cs template, if you could add that to your Cs that would be good
  13. Done.
  14. I'm going to snatch sloth.

    Name: "Your call"
    Sin: Sloth
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    where is your mark: On his lower back, just above his tailbone.
    Appearance: (Anime pic preferably)
    Personality: Sloth has very little in the name of personality, as he spends almost all of his time asleep or otherwise immobile. Nothing shy of his own life being in danger could convince him to move even a finger, and he'd rather die than fight a particularly long battle. Most find Sloth's laziness infuriating, but Sloth simply doesn't care about what people think of him. Or anything, shy of an occasional burst of a sort of cold, methodical anger when someone forces him to act. While most people assume Sloth to be unintelligent, this isn't the case, and Sloth is actually a talented strategist, he's just to lazy to bother with things like thought. Out of all of the sins, Sloth probably needs the most commanding, simply because he won't do anything unless Pride forces him to at swordpoint. Sloth speaks slowly, almost as if it hurts him.
    History: "Why would...anyone want" Since the betrayal, Sloth has been sleeping. Occasionally, he would awaken to eat and relieve himself, but other then that, sleeping.
    Lazy Time: Time around Sloth seems to tick by slower than usual, and if he bothers to expend the energy, he can increase this effect, slowing time to a near-standstill.
    Slow Thoughts: Sloth is virtually immune to any effects on his mind.
    Lounging Space: Sloth can, at the expense of an enormous amount of energy, declare everything within 100 feet of him his Lounging Space. Sloth has total control over all aspects of his lounging space. He must be awake to do this.
    Strengths: Sloth is very powerful, and nearly unbeatable within his lounging space. Sloth is so lazy, he often seems dead at first glance, making him easily overlooked in a fight. He also talks in his sleep, which is the one thing allowing him to communicate with the outside world.
    Weaknesses: He is so lazy he barely will expend the effort to breathe, much less fight. Luckily for sloth, he is usually thought to be dead, so people tend to leave him alone. Unfortunately, his unwillingness to do much of anything allows him to be easily snuck up upon, and easily triumphed over in a fight, since he is so rarely willing to put in the energy to commit to a battle.
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  15. I've added you to the list :)
  16. Well I guess Sloth really is suitable for you. You couldn't even be bothered filling out some of the sections of the app XD
  17. It's a work in progress, I had to make it on my phone...
  18. I figured something like that.
  19. Name: Envy

    Sin: Envy (go figure)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22

    Sexuality: Asexual

    Where is your mark: On the front of the mask on the suit

    Appearance: (ignore the outfit underneath the mech stuff[​IMG]
    This is a rough sketch due to the fact that I could find nothing that could properly show the suit. The orange tank is where samples that are harvested are kept. (I know it's bad but it's the best I've got XD)

    Personality: Envy watches silently, always taking in the situation. Outwardly he is calm but inside there is a rage that burns nearly as brightly as Wrath's. He doesn't allow this to show however, preferring to be able to make the optimal choice for the situation. Occasionally he loses control though...

    History: After the Great Betrayl, Envy fled to the largest nearby village and has been 'harvesting' specimens up until now, preparing for combat

    Envious Harvest: Envy desires the strengtha of others. To absorb these strengths, Envy must 'harvest' a specimen. Essentially the larger the sample, the better the characteristic is replicated. So for example, a blood sample would give a weaker characteristic than a cut-off finger.

    Jealous Nullification: If Envy can't have it, no one can. This power means that Envy can temporarily disable certain mechanisms or powers. It isn't strong enough to say, nullify Godsend but it could stop it getting more powerful for a period of time. Antoher example would be objects such as guns not working.

    Insatiable Craving: Envy has an incredibly weak physical form (unless using some element he has harvested). He can however survive with just the exoskeleton existing for short periods of time. Basically, his body is unimportant and slowly regrows. The reason for this is unknown to all but Envy and his creator ( but the secret could be revealed later ;) with some prying)

    Augmented senses: Envy can visualize and sense magic, though it has to be fairly powerful for his to do so

    Strengths: Doesn't seem to feel pain much, very intelligent and able to calculate odds effectively, able to analyse opponents strengths and weaknesses by 'harvesting' them,

    Weaknesses: Can be incapacitated by the destruction of his fragile human body which makes him unable to use any powers, will occasionally go nuts with envy and in turn rage
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  20. I am tempted to join as Gluttony.
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