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  1. The realm of Fiffle has hit a devastating era.


    Racism, sexism, poverty, and slavery controls the land, creating a clear split between nobility and the poor.
    New groups of raiders and murders have taken over massive parts of the land, leaving many to wonder if the The True One and his gods have abandoned the world of Fiffle.
    To make matters even worse, King Farlorn seems to have succumb to the power of corruption himself. Rumor has it he's been locking himself away, dark chants escaping his bedroom chambers, and working with Ryzem, The God of Death.

    The Gods have had enough and look to reclaim Fiffle to its former glory
    But Gods do so enjoy their games.

    Each of the Seven Gods has selected a champion out of the citizens of Fiffle, branding them with a tattoo and bestowing them with one special ability that the God represents.
    Each champion is to play a critical role in the formation of the upcoming Rebellion, an army to take over a crazed king and place a new champion onto the throne.

    The Map (open)


    Locations (open)

    Home of the King's castle. Entry to the city is blocked by gates and guards, only those who possess a royal certificate are allowed entry into the wealthy city. Home to many Earls, Dukes, and other wealthy merchants.

    The land's infamous market trade center. This city is stocked full of taverns, tailors, trinkets, and other valuable goods that can't be purchased anywhere else- including slaves. This city is also home to a wide variety of gangs and poverty, making theft a common occurrence.


    Dead Man's Desert
    A vast desert that lies to the far south of Fiffle. A few hidden societies have made their bases located far out in this wasteland, left unoccupied by it's terrible storms and lack of water.

    Panthil's Forest
    Panthil's forest stretches far across the eastern coast of Fiffle. Many have attempted to explore the unknown wilderness, but few have ever returned to talk about their discoveries.

    The hidden kingdom of the Shalhana. Aralemei is located deep within Panthil's forest and is the only sanctuary left for the Shalhana. In order to arrive, you must first survive the trials of the deadly forest surrounding it.

    Races (open)

    Considered by the king to be the True Race of Fiffle, constructed by The True One himself, they are the most plentiful and varied of all Fiffle races


    The first race to exist on Fiffle, created by Aralem without The True One’s permission. Tall, slender, beautiful elven creatures that are shunned by the kingdom for their existence. The True One banished them to the south, where it’s said they rule an unknown kingdom of their own, worshiping Aralem as their creator. The few that exist outside of the southern lands are usually kept as expensive, rare trinkets/slaves to human nobility.

    A race of humanoids that that possess the features of forest animals. It's said that these people were once human, but were slowly changed into a separate race by the influence of Panthil. This race is spread in different clans throughout Fiffle's thick and dense forest

    The Gods (open)

    BLUE: God Has been chosen
    WHITE: God is Available
    GREEN: Cannot be chosen

    Reminder that GM will being playing the Gods
    Choice of God determines special abilities and other interactions

    The True One:
    The Ultimate creator of Fiffle and Father to the Gods
    Not much is known about the True One, he is almost entirely a mystery to even the Gods

    God of death, destruction, angst, and misery
    Cruelty is this god's specialty. His power grows from the fear of others and is only concerned with being worshiped by every being in the land of Fiffle. His ultimate goal is total global destruction and the annihilation of the other gods.

    God of music, knowledge, art, and health
    Aralem is the embodiment of "Knowledge is Power" and has a strict moral code for the priests who live under his worship. He is known for being a god with a tough outer shell but a kind heart. He challenges his disciples and pushes them to the edge in hopes of bringing them closer to enlightenment.

    Goddess of Night, trickery, deceit, and luck
    This god deals with all the dirty work that happens in Fiffle. Need to win at gambling? Hoping to get away with theft? Do you require a sly tongue to weasel your way out of a contract? Send a prayer to Shakai and she is likely to strike a bargain with you, but be weary, it is said bad things happen to those who can not hold up their end of the deal.

    God of Day, fire, and light
    You will not find a more cheerier god than Vulluin, he is fun loving, devoted, and impulsive. Often he takes the form of a young child which showcases in overwhelming personality and young temperament. Despite his youthful personality, he is not a god to have on your bad side, he'll leave you with nasty burns should you try and hurt those he holds dear.

    Goddess of Water, the ocean, and travel
    The most level headed of the gods, she often appears as a water nymph or a siren. She is wise and thoughtful, taking all of a situation into consideration before acting upon it. Ship Captains often do a ritual in her honor to ensure safe travel over the sees.


    God of Earth, Nature, forest, and harvest
    Bold and powerful, Panthil is the heart of the savage forest. He is rarely seen in a human form as he prefers to take that of an animal, making communication difficult. He couldn't care less about the everyday politics of Fiffle, so long as his forest is left alone.

    God of Air and weather
    The god of air has a quick temper and is easy to anger. He has a mood that switches on a dime and is often times unreliable. One moment he is as happy as a sunny day, the next as angry as a devastating tornado. He plays favorites to only those who preform a very special sacrificial ritual in his honor.

    Goddess of Passion, love, sex, friendship, and happiness
    The most understanding of the gods. Elijah is understanding and empathetic towards all races and beings of Fiffle. Often referred to as 'God of the People', as she often takes the form of mortals, personally intervening in situations when she deems necessary.


    • Only seven player characters will be chosen, one for each god
    • Player characters must be at least 18, just in case things get steamy between characters
    • Writing requirement is intermediate/adapt
    • GM will be playing the Gods
    • No godmodding, no overpowered characters etc. etc.
    • This RP is intended to have dark and adult themes on occasion
    • Be courteous to every one and remember to HAVE FUN!

    When each of the gods chose their champion, they bestowed them with one single gift to help them rise to the top. The special ability may be a single special power or an unusual capability related to the god.
    For Example: A champion of Helasia may be able to breathe underwater

    Appearance(Description or Picture):
    Chosen God:
    Special Ability:
    Extra Information:

    Nyx Al'myra - The Succubi Queen
    Imory- CasmiRari
    Nero- Rechonq
    Kasa- RedWinter

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  2. Name: Nyx Al'myra
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shalhana
    Sexuality: Pansexual (Prefers women), Polyamorous
    Personality: Nyx is a flirt- there's really no other way to describe her. She's rather coquettish, and spends a lot of time teasing her friends, and a lot more time making them feel confused about their relationship status. She is very casually intimate, so a kiss from Nyx means little more to her than a hug, and a fun night between the sheets is a rather regular part of any relationship. Not the most intellectual of people, she relies on emotional intelligence to see her through most situations, and if very reliant on her social groups to support her.

    Still, she's a rather serious girl, and has no patience for injustice- she firmly believes that all people are equal before the gods, and will not be seen around those who do not share her values. This often makes her enemies, but it does mean she's extremely close with what friends she does have. A rather popular girl in her small traveling caravan and an accomplished belly-dancer, she's even well known in the larger Shalhanan cities, as people come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of her and her dancing.
    Chosen God: Elijah
    Special Ability: Nyx can hypnotize anyone who can be attracted to her, and make them do simple tasks for her. (This would not work on say, gay men, or straight women, or anyone who had no sexual attraction to women.)
    Background: Raised in a small village by a tiny oasis in the desert, Nyx was never one for staying still. She was always dragging her friends out into the desert to play, and often getting them into trouble.

    She wasn't very old when she was was first approached in a less than innocent way- maybe about 13? It wasn't exactly a welcome advance, and the suitor was many years older than her. She managed to flee to the safe arms of her parents that time, but since then, the creeps haven't exactly stopped. While she's fully embracing of her sexuality and her beauty, she isn't very fond of those who refuse to leave her alone. She's learned basic self-defense and a small amount of elemental magic in the years since, but as soon as she hit her majority, she and a small group of her friends left town, far away from greedy eyed slavers and pimps.

    Since then, she's traveled all over the desert, dancing, busking, and making her way however she can. She's not entirely against taking a little coin for the pleasure of her company at night, but she's always very selective of her customers, and her price is excessively high.

    Recently, her small troupe has started moving towards north, closer and closer to human settlements. People's eyes are a bit more focused on the wrong parts, and the demands for her body have gotten more frequent and the price points higher- but she has gotten more selective, and her shows more exclusive, especially when it comes to men.​
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  3. I love the character description! Truly a character Elijah would choose as her champion.
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  4. Name: Nero Zone
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Personality: Nero is very bold and brash. He can be quick witted and doesn't hesitate to put down those that need it. He has a very aloof exterior, as caring seemed to be an emotion that just weighs you down. Underneath of that apathetic exterior is actually one that cares a lot about the people around him. He truly wishes he could change the status of everyone's lives, but such a daunting task would require a large amount of power. An amount of power that seems impossible to achieve.

    Chosen God: Shakai
    Special Ability: Eye of the Divine ~ Nero's left eye grants him a few visual abilities. It gives him an equivalent to 20/2 vision. He can see as clearly as an owl in the dark. It processes at a rate of 400 fps. Finally it gives him a shallow x-ray vision. He can still see far, but he can't see more than a foot past a barrier before it just becomes a blur. The barrier can't be more than an inch thick either.

    Background: Nero has been an orphan for as long as he can remember. Being told his parents were to poor to take care of him, and that they gave him to the orphanage to take care of him. He never did hear anything about them ever again though. Now he just presumes they're dead. When he was 9 years old, he got sick and tired of this boring and strict orphanage and ran away. Life on the streets was harder than he expected, but he was determined to make his way. At times he felt quite hopeless and lost, but he had heard about a goddess that might be able to help him. He prayed to Shakai one night and the next day he managed to steal a fat coin purse and then triple it by gambling. He gave great thanks to Shakai that night, which must have surprised her, because most of the underworld just took her blessing and like most things, ran with it. It never did work out well for those runners though. Nero would often pray to her for blessings and thanks. Sometimes when he was lonely he would talk to her, like she was sitting right next to him.

    A few years of prayer later, Nero owned the streets of Jakeye. If he ever needed money a quick pickpocket was all to easy for him. If he needed to disappear alleyways, rooftops and secret passageways were all to available to him. He had become so smooth in his ways that some children thought he was magic. He wasn't big headed though, or at least to big headed. He knew it was thanks to Shakai that good fortune swept over him. One day, news spread of a very wealthy wine merchant entering Jakeye. Some comrades and himself created an elaborate plan to rob the merchant. He prayed to Shakai for a great blessing to help their heist. This is when she showed herself to him for the first time. He was definitely shocked at her arrival, as he had slight doubts of her existence up until now. She promised him that everything would go fine for him as long as he stole a special jar of wine for her. It didn't seem like a terrible request to fill, so he eagerly agreed. The day of the heist came and he stole the jar of wine as promised and everything went well... for him. He made away with a huge sum of money and the wine, but he didn't realize until later that one of his comrades had been caught. He became determined to rescue her. Later when Shakai came for her wine he asked her for more help. She agreed to give him a very special blessing if in return he would be forever indebted to work for her at her request. Without second thought he agreed to her deal. She placed her hand over his left eye and when she removed it, everything was so much clearer. It took a few days to learn everything the eye was capable of doing, but soon after he used it to successfully save his comrade from the abusive prison. To his misfortune, Shakai had need for his comrade a few days later and in accordance with his promise, he had to deliver her to the goddess. He never did see his friend again, and that day he realized who Shakai truly was. He promised never to underestimate her again, but it was already to late. He basically belonged to the goddess.

    His life until now has consisted of stealing and gambling for a living. He doesn't hate Shakai for what she did as he mostly blames himself. He fulfills the random whims she has for him to accomplish. He never does know what her plan is, but he does know that some poor fool is going to be learning a lesson. That was part of her charm. He still revered her deeply. Something about her mystery allured him. He spent most of his time in Jakeye, but occasionally would slip into Loapal for a heist. He has gone into Panthil's forest a few times, but only per Shakai's request. Now she was telling him she needed a champion and she couldn't think of anyone more perfect for the job. She actually explained the plan to him this time and how he could potentially be the next king. Being a king didn't seem like his style, but the power to change the nation certainly was tempting. It's not like he had a choice anyways. She marked his back left shoulder with a tattoo of a crescent moon to signify he was her champion. Now he just had to figure out how to work with these other champions and become the next king as well.

    Extra Information: He is naturally talented in some aspects as well. He is very athletic and has great natural hearing. Along with these two factors, and with some quick wit and charm, he has gotten out of innumerable tight situations. He does have a cutlass, but hardly ever uses it, as his grappling hook and other fine tools fit his style of going undetected much better. Some would say his luck is a supernatural ability, but he knows it's Shakai's doing, and his debt to her doesn't make him feel lucky at all.
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  5. Awesome! I love to hear it, if you know anyone else who would be interested, send them this way!
  6. Name:



    Has not explored

    If Peter Pan had been born a girl, he would have been born named Imory. Still, she is not him, and so she has a few very prominent differences. An energetic mix of fanciment, whimsy, ferality, and vigor Imory has an optimistic personality and an easily forgotten list of grudges. Imory loves being a child and though she just keeps growing, never wishes to settle into the sad monotony and tragic responsibility of adulthood, especially the type of adulthood one has to look forward to in Fiffle. She likes to play games and make friends, likes being lazy as well as fighting and getting into mischevious trouble. She isn't a bad person, and her moral alignment is more good than bad. She takes care of her friends and anyone who could potentially be one, and is respctfull to those who earn her respect. She does not wish for the destruction of anyone, even those who she considers adversarial but she will not tuck her tail to anyone without at least trying to beat them first. Brave and daring, she enjoys stunts and feats of strength or agility in test or competition and her wild lifestyle leads her to generally be quite good at them. Imory loves deeply all of her friends and considers them family so long as they don't try to tame or settle her. She is generally just to be considered a sweet and rowdy child

    Appearance(Description or Picture):

    Chosen God:

    Special Ability:
    Create/Manipulate flames

    Imory is not an orphan- both her parents are alive, and she sees her mother with scattered irregularity. Her mother is part of a travelling procession of humans and worked as a jewelry maker/mender and an ametuer artist. They go from town to town to do small jobs for money before moving on. When her mother passes through and she remembers to look for her, they are sometimes able to meet. Her father, however, was an escaped slave who her mother hid for a time. They became pregnant, and in order to throw the persuers off his lover and child, he gave himself up. He's alive somewhere, though neither of them ever see him anymore. He's not doing very well.

    Because to her father's owner, the child of a slave is also the posession of the parent's master, but they didn't know anything about the child, there has been a lackluster hunt for Imory since they learned of the child's existance. Up until her sixth birthday Imory stayed with her mother and the caravan and lived as a normal child- bedtimes, chores, hugs and kisses. Then at six, as she had been told would happen, her mother put her out on her own in a city with most of the skills to fend for herself, and told not to get caught as this was the safest way to go about it.

    Imory has lived on her own ever since. She may occasionally spend the night in someone's home, with or without their knowledge, or in some hollow of the area, eats what's given to her or whatever she can find- though rarely must she result to theivery. She makes friends with local and travelling children- even those who are sometimes older than her- and sort of has her own pack that she's known since she was dropped off, with a few of their ranks coming in or going out amicably as the need or mood took them.

    One such soul- an amusing and trusted friend- Merle, had been brought in after her group was established. He was cowardly and small in tone most at the beginning, but his bird Vosko was amazing to her and the others and while some of them suggested they leave the boy behind, Imory and the more supportive others managed to keep him on until he'd found his niche in the group and became part of the family. He was older than her from the start, though he didn't act it, which helped her get along with him, but eventually, he did grow out of childhood, bitterly reminding her that she was not far behind. But at least he'd be on the other side to greet her with a familiar face.

    Until then, and as of now she has never held a job, never looks into her parents whereabouts, and has successfully never been caught by anyone that matters.

    Extra Information:
    Imory has two daggers and can make and successfully use a slingshot and while she has no proper training, has had enough practice to be excellent in a brawl.​
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  7. Very nice, I really like the character! She definitely resembles Vulluin in a lot of characteristics.
    The only thing I would like to mention is that you can only have one special ability
    It wasn't clearified very well before, but I have just gone back an edited it with an explanation of what the special ability really is all about.

    Thank you for joining the roleplay! if you know anyone else who would be interested, send them this way!
  8. Alright, I fixed it. I picked it because it says no godmodding, and I think having power over light or day might be overstepping bounds.
  9. Name: Kasa Sekani
    Age: 21
    Race: Thilian
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual. But is most interested in those of her own kind and of the opposite sex.
    Personality: As a child, Kasa often found herself in the woods, away from the tribe. She felt a strong draw towards the creatures in the forest, as did they to her. Her best, and perhaps only friends are those of animals. Kasa finds its easier to get along with them, to understand them. Much more so than with people. It's a struggle for her to connect with others, but she also rarely ever tries. She is not very talkative, preferring to communicate through body language as animals do. After all, actions speak louder than words.

    Chosen God: Panthil
    Special Ability: Friend of Nature - Creatures of all shapes and sizes find an ally in Kasa, and are willing to assist her.
    Kasa grew up part of a small tribe, nestle in at the lower peaks of the Casperttian Mountains. They are a fierce tribe of warriors, training some of the most skilled and resilient hunters. Kasa's mother, Anna, was one of the best hunters of their tribe, and Kasa aspired to be just like her.
    However, Kasa never knew her father, and her mother never told her. But when she spoke of him, she did with the highest respect. Almost as if worshiping him. Kasa thought it strange, but never questioned it. She must have loved her father greatly. But why did he leave?
    It wasn't until years later that she found out the truth. Out one day on a hunt in the forests below, she caught the trail of a large, beautiful buck. She spent three days tracking it. It was sly and unusually tricky for a deer, but she was determined, eager to prove herself.
    On the third day she was finally able to corner it. Watching it slip behind a tree. She drew back her bow, waiting for it to emerge. However when it did, it was no longer a magnificent buck, but a great dire wolf.
    In her surprise she released the arrow, hitting the tree instead. It approached her, eyes locking with hers as it slowly strode across the distance. Kasa dropped her bow and fell to her knees, overwhelmed by his presence, and aura of sovereignty.
    The wolf examined her, sniffing her as he circled. She didn't move a muscle, didn't make a sound.
    When it came to a stop, it sat in front of her, gazing into her eyes. Cautiously, she held out her hand to it, who nuzzled its noes against her hand, almost affectionately. Then, with one last glance, it left, leaving her there completing alone, with nothing more than a strange mark on her hand.
    When she returned home, she showed her mother the mark, who instantly recognized it, and finally told her the story of her father.
    Anna had met the same wolf one night while out on a hunt. It had caught her eye, staring right back at her before slinking off into the woods. After that she just.... had to find him. She spent days tracking him down. When she did finally catch up, she found him there, patiently waiting for her.
    That was the night Kasa was conceived.

    "The Wolf," her mother revealed, "Was Panthil."
    Kasa had been marked since birth as his chosen, and only now did it come to light. Knowing this, she left the small tribe, searching for answers, her purpose, and her father.
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  10. Hey, so I think I'm done with my CS. Nero Zone is completely fleshed out, but after I wrote his background I realized the sign up info says they get their special ability when they are chosen as the champion. I gave him the power as a result of an earlier deal, but if they should only get the power as a result of becoming the champion, I can easily change some details. I hope I represented Shakai well and someone that she would pick for her champion. If they aren't very good I can change things around to fit her better. I'm very flexible.
  11. You don't need to worry about a thing! If they had made a prior deal then that is perfectly acceptable to be the special ability!
  12. Sweet! I hope this RP gets underway.
  13. I dunno if I missed the rule before or if it was changed but I changed Im's age to 18. If it was okay at 16 let me know, and I'll switch it back.
  14. Despite what it may seem this character has a lot going on...
  15. I really like the character, but I have been thinking about it and I have decided to allow the use of smut, so the role play is going to be a redstar group rp
  16. Aww.... Mkay...
  17. If it's okay, Im making a character for Aralem
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  18. Ivira - Chosen of Aralem
    Ivira Azrayne





    Ivria is, in one word, soft. She has a kind heart, a gentle soul, and a sweet smile. With this though, comes a naivety of the cruel intentions of others. She knows there is wickedness in the world, yet it always throws her when it comes from someone she thought an ally. Even with the darkness in the world, however, Ivira wants to see the goodness in it and so that is where she directs her focus. She is optimistic and one of the very first to offer words of comfort or support. She was taught to speak with manners and from her time within religious company, she doesn’t swear often. To hear such words fall from her lips are a rarity indeed.

    She has a very generous dose of curiosity and a constant thirst for knowledge. To the point of being nosy or even disregarding rights of privacy in her pursuit of needing to know. She also can be a bit airheaded, putting herself in danger without realizing it in her hunt of some secret. She’s one of the first to ask questions, and her favorite two are “how” and “why”. Because of this need to know everything, she has quite a few odd skills that wouldn’t seem likely for her to possess. Along with this is a gentle pull for adventure, to seek out what has yet to be seen. She also has a wild independence about her that creeps out from time to time.

    Do not let her kindness fool you. Iviria does have a temper. Although it is very hard to ignite, once it has, it’s frigid in its temperature. After her ire has run its course a simple apology is usually enough to be forgiven. However, once you have shown that you are no friend and have done nothing but offer betrayals to the trusting soul, you will be treated as if you are nothing but mud beneath her boots. Given, only one individual has ever suffered this fate. And even though she’s a pacifist in nature, she can shoot a bow and will defend herself or another if she deems it necessary.

    Iviria, like most of her race, has a tall (standing at about six feet in height) slender body that screams grace at any who glimpse it. She has a delicate touch of curves in all of the right places, and at a glance her ivory colored flesh is unmarred. However, hidden behind layers of cloth is a nasty array of scars over her back from a run in with a bear at the center of where the scarring should be is smooth skin, but in the middle of that smooth flesh is the brand or Aralem. Her eyes are a pretty violet in color, rich and exotic in its coloration. Her hair is a cascade of warm brown that ends at her mid-back. More often than not she keeps it pinned away from her face, but no matter how often she tries she can’t ever seem to tame it completely to her will. More often than not she always wears something with a touch of purple.

    Chosen God:

    Special Ability:
    Ivira has a gift of healing. With but a touch, she can mend the hurts of the body and meld together bone or sew flesh that was once torn. She can also soothe ailments of the mind and heart, but not nearly as well as she can heal the body. Her own body heals faster than what should be normal and she is hardly ever ill.

    Ivira grew up in the haven of her people, hidden away deep within the safety (and danger) of the forest. While her mother had once experienced the cruelty of the world outside the forest, her father was native of the woods. Ivira, while growing up, would never know the pain her mother had known. And so, she grew up happily and as wild as the wood around her. She devoured any form of knowledge she could find, demanding her parents teach her things or read to her before she was of the age to do it herself, and picking things up with frightening ease. Unknown to her bewildered parents, this was foreshadowing to the girls future.

    When she reached puberty she was drug in and the proper etiquette of a female was drilled into her head. While she appreciated the knowledge, a secret part of her hated being tamed. But it gave her more times, or more excuses, to dive into the library offered within the city. Something she would gladly do. During this time, her father finally gave into her constant pleading and taught her the ways of the bow and how to hunt in the forest with strict instructions not to venture out without him. Which she agreed to.

    But as most stories, she did one day break this oath and ventured out of the safety of the city on the hunt for some rumored herb that was supposed to have some kind of curative property. While she did eventually find what she was looking for, on her way home she would have her first taste of real pain. A bear found her, and while her father managed to track her down before it was too late, there was some serious damaged down to the adolescent girl. She was taken back to the village and her survival wasn’t a sure thing. It was the third morning, when the doctors told her family that if she didn’t wake, she wouldn’t live.

    But it was the fourth morning that a miracle transpired. Overnight, her wounds closed, her body mended. When someone came to check on her in the morning, it was to see her sleeping, as if she’d never been hurt in the first place. But a more crucial examination would reveal the mystery. On her back, all that remained of the attack was the scare of a bear’s rake, but at its center, the flesh was healed in a perfect circle and in the center of that circle was the brand of their creator.

    Since the finding of the brand, she’s become something of a public figure, drilling the manners she was taught into her head even more. She was treasured even more, a sign that their god was still with them. Her new studies where given to her by the priests of the faith and she was pulled into the church. There she learned the basic skill of healing, and it was within the walls of the temples that she learned just what she had been gifted with.

    However, by the time adulthood creeped up, she’d read almost everything the singular city had to offer, and soon her eyes turned to the outside of the forest and to the land that lay beyond. But her people wouldn’t let her leave, not that easily. She was a miracle from their creator, branded for life with his mark. But Ivira wasn’t one to give up easily. There was an entire world of knowledge lying in wait out there. She just had to get to it. And she had a plan.

    Extra Information:
    Has a surprising array of knowledge for her age.
    Always has at least one book or scroll on her person at all times.
    Is known to accidentally spend overnight in a library.
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  19. Yeeeeeessss! Very beautiful character! I adore her description.
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  20. *smiles* thankyou, Im glad you like her.
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